PALMDALE (CBS)— Investigators on Friday sought help from the public in identifying a man who allegedly dressed up as a Walmart employee to steal four flat screen TVs from a Palmdale store.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports the daring theft happened sometime during the New Year’s Eve rush.

Detectives with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said the suspect posed as a Walmart greeter — complete with the familiar vest and name tag — before he made off with the merchandise on Dec. 31.

“He walked in the back, loaded up four TVs into a shopping cart with the appearance of he may have been helping a customer and walked out of the store,” said Palmdale Sheriff’s Sgt. Dave Moore.

walmart truck Man Disguised As Walmart Worker Walks Out Of Palmdale Store With 4 TVs

The suspect was spotted driving away from the store in the black truck seen here. (courtesy LASD/Palmdale)

The store was so full of customers that night that other employees were not aware of an impostor in their store, Moore said.

The suspect on the surveillance tape appears to be between a black male between 40 to 50 years old, bald and about 6 feet tall and weighing approximately 250 pounds.

He was reportedly seen driving away in a black pickup truck.

Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to contact the Palmdale station at (661) 272-2400 or leave an anonymous tip by calling 800-222-TIPS (8477).

Comments (37)
  1. Chuey Rodriguez says:

    Wal Mart loss prevention ‘specialists’ in action. They always seem to nab the 10-year old with M&M’s in his pocket though….

    1. Tempus Nunc says:

      Yes, my daughter had a problem at the Wal-Mart in Porter Ranch. She was inspecting an item that had been previously been opened, put it down and when she went to leave the store, they made her pay for it. She was so scared, she did.

    2. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

      GOOD ONE!! LMAO!!

      1. partygoer007 says:


        This is one for Sherlock Holms and Mr Watson
        That A big 10-4

      2. partygoer007 says:

        This guy is all ready to watch the super bowl
        Yo momma

  2. hottamale says:

    That’s why she carried the pepper spray in the store!

  3. Bob Henning says:

    He`s probably still laughing. Still thinking Hey Cool, Got over on Whitey. Enjoy the TVs Sport, Sadly you`re far to STUPID to realize that the Whole World Has Gotten Over on you. Your Laughing, AT WHAT. Laughing that YOU ARE A COMPLETE FAILURE IN LIFE, OR THAT YOU`RE A FAILURE AS A MAN, Perhaps The Humor Lies in the FACT that Your a Miserable Thief and You have Spent your Whole Life Without Being Respected For even one Minute By Anyone.The Jokes on you Dumb Arse and YOU`RE just to STUPID to KNOW IT.

    1. Darrell Nelson says:

      you the one sounds so stupid. he got over on more than “WHITY” i am sure there was other races working there. besides…your breath smells.

      1. bob henning says:

        Decades ago after Americas Lunar Landing where the Astronauts actually walked on the Moon. There was a Kid in our class who when asked his feelings about the Anstonauts and what they had just done, The Kid chimes in with they forgot to bring the Flag back home. The moral to that story is The Stupid Kid Missed the entire Story because he was focused on some meaningless detail. You`re That Kid.

    2. notagrammarnazi says:

      By the way, while you’re calling somone else stupid, maybe know the difference between “to” and “too”. It will help your cause.

    3. jim says:

      Gee whiz, you sound really stupid, Bob.

  4. Johnny says:

    Bob- where have you been since 1955?

  5. betty litigan says:

    it is not a problem this incident is like to remove one hair from a cat it is not big deal good job.

    1. bounce says:

      Really? Calling theft a “good job”? You must be one of the OWS idiots.

      Guess who pays for losses due to theft — not Walmart.

      1. bob henning says:

        Those Idiots as you call them should all be given a Medal. They are Representing all of us like Me who are to lazy to get up off their Couches and join the leaders. Only the SMUG Self Serving Slugs in America disagree with the OWS Movemwent.

  6. Richem says:

    Who cares? Like Wal-mart will miss them.

    1. Tim Liao says:

      So you condone stealing – yikes people today

  7. Luis says:

    I’m sorry. This is hilarious. I can’t even fathom how this man walked into the back of the store, loaded up 4 TVs, and walked out scott free. He had to have known where they were to not draw attention by searching. That the TVs were not under any supervision or lock down is laughable. And to walk out the store with no receipt or paperwork with such high price items? Too funny. I hope this guy is caught, but nothing diminishes the fact this particular store is deserving of being mocked.

  8. Greg says:

    Wow. Very Smart Guy. He kinda got greedy with 4 TV’s though.

    The fact that this made news goes to show how much power Big Corporations have over the police, government, and media. I’d understand if it was a violent robbery, or breaking and entering, but he just walked in and out.

    Average Joe’s have their homes burglarized, have their car’s stolen, and have get robbed on a daily basis and it rarely makes the news.

  9. Bossman says:

    Might be an inside job. 4 TV’s sounds like management might have a part in this. Just a thought.

    1. Tim Liao says:

      That’s an interesting thought

  10. rankin1 says:

    wal mart employees look like convalascent patients. one i saw is working with a waliker, another has more tattoos than charlie manson, place is a joke.

  11. betty litigan says:

    bounce is not you problem who pays don’t be a stupid piece of s%%^%you don’t have nothing to do with walmart or maybe you are the one cleaning the toilets so pay for the t vs. if is your concern don’t be so dumb small brain,

  12. Gary says:

    Good job, Mystery shopper !

  13. Perry Yoshida says:

    Obamas way of thinking take from the rich and give to the blacks

  14. Perry Yoshida says:

    You look at the still image of the crook. That must be the blackest man on Earth he blacker than a black shirt. He’s blacker than the edge of space

  15. Tyrell says:

    The guy in the pic looks like my Uncle Darrell. Do I have to give back the TV he gave me for Christmas now?

  16. Tommy says:

    Steal from the rich, sell to the poor

  17. Roger Wallace says:

    Just go look on Craigslist for an ad for the TV model that was stolen, and then you’ll find the culprit.

  18. Joel Lanuza says:

    This Guy probably works at another Store , the idea that no one question him is weird I know that have alot of employess but still. Four TV’s common

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