By Greg Mills

SAN BERNARDINO (CBS) — Students at California State University San Bernardino were challenged to wear traditional Muslim head scarves this week in a campaign that many people hoped would change attitudes.

Corinna Ordonez, a Catholic, was one of the students who took on the challenge, dressing in a traditional Muslim head scarf called a Hijab.

“I’m looking at them and I wonder how other people look at them and if they judge them. Things like that, so I wanted to try it,” she said.

That was exactly the idea behind the Muslim Student Association’s “Take the Hijab Challenge,” which they issued to students at CSUSB.

“Walk in our shoes for a little bit to see what we go through,” said Naheed Sahak, who believes there are common misconceptions in the U.S. regarding people, who are Muslim.

She said that many women in our country, who wear a Hijab, get negative and in some cases hostile reactions.

The literature that the association provided stated that the Hijab, an Arabic word for scarf, is worn by Muslim women for modesty.

“You know, in the twenty-first century especially you see girls that think beauty is about showing your body,” Sahak said.

Critics claim that wearing a Hijab is a form of oppression, that women are considered subservient to men, because they have to cover up while men do not.

Sahak said that she does not believe that to be true.

The women I spoke with said that they chose to wear the Hijab and generally started wearing it in their late teens or early 20s.

The few people I spoke with also said that they honestly have never experienced any negative reactions to wearing the scarves, which cover much of the head.

“Personally, myself, no, thank God,” Sahak said.

Ordonez said that she spent about an hour working on her hair in the morning, but did not mind covering it up to take the challenge. She was joined by more than 200 women over a two-day period

Ordonez wore it around campus and expected to get a lot of dirty looks.

“Most of the reaction that I got was people trying not to look at me. If they looked at me kind of by accident, they [would] look down,” she said.

Thursday the Muslim Student Association planned to show videos of those who took the challenge and recorded reactions, followed by a question and answer session.

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  1. Puzzled says:

    hahahaahah, great point there Rod…..

    1. hijab is hibad! says:

      Tomorrow, the secular students should have a “remove your hijab day” for muslims to show solidarity with secular values…in Muslim countries, removing the hijab is punishable by jail, so they, in the USA, should show solidarity for freedom!

      1. Lucan Walters says:

        RIght on!

      2. KILLER says:

        Right On too!

  2. BC says:

    When’s EVERYONE going to wear an American flag pin on their shirt to school day?

    1. Chet says:

      Most of them are big homely bruisers that don’t shave so it’s easier to hide themselves in a burka and hijab. Nothing in the Quran says you have to wear a costume!!! It’s all a bunch of rubish but the many of the Muslims can’t read so they can’t see for themselves that the Quran does not require a woman to wear the pup tent.

      1. SmileyFaceBre says:

        You know its really sad when people write ignorant comments. I am sure u heard of the if u don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I can’t believe some of theses comments. These are the most asinine comments I have ever seen in my life. I took the Hijab challenge and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t STUPID OR DUMB. I am not a Muslim but I wouldn’t mind wearing it. And no one said you had to wear it, it is a personal CHOICE TO WEAR THE HIJAB OR NOT! Its not a costume neither. For the ignorant person that said that, No one is forced to do anything. You people need to wake up and realize, the things u say are hurtful to people! The ignorant stuff that comes out of your mouth is hurtful. I felt the pain and the hurt that Muslim go through day in and day out. I felt that when I wore the Hijab and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. Besides the negative stares and gestures. I had a wonderful experience wearing the Hijab and the people in the Muslim community are so friendly, fun, smart and all around good people. They are beautiful people and you lames need to get out of your own way to understand that. READ PEOPLE! a book will do u some justice! SMH! Never judge a book by its cover and never judge anyone. You have no RIGHT! YOUR NOT GOD!…UGH the nerve of you guys! I can’t believe u! EDUCATE YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE YOU TRY AND COME AT SOMEONE ELSE’S RELIGION AND CRITICIZE IT!

      2. jmrec100 says:

        Nick Berg, Paul Johnson, would be proud. Look who these people WERE. Your muslims know.

