LAKE VIEW TERRACE (CBS) — Traffic was slowly moving once again Wednesday evening after a parolee suspected in the shooting of a parole agent in the Lake View Terrace area was taken into custody.

The shooting near Foothill Boulevard and Brainerd Avenue occurred about 1:20 p.m. The wounded officer was believed to be a parole agent with the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Law enforcement source told the Los Angeles Times the man sought was Steven Hoff, 43, who has a record of burglary and weapons possession.

A parole task force apparently showed up to search Hoff’s living quarters, and he opened fire, according to reports from the scene.

Los Angeles police Lt. Andy Neiman said the parole officer was shot in the face in front or inside the residence.

“He was struck in the face and taken to the hospital where he is in serious but stable condition,” Neiman said.

Scores of police sealed off the area, and California Highway Patrol officers closed the Foothill (210) Freeway between its junction with the Ronald Reagan (118) Freeway to the Sunland area, creating a huge traffic jam for several hours.

Two schools in the area, Brainerd Elementary School, a public school with no students present at the time, and Delphi Academy, a private school, were on lockdown during the search.

“I was actually very happy because we got to skip most of school playing Legos today,” said student Anthony Artunian.

Artunian’s mother wasn’t as enthusiastic about the ordeal.

“It was very scary — we weren’t sure what was going on, Ashley Artunian said. “The school had been locked down and we just wanted to come to pick him up.”

When the search was over several school buses took the children to a designated area near Hansen Dam to meet their families.

Neiman called the suspect a two-striker, meaning he has two felony convictions and could be sent to prison for life if convicted of a third. Neiman did not know what Hoff did to violate his parole.

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  1. pat says:

    Just imagine Jerry Brown is letting 50,000 of these fools out of prison..Get ready California because the world as you know it is going to change…

    1. Fidel Chavez says:

      this idiot would not have qualified under the term early release or adjustment for none-violent offense, as you can see, YES he does have a burglary, but he also has a weapons offense, this is violent considered, you just do not take a weapon to PTA or carry it around, better knowing you’re ex-con or related to the system in some sense or other, period

  2. Fidel Chavez says:

    as you can see this is not or would not be any candidate for release under the THREE STRIKE, yes he did have a none-violent offense but he also had weapons offense which would mean NO No release under the term 3-strike, YES we need to repeal the 3-STRIKE to fit those with any violent offense related and a weapon is a violent offense, you just do not take a weapon to a PTA meeting, so under the system he would not have qualified, PERIOD!!

  3. rankin1 says:

    go back to open carry.

  4. nobber says:

    Call for a cop in sunland and you will die of old age before they show up. Shoot one of the jerks and the world come to an end until they find the perp

  5. malsings says:

    You see police all up and down Foothill blvd keeping that tweeker and transcients Sunland Park under control.

  6. betty litigan says:

    when the police kill some citizen always he or she had a gun always the same excuse, now i think eye by eye ant teeth by teeth was the law in 1800 21st. century police abuse is 100% .if police don’t respect what they expect from people.even in a visit to jail they make family members suffer waiting hrs. and hrs.and even the jails personal act like that so sad but this life is going worst and worst.until their time for the real justice come.

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