LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Roughly 1,400 LAPD officers swarmed through the “Occupy LA” encampment at City Hall Wednesday morning, arresting demonstrators and removing their tents.

At least 292 protesters will now face misdemeanor charges of failing to disperse for ignoring the city’s eviction deadline on Monday. Some protesters who left willingly have found a new home outside Our Lady Queen of Angels Church.

Officers, who say the arrests were mostly peaceful, removed the final protesters from a tree house in the park just before dawn.

“We basically sectored off the south end of the park into different sections and we had officers respond quickly to each of those sections,” Cmdr. Andrew Smith told CBS2. “That prevented the people who were here from gathering up into any big groups where they could take us on, throw rocks or anything like that.”

Most of the men have been taken to Men’s Central Jail, while women are being processed at a facility in Van Nuys. During a morning news conference, “Occupy LA” leaders called on the mayor to release protesters without bail.

Authorities say it’s unclear how long the booking process will take, but arraignments could flood court system.

The park, which is now closed, has been deemed a hazard. K-rail has been put up as Hazmat crews sort through trash and belongings.

Protesters were asked to take anything of value with them, but workers are collecting anything that was left behind, which will be returned.

CBS2’s Kara Finnstrom talked to a worker who said the park was full of wet clothing and old food.

“There were a lot of reports of staph infections and lice and things like that, so we just want to protect ourselves as best we can,” he said. “We don’t want to breathe anything that’s going to make us sick.”

Officials are concerned about the cost of repairing the irrigation system at City Hall, which would help repair the grass. The mayor says the movement has cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Comments (55)
    1. Jeffrey Lee Freeman says:

      being age 58,I remember the War Protests.not a very pretty sight.As I watch this so called’ 1 %’ protest,it reminds me of ppl. trying to get peanut butter from a car dealership…they’re knocking on the wrong door..same here.Why are they tearing up property that the rest of the ‘1%’ are going to pay for..?..I’m sorry but,I just dont get it..I’ve served my country and have spent 4 prison terms and have had to struggle, as everyone else does and the 1 thing I found is this;we DO have a system that works…A true 1%er is one who works w/the system to gain his place in our world…All I see are ppl. wanting to lean on their community so that they may thro a temper tantrum..wat happened to the idea of WORKING ur way thru college..?.why does everyone have to suffer for the bad choices ppl.made in buying homes…?….I just dont get it…bottom line is: take ur complaint to the place that can do something about it…city hall had/has nothing to do w/any of these complaints…All I can say is”MAN UP PPL….MAN UP”…..

      1. Astonished says:

        Thank you, I couldn’t have said it better myself. And please accept my thanks for your service to our country and your support. We see far too little of that these days.

        I keep saying that the issues this group is screaming about have nothing to do with local government. IF they really want to be heard they should be squatting on Gov. Brown’s lawn, or the White House lawn. All they did here was leave us with a huge disgusting mess to clean up. I as a resident of this city don’t appreciate having to clean up after them. Literally or figuratively.

      2. Desocupados says:

        Excellently said Mr. Freeman.

        Not only are these Neo-Yippies expecting everyone to take care of them, creating communes under the guise of 1st amendment expression as it were, they also are scofflaws who believe that those rights make them above the law.

        Whats gone wrong in society? What?

      3. debrarae says:

        Well said Jeffrey. And they weren’t even tearing up the property of the 1% as they claimed. The property they ‘tore up’ in CA, was not of the 1%. The property they ‘tore up’ were vending carts, small business owners.

    2. wounded_defecator says:

      Liberal, Neo-conservative useful idiots and critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, exist by feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle class.
      Which explains why the nation’s respect and admiration are with Occupy and with the Anonymous, Wikileaks and Ruckus brigades. Thanx for all your service.
      For they know, proletariat’s bad children and parasites, sic Zionist apparachiks of the Fed, IMF and World Bank, will never admonish the Crony Capitalism feeding their addictions and narcissism. A special interest needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement patriots can provide. Sh!t and p!ss on, noble flea-baggers, lest the streets flow with blood.

  1. Jennifer Lawson-Zepeda says:

    OCCUPY LA a HUGE success. This will not go away. And part of the rhetoric of the city about the cost of redoing the lawn at $160,000? Proof things need to be changed. Buy freaking lawn seed, L.A. It won’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Who is going to pay for the thousands upon thousands of people who have lost their jobs due to corporate elitism and are now on the government dole?

