LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The City of Los Angeles reportedly faces millions of dollars in expenses brought about by the Occupy LA movement.

City agencies have been ordered to calculate what was spent on the Occupy LA protests.

Repairs to City Hall’s lawn where the Occupy group set up camp on Oct. 1 will require an estimated $400,000. The police action to clear out the encampment on Nov. 30 cost more than $700,000.

Additional expenses are attributed to hauling away debris from the camp, and cleaning up graffiti that defaced City Hall marble walls and trees.

Mayor Villaraigosa says more budget cuts will be necessary to offset the costs.

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  1. Kheard says:

    WTH!!!!! There’s nothing left to cut!!!

    1. Tony says:

      Send the Occupy Organization the Bill. Ops they say they are they have No money and besides it is their right. Well I guess it is the taxpayers right to Pick-Up the expense. LOL

      1. NVRAT says:

        Send the bill to the SIEU Union and George Soros.

      2. jaline says:

        Send the bill to Obama…or perhaps Nancy Pelosi. They thought the Occupy bunch was truly “grassroots” and such a wonderful example of democracy.

      3. bob Henning says:

        Of the Billions The Mayor and his Cronies Steal and Missapropriate Anually and he`s just trying to Put Negative Attention on the Protestors. He`s NOT THERE YET but Antonio V. wants so badly to be one of the ONE PERCENT. He`s proven a Hundred Times Over that he Couldn`t care less about the Average Citizen of Los Angeles.

    2. Dave says:

      Sure there is….cut off the welfare bums and illegals state benefits.

      1. Astonished says:


        You’re talking apples and oranges here. The City of Los Angeles is stuck with millions of dollars worth of clean-up, not the State or Federal Government.

        Personally, I think that dumb mayor and his woosy city council should have to foot the bill out of their private pockets. They invited those squattors to stay, they should pay to clean up after them.

      2. Roland48 says:

        Raise the City Taxes.. that’ll help Mayor Villaraigosa get booted out next election and move all the dirtbags on his front lawn.. of course he just had a huge wall built around his house to keep just this kind of element away from his front door.

      3. alg says:

        ROLAND48 – Are you a soothsayer? a fortune teller? a futurist?
        I ask because that is exactly what the Mayor is suggesting in a news article I read yesterday. Don’t know if it’s a rumor, but you never know. Our tax rate is outrageous as it is, and to raise it now, during terrible economic times and in the winter when it is very difficult to survive, I do believe if he does that, someone will pound in the last nail in his proverbial coffin.
        keep up the good work. What else do you see oh wise one?

      4. naman says:

        Cut financial aid to the college students in the area, who made up most of the occupy movement. Show them that there is a cost to irresponsible behavior.

    3. JustAGuy says:

      Occupy cost LA millions with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show for it. Amazing!

    4. CLevie says:

      Of course there is more to cut…It’s called welfare!!

    5. Patrick says:

      I would like to see a line by line accounting of these expenses. I think they are inflated..How about it CBS want to do some home work?

      1. Jackie Wilson says:

        I could reseed the lawn for about $64.59. And great, finally money is being spent on the people. You can bet if your taxes are raised because of this, it won’t be used for sny of this. What a crock, $400,000 for a lawn. Besides, Occupy did not want their encampment torn down, so the mayor msde thst cleanup bill. Get real, we are the people, and it is time some money is spent on the people, instead of in the pockets of the wealthy. Way to go Occupy.

      2. SETHCHAN says:

        Right on, Jackie. We just spent three trillion on supposedly bringing freedom to Iraq and 7.7 trillion bailing out billionaires on Wall Street. I’ll go haves with you on the grass seed.

      3. alg says:

        IT APPEARS THAT THE MAYOR AND HIS STAFF,ETC., are not listening or reading our COMMENTS. I demand proof of the cost of this debacle.
        WHERE IS WENDY GRUEL when we need her. Why isn’t CBS NEWS doing something about this. ??????
        I guess we need to PROTEST AT CITY HALL again. ONLY THIS TIME IT HAS TO BE those that have to pay the taxes on this outrageous fortune.
        DOWN WITH THE UNIONS. !!!!
        warn the City Council that they have to make amends. From my viewpoint most of their decisions and actions are sound and in the interest of the citizens.
        A few mistakes here and there. We all make mistakes. Now it’s time to correct them, NOT TO COMPOUND THEM

    6. L HEHR says:

      occupy LA HEMORRHOIDS ,,,

      1. STEVE RAER says:


  2. iuui says:

    Funny because how is it that the lawn could possibly cost $400.00 ?

    1. wg//af says:

      Public service unions.

      1. Calls Out Idiots says:

        Maybe you should go back to school and learn some math skills.

      2. Unbelievable says:

        How’d that government education work for you? Just to help you out a little. $700,000/10,000 = $70 or 10,000 x $70 = $700,000.

      3. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        @wg//af: You’re math is atrocious. If what you say is true and there were 10,000 cops and they only showed up on the 30th (already your facts seem flawed), that would be $70 per individual.

        Let me break this down for you:

        Bert and Ernie and 9,998 of their friends are hungry for cookies. But the Cookie Monster only has 700,000 cookies available. How many cookies do they each get? Well… 700,000 divided by 10,000 (9,998 + 2) equals 70.

        Making sense yet? Don’t feel bad, you were probably out protesting with your teachers when they taught BASIC algebra in class…

    2. * says:

      that one i cant figure out – we put all new sprinklers in our yard – which isnt small and it wasnt even close to 1000, – and thats a BIG over estimation – Its ridiculous that people are going with out food, (the homeless population they ousted) and we spend that on something that seems so trivial in comparison…..
      That is a complete waste of tax dollars !!!!!!!

      1. * says:

        * oh and piping too – with the new sprinklers

      2. John Cavanaugh says:

        Tony Villar is a complete waste of tax dollars.

      3. MrLogical says:

        You should have asked for a quote from the city public works department. Your ‘little’ lawn project wool probably have cost $20,000 dollars.

      4. Calculator says:

        That is $70 each if they show up. Idiot.

      5. * says:

        @US Army – That was perfect !!! Love My military guys !!!!! Hope your home and well 🙂

      6. Frank says:

        Well, your yard can’t be that big or you did it yourself or you used extremely cheap labor. Installing one valve, pipe and sprinkler heads is going to cost you. If that is an automatic sprinkler valve then it’s going to cost you more. The Occupiers were on that grass doing whatever can and did a lot of damage. Multiple that by a whole lot of yards your size and the cost goes up. Let’s not forget the damage to the tress, the buildings and the walls. It was never the right of the Occupiers to set up camp there.

      7. Loving Life says:

        Prevailing Wage is the point you are missing. Unions have caused to cost of manual labor to sky rocket. So it is not a BIG over estimation. It is a gross production of Unions molesting Prevailing Wage. Which was originally designed to help the little is now a way to break of Government and our Educational System and make the Unions rich.

      8. * says:

        Oh and to answer Frank – about the labor – How bout that – we did it ourselves:)And we went to lowes and home depot got everything we needed ….and put the back labor into it -so we could get some satisfaction out of the fact that we worked hard and can see the results……

    3. Bruce_Almty says:

      Sounds like the mayor is stuffing the political war-chest for the next election. You sure Mr. Mayor that you have not been smoking that grass???

    4. Will Petra says:

      overpaid tax payer funds for state gardeners. go to home depot. much cheaper to repair the 3rd world park.

    5. Heather says:

      They will need a public union to replant it…… So easily $400,000………

      Joe’s landscaping could do it for $10,000 though!

      1. UseSomeCommonSense says:

        Some OWS on here want the Mayor to go down to Lowe’s or Home Depot (companies started and funded by Wall Street), hahah LIBS got to love’um. The Pee-Protestors were protesting companies like Lowe’s and HD. HAHAHAHA

      2. Joe The Landscaper says:

        That’s right! My illegals work for pennies so I can do the job much cheaper. I’m getting rich because those lame “public agencies” aren’t allowed to knowingly commit a crime by hiring illegals with tax payer money. Me and my Home Depot parking lot labor force take jobs away from American citizens every day and at the same time drag down the wages of the few Americans who can still find work. Ain’t this a great country or what? I am the 1%.

    6. Jackie Wilson says:

      Actually that is how government works, to give wealthy the money. They hire someone to do a study, they make money, than they hire a contractor, who kicks back a certain amount of money towards the mayors campaign, and you have too buy a few councilmen, etc., and that brings the figure to the $4000,000. Now Forbes had the study on the taxes not being paid by corporsations, they went to the IRS for the figures, and guess what GE even gets a refund, without even paying taxes in the first place. What a system, and you wonder why occupy exists. If you want to criticize you better learn your facts. Go see Senator Coburn’s site, where he says (Republican) government is Robin Hood in reverse.

