Let it be housebroken. Dear God, let it be housebroken

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Those crazy Canadians. Jim and Linda Sautner took in their house pet, Bailey Junior (Is there a ‘Senior’? -Ed.) when it was just a calf.  Now it’s three years later, and Bailey Junior weights 1820 pounds.

That’s Bailey in the living room, pictured above.  Once I went to a western bar that had a buffalo-hide on the floor, but I’ve never seen one with the buffalo still in it.  Jim says Bailey Junior now follows him around the house — it’s a one-floor house, I assume — and into town, when Jim visits the bar. Seeing Bailey Junior come through the door should be enough to make any drinker swear-off. But again, this is Canada.

(Photo source:  Barcroft Media)

  1. Bob Weaver says:

    I surely do hope Bailey Jr. is housebroken!!!

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