STUDIO CITY (CBS) — 2012 will be a year of great change according to intuitive counselor Carmen Harra.

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2012 will dominate as the year of sudden changes on every level, making the human race realize that we’re coming to the end of an era and beginning a brand new time. Overall, the year 2012 will be a year in which (as much as we like to pay attention to them) the lives of celebrities will become secondary to the reality of our world. We will get hit with so many major world events and political bombshells that celebrity antics will fall second in rank. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the world as we know it is undergoing a major transformation and that we will be forced to reform our systems quite radically. It’s also becoming more and more obvious that the leaders of the world are pulling strings to save the old ways in vain; they can no longer control the imminent changes. Our planet Earth is suffering because of the strains we have put on it and is finally rebelling against us because we have rebelled against it for thousands of years.

2012 Races: Expect the Unexpected

The 2012 race might make history as the most exciting, unexpected race of all American presidential elections. As much as Obama’s chances of becoming president for a second term are slim to none, neither do any of the republican hopefuls have that spot secured. None of the candidates inspire hope in us and the people can no longer be fooled by false promises. There might also be some sudden political dropouts from the 2012 elections, as well as unforeseen twists and turns in last-minute candidates sprinting into the race.

Economic Predictions: It’s Asia’s Turn

2012 is the year of “monetary earthquakes,” great shifts in the world of finances, and the beginning of the collapse of the economic system. I do see the Asian world being extremely affected, as much as they think that they can take the economic lead at this point in time. It will become obvious within the first 2 months of 2012 that the European economy may be beyond repair. Leading economists of the world will try to figure out a new monetary system to replace the dollar, yen, euro, peso, pound, and so on. There will be proposals for a new global money system which is absolutely necessary. This will turn the economic ship around and bring us back to equilibrium on a global level, so that in the next four years our economy back home will regain strength as well. People will also begin to see the significance of investing in tangible goods, from land to properties to gold to diamonds, etc. In a sense, we will be brought back to our grandparents’ notion of tangible goods as signifying wealth versus the modern illusionary riches of paper money.

Celebrity Predictions: Kim Kardashian JLo, Lady Gaga and more

Simply put, celebrities might become the last thing on our minds in the year 2012. This doesn’t mean, however, that the rich and famous won’t be up to their usual shenanigans and escapades.

Kim Kardashian:

It might seem that Kim is the epitome of inner and outer confidence. But she’s actually far from that, being, in reality, a shy, insecure, over-analytical, quiet girl. In terms of the ancient art of numerology, she married in a personal year 7 during the 7th month, and, in terms of psychology, she married a man who played on her preexisting insecurities. Kim gains security through money, yet she has consecutively chosen men in her life who have made her feel insecure. According to his numerology, Kris Humphries is meant to have a divorce in his life, having the number 5 as his life path number. Both of these power players are meant to attract money throughout their lives, but Kim is attached to her money while Kris is not. Kim strives desperately to gain what her mother has: a long, fulfilling marriage and a house full of children. But she’s missing the one thing that her mother knows how to do: hold onto her marriage and compromise during hard times. That’s what she’s not learning, and the spotlight goes against her true intentions, constantly portraying her as a vain, superficial woman. Kim is in a karmic year right now, so from now until the fall of 2012 there is a new man entering her life who will finally be the right one for her. I still stand by the fact that she will have a child in the not-so-distant future.

Lindsey Lohan:

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What’s sad about Lindsey is that she’s talented but has ruined her reputation at a young age. Lindsey’s passing through a purgatory of life: she’s meant to go through these tumultuous episodes in order to cleanse herself of her self-destructive ways. In the summer of 2012, Lindsey will go through a lot of changes, a spiritual makeover if you will. Then, in 2014, someone will enter her life who will have the first positive influence on Lindsey in a very long time. This person will teach her how to stop being manipulated as a public figure.

Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer’s major challenge in life is to become a mother, something that she hasn’t yet accomplished. She’s meant to go through marriage, divorce, marriage, and divorce. She and Justin met for a karmic reason, but Jennifer will be at the end of a life cycle next year, making their relationship difficult to work through. If she and Justin do decide to wed, they will encounter problems in 2012, which, depending on how they settle to work things out, might lead to another divorce for Aniston.

Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez divorced right before her birthday in a personal year 7, the year in which things can fall apart. She’s also in a karmic year starting the summer of 2012, and it will take a long time before she finally finds the right guy for her. I think Jennifer Lopez wants fame and notoriety above all and if she and Marc Anthony didn’t work out, I don’t know who else will. Even if she gets married again, there might be another divorce in her future. Her career next year becomes less powerful: after 2012, Jennifer won’t be in the spotlight as much anymore. She’ll be busy handling family issues plus resolving certain karmic matters she’s been putting off. So career might become less of a priority for her after 2012.

Lady Gaga:

In this business, you have your moment when you’re always in front and number 1. Lady Gaga has held this position for a while now. But she is the master of extremes: I think Gaga can go from one pole to the other in a matter of minutes. She’s also extremely independent, too independent to be in a serious relationship right now. And she hits the end of a cycle next year. This explains why 2012 will prove to be a year in which Gaga’s career will not be as brilliant as in the previous years. Next year, Gaga needs to reflect inwardly and see what she needs to fix. Health wise, I see that she might have an autoimmune disorder. She will be faced with issues in her own personal life because she’s closing doors to one cycle in her life and will have to deal with new matters, one of which might include her own health. But Lady Gaga is so ambitious and powerful that she will always reemerge and reach new heights in her career.

Demi Moore:

Demi found her security in Ashton Kutcher. I see her so lost and so fragile at the moment. I don’t believe she wanted to divorce from Ashton, but the media’s persuasion was just too strong. It’s incredible how much outside influences pushed her to let go of Ashton, who was, truly, a great love. When Demi entered the seventh year of marriage, she began to experience problems in her marriage to Ashton. She might meet a new younger man next year but it won’t lead to anything serious because her heart is still on Ashton. And his is still on her, too. This couple did not resolve what they were meant to resolve in this marriage and they were not meant to divorce. This makes her decision even harder.

President Obama:

Obama’s problems, unfortunately, are not coming to an end. In the summer of 2011, president Obama entered a year which forces him to reflect upon his own shortcomings and missteps. His own karma is pursuing him. He’s in that sort of an “I can’t believe this is happening to me” year. This is a time of introspection for Obama in which he is conflicted by inner turmoil. He thinks he’s done something wrong, coming to the realization at a certain degree that he’s taken the wrong steps as president.

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