LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Federal authorities say they have seized more than $4 million in phony merchandise in the Los Angeles area during this holiday season.

Investigators have stepped up their crackdown on the import and sale of counterfeit goods in an effort called Operation Holiday Hoax.

LISTEN: KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports

Fake designers jeans, apparel and athletic shoes involving brands like True Religion, Nike, and The North Face top the list of phony merchandise.

Several agencies, including Homeland Security Investigations of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, took part in the six-week worldwide operation.

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  1. Reason says:

    How’s about cracking down on counterfeit citizens?

    1. ginny says:

      Reason,that won’t happen, there’s an election coming up next year.

    2. icecream says:

      The illegals are needed for their illegal votes so the pandering vote wh0res can get in office.

      1. icecream says:

        Can HSI now try to arrest and deport some gang bangers for a change ?

  2. mellisa de says:

    people don’t have others options. see how is the economy now everybody needs to live not only the crooks with our money. what people can do. and is still pending another surprises in 2012. the crooks has pillow attorneys so always they are inocents even they are putting down the country.poor people no attorney for sure convictions. i think that the big can end with everything and God will take possession of his world. remember tribulation is knocking our doors word of God.

  3. betty litigan says:

    God can stop this world elections or not elections any time He is the power over all of us we are nothing in this life.. we are like ants fighting for power,money and good life,and here is not a paradise even with money..Remember God hates politicians they destroy others with cold heart and they think they are the owners of the world.But justice belongs only to God he is the alpha and omega nobody plays games with God soon o r later life pay off.

  4. geeM says:

    Supporting trash phony products takes jobs away from the correct honest people and dupes people into buying trash. Sort of similar to the imports from China.
    Give Americans a job. Buy american made products first.

  5. Drunknbass says:

    4 m worth of goods? They probably use the same formula as the sea when they raid drug orgs. This stuff was probably valued at price of the legit stuff when it costs 1% that to make.

  6. Kelly says:

    In order to porperly rephrase comments, you need to be creative and clever. Convince the creator that just because the comment is very bland, it’s still something they need visible on their page.