      3. jmrec100 says:

        Ask your learn-ed professor what he/she thinks about Nick Berg, Eugene Armstrong, Jack Henley, P Johnson, Aasiya Hassan, (woman), Daniel Pearl… and many more. My guess , you are not allowed to even mention their names in respect to not upset the muslims. Think about the grief of these people’s family’s. So go ahead, wear that head piece that represents the blood and death of innocent people. If you went to class and wore a T-shirt with each of these people’s faces on it, I would guarantee you would be sent out of the classroom and probably censured and educationally punished. Being fooled and twisted to believe that these barbaric acts are not of the muslim belief. IT IS !!!!
        Enjoy. What a stupid barbaric assignment. How about instead ask the muslims to walk around with the pictures on their headpieces of these slaughtered Americans showing how they contribute to these barbaric acts ! Now that is a lesson to be learned.

      4. timetobelive says:

        congrats ….
        next time do everyone a favor & wear the one that covers your face

  3. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:


    1. Maria Sandoval says:

      Maybe you should get a life and stop posting hateful comments.

      1. Kat says:

        No one cares about a non muslim wearing a head scarf. Why doesn’t the muslim woman take it off and join with their fellow Americans to see what it is like to assimilate.

      2. Bobby Moon says:

        Its not a hateful comment! It is refreshingly accurate. If they wish to walk around like slave girls that is OK with me. Your merely backing up, promoting or empowering the most intolerant people on the planet. I know because I fought them in Iraq. You should practice what you preach and renounce your citizenship. You apparently want this kind of behavior to proliferate in our country. You accommodate them, yet they would never do the same for you. This I have witnessed personally.

    2. Cybeer says:

      Remember, to certain segments of the political spectrum, “Hate” is defined as saying or writing anything that disagrees with the speaker/writer.

  4. John Dale says:

    “You know, in the twenty-first century especially [there’s no excuse for anyone to subscribe to ludicrous superstitious beliefs]” Sahak [should have] said.

    1. Michael J. McDermott says:

      Superstitious beliefs? I thought they were forbidden to where them because of the odor.

  5. Iron Camel says:

    after reading this article, i did a quick search on google on the truth regarding that bloody hijab. you’ll be shocked… type islamuncovered (one word) in google & click on the first hit.

    1. kaya says:

      stop with promoting biased websites!

      1. expakistani says:

        On a college campus you can wear what you want. In most of the Islamic world a woman is a slave to what sharia demands. Kaya you are either uneducated or the one who is biased.

  6. gsw says:

    “Take the SS-Uniform Challenge,”

    Would a “wear the nazi uniform and a swastika” day be permitted in the USA?
    It certainly is not in England or Germany, not even for halloween.
    So why this subservience to a totalitarian ideology? I thought Americans were freedom lovers.

    1. Bobby Moon says:

      Dude, that was awesome! Well said.

  7. Lame says:

    I think they should stick to the Pepsi challenge….

  8. BeSmart says:

    My girlfriend sent me this article this afternoon. We are both Turkish Muslims and it really saddens me to see these comments. It also confirms my beliefs and notions about how naive some people are. I am a first generation Turk born in New York. It is 2011 and these people have no clue as to what Islam is really about. The above comments are linking terrorism and Nazis to Islam. I am beyond amazed… I think universities should teach non-biased religion courses to students studying in America because it is evident that they do not know what religion is about.

    Please educate yourselves before commenting on what the Muslim Society is trying to do, which is simply to open up your eyes to the unnecessary oppression that they face.

    1. Ken says:

      I *have* educated myself. I’ve slogged through the first 12 surahs of the Quran. Islam is a religion of war and is committed to oppressing women. It says so right there in the book that was dictated to Mohamed directly by Allah.

      1. mary says:

        obviously you didn’t educate yourself enough… read the entire quran.. and some unbiased translation and then go to to find common unfounded beliefs and misconceptions about islam…

      2. BeSmarter says:

        An interpretation by a radical in any religion will result in psycho extremists. Have you read the Bible or the Torah?

    2. Bob Smith says:

      I’ve read the Koran, the Hadith and over 100 books on Islam since 9/11.

      Muslims always say you don’t know anything about Islam.

      Sorry. Islam is a vicious, fascist, religious cult.