    1. Rod says:

      Very interesting Jennifer, considering the destruction of City property, and gross violations of the law. I have a list, but you wouldn’t understand them anyway. This was not a protest, just plain civil unrest! This was a total waste of resources, which all of you should pay for, not us tax payers. If jobs are so important, you should of been looking for one, instead of participating in the unlawful assembly! By the way, were you arrested? ha ha

      1. Sophie says:

        Oooh Rod is so high and mighty. “I have a list, but you wouldn’t understand them anyway.” Where is this list? Have you finished copying and pasting from wikipedia yet?

        If you even THINK that this protest was a waste of resources, I dare you to do some real digging instead and maybe revisit some past events and see where we are wasting our resources.

      2. Frank Sinclair says:

        Somebody’s been listening to Larry Elder.

        Aren’t you capable of an original thought, dittohead?

      3. Jeffrey Lee Freeman says:

        thats wat I’m saying too,Rod..these ppl.have done nothing for themselves or others.. unless you want to count them wanting us other 1%ers to carry them to the top..why they keep bringing their problems of the ppl.,to the ppl…..like rats in a cage.Chasing each other,thinking someone is leading……

      4. Debra R Steinman says:

        Here’s the list.


        Here’s the rap sheet so far on Occupy across the country.

    2. Jeffrey Lee Freeman says:

      so let me see if I understand your possition correctly,Jen…you and your friends beat up my city property,sqwatted for months,deposited human waste on said property,just to mention a few…..all because you are mad at a/all corporations and our government…???…….reminds me of a man whom wants to be in Florida,yet just sits on a bus bench in Calif.,yelling at everyone that he wants to be in Florida…how lazy is THAT!?!?!…Get up and go to the right door….city hall cant change the world for you…they work for the pppl.you are mad at………get it right,dont just jump on the band wagon

      1. Astonished says:

        This group keeps talking about conspiracies and inequities among the elite, but I have yet to see any proof. However, I do see proof of a bunch of squatters who took advantage of a camera-hungry mayor and city council and who left a huge mess behind.

        If they want my respect, they should have left when politely (I might add) and cleaned up after themselves. But no, instead, they leave it for those of us who do work, and pay taxes All in the name of social reform, of course.

        Yeah, right.

    3. Desocupados says:

      Jenny from the Occupy block… its going to be more than 160k and its about how YOU and your Occupy… MOVEMENT… have cost the rest of the 99% to front the bills. I have to pay for that, you do as well.

      Its foolish and childish to point out oh, the lawn is all you care about. You and your hipster Yippies have turned it into something its not.

      You provide no solutions, no alternatives, you just want handouts and are engaging in what basically is a big commune that digitally panhandles.

    4. bounce says:

      OCCUPY LA a HUGE mess.


  2. Brian Gard says:

    These people were clogging up vital city resources. Just the day before yesterday I called for police assistance about a former tenant in my buillding who was on the premises in violation of a criminal protective order that was issued against him for attempted assault & vandalizing my car. It took officers over an hour to respind because they were so busy. It’s because of people like these protestors that people with REAL need for the police sometimes can’t get a response. But as long as these mamsy-pamsy granola eaters have the right to protest against “the man”, well I guess that’s much more important. Freakin hippies annoy me.

    1. Desocupados says:

      Look up “Yippies” and “Diggers” this Occupy movement is just but another generation version of that, its almost laughable how history, at least this lame case, repeats itself. Except its 2011.

  3. isabela says:

    what a stupid tactic of the stupid police officers only because the crook of villarraigosa send em. this abuse needs too stop. the police are like ctas of villarraigosa only because they have place to live now. i hope all this stupid officers one day can be homeless too so the can be paid with the same coin.and for the crook of villarraigosa you don’t remember where you come from. a trash family go away from the position the same as your friends the bacacacas the same crooks, this is not justice is corruption. i suupport the protester 100% and the crroks waitinx for the tax money to eat like a pigs.

    1. ANA says:

      what? who are u calling Stupid? the only Stupid one here is YOU! How dare u call are Police Officers stupid! I hope u never have an emergency and need to call Police because u should lose that previlige. You Freakin Hippie!!!

      1. Jeffrey Lee Freeman says:

        way to be ANA..we need a like button on this so I dont need to openly agree…

      2. Astonished says:

        You mean you actually understood what she was saying? Is there a way to translate it into human speak?

