HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — Huntington Beach Police Tuesday searched for a desperate dad, who apparently turned to robbery to feed his kids.

The man robbed a GameStop store, telling the clerk that he was sorry, but that he needed money so his kids could eat.

The robbery took place on October 13.

Security photos depicted the man waiting until other customers left, and then handing over a piece of paper with a demand for $3,000.

The man then escaped with the cash.

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  1. Consultofactus says:

    Here’s a different story of a father feeding his kids…there was a man who immigrated from Denmark, had little formal education and lost the full use of his left hand through the ravages of polio. He settled in northern Iowa during the Great Depression. When the Rath Packing company shut down he lost his job in the smokehouse. To feed his family this man tied his weakened left hand to a shovel and shoveled coal from freight cars – 6 days per week. It was half the money he made at Rath, but the family struggled together doing assorted jobs around town like sewing, painting and seasonal farm work. No hand-outs, no charity, and especially NO CRIME. My grandfather would have rather died than bring dishonor to his household – that’s the difference between America then and now.

  2. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    The robber told the clerk he was sorry, but he had to lead his children by example.

    1. Sreeja says:

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  3. Could be You some day says:

    I feel for this guy. At one point we were very, very comfortable but the downturn changed all of the that. It took everything I had, but at one point I applied for food stamps. We only qualified for one month, but without that assistance it would have been pretty ugly around here…. and frankly I seriously considered that if we didn’t get approved I might have to do something drastic.

  4. SgtJE says:

    This guy must have been turned away from the occupy protest meal line. You know how only those part of the protest to get someone else’s money can eat that food. Not some guy who is in need of food for his family. Regardless, this “dad” was in the wrong. Bad example for his kids, not to mention all the employees who are there earning a living are now robbed of merchandise to sell and boost revenue that would have turned into pay for them. Yes… They’ll get paid either way, I know. But get a job! Go cut grass! Go wash a car! Go bag groceries! Go flip burgers! Put your pride aside when it comes job selection!

  5. wilbur2734 says:

    You’d think he’d steal food. Hmmmmm.

  6. All too obvious says:

    Funny how CBS was unable to report his race…..hmmm yet another non-white breaking the law. Why can’t the media just grow some balls and report all the facts?

  7. Thug says:

    Does Osama Obama count this as a shovel ready job

  8. Mark Carlton says:

    We’ll probably see more and more of this as the economy stays in the doldrums. I really think there’s a good chance our standard of living 20 years hence will be about what it was in the late 1940s.

  9. Atom&Yves says:

    He should have stopped by the RobberyStop store, instead.

  10. Adam says:

    If I had robber the place I would have demanded $12,000 plus bus fare home.

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