      I’d be embarrassed to be a Muslim and try to justify the obvious violence associated with it.

    3. jasmine says:

      Be Smart – “An interpretation by a radical in any religion will result in psycho extremists. Have you read the Bible or the Torah?”

      Muslims emulate Muhammad, the only founder of a religion who had gone to war, killed people (, married a 6 yr old, took slaves, etc. etc.

      Christians should emulate Jesus Christ — alas, many don’t.

      The moral of this comparison: The muslim terrorist killing of people are sanctioned by their religion, whereas if a Christian kills, it’s against his/her religion.

      Don’t bother to refute what I had just said or try to convince me — it wasn’t I that had killed so many muslims and non muslims alike because they didn’t adhere to the islam of the killers. You’d need to convince those jihadists — I’m sure we’d all tip our hats to you if you start by convincing the jihadists and jihadists supporters and sympathisers here in this great U.S of A.

    4. expakistani says:

      ‘An interpretation by a radical in any religion will result in psycho extremists.’ I think it is ‘extremist’ to call for the death of someone who wants to leave a religion. Do you believe this to be an extremist position?

    5. Pat says:

      No clue as to what the Muslim faith is about?!Have you read what is going on in Eygpt with the Coptic Christians or in Pakistan with the persecuted Christians, or in Malaysia, Iran and in TURKEY the country that your family came from?!
      I find it so hypocritical of the Muslim faith claiming persecution and dicrimination in this country when all they do is Persecute in every country where they are the official Religion of the state!. Try being nice to your neighbor the supposed infidel and then maybe you will be looked upon better in this Country.
      You are beyond amazed? The Nazi’s hated the Jews and killed them and anyone who opposed their agenda, as far as I can see the your faith according to your Mullahs does also. I have seen videos of these mullahs calling Jews pigs and of their complete disdain for Christianity also.
      Perhaps you need to educate yourself on what your faith really says in the Koran and what is coming out of the mouths of your religious leaders!
      Your suppossed oppression you face is nothing compared to what is done in Islamic countries that PERSECUTE those who are not Muslim. Torture and Death is what they face while in this country you are oppressed because you may get a look that you don’t like?
      If you want your oppression that you claim is happenning here then, get into the Mosques and change the HATE that is taught there!!! Or are you frightened that you too will be a target and thus become an infidel? Let’s see what do they do to those muslims that dishonor their family or their faith,,, oh yes I remember they do HONOR KILLINGS. Gee we have had quite a few of those in the US and CANADA.

    6. Agnus Lemuel says:

      BeSmart, Would you and your girlfriend wear a cross or Star of David in a Muslim country to see how Christians and Jews are treated? In a Muslim nation w/sharia can one wear a cross or a Star of David openly without retaliation? Why are Jewish speakers at American colleges harassed by Muslims? Why are Detroit Muslims against Christians having a day of prayer and fast? Who is oppressing whom? Acceptance & tolerance must be a two way street.

    7. John Paul says:


      The above comments didn’t link Nazis to Muslims. The comment merely pointed out that something like wear an SS uniform wouldn’t be allowed. The commenter then said Islam is a radical religion. They made no connection between Nazis and Islam.

      Terrorists shouting “Allah is God” links terrorism to Islam. Thousands of terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims link terrorism to Islam.

      We don’t need to educate ourselves on Islam. We’re not Muslims, and we don’t want to be Muslims. America is full of Muslims who worship their way in peace. America is full of Mosques where people peacefully worship. If you want to educate someone to disconnect Islam from terror, educate the Muslims who support and perpetrate terror.

    8. dan luster says:

      I am educated enough about Islam to understand the stated objectives of groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood. I know what Dawa (stealth jihad) means. I know extreme Islam is openly discussing the Islamification of the western world ,while martyring Christians in their own. I’m tired of all the ersatz garment-tearing- grievance-theater any time someone criticizes the intolerance that is metastacizing within the Muslim credo. Catholic University, a private school, is being sued by lawyers representing Muslim students because, get this, “it’s too Catholic! ” Europe is implementing Sharia. I respect the right of Muslims to worship in peace, but enough proselytizing already.

