MONROVIA (CBS) — Police in Monrovia have arrested two women suspected of using counterfeit money while shopping on Black Friday.

Lisa Davis, 44, and Krystal McCormick, 29, both of Winnetka, were booked on suspicion of commercial burglary and possession of counterfeit bills.

Monrovia police Lt. Jaime Alfaro told the Pasadena Star-News that the women tried to buy $400 worth of merchandise at a Kohl’s on West Huntington Drive about 10 a.m., but a clerk suspected the money to be counterfeit and notified police.

Officers, who happened to be nearby, arrested the women.

At the time, Alfaro said they women had about $300 worth of merchandise with them purchased from a nearby Toys “R” Us and nine fake $100 bills in their possession.

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  1. Timothy McGarry says:


  2. fullertonpaul says:

    Looks like they got lucky at Toy’s R Us! Guy at Kohls should be commended. These crooks came in the busiest shopping day of the year hoping to catch the clerk napping -BUSTED. Good job

  3. ginny says:

    These women clearly thought they could go to an area outside of their normal shopping local and get away with theft via fake money. Kohls is known for closley watching large bills. I have used 50.00 bills there and they check them carefully. Kudos to Kohls for being so careful.

  4. Sam Sindaha says:

    Idiots, dont they know that the Fed are the only ones allowed to use fake money?

  5. uclabrad says:

    Great looking out, Someone was doing their job! Kudos to the security guy

  6. DJ says:

    I hope thry were planning to stop by the makeup counter.

    1. Eric Becker says:

      LOL! Yeah, my first thought was that they might have been better-suited using their funny money to do something about their faces, especially the one on the left.

  7. welfare willie says:

    methhead, get a life. & and a job. or tell the judge you are friends of linsday lohan.

  8. USCBrad says:

    When I say crack, you say hoe.

  9. walter says:

    These ladies need to go into rehab. Obvious meth addicts.

  10. John Q. says:

    Krystal Meth??

  11. Hollywood Reporter says:

    Now these must be the women, Mother also told you to look out for.

  12. Hardmoney says:

    These two were rode hard, and put away wet!

  13. Michael J. McDermott says:

    Oh, co,oo,oo,oo,ool.
    Now, her and her son can afford to buy some crack or meth.

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