  3. Rit says:

    God forbid the city spend that money helping the homeless get off the streets. It’s easier to sweep them back into ghettos than to ask rich people to pay taxes.

    1. stupidlibs says:

      Are you really this stupid?
      If the rich did not pay taxes, their would be NO budget or government handouts for you to survive on.
      How much of other people’s money do you and other parasites think you are entitled to?

      1. Rick says:

        How correct you are! I work for the rich; they’ve been cutting back since this started back in 2008 and they are getting ready to cut back more; that should tell everyone that the economy is about to get worse.

      2. Joe says:

        Stupid people are out breeding the smart ones. AKA Liberals….

      3. alg says:

        Your line of writing leaves me confused and wondering who the libs really are.!
        Are you saying the rich pay taxes? If you take a look at the IRS series of reports and percentages of how many rich people really pay taxes, you will find that the MIDDLE CLASS pay 95 percent of all the taxes, including corporations. I found that a little surprising thinking that corporations would pay the bulk of taxes, but look; most of the big guys have MOVED OUT OF THE COUNTRY. It’s funny because the foreign auto companies are MOVING INTO THE COUNTRY.
        I’m sorry to say you are misinformed on this matter and can’t blame this on STUPIDLIBS. The people who are mostly misled are republican conservatives who believe that RELIGION should be the ruling law in this country. I suspect you are one of them. you probably have money too. Have you ever helped anyone in your life?

      4. Fantasywriter says:

        Dear Alg, can you actually cite the report from which you obtained this information. Also, liberals consider those making $250,000 per year and have assets of over a million dollars the rich. If you are referring to the super rich most of those can be found in the Democratic community. They claim that they should be taxed more and as you know the IRS is perfectly willing to accept any amount over the amount that is owed.
        By the way, there are very few, if any, conservatives who believe that religion should be the ruling law in this country. It’s point of view that liberals use but really can’t back it up. The answer to you guys is to constantly say, “Prove it, show me the evidence.”

      5. Smack Dab says:

        This person Alg is the biggest idiot I have read so far. Alg thinks the rich pay no taxes. Stupid. Then ask a rich person why he sends money to the IRS every year, sometimes quarterly and where it goes. Alg is clueless. Must be a product of the public school system. To think my taxes are probably supporting people like “Alg”.

      6. gymlock says:

        alg, Please, please cite your source. I get emphatically different numbers from the IRS website than your numbers. I suspect you are the epitome of someone who has a mindful of belief-based facts instead of fact-based beliefs.

      7. gymlock says:

        whoops…. that’s “mind full” and not mindful

      8. Hawkeye says:

        You suffer from extreme Dunning-Kruger Syndrome. You are alos a flat out liar.

    2. NICK WILSON says:

      These were not all homeless people . Many were just lazy morons who want others to pay for their laziness. Others were anarchists ,america haters,, AND JUST FREAKIN LOSERS WHO NEVER SHAVE.

    3. JByrd42 says:

      The rich pay way more than their fare share. You lazy, progressive libturds need to pay your fare share.

      1. bakken boy says:

        I agree. You know what would help the idiots in california? Some responsible oil and gas development, like is going in The Bakken oilfield of North Dakota and Montana. At least there they understand job creation. California is sitting on one of the largest shale oil deposits in the country – all we need is incentives to develop the resource in a responsible manner and everyone, I mean everyone get’s a job…. look at all the californias leaving to north dakota and sleeping in tents in the city park!

    4. James says:

      If people are really that concerned with homelessness, there are plenty of organizations that accept contributions that provide food, shelter, and medical care. The idea that somehow California is going to Tax its way to prosperity is laughable at best.

    5. * says:

      @Mr Logical – Thankyou for the voice of reason !! Law enforcement costs are necessary, if they are a little too much sometimes – oh well – I would rather feel safe in my bed knowing they are on the streets,,,,, But to say that that the revamping of a lawn is a little less than 1/2 a million dollars – even according to public works quotes as commented above is outright stupid!!! Im gonna say it again …..Maybe someone should touch base with Wendy Gruel and see about an audit of all these “so called budget cuts” and find out where the money is REALLY going……

    6. Dave says:

      Oh brother….more dribblings from a loser Liberal.

    7. Gavin Snyder says:

      No amount of money is going to get the homeless off of the streets. Generally speaking, the homeless suffer from mental illness.

      Give a homeless person half a million dollars, and most of the time they’ll stay on the street. The only difference is that instead of begging for change, they’ll make the occasional trip to the bank to make a withdrawal from the drug and liquor fund.

    8. Sun says:

      Our economy would be in alot better shape if the rich people just paid a little bit HIGHER in taxes and that would make our income inequality go down and LESS people on welfare but the problem is greedy rich people who want to keep their money and hire illegal immigrants to do those jobs which is contributing to the HOMELESS POPULATION IN CA BECAUSE THEY CANT WORK. So before you say ANYTHING about putting the homeless in ghettos how about telling your rich friends to let these people get JOBS instead of being GREEDY BECAUSE ITS DOING NOTHING BUT CONTRIBUTING TO THE ECONOMIC COLLASPE OF OUR COUNTRY.

  4. Eric Slowik says:

    What are they useing for grass seed ? Diamonds ?

    1. * says:

      I dont know – but i bet if one of those city workers went to Lowes or Home Depot – and supported their community – they wouldnt spend even close to that quoted rate !!!!!!

      1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        Its due to the unions, people. Unions jack up the cost of everything. From their “clothing allowances” to the fact that they don’t believe they should pay a dime for their own retirement, they are the biggest drain of taxpayer funds. Sure, they were needed at one point. So was Social Security. Both of those are completely unnecessary in today’s times. What was the last “good” that a union as done? Change is difficult, but not impossible.

      2. alg says:

        I respect the fact that you are/were a usarmy medic.
        I don’t agree that you should even compare on the same page the difference to the very destructive outrageous UNAMERICAN organization called the UNION.
        SOCIAL SECURITY has prevented a great deal of suffering among the elderly along with MEDICARE. We all contribute to social security, and we pay for medicare.
        UNIONS are absolutely USELESS and very draining on our economy. Most UNIONS who are very destructive are those that are GOVERNMENT BASED. That is CITY,STATE and FEDERAL. Finally, with actions by myself and many others UNIONS are being exposed for what they really are. An outrageous organization who line their pockets the same way the MAFIA did, and other criminal gangs. The revolution that is coming will certainly target the UNION executives as one of their first agendas.

      3. Astonished says:

        Those city workers are not allowed to go to Lowes or Home Depot. The City contract those expendature out to private businesses. Usually at a huge loss to the City. All in the name of “saving money while the truth is that such companies can and do charge exorbitant fees and prices for their goods and services, because the City signed a contract with them.

        Actually, what THOSE City Workers would like nothing better than to do their jobs and repatirate the park, with equipment and supplies stored within the City. The cost would me phenomonally lower. Your City Leaders at work (or not)

      4. Will says:

        Exactly! The city harbors and protects illegal immigrants / workers making it harder on all us hard working tax payers. Why doesn’t the city use the very same cheap labor it harbors? Home Depot day laborors!! Labor would probably be half that!

        I’m sure we’ll have to give the work to some sort of overly paid union worker instead.

    2. jaline says:

      Perhaps they’re planning on replacing the ruined grass with sod…which is quite expensive.

  5. LADriver says:

    Occupy L.A. is fully responsible for all cost incurred by their illegal actions. When a motorist hits a lightpole. The city bills the motorist for damage to city property. Same case with OLA/OWS. They have a presence on the web. They have a grass-roots movement with donations. Send them the bill.

    1. * says:

      your absolutely right – so why are we paqying for it with our taxes?

      1. digitus says:

        They should send the bill to OWS obviously.

      2. Dracula says:

        Because your mayor wants to be Governor or Senator and is not about to alienate these guys. He would rather stick his hand in your wallet.

  6. walter says:

    The bill for the protest should be sent to SEIU Local 721 at 500 south Verily Ave, Los Angeles. As for the lawn, Mario Brito promised to redo the lawn so he should be held to his word.

    1. Astonished says:


      The address is 500 South Virgil Avenue, Los Angeles. And you’re partially correct. The mayor and the council encouraged these nuts to stay and by doing so deprived citizens of the right to use the park. I think the mayor and Council should foot the bill to repair the damage. You didn’t really believe Brito, did you?