    9. Mike Smith says:


      1. T Hubig says:

        They are in their country now. It is you who lost your country to foreign national

    10. Sheist Daddy says:

      will you also deny that mohammed had sex with a 9-year old??

    11. Michael J. McDermott says:

      Turkey sucks SH!T. The one I met was a piece of $HIT RIP-OFF (thief, to those of you uneducated). His name is Mike Akseven and he says he is cousin Kareem, the owner of Kareem Concession Trucks here in L.A. I was making payments on a hot dog cart back in 1989. One day I went to take the cart out and the cart and he were gone and so were about $2000 I had made in payments on this rent to own cart deal.
      What was his motive? I guess it p,ssed him off too much that I did a good business with the cart as Americans wouldn’t want to buy from this ugly muslim turd and preferred to buy from me instead. I’d take the cart out daily and when I’d bring it back, I could see by the look on the guys face, the look of disbelief that I had made considerable money, when he could not, I presume. So, he had to retaliate by pulling this typical muslim stunt. What other reason could there be?
      Oh, I love these muslim pigs!

  9. CB says:

    Want a clear answer?

    Let’s talk about our Constitution vs. human behavior. In the United States, you have the freedom to choose your religion (or none at all). If you choose Islam and feel that you are being treated unfaily, you have the right to take your “assailant” to court. If you were physcially or mentally tormented, you will win your case in our legal system. However, this does not include a dirty look or a smirk.

    Here’s the catch. Islam has unquestionably been tied to, if not at least associated with terrorism. As such, human behavior, not the Constitution, will dicatate how you are perceived by other American citizens. If you don’t like the dirty looks and smirks, relinquish your US citizenship and go practice your religion where it is more widely accepted.

    Right or wrong, this is the way it is, and it’s not going to change any time soon. Your choice is simple (albeit somewhat difficult), get over it or leave!

    1. mary says:

      nobody said anything about constitution or law.. this was clearly a social perception study/experiment. And you’re right, Islam has unquestionaly been tied to terrorism even though there is no basis for it in true Islam. Call it what you may, but our society is suffering from Islamophobia and any study that will bring people together instead of apart is better for America.

      1. expakistani says:

        …there is no true basis for (terrorism) in Islam….? Are you kidding us? Mohammad called for it repeatedly. ” Strike terror in them. Smite them at the neck. Kill the unbelievers. Whoever leaves the religion kill him.” I do agree with you on one point but not your conclusion, Mary. Study Islam. Read books about it. It won’t bring us any closer to accepting the barbarity that is Islam.

      2. LiaMD says:

        Mary, people like you are driving this country off the cliff. Your stupidity / naivety sickens me. When will you realize that the extremists hate you and want you dead? If you really want to make them happy, you should either submit or surrender…oh wait, you already have.

      3. John Paul says:

        Go experiment on Muslim men who treat women like possessions rather than people. Complete this experiment. Challenge the Muslim women to walk around without a head scarf. They have a misconception about non-Muslim women, about women who don’t wear head scarves, that they aren’t modest and tie their beauty to showing skin.

        It’s about time Muslims educate themselves on non-Muslims.

  10. John Holmes says:


  11. Stephanie Attar says:

    Hi everyone, I am a female student at Cal State San Bernardino and I took part in this Hijab Challenge day. Although I am a Lebanese Christian, I am very proud of the Muslim Student Association on my campus for spreading cultural and religious awareness, trying to overcome some of the misconceptions about Islam and the hijab that i have seen posted on this article. Terrorism and the oppression of women have no religion, as these actions have taken place throughout the annals of history in myriad religious contexts. Within Islam, these types of actions that you are mentioning are also deplored by most Muslims. But, as in all religions, there exist fringe groups who follow extreme doctrines.Perhaps we should stop relying on the mainstream media’s portrayal of Islam as a form of generalizing or stereotyping Muslims. In my opinion, actually talking to a Muslim about his or her faith, or “taking a walk in their shoes”, as this event allowed us students to do, is the best way to understand another’s culture or religion. Just some thoughts on keeping the peace.

    1. jasmine says:

      To Stephanie – Shame on you for not knowing the history of Christians in Lebanon. Just google it.

