By Charles Feldman

SACRAMENTO (CBS) — A projected shortfall in California state revenues could lead to deep cuts to services statewide and potentially even a shorter school year, an analyst said Wednesday.

The Legislative Analyst’s Office released a report projecting general fund revenues are $3.7 billion less than what was projected back in June when the state budget was approved.

KNX 1070’s Charles Feldman reports the new numbers could have a direct impact on education.

If that figure is confirmed next month by the state Department of Finance, a series of automatic cuts will likely be enacted — including possible reduction in school days statewide.

“One of the primary proposals is cutting the school year by about a week,” said Loyola Law School budget analyst Jessica Levinson.

That move could save as much as $1 billion every year, Levinson said.

The report also projected a $13 billion budget shortfall in 2012.

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  1. ginny says:

    If we weren’t paying for a few milion children of illegal parents, we could put a stop to that and look at how available monies would help our budget. The least we could do is put an end to any ESL after 1 year per child needing it. Some kids go through all 12 years and come out not speaking any where near fluent enlish.

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  3. Hacer says:

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