      1. walter says:

        Actually, I did believe Occupy LA leader Mario Brito when he said they would re-sod the lawn.

        I mean, union leaders are honest, right???

  7. ketracel says:

    The MAYOR let them sit there, defacing the building, ruining the lawn, and making a mess — let the money come out of his pocket. He’s the only one who had the power to let them stay (and the only reason he moved them out was because he was going out of town and didn’t want to let someone else steal his thunder by doing it during his absence.)

    1. Gavin Snyder says:

      I like your idea. He let them destroy public property, so I say let the mayor foot the bill out of his own pocket.

  8. Robyn says:

    This is not about the cost of Occupy LA, it’s another move by the mayor to cut department budgets, while enjoying his huge staff and limitless budget. I wonder how much of the money will come from cuts in the Mayor’s Office?

    1. Astonished says:

      Your kidding me right? Zero will come out of their budgets. More importantly, the total cost should come out of their private funds, not the City’s budget.

      1. * says:

        Maybe someone should touch base with Wendy Gruel and see about an audit of all these “so called budget cuts” and find out where the money is REALLY going……they dont need 400k to fix a lawn……thats rubbish !!!!!!

      2. Robyn says:

        I know the Mayor will not pony up. It will come from Departmental cuts. It always does.

  9. randy says:

    Take the test and join the department, then donate your salary to charity if you’re so righteous. Show ’em how it’s done.

    1. Land of fruits and nuts. says:

      Well I guess someone doesnt know how the internet works. You have an ip address that your isp has to give to you so you can surf the web. Once you hit a website your ip address is registered on the site. So a simple lookup on the web and taa-daa I have your home address. Oh and if you used a wifi connection from where ever dont worry the processor on your computer or phone has an id number on it that is also logged on every site you have ever been on.

      1. * says:

        @ Land ….. i was wondering when someone was going to tell him that !!! Sooner or later they will either block him or catch up to him – and i hope he isnt a kid – his parents will be awful unhappy…….

      2. Armed Texan says:

        …well, unless you use a VPN.

      3. Armed Texan says:

        MAC codes are not registered. And a VPN hides your IP. YOU are the one who doesn’t have a clue, dillhole.

      4. * says:

        @Armed – this is a kid that is commenting everywhere (kid has a super dirty mouth) – I didnt know about them , granted – but Im positive he doesnt ….

      5. * says:

        @Armed-No adult would actually talk like that – or at least once in awhile they would makean intelligent comment – what is under those screen names is all filth

      6. Hahaha says:

        Haha, someone has been watching “Swordfish” way too often. IP addresses are not publicly linked to home addresses.


  10. Roger Thornhill says:

    I guess the tent people showed Wall Street and the rich.

    1. Commie_shooter says:

      Lolol hilarious comment. Thanks for the laugh Roger.

  11. GTH says:

    Why aren’t the 300 or so that were arrested assigned 100 hours of community service and fined? The community service can go to replanting the park and the fines can help off-set other costs.

    But no, the mayor would rather stick it to all of us instead…and if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t it this ding-bat mayor that SUPPORTED them in the first place? So better yet, lets take it out of his salary.

    1. Astonished says:

      You do realize, don’t you, that the Occupy LA movement is far from penniless. Channel 7 showed that they had a working budget of over $500,000.00 when they were squatting on the City’s lawn.

      Maybe Wendy Gruel should take them to court and attach all that money. It would make a good down payment on repatriation of the land.

      1. Gavin Snyder says:

        And, ironically, most of that $500K budget came from……. wait for it….. CAPITALISTS!!!!

      2. Chris says:

        And just where will that $500,000.00 go now? I suspect that some Occupy LA leaders will have a Merry Christmas… oops, I mean, Happy Holidays this year.

  12. whazup says:

    Mayor Villa should donate his own money, after all he was at a fault for letting the “movement” continue. A big bowel movement on the backs of the taxpayers. Yes, the city could have spent this money on taking care of the homeless but their fellow occupy citizens thought better didn’t they? They could have protested without camping out and destroying everything but they are a bunch of whiny brats who think the world revolves around them.

  13. Frank Black says:

    Senor Antonio cuts fines for un licensed illegal immigrants causing death and mayhem on streets of LA and wants to cut services to citizens? Which country does Senor Antonio represent? Not USA it seems.

    1. Astonished says:

      Oh, but, see, he does that to show how sympathetic he is to those who should not be here in the first place. After all, how dare we, legal, law-abiding, hard-working citizens expect him to uphold the law against these poor downtrodden suckers and by doing so be polically incorrect? (Add any amount of sarcasm
      you want here)

      Shame on you!

  14. john says:

    other than being mathematically challenged you are pretty stupid as well. $700,000 divided by 10,000 is $70 each, not $70,000. tell you what; give lapd a call and demand that no cop ever come into your neighborhood ever again. since you are so big, bad and mean you don’t need any protection

    1. James says:

      Start handing out concealed weapons permits and watch the crime rate drop.

      1. Larry says:

        What good would that do? A permit doesn’t give anyone the right to use a weapon unless their life is in imminent danger.

      2. boozy says:

        good point…I do have one, and hopefully will never have to use it…but the BIG but is, if there are a lot of them out there, the bad guys do not know if you are packing, and truly know how to use it…I am one that does….check IDPA.com….if you want to truly protect yourself, family and others, you need to be involved with this organization and training…..

      3. alg says:

        Larry, THAT’S EXACTLY THE POINT. …..UNLESS THEIR LIFE IS IN IMMINENT DANGER, like I’m walking down the street, and someone comes up to me as says” give me all your money, or I’ll kill you”. Then you take out your gun (hopefully it is bigger than his, and you shoot him.)
        believe me, soon rate would drop.

      4. Rita Ippolito says:

        and as a gun owner that’s the only time it should be used… duhhhh!

  15. ALG says:

    After reading all these comments, I agree to most of it. There isn’t any court in LA that would make the mayor or any mayor pay for the lawn , etc. That is not the point.
    The point is that the mayor and his attendant’s would think for one moment that we believe the money that was spent on the OCCUPY LA movement.
    I could find someone that would fix the lawn for a mere $10,000., and he would be making a 50% profit.
    The police were already on duty and being paid. , so there is no cost there, ONLY REASSIGNMENT on the duty roster.
    The clean up were city employees already being paid a salary. They were
    reassigned to clean up duty.
    I see no cost at all.
    From all of your comments about the Mayor, I suspect he will not win if he decides to run. I do believe that there are two very responsible people in the City government that I hope will run for the office. We need a mayor that is responsible for the AMERICAN CITIZEN, and those who have filed for citizenship in this great city of Los Angeles. NOT someone who supports ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. DO YOU AGREE?

    1. Lighthope says:

      You see no cost at all? You have absolutely no understanding of economics then.

      All hours applied to the Occupy mess had to come from somewhere. But for the fact that the Occupy people were there, then those labor hours would not have been necessary. If labor hours are not necessary, then money could have been saved by not having another position filled. Labor does not come out of thin air.

      Look at it a different way if you don’t like economics:

      Police and clean up where there when they could have been somewhere else. How many 911 calls were delayed because the police were there instead? How much garbage was left around LA because the clean-up crew were there instead?

      I have no sympathy for LA. You vote these people in and then whine when you get exactly what they promised they would do?

      H. L. Mencken said it best: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

      Here are a few more for you–

      “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” – Ben Franklin

      Totalitarianism doesn’t need armies. It only needs to control a couple of things – the media, and the ability to dispense privilege to some, and to withhold it from others. Of course, a weak and divided people helps. – The last President of the United States (Amerika)

      “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” – Thomas Jefferson

      1. Teri Pettit says:

        Except for the H. L. Mencken one, those quotations are fake.

        The quote about the wolf and the lambs is attributed to Benjamin Franklin on the internet, sometimes without the second sentence, but it is not found in any of his known writings, and the word “lunch” is not known to have appeared anywhere in english literature until the 1820s, decades after his death. The phrasing itself has a very modern tone and the second sentence especially might not even be as old as the internet.

        An internet search turns up NO version at all of the quote about the wolfs and lambs voting before 1992, when Marvin Simkin wrote in Los Angeles Times:

        Democracy is not freedom. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch. Freedom comes from the recognition of certain rights which may not be taken, not even by a 99% vote.

        A rarer but more credible variation also occurs: “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.”