      Here below is a link to the latest news about Lebanese christians.

      It would behoove you to learn more about why so many Lebanese Christians have left.

      And this is also happening to a lot of non Muslims in the Muslim countries.

      1. Imad says:

        I have two words for you – Sabra and Shatila. It will “behoove” you to get educated.

      2. Stephanie Attar says:

        I appreciate your concern, but please do not think I am an ignorant fool when it comes to the history of my own people. I just got back from Lebanon this summer and witnessed first hand the remnants of destruction that plagued my country in both the civil war of 1975 – 1990. I have written many papers on the history of Lebanon, and am currently double majoring in Arabic Language, Literature and Culture and Political Science, with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies.

        Yes I am happy to be Christian and Lebanese, but I am still proud of the MSA for promoting cultural and religious awareness. Honestly, this sort of polarizing ideology of either being a Lebanese Christian or Muslim with no communication for understanding each other’s viewpoints is the exact same mindset that provoked the civil war of 1975 – 1990 and claimed over 100,000 innocent Lebanese lives.

      3. Stephanie Attar says:

        in both the civil war of 1975 – 1990 and the 2006 war between Hizballah and Israel*

        Is what I meant to say

      4. Zeena says:

        Lebanese Christans have been fleeing their country for years now due to the palestinian invasion and violence. Read Brigitte Gabriel’s “Because They Hate” and you learn what happened in Lebanon after the Palestinian invasion.

    2. jasmine says:

      Being of Lebanese Christian descent you are so ……. ignorant of the history of Christians in Lebanon. Ask yourself why have so many Lebanese Christians left the country of their ancestors?

      Here below is the latest installment on the fate of the Lebanese Christians:

    3. jasmine says:

      Imad – ”
      I have two words for you – Sabra and Shatila. It will “behoove” you to get educated”

      Those were not based on Jesus Christ’s teachings.

      Killings by jihad terrorists were based on the Koran, they themselves said that and were taught that – not me.

      Have you ever heard a Christian killing and the witnesses saying Ave Maria, Praise the Lord, etc. etc.?

      Jihadists and Muslims kill while saying Allahu Akbar.

      Like I said in one of my postings, the jihadist kill while emulating Muhammad. No Christians could claim the same, ie. they killed to emulate Jesus Christ.

      As poster, expakistani, mentioned above, it’s Muhammad’s call to “strike terror, smite necks ……etc. etc.” that those jihadist terrorists were following.

    4. Smashicus says:

      I know of no other religion, other than Islam that in this day and age commits murder and persecution on a daily basis. Please name me one other religion that currently does so.

  12. Bob Smith says:

    What misconception about Islam – suicide bombers, stoning women to death, rioting all around the world for a couple of cartoons?

    Islam is a fascist political ideology shrouded by a thin veneer of religious legitimacy. And most of the women who wear the hijab or burka have no choice.

    Until the last woman who is forced to wear the burka is free to live her life as she chooses, all the PC double talk about Islam delays that day.

  13. Bob Smith says:

    Would you wear a T-shirt with a Mohammad cartoon printed on it?

    You might in Montana. Don’t try it in Mecca.


    Because, Islam trains a small number of its most devout believers it’s OK to kill. And Islamic killers have been trained to kill anyone who insults Allah and/or Mohammad.

    In Montana you’d have a good chance none of these Islamic killers would see you.

    In Mecca you wouldn’t last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. It is that simple.

    You don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim!

    Read it all at:

  14. jasmine says:

    I challenge the Muslims in the US, especially the ones born Muslim in the US or born Christian in the US then converted to Islam, to go to Saudi Arabia, Somalia and shariah countries to visit those countries and take a leisurely stroll while holding a bible, or read a bible in the park or wear a cross somewhere on you as a jewelry ……. then see how ‘tolerant’ the inhabitants are.

  15. Rocco Lore says:

    What’s next? Burqa day?

  16. Danae says:

    Why would anyone want to degreade themselves dressing up like terrorists? Did they also wear a bomb belt around their waist too?

  17. Robert Hansen says:

    Dress like a typical American or European women and travel through Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan……… Then get back to us about how oppressed Muslim women are in the US..

