In West Sussex  — some place in England, it sounds like — a  council of learned elders has come up with a solution to a pressing problem. It’s put safety barriers around a flock of six plastic sheep.

Sigh.   The sheep were put there, by a group, sponsoring maintenance on the roadway: it’s kind of like our freeway signs that say “Highway trash collection by Some Guy’s Car Dealership.”   Did I mention the plastic sheep are green? Now the county tells Orange News, some drivers think the green plastic sheep are real, and therefore a driving hazard. These drivers are called “morons.”

But these are cautious times, so the West Sussex County Council has come to the rescue, with brightly striped barriers, to pen-in the green plastic sheep.  No distraction now! Imagine what must run through drivers’ minds; “Uh oh!  I’m coming up on that roundabout where green plastic sheep may be real, and I might crash as a result! No wait! They’re behind brightly striped barriers!  I can continue concentrating on the drive.”

Phew. catastrophe averted. You can’t make this stuff up.

(Photo: Orange News)


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