        The earliest for such a statement credits libertarian author James Bovard:

        “Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.”
        This statement occurs in the “Conclusion” (p. 333) of his book Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty (1994), and was quoted in the Sacramento Bee also in 1994.

        Variants of this statement include that by Larry Flynt, as quoted in “Flynt’s revenge” by Carol LLoyd in Salon (23 February 1999)]:

        Majority rule will only work if you’re considering individual rights. You can’t have five wolves and one sheep vote on what they want to have for supper.

        So this quote appears to have first appeared in the early 1990’s.

    2. Astonished says:


  16. Pauline says:

    The Mayor came out and supported their encampment the first week, so he should pay for the damages done after that. Cutting Department budgets to “pay” for this? Seems like a punishment for doing the jobs they’re already being paid for or he’s just lining his already bulging pockets with more of our money.

    Whatever he decides to run for after he’s termed out of City Hall, do NOT vote for this idiot. He’s run the City into the ground in 8 years, wants to give illegals rights the rest of us don’t have, and now this.

  17. czervik says:

    Way to go, Mr. Mayor! You let them stay and tried to appease them. You should pay out of your own pocket. That is, unless you can get some of your Occupy buddies to pay out of all the contributions they garnered. You must have a least a few names. Sue them! Or pay yourself, you liberal idiot!

    1. * says:

      i’ll bet if he had to pay the bill it wouldnt be 400 thousand dollars for the lawn !!!!!!!
      Somehow that number would mysteriously get ALOT Lower !!!!!

      1. alg says:

        ***asterisk**** Hell no, if the mayor had to pay the bill, there would be a couple thousand illegals making 20 bucks a day, and it would all be cleaned up in an hour. over and out..

  18. Dennis says:

    Wasn’t it the Mayor who supported the LA fleabaggers and said she wouldn’t break the protest up. Let her pay for it!

    1. Dave2 says:

      She s a HE…but you’re right! They actually considered giving the Fleabaggers an office in a city owned building at far discounted rent! Shows you the mindset of these people!

      1. Doug says:

        A HE with no nuts. I understand the confusion.

    2. alg says:

      DENNIS – I didn’t know our Mayor was a FEMALE? What planet are you from?

      1. Chris says:

        I’m guessing that Dennis confused the LA mayor with the Oakland mayor who, by the way, mannaged to do an even worse job in handling the Occupy mess.

  19. Doug says:

    If Little Tony had an guts he would have controlled the situation before the damage took place. The right to free speech does not include the right to destroy property. You could replace that clown with a sand bag and have better government.

  20. David says:

    Instead of cutting funding why doesn’t the city do the RIGHT thing and make the protesters to pay for the damage they did and the additional law enforcement and other city service costs required due to their irresponsible behavior?

    Although, it’s probably a good thing that the public realizes just what these leftists and their months of squatting has cost them. It’s also a good thing that Obama and other Democrats tied themselves to and supported what these people were doing, especially in an election year. After all, Obama said point blank that these occupy protesters are the reason he ran for President. I can just see the campaign ad now, a list of the millions upon millions of dollars in damage done by these protesters with Obama’s words playing in the background.

  21. Jimmie Enderfield says:

    Tax the 1% in Hollywood and make them pay for the damages done by the Flea Baggers! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    Only in blue state, liberal lalaland! LMAO!

  22. Jack White says:

    But that’s OK since the cuts will only affect the 1%, right?

  23. EdG says:

    Boo-hoo, it cost LA a couple million to clean up from citizens protesting about BankGangers from Wall Street pillaging trillions of dollars from the American people. Cry me a river, 1%-ers.

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      You are a fool if you think these budget cuts will affect the wealthy. The wealthy are wealthy because they do not spend what they don’t have. So during hard economic times, they actually have funds saved up. Imagine that? It’s called “Planning for One’s Future”. It’s truly not hard.

      I type this as a so called 99%-er. I have money in an “Emergency” Savings account. (Emergencies do NOT include no money for beer or money for those new rims I’ve been wanting). I also have money (not much, but some) in an a separate account for my future children. That’s right. I’m planning ahead. I want them to go to a good school, or if they want, use it to build themselves a business. Do you save anything? When it comes down to a new ride “cuz it looks sick” or saving your money, which choice do you make? If you spend it, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

      1. Doug says:

        Sounds like you have a case of personal responsibility. Me too. I guess we never learned to sit on our rear ends and blame others if things don’t work out.

  24. JOe Dutra says:

    You morons keep voting these Democratic losers into office. When will you learn? I left California 10 years ago. Never looked back.

    1. Dorkyman says:

      Ditto here.

      Lived in various parts of LA for decades, then moved 10 years ago, so glad I did. It’s not the wonderful friendly place it once was. The local government is rotten to the core, and the way your idiot mayor handled the Occupiers is a great example.

      Perhaps the Big One will really make LA and SF slide into the ocean, and we can start over. One can always hope.

      1. Jon Lussier says:

        I agree. I left there as well. Best choice we ever made.

    2. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      The problem is, putting one’s head in the sand is not exactly a good policy either. Take a look at the national political landscape, and ask yourself how far you are willing to move.

      I live in Orange County, CA because I love the weather, beach activities, snowboarding nearby, plenty of nightlife, etc. When people move away, it actually makes it harder to turn things around. Think about it: the federal government takes many of it’s most liberal ideas from the states – namely California. If we can squash it here first, we are all a lot better off.

      True, I wish this state were more conservative. But it’s almost entertaining watching people flounder due to their own stupidity, while I save and invest what I earn. 🙂

  25. Tim Quigley says:

    Keep voting for Democrats! Californians never seem to understand that you get the govenrment that you elect! Vote for corruption, you get corruption. Vote for loonies, you get loonies.

  26. astralweeks says:

    Now that most have returned home and are laying around on their parents’ sofas, the working class will have to foot the bill for their hissy fit.

  27. RFB says:

    Whale……………….. Oil ……………….. Beef……Hooked!

    The way these crooks get elected is ’cause crooks back them and then get our tax dollars to pay for more crooks —– the legal kind who make it “legal” for them to rob our tax dollars for their cronie friends funds.


  28. Barbara Dare says:

    Next time, Los Angeles, elect a Caucasian as Mayor. Oh, that’s right, there are no Caucasians left in Los Angeles.

  29. snapboy says:

    So the Occupiers – and Villaraigosa for allowing the encampment to stay long enough to ruin the lawn – will be responsible forn budget cuts that harm the LOWEST 20% of the population. Great job, dems.

  30. Rick says:

    OCCUPY is funded by George Soros; send him the bill. BEtween illegals demanding what isn’t theirs and communists marching in the streets demanding what isn’t theirs, LA is going to go bankrupt. Where is the police/fire protection going to be then??

  31. glenp says:

    First, the mayor gives up his salary for being such a dipsh it in handling those criminals

  32. Brad G. says:

    This is another stellar example of the stunning lack of leadership – not to mention foolish squandering of money – which led me to decide to relocate my small company out-of-state next March. Seven pretty good jobs are going with me, as are a couple of wonderfully productive, hard-working employees.

    I’m tired of busting my butt 60+ hours a week, much of it complying with a byzantine and contradictory web of regulations and then being taxed to pay for damage done by law-breaking vandals whom our Mayor encouraged.

    And since several of my clients plan to continue doing business with me long-distance, I’ll get to suck additional capital out of California before the crooks downtown and in Sacramento can lay their filthy hands on it.

    I’m done with this town.

  33. Bruce_Almty says:

    Mi$$ions upon Mi$$ions wasted by Occupy movement — well done Liberals.

  34. RUGPEDDLER says:

    LA can get the money from all the Hollywood Lib’s and SF can get the money from Plosie.

  35. LA_SUX says:

    Let the mayor, that supported this movement, pay for it.

    If they’d stopped it from the beginning, the bill would be nothing of the sort.

    What a joke CA is.

    Let’s not forget the “OWS movement”. Seems they got the change the wanted, loose of jobs and more taxes for the 99%ers.

  36. Orwell21 says:

    I LOVE it! The reason is simple. All these liberal mayors who put up with this Occupy BS in order to score points and to help out BHO’s re-election campaign now realize the costs of their folly. This does not even take into account the property damage and crimes committed during this nonsense. The fact is, if they had been forced to jump through hoops like the Tea Party, these costs would not have been incurred. The Occupy people should have got permits and should have been made to leave at the end of the day like normal protesters. Sad thing is…now the people who do work and pay taxes, the majority of who these Occupiers claim to represent, have to foot the bill and some will probably get laid off and lose their jobs. Good Job Occupiers…way to go!