  18. Mary says:

    What needs to be pointed out is that negative reaction in the West to women wearing the hijab is often out of shock and horror that a woman should have to be oppressed or would choose to be oppressed in a free society. I once heard a woman tell a jihabbed woman, “This is America, you can take the veil off your mouth now.” It is not a disdain for decency or modesty. It is that women in the West are seen as equally valuable as men with the same human dignity. The same laws apply to men as to women, and women are not treated like children or made fully responsible for the actions of men. There may be domestic violence abusers who weasel their way out of responsibility for their abuse of women, but it is not sanctioned under U.S. law as it is in Sharia law, which enforces Islamic principles of male dominance and impunity.

  19. Infidel Task Force says:

    CONGRATULATIONS CSU college useful idiots!!

    You have won todays Ibe Hooper Muslim Cry Baby Award!!! Good Job!! Keep up the self pity and the self appointed victms facade. You’re doing great!!

  20. Eddie says:

    Hey, put on a burkha to Pelosi to keep us fron seeing her face!

  21. Nellie Bouchard says:

    I encourage all reading to link to this:

    For the life of me, I will NEVER understand how these people think….

  22. Nellie Bouchard says:

    AND I really don’t think it matters what the Quran says or doesn’t say. Muslim countires are at the will of the “leaders” who make up the rules as they go along. Unlike the Catholic Church, who has one leader who defines faith and morals, Muslims have many. The one with the biggest sword wins, and we know what happens if women don’t bend to male rule. It seems to me that as long as the “leader of the day” invokes Allah’s name, all is good. “Kill the Jew. Praise Allah. Kill the Christian. Praise Allah.” Somehow, someway, as long as that name is invoked, no murder or terror is off limits. It’s sort of saying, “The ends justify the means because it’s for Allah.” Does this not sound familiar, folks? Does “Heil Hitler” come to mind?????

    1. jasmine says:

      Yes, it DOES matter what the Quran says. It does matter A GREAT DEAL.

      Let me ask you a question:

      Are children of drug taking parents who teach their children to do drugs less likely or more likely to do drugs compared to children of parents who don’t do drugs and also teach them not to take drugs.

      1. Nellie Bouchard says:


        Yes, it may matter to you. And, yes, you may be a wonderful, peaceful Muslim. The problem I have is that what I see is that many, many third world Muslims are very ignorant of their faith. They seems to rely on emotion and not on any one set of laws/morals/rules. A violent leader, who cries “Allah” comes into the picture. He promises the mass food, shelter, protection, and there you go! Hatred is a very powerful emotion, and if people can be told that all their problems stem from America, Israel, non-Muslims, whatever, whoever, then there a leader sprouts along with a violent ignorant population hell bent on destroying anyone non-mulsim.

    2. jasmine says:


      Well I submitted a response to your post but apparently the editors didn’t deem it worth publishing. I’m going to try again.

      First of all, I’m not a Muslim.

      Nellie: “The problem I have is that what I see is that many, many third world Muslims are very ignorant of their faith.”

      You are correct. Most of them are ignorant of their faith because they are not encouraged to study the Quran. But they do put a lot of weight on reciting the Quran in it’s original language, Arabic. Doesn’t matter if the person reciting it doesn’t understand a whit what he/she is reading. They even have yearly competitions as to who could best recite the Quran.

      Also, apparently you didn’t read/understand my post, where I posed the question about the drug taking parents.

      Well, to make it clearer for you, let me rephrase it.

      Are adherents of a religion who teaches them to kill less likely or more likely to kill compared to adherents of a religion who doesn’t teach their adherents to kill.

      A poster above, exPakistani, mentioned Muhammad’s extortation to kill, smite neck, etc.

      1. Nellie Bouchard says:


        I re-read your question. My answer is: I don’t know.

        I stand by my original post.

        With that said: I think there are good and bad people of all faiths. The problem is, men, who in the name of Allah, attacked my country. They did it in the name of Allah. They professed that this was Allah’s wish, and that those who followed would gain entrance to Heaven. This is the problem.