    2. Margo Channing says:

      I think its unfair to call the police stupid. Also, The mayor may be alot of things but his call to move the protesters was the right one. Also, how is it corruption if you are asked to leave public property. If these people were staged out on your property, you would be calling the police too… Your comments are totally idiotic and unfounded. Bet you still bank at the one of the big banks. I bet you financed your car or home through a big lender…Dont talk a bunch of trash… Do something about it. Put your money where your mouth is. You wish the police would be homeless, I hope the same on you. How dare you wish that on anyone. I hope when you need the police, you are lefting hanging loser….

      1. Desocupados says:

        Thats what the Occupy is basically, ultra-hypocrites. Riding on corporate made bicycles, using corporate made camera’s, camping in corporate made tents, wearing corporate made clothes… paper for their signs… its one of the most hypocritical movements I have ever seen. Seriously.

        The alternative is to live outside of that corporate world… well… North Korea has no 1% and everything is shared…

    3. Astonished says:

      Say what????????

    4. crickey says:

      I know current cops who used to be on welfare prior…and I know one who used to be homeless …and many who have lost their homes as well… SOOOO???? what do we do now !?

    5. Bobby Dias says:

      villarraigosa is a mexican just like the paid agitators kcal interviewed and showed on the 4 pm news. La Raza hires out agitators to pretend to be protestors. That is why the biggest “protests” have been in New York and Los Angeles.

    6. rich says:

      Isabela if you want to be taken serious learn to spell first

  4. 927 says:

    “Private jobs surge 206,000 in November”…..This is the headline of newspapers across the country. Sorry, ‘Occupiers’ – maybe you could have been one of the 206,000 if you were not so busy ‘OCCUPYING’ the last 59 days……

    1. Desocupados says:

      Excellent point. As soon as the economy picks up more AND IT WILL… their going to lose steam very fast.

  5. lorena says:

    yes because your a worthles peace of %^&^% stay there nobady needs your trash eatit all you b&&^%$

  6. 927 says:

    After reading some of these comments no wonder why these people have no jobs. Instead of having the ambition to live in a tent, learn to communicate. Learn to write. Learn grammar. Learn to proofread. Learn some of the skills needed to land you a job.

    1. Jeffrey Lee Freeman says:


  7. dave simmons says:

    “F” yeah, that’s what they get bunch of looser, get a life. wait a minute these just in “””the Occupy LA movement has change the name, Now is call “””occupy the county jails””””Lol

  8. one percenter says:

    what waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

  9. scarychip says:

    Wow, So much to say to all the venom from both sides on this one. To start I will introduce myself: I am a gainfully employed father and a supporter of the “Occupy” movement. I believe that there are certain parts of our governmental system that are irreparably broken. The purpose of the movement as i see it is to bring attention to the frighteningly close relationship between those who profit at the expense of others and the people who make and enforce our laws.

    Rod:Yes the occupation was an unlawful assembly. There were more than 65 requests for permits, all valid and timely, all denied. Why do you think that the city refused permits for the assembly?

    Brian: Do you frequently get a more timely response from the LAPD? In every case where I have called the police, barring an immediate danger to human life the response has been painfully slow or non-existent. This includes approx. 2 years ago when my home was broken into and burglarized, I had an alarm monitoring service who called the PD and reported the break in, as well as a neighbor who called to report 2 people jumping over the wall of my property with some of my belongings. 2.5 hours later when they arrived to take the report my neighbor had left for work so the police left a note and charged me for their response. The bigger issue is that there were no police actions occurring at “OccupyLA’ 2 days ago that would have delayed the response to your trespasser.

    927: Did you no that if you separate seasonal employment from the jobs numbers we actually have less growth than shown in previous years? The ADP numbers include both categories and the separated numbers are released Friday. I agree that several of the respondents showed a lack of communication skills.

    1. 927 says:

      “Did you no”?????????? How about, Did you KNOW

  10. rich says:

    what gets me is this why do people think that any leval of the gov owes us anything?? if you do not have a job find one but the gov DOES NOT owe us anything welfair and all the like type things is what is messing up our world NOT BIG BUSINESS

  11. Christian Wiseman says:

    Why people are arguing doesn’t make sense, and i really don’t care.

    Here’s a fact. That park became a health hazard to everybody near it. The cost to restore is going to be paid for by the taxpayers. Old food just left there, that’s nasty.