  37. Fred says:

    Bill the OWS a-holes!!! Not the taxpayers!!!!

  38. Dejordy says:

    The mayor was all too happy to have them there. Let him use political money to pay to clean up after his political causes.

    1. Astonished says:

      Since this cost will ultimately come out of taxpayers pockets either with a rate hike or fewer services (which are close to zero now), maybe the taxpayers should “Occupy” the lawns of the mayor and city council. I wonder how long they would allow THAT to happen! It should be the taxpayers right! Especially since, by law, the mayor’s “mansion” is public property!

  39. Wilbur Post says:

    Didn’t the mayor “welcome” the protestors? Maybe he can cover the expenses out of his own pocket

  40. Armed Texan says:

    A Republican Mayor would have tossed the OWS trash out before it got a chance to stink the place up.

    You got the Mayor you voted for, now live with the consequences. It’s a lesson that conservatives understand. You should try it too.

  41. walter12 says:

    Isn’t typical of a radical leftist mayor. Makr the innocent suffer for the mobs of communists and anarchists and traitors and illegal Mexicans.

  42. parasites says:

    LA I hope you tell this jerk: NO let them pay for their own mess.

  43. irishalaman says:

    why dont they BILL THEM for the MONEY?

  44. RupertOC says:

    Now we have to pay for this? This moron of a Mayor was the one who allowed this to happen. He was out there passing out blankets and ponchos. Why doesn’t anyone call him out on this? If he would have booted them out, we wouldn’t have this cost. The city should be suing occupy LA to recover this cost.

  45. JustAGuy says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!

    1. wounded_defecators (project) says:

      Liberal, neo-conservative, useful idiots and critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, exist by feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle class.
      Which explains why the nation’s respect and admiration are with Occupy and with the Anonymous, Wikileaks and Ruckus brigades. Thank you heroes for all of your service, and a big hoo-rah on the Defecator udda Year award.
      For they know, proletariat’s bad children and parasites, sic Zionist apparachiks of the Fed, IMF and World Bank, will never admonish the Crony Capitalism feeding their addictions and narcissism. A special interest needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement patriots can provide. Sh!t and p!ss on, noble flea-baggers, lest the streets flow with blood.

    2. JustAGuy says:

      @wounded_defecators (project)

      LOL!!! That’s some mighty fine liberal-babble there. I enjoyed it! It made just about as little sense as a typical Cornel West speech. BRAVO!!!

    3. Ghostsouls says:

      This is the cost of liberalism, pay up!

    4. Real Rick says:

      wounded pos,

      Always wondered, how do you breathe with your head so far up your backside?

    5. daveinthed says:

      lol What a party. Thanks. Let’s hope the city doesn’t cut its waste removal services, its law enforcement services or its public works maintenance department to pay for these fleebag occupiers. They care so much about “the people” that first they support a bunch of socialists who wan’t to wreck the American economy…(yes occupiers hate America as it has existed for 240 years), then they support spending us into oblivion while further wrecking the economy with over-regulation and insidious enviro-fascism, which costs jobs.

      Then they stand around, soiling public property and creating a nuisance, whining like 3 year olds, blaming rich white people and conservative Republicans, the people they hate the most. LIBeralism has hit the fan, folks. All of this is a direct result of the incomprehensible, nonsensical policies and behaviors of left-wing fools, who buy the Utopian dream they’re sold by the elitist, pointy-headed politicians who peddle this stuff in the first place.

    6. Pauli Gela says:

      I do not believe the nation proud of people who mess up the streets so taxpayers must come in and clean up. Unless you are referring to people on welfare and entitlements, who also mess up our country. The people must recognize and exercise their unalienable rights, and must be willing to give up their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in the fight for survival against what Yuri Bezmenov lectures on his YouTube Channel..

  46. Bob says:

    Don’t fix that lawn!!! They will be back in the spring.To open arms no doubt!!You will only have to pay again.
    If you do fix the lawn send the bill to the OWS and their organization. They must have a couple of mil laying around. That is if they haven’t already donated it to the dear leaders re-election.

  47. Larry says:

    Taxpayers should not have to pay this bill. L.A. should have arrested them all and divided the costs between them. They can pay their fair share or work it off to get out of jail.

  48. insider says:

    Darren Danks who claims to be the spokeperson for Occupy dirty clothes is a bum. This guy inherited a free home, ie: house and money and ended up forclosed on along with investigations of animal abuse. We had to rescue his dogs. He left the house in a total disgusting mess, then ended up befriending a woman in a prominant neighborhood while squatting in her home claiming he was part of the music industry, until she had enough throwing him out for being a leach. He even threatened this person. Now he is ‘Lord of the flies’ stuttering his way with vague answers cause they sound good to dumb folk. Notice how smug he is on camera. But we all know the real Darren from this neighborhood. He hasn’t even paid his child support in years. Watch out for this hack job, con artist and lying tongue twister. And guys, watch your rear ends. He goes that way too. Not surprised he is involved in occupy dirty space while leaving another place in ruins.

  49. Jim says:

    Ok kids, let’s all thank the Occupy LA movement for the budget cuts! >:(

  50. ozinnh says:

    Yeah, the “Occupy” movement protesting the 1% and then sticking the 99% with the bill.

    Way to go.

  51. same street says:

    read the post by insider from 12/11 @ 2:14pm . I can attest to the comments made. We knew this guy who says he is the leader of occupy. Didn’t know there was a leader. Anyway this guy was given a feebie and blew it big time. What a mess he left behind, so no wonder he’s done the same to a park. Well at least he’s happy living in trash.

  52. Trajan Long says:

    Liberal politicians pandering to bunch of degenerate, drug addled, spoiled brats and whiners looking for a hand out while blaming “others”,(meaning those who actually work for a living) for their failures is a depressing and disgusting thing to watch. LIBERALISM HASN’T WORKED IN A HUNDRED YEARS BECAUSE IT APPEALS TO THE WORST ASPECTS OF HUMAN NATURE giving rise to absolute corruption in the masters at the top.

  53. Wayne says:

    For $400,000 , they could cover the entire state of Rhode Island. The number is silly.

    1. * says:

      Thats what Im saying – I cant think of any sod company or Lawn maintenance company that would cost THAT much !!! – Even the city guy above said it would probably only be about 20k and you could even add 10k to that – not 400k………..

  54. Steven Moshlak says:

    Take it out of Mayor V’s and every city councilman’s re-election funds. petitoning for redress is one thing. Having a 24/7 party, is another.

  55. some guy says:

    How about we just tax EVERYONE in the US a flat 15%. and rich people will mathematically pay more. Instead of some confusing tax code that increases tax percentage by personal income?

  56. lukuj says:

    So the occuliars end up hurting the people they claim to be defending and representing. That’s what happens when you have no common sense and don’t know how to use logic.

  57. elchucko says:

    Possibly the Mayor will get the message when the OWS crowd brings LA to its knees?

  58. Bob says:

    Villaraigosa and the city council voted to approve the protestors right to protest back in October and allowed them, over the objections of small business owners and others, to remain for two months – the longest of all the occupied movements. And their decision has now led to budget cuts??

    When is this city every going to recall or fire the mayor and the city council? They are incompetent and self-serving fools and they’ve messed up this city for far too long.

  59. Linda Ellison says:

    WOW – The blind leading the blind .. there should be enough liberal 1%’ers to pick up the tab with no problem…. Oh wait.. that would mean they would have to use their own money … I hear there is another $38,000 per plate dinner with Obama coming up 🙂

  60. mike says:

    OWS is the 18% of Americans that are mentally ill.

  61. Ted Bell says:

    The mayor should be personally responsible for the costs. He allowed the “movement” to break laws with impunity. Alas, with Villaraigosa, the people of LA have a clown…not a mayor in charge.

  62. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    How much would they be able to save if they eliminated the office of the mayor? Instead they train a monkey to throw darts at a target of either Yes or No when it comes to important issues to be decided. The cost of bananas and a distemper shot should be the only expense. It would be a win for everyone no pension no politics and no speeches where they lie to you into thinking things are getting better. What a moron so when is he going to get elected governor soon I’m sure?

  63. stevel says:

    It’s California……all morons!!

    1. Rita Ippolito says:

      I love the irony… LA is a sanctuary city… they are going broke housing, feeding and educating illegal aliens, and now they go further into debt because the coddled these nit-wits. What was, in the very beginning protests against big bank greed has devolved into a murkey mess of anarchists, professional agitators and far left loons. Instead of venting their frustrations against wall street, how about going down to Pennsylvania Ave… What the left and the Dems don’t want talked about is the fact that Obama has taken more money from wall street than any president in history…. MANY times more and that today, most wall street fat cats are DEMOCRATS

    2. Cyraneau says:

      The more I know about California the more I love my home state of Indiana.

