By Ed Mertz

LOS ANGELES (KNX 1070) — A new study indicates there will be lots of parents this Christmas shouting at the kids to ‘Keep it down!’

That’s because some toys, researchers have found, are so loud that they could damage children’s hearing.

KNX 1070 Reports

The much-coveted “Let’s Rock Elmo” is among the top 10 noisiest toys, according to scientists at UC Irvine who measured the decibel levels of the most popular toys on the market. Researchers say any noise above 85 decibels can cause hearing damage — “Let’s Rock Elmo” hit 95 decibels.

“As long as they’re not in my house I’m very happy,” said an older man who was sending some noisy toys off to his grandchildren in another city.

The line of Road Rippers motorized cars topped the list, cranking out 108 decibels. Also on the noisy list are Tonka’s Mighty Motorized Fire Engine and the Whac-A-Mole game.

Researchers say the next time parents choose a toy they should hold it as close as a child would to their face — if it’s too loud for them then it’s too loud for the little one.


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