TEMPLE CITY (CBS) — The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is expected to meet with an official from Southern California Edison Tuesday about ongoing power outages in Temple City and Altadena.

More than 10,000 customers are still without power after last week’s wind storm. Crews, which restored power to 5,000 residents Tuesday morning, say their efforts have been hampered by downed trees.

At one point, 250,000 Edison and DWP customers were affected.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich says he’s concerned about the elderly with near-freezing temperatures at night.

Edison had expected to have power restored to most of the remaining customers by Monday night.

Residents say they are frustrated by conflicting information.

“The updates don’t tell the truth,” Jose Salvido tells CBS2. “The facts are different. That’s all I can say. The telephone system says one thing and they don’t really know what’s going on.”

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  1. Bewford says:

    Hurricane like winds blew trees all over the place. Power cannot be restored with the trees in the way. Why not let Edison finish its job AFTER the cities clears the trees? Stupid stupid stupid LA City Council. Occupy LA should have complained about them as well.. Another dog and pony show. Then again, what do you expect from hypocrite liberals?

    1. Pauline says:

      Altadena and Temple City are NOT in the City of L.A., they’re in the COUNTY of Los Angeles which is a different dog and pony show altogether. Edison doesn’t serve most of the cities within L.A. City limits, the DWP does. So Edison can’t fix the power until those individual cities or the COUNTY of Los Angeles does something besides investigate.

  2. Frances Kuttor says:

    This Supervisor is a real piece of work… what leadership. I hate to see if he was faced with a real disaster. Please use this as a learning experience if you were not prepared for this; please take the time and make sure you are prepared for larger scale disasters…. No electric, water, gas…. or access to stores. If this Supervisor were a true leader; he would have encouraged people to pull together and assist one another and use this to better prepare for possible future disasters. If someone looks like they have been munching on the donuts it was not the Edison Rep. Oh and right…. Edison was not the one looking stupid!….. Maybe his title should be County Stupidvisor.

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