    3. Robby says:

      Send the bill to Hollywood, Boxer and Pelosi.

    4. Pauli Gela says:

      All Obama supporters!

  64. cantstandidotpoloticians says:

    If this idiot liberal camera chasing womanizing turd of a Mayor had done his job in the first place, on the first night, there would have been no encampment and thus no cleanup costs. He let they stay because he was hoping to use them for liberal political purposes, and now the people of the city have to pay up due to his lack of leadership and common sense. And to think, this guy has aspiration of becoming the next Gov. of California. The people of L.A. should have tar-and-feathered this guy a long time ago, and run him out of town naked.

  65. boozy says:

    He LA….my old hometown…ain’t it great being RULED by a out of control Mexican….mmmm mmmm goood….get ready for some more real good news soon…I am sure he has a whole host of “you have to be kiddin me’s” down the road…..ya get what ya asked for…and there he is in all his glory.

  66. Katie W says:

    And then we have AB131 giving illegal immigrants 64 million dollars a year in access to Cal grants. Another brain child from Los Angeles. Go to STOPAB131.com.

  67. Allen says:

    Well, keep letting the idiots get away with bullying and you can keep paying for their so called rights.

  68. Midge Martin says:

    “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington


  69. tom s says:

    Yeah, these folks are just like the Tea Partiers! (rolls eyes)

  70. Rebecca says:

    I have a little inkling that anyone in support of Occupy LA’s comments have been deleted. I left one last night, and of course, it isn’t here today.

    1. alg says:

      I’ve been leaving comments since this CBS thing started. Many pro and con comments. Not one has been deleted unless I was stupid and didn’t do something right.
      Sometimes there’s a glitch in the comment system, and your comment may be lost, as it has happened to me, but not because of a comment I made. Sometimes the system will give me a message that I’m commenting too fast, which is hard to believe, as I rarely make more than one comment at a time.
      I certainly have read many comments for and against the OCCUPY LA movement.
      If your comment was OFFENSIVE, it may have been removed, however; after seeing some of the really offensive comments here, I doubt that is a reason.
      Give it another try.
      I think CBS has a winner here. In some instances where there are so many comments I am able to see a consensus of how people really feel about a subject. Good luck.

  71. Will Petra says:

    all for a 3rd world park? the numbers are based on the overpaid, over pensioned, over benefit union state gardeners. go to home depot , ill bet you can cut the cost by 2/3.

  72. morgana99 says:

    Wow! Just so we’re clear that this story has corporate funding, please note that the word “trees” within the story is actually a link to LOWES home improvement website, where you can buy as many cut down and chemically treated trees as you like. Lowes should be able to tell you that the 400,000 dollar price tag for fixing up that space(where i have been, often) could only be arrived at either as an inflated number to further vilify the Occupy movement, or as a budgetary desire to spread a cascade of further kickbacks and corrupt contracting from this disturbed local Government, headed by the mayor himself. Of course, anyone who was present at the police raids (including the police) know they spent a huge amount in a tactically disgraceful effort to crush the largest remaining Occupy encampment at the time. There’s little to trust from this corrupt local Government, its disgraceful and sickening police force that collectively took a dump on their oath last month. They’ve proven they can never be trusted again,it is time for us to remove them, and for the sake of our humanity, stop sleepwalking through life and believing the spin that comes from corporate media such as this. Blessings, America.

  73. Little Joe says:

    These idiots claim to represent the 99%, but I can guarantee that the overwhelming majority of the 99% would not approve of spending taxpayer dollars to pay for what these morons have done.

    The occupiers should have to pay for what they have done. The 99% never asked them to damage public property. The 99% never elected them as representatives. They took it upon themselves. Well, they can pay the dang bills.

  74. Jolese says:

    I know, I know! Cut all the free benefits, programs, free rides, and special consideration gicen to illegal aliens! Oh, and stop the mayor from traveling other cities. I can’t wait to get that corrupt loser out of ofice.

  75. Midge says:

    Why don’t they just fine all the OWS protestors that were arrested? You have their names and parents’ addresses, right? Why stick it to the taxpayers? They should have made them pay for a permit for this very reason. Reap what you sow Mr. Mayor.

  76. MaggieLyn says:

    Poor, poor taxpayers! You elected the idiots that allowed all this, Now, you pay the bill your elected mayor is responsible for. Will you west coast “progressives” ever learn there is no such thing as a free lunch?

  77. MadCharles says:

    In the mean time he’s not going to tow illegals $100.00 polluting cars when stopped at a check point..

  78. It's Amazing! says:

    The city wanted the Occupy gang there to satisfy the union bosses. The city deserves to pay the bill for those bums. It’s the cities fault for letting the street bums distory the public property and then putting the costs on the public. Tony V. and the rest of the city managers who approved the Occupy movement need to be let go. Occupy L.A.! Another Democratic idea, gone wrong.

  79. Melinda Miller says:

    La la la la la, ha ha ha ha ha, la la la la la…………..
    I am so glad I no longer live there and contribute to
    the idiocy.

  80. Rob says:

    The city needs to arrest these criminals and force them to WORK off in time at say $10.00 per hour to make up for the money being lost for their ridiculous protest. I love the way the msm has gotten behind these losers and have encouraged them to continue damaging the economy even more. Of course the media and democrats denounced the Tea Party despite their large protest on Washington D C with well over a million people where they cleaned up the area and didn’t damage any public or private property.

  81. Matt says:

    Well I guess the mayor hates seniors, women, children, and minorities. He’s going to throw granny down the stairs…ooops, that was Occupy.

  82. Donald Duck says:

    The people of California is getting what they deserve. You keep electing liberal boobs who are afraid of their own shadow and refuse to do what they know, deep down, what has to be done. They knew the occupy scurvy should have been evicted or thrown in jail but were afraid to do it. I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Last producer out of the state, be sure to not look back. You will turn into a pillar of salt. That’s how bad your state is.

  83. LA Mayor sucks says:

    Isn’t this the same Mayor who handed out ponchos to the occupy losers, and offered them city land for $1.00? You people get what you desire voting in morons like this guy. I hope you call 911 and no one answers.

  84. Brandon Hawkins says:


    After reading that – I have no idea how anyone is ok with the fact that $700,000 of our tax money was spent on clearing out the protestors. I think they should all go back, and maybe I’ll join them this time.

  85. BigBoa says:

    If the people don’t march on city hall to stop this madness, they deserve it….

    After all, WHAT was it the mighty Boa said? Here’s a reminder……

    Either find the spine or get in line… No you may not.

    The mighty Boa WARNED you that O’Bozo needs to be removed immediately. The mighty Boa also warned you that only God knows what else he will pull between now and next year.

    Then he also warned you why the occupiers need to be confronted by the people and disbanded. Many claiming to be “conservative” called such testimony “shameful”……

    Well here’s to hoping those same pu$$ies now enjoy rampant disease coming to a neighborhood near them and here’s to hoping their relatives contract it. AND the violence they’ll also be bringing with them…..

    And by the way, enjoy the dictatorship.

    The public doesn’t have the spine to even take on the occupy bums. You actually think they’ll suddenly find spines to stand up to O’Bozo and the military?

    You were told that this imparting of wisdom would come to an end and the time has come. Reap what you have sown. So it is said, so it is written.

  86. BigBoa says:

    Further proof of how stupid the occupoopers are? The stupid f’in mayor tries to inflate the numbers to scam more money from the stupid f’in residents who SHOULD have run the thug bums off THEMSELVES when the mayor kept refusing to do it. And here comes an occupooper posting that this is all a “big corporation’s (lowes)” attempt to make the occupoopers LOOK bad????

    AH HAHAHA!!! Absolutely incredible…..

  87. Obamanator says:

    Shouldn’t these OCCUPIERS occupy the Academy Awards or the Emmys??? How about the Clippers or the Laker games, aren’t those the 1 percenters very close to home??????
    California, the land of fruits and nuts!

  88. Brer_Orabbit says:

    Let no good deed go unpunished.

  89. Officer Mike says:

    This was a ploy by the police union to get more money and power…we could have used 1/6 the cops that were deployed with overtime.

