LYNWOOD (CBS) — A Los Angeles police officer is recovering from a foot injury and wounded pride after accidentally shooting himself in the foot Wednesday.

“The passenger officer pulled out his weapon and did what is called a ‘prep check’, which is done sometimes to ensure that a weapon is loaded,” LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said. “When he did that he inadvertently had what is called a ‘negligent discharge’ — his weapon went off, striking him in the foot.”

The veteran officer was in the passenger seat while his partner officer was driving near Broadway and Central Avenue in Lynwood Wednesday morning.

They were on their way to a report that a man was waving a gun around in the area when the gun went off.

The officer’s partner drove him to St. Francis Medical Center, where he was listed in stable condition. Police said the officer

“It’s always a little bit embarrassing when something like that happens,” Smith said. “When you have 10,000 officers out there working and responding to dangerous calls like that you have things like that happen every once in a while.”

Officers went on to search the patrol car for the bullet.

The man who was reported to have the gun was never found.

Police said the officer’s colleagues will likely never let him hear the end of it.