PASADENA (CBS) — Preparations are well underway for the 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade. But one group prepping their oversized display was not invited, and has Pasadena police making preparations of their own.

Occupy L.A. demonstrators gathered at Singer Park Tuesday to strategize their demonstration at the 123rd Rose Parade, taking place on Jan. 2.

Occupiers will march behind police cars that follow the parade. They plan to carry banners in front of a 250 foot by 50 foot blowup of the U.S. Constitution, and an oversized octopus with tentacles reaching out to various puppets worn by other marchers. Two marching bands and costumed demonstrators will follow.

Police say the Occupy L.A. group is not part of the official parade.

“The Tournament of Roses has the right to issue the permits for the parade exclusively,” says Lt. Phlunte Riddle of the Pasadena Police Department.

Riddle says Occupy L.A. has not been issued a permit.

Spectators are permitted to follow behind the parade, but the Occupy group’s plans have created demand for an increased police presence on parade day.

“We’ll make sure, just like any other spectator that’s out there, that they don’t interrupt the parade,” says Riddle, “that they don’t infringe on other people’s rights, just like we won’t have anyone infringe on their rights.”

Pete Thottam, who is organizing the Occupy march says spectators should expect an incredible display.

“The people’s parade is a counterpoint to the corporate parade that much of the Rose Parade has come to embody,” says Thottam.

The Occupy movement plans to get the attention of local spectators and national cameras as they march down Colorado Boulevard, in what they promise will be a peaceful demonstration.

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  1. VON says:


  2. GROW//APAIR says:

    Facing a protest by wg/af, Pasadena police will bolster their already robust presence at the 2012 Rose Parade.

    Pasadena police and Tournament of Roses officials have been negotiating with wg/af for several weeks on a plan that they hope will prevent any disruptions to Monday’s parade. Pasadena officials are allowing wg/af to march on the parade route after all the official floats have passed.

  3. John says:

    I hate that Pasadena crumbled enough under pressure to let these idiots march behind the parade. Let them try to stop the parade like they threatened to do. Let a crowd that has already been camping out for days, that has been known in years past to overturn police cars and set them on fire just because they were bored, find out these people intend to ruin the event that many have traveled the country, if not the world, to see. Let these idiots finally poke at a group that will happily meet them with REAL anarchy and see how they react. You want the power of the people? See how you like it when they’re chucking everything from marshmallows and eggs to freaking bricks at you.

    1. wounded defecator project says:

      Liberal, neo-conservative, useful idiots and critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, exist by feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle class.
      Which explains why the nation’s respect and admiration are with Occupy and with the Anonymous, Wikileaks and Ruckus brigades. Thank you heroes for all your fvcking service, and a big hoo-rah on the Defecator udda Year award.
      For they know, proletariat’s bad children and parasites, sic Zionist apparachiks of the Fed, IMF and World Bank, will never admonish the Crony Capitalism feeding their addictions and narcissism. A special interest needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement patriots can provide. Sh!t and p!ss on, noble flea-baggers, lest the streets flow with blood.

      1. Astonished says:

        So you think that America respects this bunch? Where do you see this because I’m not seeing it!

  4. Raymond says:

    Is it that the “Occupy” Movement is in such a need of Publicity that they have to demostrate the “Rose Parade?” Are You Kidding Me???? “Occupy The State Legislature,” “Occupy City Hall,” Hell, “Occupy The Restrooms,” But Leave The Rose Parade ALONE!!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF FRICKKEN LOSERS!!!! A BUNCH OF PARTY POOPERS!!!!!

  5. mmars says:

    Its just Moveon doing this for the election year.

    1. Raymond says:

      Well, MoveOn has never been known for having any Brains. If they did, they would’ve just found something else to Protest. Like I’ve said before, “What A Bunch Of Losers!”

    2. wg/af says:


      I can’t even get a job.That’s because that lawyer Robert Hale from Hale and Nguyen in Brea couldn’t help me with my case. Now I’m a bitter aS$puck that has a beef with law enforcement and everybody on the internet. I used multiple screen names like [GROW..APAIR], [wg//af], [up//yours] and [kma] so no one can track me down. I challenge people to meet me in front of the Fullerton P.D. station for my protection.

  6. dsptchr645 says:

    This is a stupid idea by the Occupy people. Yeah, it will get them a few minutes of publicity but it’s not going to win friends for them. People do not like others to mess with a favorite tradition. Parade organizers should surround them with a posse of mounted horsemen.

  7. Occupy Wall Street has got to be the most stupid bunch of idiots to ever band together.
    They have no real clue as to what they are doing.
    In Los Angeles, they accomplished nothing and left a mess that cost the city a lot of money.
    In Seattle, OWS blocked docks and tried to prevent people from going to work.
    Yet, they claim they want people to go to work.
    The entire Occupy movement is a joke.
    They talk for the entire ninety-nine percent, but of those ninety-nine percent of the people, about ninety percent are working.
    Now they want to be a part of the Rose Parade.
    The parade is loved by millions of people who make it a part of their New Year’s celebration.
    It is not an event to to be used by protesters.
    People want to see the beautiful floats, marching bands and everything that this parade offers. They don’t want to see Occupy and their silly signs.
    I will be at the parade and the last thing I want to see is them.
    A recent survey concluded that less than twenty-five percent of people agree with the Occupy movement.
    Their ninety-nine percent is more like twenty-four.
    Yes, Occupy is a joke.

    George Vreeland Hill

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