    1. irishsmile says:

      Both SEIU and Mayor Villaraigosa have openly encouraged these anti social jerks in their path of destruction to city property! The City Attorney should be investigating SEIU for abetting terrorism. If Angelinos aren’t smart enough to dump this Villaraigosa, who tried to Pass the bar 4 times, then they deserve what they get. Radical mediocrity!

  90. Smart Dude says:

    The disgusting Mayor and the California Democrat Party should pay personally, since they are fully responsible.

  91. Fen says:

    “Repairs to City Hall’s lawn where the Occupy group set up camp on Oct. 1 will require an estimated $400,000”

    Then don’t fix it. See? I just save LA 400k.

  92. wheelerdude says:

    Mr. Mayor and City Council,

    If you supported the OWS, so why don’t all of you offer your pay and benefits to offset the cost of the organization you supported!!

  93. midusdew says:

    The mayor is responsible. And should pay!

  94. Farang says:

    How many times did the idiot mayor speak at occupy rallys in solidarity with them.

    Mayor Villaragosa needs a pink slip as a part of the cost cutting measures. He permitted and encouraged this mess.

    1. Silhouette says:

      Exactly….they were encouraged and abetted by the Mayor AND the city council. Let THEM pay for the clean up.

    2. BILL MCNEAL says:


  95. kimo says:

    Budget cuts ?? How about starting with a cut to the Mayors salary first since he endorsed and allowed these maggots to stay in these parks to begin with. All for what mr. Mayor ??

  96. BigBoa says:

    The more the mighty Boa thinks of it, this is actually great. Because the mighty Boa TOLD you people, get OFF your lazy, APATHETIC a$$ and DISBAND the occupoopers YOURSELVES! AND told you EXACTLY what to do. Did you DO it? No…..and you STILL sit on your apathetic rumps dreaming of “Twenty Twelve”,,,, when O’Bozo will steal or suspend the election and you’ll STILL do nothing…. You DESERVE this…

  97. Bill Jones says:

    Why did the OWS people vandalize the marble structures? .It show their mindset. Common criminal thugs. They talk very high minded but to destroy public property with graffiti is childish.

  98. Barry Levy says:

    there were those that were arrested, Make their fines total the cost of the repairs, and then if they can’t pay, they can call up the rest of their OWS friends and get them to pay their “FAIR SHARE” of the damages they caused.

  99. JM in San Diego CA says:

    Don’t fix anything. Just post a few signs:


  100. Patrick says:

    I understand that Occupy opened a bank account and raised money. They should be billed for the expenses and the money in the account attached by the City of Los Angeles. The mayor and the City Council behaved shamefully during this episode.

  101. Diego Roswell says:

    I guess the illegal alien loving, progressive liberal, Marxist, socialist, flag burning, pot smoking, race baiting, rabble rousing mayer of Los Angeles doesn’t know how to issue and collect fines for violations of the LAW. You idiots in California deserve what you get.

  102. Angela says:

    George Soros and Moveon.org should pay for the damage and defecation clean-up since they have organized and funded “occupy” where most of the protesters didn’t have a clue over what they were protesting! YUP! MORONS all of them!

  103. Memeaa says:

    Why not take it from the mayor’s salary? He’s the mofo who let the parasites in.

  104. xracerx says:

    exactly… something CA has way too many of… no wonder our state has been in a financial mess for decades.

  105. Bill says:

    The TeaParty rallies cost how much to clean-up? Hint: Police and Public Works both said these were the most peacable rallies and THEY PICKED-UP AFTER THEMSELVES)!)

  106. Henry Thoreau says:

    They should take every last dime repairs the damage from the communist shtbags in government that supported their terrorism. Trespassing is a crime. And they supported it. They should pay, not the people.

  107. don says:

    Why dont these morons seize the money thats in the bank accounts of the occupy movement, that was donated to them to cover the cost.

  108. kbworkman says:

    Hey LA. Looks like the whining about where all the money went is answered.
    There wasn’t enough money to let them live in the style they believe is there due. Now you get to pay to clean up after them.
    Thanks your mayor. He let them make the mess and now you have to bite the bullet to clean up after them.
    The mayor and all the city officials who didn’t push to have them removed should be footing the bill.

  109. robertg says:

    Fine all the OWS crowd and keep them in jail until they pay.

  110. Steve Golac says:

    Does anyone note the irony here?

  111. tired-of -the stupidity says:

    Just because you may have a right to protest does not mean you get to do it fr free or on someone elses nickle. Make the movement pay for it.

  112. tired-of -the stupidity says:

    BTW… This is socialism at its best. They do things they want to and you pay for it.
    You like what you are getting?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    You reap what you sow.
    You let those az wipes stay there. You let them do what they wanted.
    You supported them.
    Now you want everyone else to pay for it.


  113. Radioflyer says:

    Why clean it up. They’re just going to do it again next year.

  114. Kath says:

    The Tea Party assembles peacefully after acquiring the proper permits, and they are called terrorists by our government. OWS assembles wherever they want, without the proper permits, destroy property, disrupt businesses and cities, leave contaminated filth in their wake to be cleaned up by tax dollars, and our government applauds them. This just goes to show how how stupid and out of touch with reality the left is. They are the one’s who care nothing about the state of our economy and the struggle that everyone is going through. If they did care, they wouldn’t be out there costing every working person in this country money.

  115. Ken Pittman says:

    This mayor is a nightmare and couldn’t care any less about America or non Latino Americans. I could smell the sulfur when I met him in NH in 2008 in Manchester.

  116. Marlinda says:

    Send the bill to George Soros and the unions. That’s who financed these people.

  117. UseSomeCommonSense says:

    Some OWS here are saying that the Mayor should go to Lowe’s or Home Depot (both started with Wall Street funding), ahahahahhaha. Got to love dumb LIBS. They were protesting against Lowes and HD who they now want to use for the lawns. Sorry, UNIONS say NO.

  118. chipgiii™ says:

    So let me see if I understand this. Because of the cost of the occupy movement we need to cut something to pay for the cost it put on the city. I am sure if it comes down to jobs, they will cut the jobs of the 99 percenters, not any one percenters…..ahh the irony.

  119. Tom Genin says:

    Too Funny. The liberal’s never own a calculator and think everything is free.

    Can’t wait for the California riots when nanny can’t provide everything to everyone.

    1. chipgiii™ says:

      “The liberal’s never own a calculator and think everything is free.”

      That is not only a little amusing, it has a bit of profound truth about it. Great quote.

  120. Chris says:

    The only thing accomplished by the occupiers is to further alienate popular support, particularly from the 50% (of real Americans) who pay taxes.

    Occupy Hell, dirtbags.

  121. Jerry Allen says:

    What we all need to remember is the marvelous change that OWS in LA made across our wonderful country….NOT ONE THING THEY DID MADE A DIFFERENCE…(except for the 1.1 million in expenses)… LOL

  122. Rico says:

    Politicians like Obama and City Mayors are complicit in running up these expenses for occupiers.
    How many times did we see politicians, rather than fulfilling their elected duties, pushing a Liberal agenda that tacitly encouraged the law breakers.

  123. FedUpWithBigGovernment says:

    400,000 for a new lawn??? seems a bit inflated to me… they should investigate if perhaps they are overpaying… or someone got the contract because they greased some palms… or the lawn care company is owned by a family friend or relative of someone in the LA administration that is responsible for the city contract.

    1. RLABruce says:

      Union labor, working furiously at a snail’s pace? It’ll be closer to $500,000.

  124. shore500 says:

    way to go LA!!! you voted for him..Its not so bad that he reveals his lack of intelligence, but in reality he reveals yours.
    Lived there for 20 yrs. GLAD to be gone.

  125. barbara says:

    you want it CA, you got it, so lie down in it and get it on you…stupid stupid, stupid so-called leaders squander money on what?…trash! I try not to have any lay-overs in that state..you never know what they will do! CA? set foot in it….never!

  126. toledofan says:

    Charge the protesters; if they can’t pay send the bill to their parents or grandparents, post their pictures in the post office. Maybe the next time if the OWS crowd decides to do their thing maybe they should have to put up a $1000 clean up bond, or better yet maybe they should be dispursed before things get out of hand. The politicans can’t have it both ways and if they support their cause take the clean up money out of their salary.

  127. Jamie says:

    No No No. You do not have the right to embrace the Occupy movement that cry that they trashed the place. O so you don’t have the money to clean up their mess. Tough luck. You wanted the movement you embraced it. You clean it up. If you need the money bill the Occupy movement. Not the American people.

