LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A movement that began as an anti-Wall Street protest is taking to new heights — and sleeping there.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports threats from police to disband the Occupy LA camp has sent at least one protester into the trees outside City Hall.

“If they want to get my tent, they’re going to have to come up to the tree to get it, just like me,” said “occupier” Mark.

He’s just one of several protesters who claim city officials have failed to respond to any of the grievances voiced by the Occupy movement.

“That’s why I came up here, because the longer we maintain our occupation, the longer our voice is out there,” Mark said.

As for the day-to-day logistics of camping out in a tree, Mark uses a bucket attached to a rope to hoist food and other necessities up to his spot in the branches — as well to lower down pieces of candy to visitors.

And while he isn’t sure how long he will remain up in the tree, he already has a system in place for when nature calls.

“I made sure I took care of that before I came up here last night, and ‘number one’ is okay,” he said.

The city declared last week that residing in the encampment would be unlawful effective on Monday, but the police raid that would have resulted in the removal of the tents and their occupants never occurred.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said Monday that a raid could come later this week.

Comments (11)
  1. debrarae says:

    Are you kidding me? Forget about the blatant lawlessness that Occupy protestors have displayed across the country. Now they’re a joke! They look totally foolish!

    1. truthhurts says:

      LAPD Chief Back is a joke and cowars to all political pressures. He sways with the media tide that is eating this country alive from the inside out. The media and LAPD chief cares very little for the actual working people in downtown that are trying to g about their daily business while continuously being harassed and disrupted by a bunch of unemployed whiners that are blatantly breaking the law. LA politics make me sick to my stomach and I really feel bad for those who actually work for a living down there; they are the ones who’s rights are being violated everyday this occupy nonsense is allowed to continue by our spineless mayor and police command staff.

      1. debrarae says:

        Well said truthhurts. I feel bad for those who actually work down there too. I truly doubt that the socal businessmen who had their carts vandalized, and merchandise destroyed; were (or will be) compensated for their losses!

      2. lon chancy says:

        need to do is move in give EVERY one a fine , use money help pay 4 what it cost taxpayers . let the fools help pay . give them a $$$$ education lol

  2. avaritia says:

    lochheed Martin
    Pfizer Inc
    world bank
    Saudi Aramco
    Goldman Sachs Group Inc
    JP Morgan Chase & Co
    Fox News
    Rex 84
    Patriot Act

  3. steve says:

    The LOSERS in the park.

  4. Astonished says:

    These guys are rediculous. They’re so-called grievences can only be address on a State of Federal level. Local governments don’t regulate banks and millionaires.

    If this bunch is so adament about getting their point across they should go squat on Brown’s lawn. Better yet, go squat on the Federal Legislature’s lawn or Obama’s!

    1. read up says:

      thats the point… your local government has been hijacked by dirty corporations.

  5. Dale says:

    What a bunch of crybabies! By their silly antics and pointless arguments, how can anyone take them seriously? All they want is to change this and that, but only to their satisfaction. They are 99% idiots.

  6. debrarae says:

    You are in no position to be calling anyone names!

    You want to why people are ‘whining’ about the ‘protestors’?

    How about we’re angry that the protestors who claim to be nonviolent are being caught with mortars and pistols?

    How about we’re angry that the protestors are impeding our right to work in peace, or ‘get’ to work?

    How about we’re angry that the protestors are tormenting terrified children trying to get to school?

    How about we’re angry that the protestors who claim to be so civil, are in fact high Antisemitic?

    How about we’re angry that the socal businessmen who’ve had their carts destroyed by the Protestors, and their merchandise STOLEN by the same protestors may NEVER be reimbursed for their LOSS!?

    How about the PROTESTORS claim to be going AFTER the 1% but instead are harassing, threatening, and wrongfully attacking middle class Americans who are merely trying to make a living!

    I thank GOD that MY CHILDREN have more sense then YOU or the CRIMINALS who have the GALL to call their selves PROTESTORS!

  7. Christopher says:

    Love free speech and the rights we have in America but occupy has really no point. In fact they are costing the tax payers a whole lot of money. Money that could have been used in programs to help people. They want to stand for something then stand for it. Effect change work it through protest and get delegates to take those causes to the people who can effect change. Dont add to the financial challenges that face us. I would bet that this reaction tonight has cost close to 1 million dollars. Dollars that could’ve been spent feeding the homeless or other social programs we need. Organize and effect change stand for something don’t just stand.

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