LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A shooting at an office building in Irwindale on Friday left three people — including the gunman — dead. Two other people were wounded.

The building houses offices of Southern California Edison, but is not the corporate headquarters of the utility, which is in Rosemead.

The shooting in the 4900 block of Rivergrade Road was reported about 1:30 p.m., according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

At least two local schools were under lockdown: Walnut Elementary and Olive Middle schools. At 2:45 p.m., Walnut Elementary remained on lockdown.

KCAL photographer Dave Gonzales — whose wife works in one of two buildings housing Edison offices at the scene, identified on KCAL9 as the San Gabriel Valley Corporate Campus — said his wife called him and told him that “four or five” people had been shot and the building was in lockdown.

A concerned Gonzales said his wife told him she was hiding under a desk and hung up.

Video showed some employees being evacuated from the building with their hands up to show that they were not carrying weapons.

A man identified only as Joe told KCAL9 that his girlfriend was near the shooting scene and texted him at 1:41 p.m., saying that 5 or 6 people had been shot.

The man said his girlfriend told him that she knew the male shooter and knew at least one of the shooting victims.

Irwindale Police Chief Dennis Smith said three people were shot — two males and a female — and he had been told the gunman killed himself.

Friday evening, SCE confirmed that the four shooting victims and the gunman were all employees or contracted with the company.

Three men are dead, two at the scene (including the gunman) and one at an area hospital. A male and female were taken to a hospital in unknown condition.

Comments (35)
  1. Duff says:

    If every single employ in the building were armed, I could assure you that would not have happened.

    1. Sheriff Joe says:

      my $1K to your one dallah sez the shooter was a white guy.

      1. Bear Scott says:

        Guess you lost.

    2. Bear Scott says:

      I don’t know about “every single” employee, but if California was a “shall” issue state, then there would have at least been some armed law abiding citizens that could have possibly ended the threat after first or second victim was shot. It may not have prevented the threat, but it would have mitigated it.

  2. Nutzo says:

    Yeah Duff? Lets say that were the case. In a panic, whose to determine who is the bad guy? You would end up with people shooting each other.

    1. Every1gotnukes says:

      fooood fightt !!!

    2. Bear Scott says:

      Actually, I think the guy walking around pointing a gun at people saying, “not you…not you” and then shooting others with anger in his eyes, would determine who the bad guy was.

  3. ILLEGALS says:

    Not surprise at all with this Economy & All..

    It’s gonna get worse folks, California is NO Longer the Golden State..


    Maybe SoCal Edison should’ve worked faster with their Electricity issues since the Windstorm last month..

    There was an investigation as to why Edison took so long giving people their Power..

    Maybe this Gunman’s life support line or his Parents’ life support line or dialysis machine stopped working & they died as a result of NO Electricity for nearly 2 weeks..


    Maybe his little girl’s ice cream melted coz of NO Electricity..

    1. Common says:

      Common sense is hard to come by in los angs. Did love triangle come to your simple minds?

  4. ILLEGALS says:

    Edison shouldn’t be messing with people’s Electricity..

    See what happens when they took wayyyyy tooooo damn long to restore peoples power???

    1. legal says:

      Illegals – you are an idiot

  5. ILLEGALS says:

    Shame on Edison, Power to the People..

  6. Wendy says:

    Doesn’t matter if everyone had a gun. When a person (especially a man) is on a mission to kill someone 99.9% of the time he will accomplish it because his targets are caught off-guard. Other people might be able to kill him but only AFTER he kills who he wants. The only time these killers don’t prevail is when their gun(s) jam

    1. Bear Scott says:

      Look at the guy in Hollywood. Who’s to say that he couldn’t have been taken out BEFORE he actually shot someone. An armed citizenry is the best defense to threats both foreign and DOMESTIC. Those who continue to fear weapons and restrict the legal possession of weapons will continue to be victims of weapons.

  7. mike says:

    Maybe you jerks should respect the families of the victims who will never get to see there mothers or fathers or spouse again, I hope you guys got a good laugh. I bet you wouldn’t be running your mouths like idiots if one of the victims was apart of your family.

    1. Bear Scott says:

      My family was victimized by this shooter. I had family trapped in their office, hiding under desks and in corners praying that they weren’t next. This situation was horrible.

      1. GROWAPAIR says:

        Shut the f**k up, puS$y dumbf**k

  8. Blue says:

    When something like this happens you always hear that the employee was disgruntled and never hear about the managers that caused the whole situation. I have to admit that I thought about shooting the pricks I use to work for, but didn’t want to kill myself after and didn’t feel like playing butt darts the rest of my life.

    1. jj says:

      I agree with you. There was a reason that the employee targeted management only!. As a former employee, I am surprise there weren’t more victims. That company is ran by a corrupt system and needs a change. The shooter’s reason for this was not because of a year end bonus, that is a cover up story!

  9. bill says:

    I’d like to know who was responsible for airing the video of a survivor being informed that her loved one had been killed. That was really obscene. Just because an interview was being in the process of being conducdect when the phone call came in– that is no excuse. It was simply wrong. Is this what you jerks call GREAT TV??!!! It was very simply bad journalism. To expose that poor woman at the worst moment of her life– who the f___ gives you that right? You should be ashamed. Poor, poor judgment on the part of channel 2.

  10. scartwright says:

    The family called CBS2 and INVITED them into the house after not getting any calls or answers from SCE or police for NINE hours! WHO waits NINE hours to notify next-of-kin and then notifies via the phone? Thank you CBS2 for exposing this insensitivity on behalf of SCE and police! That’s the outrage.

  11. lijingjing says:

    Unknown message

  12. Carol Goddard Fallon says:

    Some of you people sicken me. The guys walked into the office holding a gun. He knew excatly where he was going. There was time for anyone to react It was a tragic event for the victims and the shooter. Don’t try putting blame on SCE or anyone. In a company of 17000 people there will always be a handful of troubled people – fact of life!

    1. jj says:

      Take a look at management and you’ll find your troubled people

  13. Sad says:

    It is so sad it was an action that helped no one and hurt many families, friends and coworkers. It is really bizarre as all were very nice good people who cared about the people they worked with, including the gunman who u would have never thought he would be capable of such a thing and had always been a very nice guy. Please try to be kind to your fellow people try to have compassion for them and workout you problems, hate and spite never win and only cause pain and hurt to all. 😦

  14. mammibadd says:

    they need to learn from this SCE.RACIST COMPANY look at the racio of blacks employed there not enough.they better wake up

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