LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Your home in need of a serious makeover? And you’re lacking serious cash? Don’t despair.

You don’t have to spend a million bucks to make your home a show place.

Interior designers can cost thousands of dollars. Tonight, Entertainment Reporter  Suzanne Marques meets up with interior designer Nina Petronzio who offers up secrets to help you survive this economy.

First, says Petronzio have a game plan. “My biggest design tip … before you go out to buy anything, sit down and think about what you really want to do and get a sort of idea of how you’re gonna lay your furniture out and then you can see what sort of pieces you need. And then you can think about color inspiration.”

Many people paint walls first and try to find the right furniture. But she says, think again.”What you want to do is go the other way. What you want to do is pick out all your furniture and fabrics, and then start picking out your paint colors. What we always say is there are many more great paint colors than there are great fabrics.”

More advice? Save the art for last. And don’t forget live plants. They aren’t expensive and they also clean the air.

And the best way to freshen up any room is accessories. “You can spend $25 on a pillow and it can be pretty great — at least for a little while,” says Petronzio.

For more on Nina Petronzio’s website, click here.

Suzanne Marques

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