    1. rocky-rack says:

      How about making the OWS people come back and clean up the mess. they should all perform community service equal to the time they demonstrated, that is at least a few months service for each person.
      Oh, but they are all too lazy to work.

  128. streekyD says:

    Mr Mayor this is YOUR doing! YOU let them stay, YOU PAY THE BILL
    SEND the bils to the OCCUPODS and MAKE them PAY for their mess

  129. NoMoreKoolAid says:

    If I were the citizen’s of LA, I would form class action suits against every politician who allowed the occupiers to remain personally, I would demand they personally pay for the costs of thier decision and I would gather everyone to place all their tax dollars in escrow until the courts decide on the issue. You can sue for public endangerment, public health issues, stupidity, whatever you want…keep the lawsuits coming one after the other….

  130. streekyD says:

    Mr Mayor, it was YOUR poorly planned decision to let them stay. YOU should personally pay for this mess.
    Send the bill to the people responsible for this mess: THJE OCCUPODS

  131. Sacto Dan says:

    So a small number of people have created a huge cost and negative effect on the rest of the people of Los Angeles. Now who’s the 1%?

  132. Sycodon says:

    Popcorn! I need more popcorn!

    Great show watching Liberals be skewered by their own creation.

  133. MAJack says:

    Clearly, Mayor Villaragosa is a moron. Had he shut down these miscreant spoiled brats on Day 1, he would have saved the expenses. YOu get what you vote for LA!

  134. AWaB says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If they’d have just had the circus come to town, revenues would have been generated! They’d have accomplished a lot more with a circus than with hippies!

  135. oldtaxpayer01 says:

    The city administration approved it so let the Mayor and the council pay for it.

  136. terri says:

    maybe michael moore could pay for it. or susan sarandon, or bet middler and so on

  137. paul says:

    Maybe more people now realize what a bunch of idiots the occupy group is and how much they cost us as a society. They would cut off their nose to spite their face.

  138. Rita Ippolito says:

    Yup.. keep voting in those Democrats….

    Califronia is hopeless… its becoming the Detroit of the West = Democrat controlled from top to bottom.. utterly beholding to the big municipal Unions and totally unreasonable evnvironmental wackos….

    Hey California, you think its bad now, just wait… wait unitl all of Obama’s tax increases kick in next year…. oh well… you can just just keep raising those taxes.. because the Democrats will never let you cut spending .LOL

  139. Steve Hollar says:

    Let’s see, that silly Occupy thing was endorsed and actually encouraged by the mayor and city council. Split the bill and let them pay for it out of their own pockets. But oh no, that is not what liberals do. They make an utter mess of things then expect everyone else to clean up, or pay up, after them.

  140. abbey says:

    Why doesn’t this greasy guy just get rid of all the illegal Mexicans LA is taking care of? Why don’t white LA citizens rise up against this joker??? He’d give LA to Mexico in a heart beat.

  141. RLABruce says:

    So the Occupiers protest people who earn money and the mayor wants those same people to pay for the Occupiers protesting them? LOL! Eventually even Californians will get sick of Liberal policies.

  142. franc black says:

    It’s like the Nazis charging for train rides to Auschwitz …

    1. alg says:

      Rarely (frank black) does a comment cause a vision to pop into my head as yours.
      Short and sweet, except it not so sweet. What you don’t realize that if this situation in our country isn’t solved soon, and believe me the same sequence of events started in Germany in the 1930’s; we could someone emerge acting in the interest of all the people, but with a different agenda.
      We see it every election. Someone running for office makes promises. When he or she is elected, that promise gets thrown on the ground, and stomped upon.
      When we will ever learn. ?
      The revolution is coming.

  143. Steve says:

    I have a better idea… Bill the organizers. They have no problem billing the Tea Party for police overtime, etc… Why do these occupy people get a pass?

    1. rocky-rack says:

      very good idea

  144. bucko says:

    Raise their taxes, give more away…..commie loons!!!

  145. rocky-rack says:

    What scares me to death, is that all of those OWS people breed; which means there may be more of them, that is a valid reason to consider and promote abortion.

    1. alg says:

      Actually Rocky-Rack I suggest you look at each generation that grows up and occupies this country. The last decade and the one before was somewhat conservative. The kids from that era having conservatism up their Kazoo rebelled and became those OCCUPY LA group.
      Now their kids will have that stuff up their Kazoos, and will have more than enough of it, and will go CONSERVATIVE … Do you follow my drift.
      The moral of the story is : Don’t count on your kids to FOLLOW IN YOUR FOOTSTEPS.
      Happy Holidays.

  146. Ventura Capitalist says:

    Occupoo doesn’t come cheap.

  147. impoundguy says:

    I bet if this had been on Tony V’s lawn it would have been over the next morning….since it wasn’t he now wants us to pick up the tab…..that’s what happens when being PC superceds good judgement.


    Just wait until the OWS protesters disrupt the Rose Bowl Parade on New Year’s Day. This will give the world audience a glimpse into how looney these occupiers are. These protesters are just made up of a bunch of over-privileged rich kids who hang out at Starbuck’s and get their money from their trust funds, as well as convicted felon anarchists who couldn’t hold a job down even if their lives depended on it. No wonder the OWS movement is dying off and losing support big time.

    And I can’t wait until OWS tries to take over the Rose Parade. There’s going to be a brawl. The spectators won’t allow the Rose Parade be disrupted, unless it was disrupted by a hot, naked streaker with gorgeous blond hair and a very nice….bum.

    1. Roland48 says:

      My Bad.. it was Tom Hayden who was married to Jane Fonda.. another jerk off .


    Look, I was in the occupy movement, and it’s a complete FRAUD job. It is an anarchist movement started by a group in Canada that came up with the idea to protest against capitalism and the big bank bailouts, but now it’s gotten far out of control.

    The occupy movement has accrued enough money from corporate sponsors to help pay for the damage that was done to all public and private property. The occupy movement is known to pay homeless people to protest and camp out at their occupy camps, like they did in Santa Rosa (north of San Francisco).

    My warning to everyone: DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THESE PROTESTERS!! I, along with other protesters, were told and trained to play the victim card and resist arrest at any costs, including bankrupting local and state municipalities. We were also trained to attract as much media attention as possible, to make them support the movement. They gave protesters the false sensation that they had a voice, but if “the leaders” didn’t agree with your opinions, then you were shouted down and out.

    I remind you once again, do not fall victim to these con-artist anarchists. Most have served jail time for severe offenses, so instead of blaming themselves they want to blame everyone else. But it’s good to see that the media isn’t following the occupy movement as much as they did before.

    1. Roland48 says:

      Believe it or not the same thing happened to the HIPPIE movement or the 60’s, the anarchist jumped into the movement and took it over.. it was all about PEACE then it became violent protest with the help of Jerry Rubin (former husband of Jane Fonda ) John Kerry, Abbie Hoffman and Bill Ayers.. even though people consider them hippies they were really anarchist called “Yippie’s” and now they are running the country or is that ruining the country.. all except Hoffman and Rubin of course.. they are dead.. now thats a big YIPPIE.

  150. Political Dookie says:

    Too funny

  151. Joe Papa says:

    Mr Mayor …. Well surprise, surprise, surprise ….. You and your city council allowed them to camp out there…. Therefore the first place would be your salary and the city council’s salary ….

  152. SETHCHAN says:

    Maybe the problem is a mayor who thinks it’s OK to spend 400,000 dollars on a lawn. I’m pretty sure I could find some people who could do that job for less. And maybe the city shouldn’t have spent 700,000 dollars to evict the protesters in the first place.

    1. alg says:

      Yesterday, CBS news reported that the city council and the mayors office said that the OCCUPY LA protest was going to cost more than originally submitted.
      THIS IS SUCH A TOTAL OUTRAGE, I am furious.
      That even councilman ZINE would be so naive to think what the TRUE COST is to the city.
      In my estimation probably 15% of that estimated cost. WENDY GRUEL needs to sign on and give her opinion.
      DOESN’T ANYONE in the city government READ THESE COMMENTS.

  153. Null says:

    Villapendehosah… needst to cut his salary for sharing responsibility for this along with other council board members that coddled these neo-Yippe fools.

    The mayor and his minions are just as responsible as the neo-Diggers that OCCUPIED and made a mess.

    What a mess… 1st amendment is sure costly… the hypocrisy and stupidity of that so called movement is beyond logic. My IQ drops a few notches even thinking abouut it! Looks I can’ts tipe!

    I have a Christmas to enjoy. Bye.

  154. JS says:

    Occupiers? We no need no stinkin’ occupiers!

  155. STEVE RAER says: