LOS ANGELES (CBS) — As part of the “Build Smart Breathe Easier” asthma education campaign, an international pharmaceutical company is building four homes with asthma-healthy features for low-income families affected by the disease.

Merck Pharmaceuticals has partnered with Habitat for Humanity, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and carpenter and HGTV personality Carter Oosterhouse for the construction.

Homes will be built for families in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Go to “Build Smart Breathe Easier” for ways to reduce exposure to asthma triggers in the home and to learn treatments for symptoms.

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  1. Paul Hibbert says:

    Wow this is great! I’ve been hearing a lot about new innovations for asthma sufferers. One thing I’ve found that has helped us out a bunch is that we’re having the air quality in the house checked regularly and cleaned. So many particles are in the air that can trigger our symptoms, not to mention the possible dust mites or allergens that may be living in my house rent free. We found a company online called Decon Pro Green. They deal with these types of things and, I gotta tell you, It’s been a huge difference in our quality of life since we had the air quality improved.

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