LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Is it time for another Kardashian divorce, America?

That’s the message of a new website calling for a commercial boycott of reality TV star and professional pitch-woman Kim Kardashian.

The website BoycottKim.com accuses Kardashian of making a “mockery of American culture” and “doing whatever it takes to extend her fifteen minutes of fame so that she can selfishly profit from her celebrity status”.

“As friends and neighbors struggle with real problems including inflated prices for fuel and groceries, a frightening job market, and a broken and divided government, we cannot continue to be distracted by moochers like Kim Kardashian,” said a statement on the website.

The group’s petition to boycott Target, Walmart, Macy’s, and 42 other big-name stores and products has amassed over 501,000 signatures.

The group also calls upon the retailers to drop Kardashian as a sponsor in order to have their names removed from the list.

Calling the Kardashians “parasites”, the website also references a report that alleges substandard working conditions at manufacturers connected to Kardashian products.

“The sweatshop workers live in squalid factory-run dormitories filled with the stench of sewage while toiling up to 84 hours during seven-day work weeks to produce some of the goods that helped Kourtney, 32, Kim, 31, Khloé, 27, mom Kris, 56, and the rest of their family earn $65 million last year,” the report stated.

The family had reportedly threatened to file a lawsuit against the report’s authors at the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights, but the website claims no plans exist for any such lawsuit.

Kardashian has yet to comment on the petition or the website.

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  1. So Over it says:

    I am not saying the Kardashians are anything to be proud of but people come on get a life. There are children starving and being abused, our economy is in the toilet and has people all over suffering. Why not take all that time and energy and put it to good use. The Kardashians may not be my favorite, but like everyone else they are trying to make a living. Why do you think they are famous, we have made them that way. Get over yourselves and do something good that will actually benefit man kind instead of wasting our time.

    1. JH says:

      we are trying to do something good… get rid of this trash…

      Personally I don’t care about how she makes her money but I DO care when companies like Mattel are talking about coming out with a Kim Kardashian Barbie. This cannot be allowed to happen. If anyone has daughters and care anything about the influences in their lives they will fight this with everything they can. K.K. is NOT a role model for young girls. Sadly if the Barbie goes through little girls will be googling her and most likely will see some very disturbing things such as her porn tape and other lewd photos which are easily seen through any search engine.

      1. SUSAN says:


    2. Coley says:

      Why don’t you tell that to them?

    3. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

      KIM !…….. Is that You??

  2. Miles Monroe says:

    Take a stand and don’t accept every piece of garbage that’s put before you just because you can’t do anything about it… you [can] do something about it!

    All brands rely on us, the consumer. We shouldn’t accept child slave labor products to be sold at the stores we shop at. So take a stand against it.

    Why should a toy manufacturer produce a Barbie, which will ultimately be used by little girls, of a porn performer?… don’t allow kids’ consent to be manufactured into believing that immoral behavior is right… fight it!!!!

    Please join the BOYCOTT KIM and ALL THINGS KARD ASHIAN movement and sign the online petition which has already reached over 502,000 and will keep on growing with those of us who’ve said ENOUGH!!!!

    Go to:

    BoycottKim (dot) com

    1. rockobuster says:

      I agree totally with you. We need a platform to let everyone (especially the teenagers who buy the kardashians products) know what a disgusting family with no morals they are! If they don’t make a buck, they don’t do it! This could just be the start to see their empire start to crumble (this petiition; the Sears stores starting to close which have the Kardashian Kollection; the sweatshop scandal; the bogus wedding that made Kim millions; and I am sure much more that we don’t know about. I signed the petition at boycottkim.com and encourage everyone else to do it too. The petition website says they are aiming for 1 million signatures! I hope they make it!!!

  3. KeithS says:

    I think there is a tinge of irony here in that the public made this woman a celebrity for all the wrong reasons(anyone remember Donna Rice in 1987 who became famous solely for sleeping with married-presidential candidate Gary Hart?. So it is not like the Kardashians are the first) yet the Kardashians have now enticed even the “non-fans” to take notice of her.
    The fact is this family has figured out how to take advantage of the new age of media so, in a begrudging way, we should respect them for knowing how to soak millions out of it. Any day now Kim might be saying “we’re even bigger than Jesus.”

    1. Suze Robert says:

      If we have to respect them for the money they are making by poisoning teenager girls and stalking us we than must respect drug dealers who make money from vulnerable teenagers. I signed the petition.

      1. Greger says:

        I agree completely. Just because a person “makes money” she is not getting a free ride to be respectable. Making money without talent, brain, and simply become famous because she laid down with her legs apart in a home made porn movie is not giving her my respect.

      2. The King of justice says:

        Holly Jesus!!! you couldn’t have said it any better. I love you

    2. Suze Robert says:

      Kim bigger than Jesus will never happen, stop making them bigger than they are. vulnerable teenagers girls are in admiration of Kim because the society is failing protecting them. Which is a big shame.

  4. Greger says:

    It is time to put an end to this! America deserves better than worship a gold digger family whose only contribution to the world is a bad home made porn movie, where Kim’s boyfriend is so bored so he chew gum throughout the entire sex scene. Is this what we want our children to be exposed to? Soon little girls might play with a Kim doll and instead of saying “I want to be a princess one day” they will say “I want to become a pornstar like Kim and become famous and make millions even if I have no talent for nothing.”

  5. Feed Up With A Kardashian says:

    The boycott must and will continue until all of the Kardashians are off television and off magazine covers. We must protect our youth from this deceitful family with no morals and values. All they know is greed and where can they make there next dollar. All endorsers that fall for someone like this family to represent their products should and will be boycotted. There is no humane reason why any Mother should pimp her children like this. Is this what one would call Hollywood? I would rather not be there. There is no hope ever of Kim ever getting a nice gentlemen to marry her. Who will ever trust her? This family is too much on society and Ryan Seacrest and E are the blame for this, and now he wants a job on the Today Show. Yeah right! He and this family feel they are invincible and they think people all over the world owe them their attention and hard earned dollars. Hollywood A-List Celebrities pay them NO attention, nor do they buy their products they promote. So you see, they are breaking the bank of poor working class, and some middle class families. Millionaires do not buy their products…they cannot stand them. http://www.boycottkim.com

  6. Fed Up With A Kardashian/Kris Jenner says:

    Endorsers should make all people that represent their companies and promote their products sign an Ethics and Business Management Agreement. This agreement should read all things ethics that would cause shame to their company. The Kardashian have brought shame on every product they promote for endorsers, and especially to themselves. What a disgusting shameful family.

    Kim’s fraudulent wedding and 72 day marriage was the end of her career forever. Who in their right mind would disrespect the institution of marriage like this? Kim does for MONEY!

    Kim if you had not gotten married…the world would still be sleeping on you and you would be still making fools of all the companies that allow you to represent their products. Look what your family have done to Sears! Very bad business, and so sad.

    Previous post should have read “Fed Up With A Kadashian/Kris Jenner

  7. TJ says:

    Kim actively supports:

    American Foundation for AIDS Research
    Diamond Empowerment Fund
    Dream Foundation
    Generation Rescue
    I Heart My Girlfriends
    Mattel Children’s Hospital
    Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis
    Operation Once in a Lifetime
    Skin Cancer Foundation
    The Salvation Army
    True Colors Fund
    We Advance

    Tell me again about your charitable giving….

    1. aliceflynn says:

      I am not convinced that she supports any charity except to balance out her bad press, not from any real altruistic feeling. I signed the petition.

    2. caprincorn says:

      I do know her mother is on the board for the Dream Foundation and IF she is giving to these organizations it’s a scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back type of thing. Who in their right mind would give to 13 charities if they were not getting something back in return? This is nothing more than business deals and you can bet your last dollar Kim gets a large percentage for doing her “charity work” with them. Like having Mattel produce dolls in the sister’s image and calling them Dash Dolls. Yea she’s quite charitable…..LOL.

      My charitable giving…..I don’t have 13 but there are 2 that I give money to and don’t get anything in return but a good feeling of helping out.

  8. rankin1 says:

    watching Bruce Jenner on larry king once, bruce said he got the family where they are being he been in show business a long time. What has he done other than have his face lifts filmed on tv?

  9. JESICA says:


  10. Capricorn says:

    Has anyone heard that the Kardashians are trying to hook up with Mattel toy company to make Barbie like dolls for them called Dash Dolls.

    1. Capricorn says:

      I should have made myself more clearer. The Dash Dolls would be made in the image of the sisters. These women are no role models for young girl.

  11. The king of justice says:

    I am so sick at the entire issue with these parasites.

    I havent even watched their shows and never followed them and it is clear in min mind of who these people are and why they are famous. They are famous because Kim K made a raunchy porn movie and the guy excrete on her. She has made a mockery of marriage and society itself. Who in the hell would praise such a ho so much when they even try to minimize a well accomplished scholar like Chris Humphreis? helloo, helloo, can anyone see, professional athlete (olympic swimmer), went to college vs PROFESSIONAL HO.

    I am so sick of these peopel and I am not freaking buying anymore barbies for my girls. I am doing my part, I signed and I am not buying aT ANY OF THOSE STORES.

    Who wants to smell like a prostitute and dress like a prostitute after all?

    So many people unemployed loosing their homes not being able to feed their children.

    What is the f%^&$ message? make a raunchy sex tape so that you can make it?

    Sick of them

  12. The King of Justice says:

    I have a masters degree in engineering, I am unemployed. My children are huyngry…….I should make a sex tape

  13. khloe k says:

    don’t be hatin!

  14. Bj Reynolds says:

    the ‘parasites’ are the ones using the kardashians for a petition. that is funny about who are the real parasites here.

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