  12. Margo Channing says:

    Thanks KCAL9 for making the Occupy Protest look like idiots last night. I watched as the anchorman tried to ask simple questions. Most of them didnt even know why they were their. They sounded like morons. Again, i say put your money where your mouth is…move your money and financing to community credit unions. You feed the frenzy that is the big banks and such. DUH PEOPLE!!!

    TO Occupy LA… Occupy a real job and some real ones and do something with out creating a health hazard. Your spectical last night was counterproductive by making us pay for your filth. The least you could have done was take your trask with you. But you left us with your staph infections and lice. KUDOS to you….Morons.

  13. What Ever says:

    It shouldn’t cost the city a dime to repair the lawn…Those that were arrested should be fined (to pay for the sod) , given community service and ordered to repair it themselves….Problem solved.

    1. Jeffrey Lee Freeman says:

      are you paying for the manpower of 59 days,lost access to the rest of the puplic of puplic property.?..unknown to you,public use does not include abuse of same…

      1. What Ever says:

        Here I propose at least one viable solution to not stick it to the tax payers in regards to repairing the lawn and you get all b*tchy…Did I address manpower? NO! Did I condone abusing property? NO! So STFU.

        Funny thing, if you’d stop being such a d*ck you’d realize that we’re on the same side….Except you’re an a-hole with zero solutions and I’m a realist with at least one.

  14. moral_threat says:

    It all does not matter, the “99%” are still going to go to the polls and vote for the “1%”


  15. David Huser says:

    According to the Daily Rash, Occupy Wall Street organizers have begun using prostitutes in their efforts to deter rapists at demonstration sites. I think that shows a lot of initiative. http://www.thedailyrash.com/occupy-wall-street-hires-prostitutes-to-combat-rising-rape-allegations

    1. Bobby Dias says:

      Huser- it shows a great way to kill the “occupy” people with aids! They are their own worse enemy.

  16. Bobby Dias says:

    50+ years ago I seeded that lawn and planted the seeds for those trees, retaining ownership of those trees and the individual grass plants- those “occupy” people used and destroyed private property- MY property. That was NOT public property they destroyed and damaged! Those “occupy” people are common thieves. Treat them like thieves.

    1. discarted says:

      Private property? Did you pay for the trees yourself or was tax given to you buy and plant the trees.

      I’ll bet you haven’t even been back to the park in 50 years.

  17. discarted says:

    ““There were a lot of reports of staph infections and lice and things like that, so we just want to protect ourselves as best we can,” he said. “We don’t want to breathe anything that’s going to make us sick.””

    I’ve spent many, many days at Occupy LA and I never noticed a “terrible stench”. And I am surprisingly free of lice, staph infections, and things like that.

    All of these quotes coming from Mayor V, Charlie Beck, and other government workers are simply rhetorical and intended to create a false narrative to help bolster their arguments and support their positions as well as actions while demonizing another group of people they simply do not like, or have grown tired of seeing.

  18. sick of HIPPIES! says:

    Really? LAPD thugs? Frank you are a MORON!!! You must be a Hippie!

  19. wounded_defecator says:

    > Liberal, Neo-conservative useful idiots and critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, exist by feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle class.
    Which explains why the nation’s respect and admiration are with Occupy and with the Anonymous, Wikileaks and Ruckus brigades. Thanx for all your service.
    For they know, proletariat’s bad children and parasites, sic Zionist apparachiks of the Fed, IMF and World Bank, will never admonish the Crony Capitalism feeding their addictions and narcissism. A special interest needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement patriots can provide. Sh!t and p!ss on, noble flea-baggers, lest the streets flow with blood.

  20. Wake Up says:

    I was watching the live stream of the raid on this channel, and I was personally disgusted by how they clearly avoided areas of conflict when the helicopter camera went over it, quickly avoiding it and focusing the camera on the same spot where nothing was happening. The arrests were not mostly peaceful, occupiers were beaten on the sidewalks where the media wasn’t pointing the camera, where they were clearly told not to. Rubber bullets were fired, breaking the wrist of an occupier. Bean bag guns were fired, resulting in severe swelling and bruising. Media were briefed beforehand on specifically what they were and were not supposed to do and show.

    Also, in regards to the lawn…(“What ever”)
    LA IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT, THERE SHOULD BE NO GRASSY LAWNS, if you want to have grassy lawns, settle further north. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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