        I find it a bit ironic t ask Americans to be “challenged” to put on a headscarf. As Americans, we have a right to do this; BUT, think of this: all of the women in Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. who do NOT have the right to make this choice. If you believe that your God wants you to wear a headscarf, then God bless you. If not, then you shouldn’t HAVE to. That is what I am saying. AND any woman who fears for her life (IRAN), if she doesn’t wish to, shouldn’t be afraid of being stoned to death for that decision.

  23. Ken says:

    Challenge the Muslims on campus to wear a cross and carry the Holy Bible…

  24. Debbie says:


  25. sandra says:

    Oh wow! How about muslim women in Aghganistan or Iraq or Iran or Saudi Arabia or anywhere else in the middle east wear tight low rider jeans with a thong underneath, or short skirts, a business suit, a bikini, or any other form of western dress. How about these cowardly American female reporters like diane sawyer or andrea mitchell covering a story in the middle east without having to wear a head dress? How about that Jack?

  26. sandra says:

    and furthermore, I have no interest in reading the quran to get a better grasp of that religion. I respect those who respect me. Simple.

    1. Nellie Bouchard says:

      Well said. I, too, have no interest in reading the quran any more than a devout Muslim wants to read the Bible.

      The fact remains that the men, who attacked this country, did it in the name of Allah. Allah belongs to the Muslim religion. Whether the quaran says/doesn’t say, wants/doesn’t want, believes/doesn’t believe that murder of innocent non-Muslims is wrong, the fact of the matter is that there are 1 billiion Muslims on this planet. Many, many are ignorant of their faith. Many, especially in the Middle East, blame every evil on American/Israel, and anybody else who is non-muslim, AND MOST OF ALL, THERE ARE MANY WHO ARE BOUND AND DETERMINED TO DESTROY AMERICA.

  27. R. Allen says:

    The Koran is a political manifesto of world conquest/hegemony (fascist-like) dressed up as a “religious” text for the adherents of that philosophy i.e the Muslims. Its cult based “religion” is an amalgam of the original pagan rituals of Hejaz/Hadramaut Moon worship + other nearby pagan cults + deliberately misinterpreted/mangled OT texts (as corrected by their so-called theologians) + some borrowings from the NT (also deliberately misinterpreted). It is replete with contradictions, historical inaccuracies and outrageous prescriptions/proscriptions that are mostly violent in nature.

    Amongst the notable features of Islam is its demands of total and unconditional surrender/allegiance to its barbaric tenets, the obligation of its adherents to participate in their “deity-ordained” perpetual war against the non-Muslims and in its battles to annihilate all the non-believers of that warlike pagan deity.

    Women are mere chattel and basically worthless disposable commodities to their owners…to be used by the valorous warriors of Islam as they see fit whether by acquisition, capture or enslavement; women’s rapes by Muslims are neither criminal nor sinful…particularly if these women are non-Muslims.

    As to the hijab, that is a borrowed archaic custom from the Middle East (pre-Islamic) where women’s hair was/iis considered by men to be equal to nudity and thus immodest. Burqa’s and other head-to-toe coverings are of Muslim origin and are obviously used to control women’s freedom under the pretext of controlling males’ innate lechery and women’s innate urge to seduce men into sinful ways.

    I have studied the original Islamic texts, including the Hadiths in both Ancient and Modern Arabic as well as their exegesis in Old Persian; I am intimately familiar with both the OT and NT in Biblical Hebrew, Western Aramaic, Eastern Aramaic, Syriac and Koine Greek, I am also familiar with ancient Elamite, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian texts/tablets whose content was evidently borrowed by later groups to create a “modernized” hagiography of their own.

    I have spent a considerable amount of time (years in fact) acquiring this scholarly knowledge which now permits me to refute any and all Muslim attempts at rationalizing and justifying their incessant murderous attacks on their “enemies” that is:…us, the non-Muslims.

  28. Ahab deArab says:

    They don’t want equal rights! They want special rights. They will use our laws against us. In 20 years you will be asking how this country became a Sharia country.

    1. Dave Smith says:

      They don’t want equal or special rights. They want NO RIGHTS!!

  29. Super Swede says:

    Would these “misunderstood” peole care to explain what would happen to a Christian, who publically wore a cross, or a Jew, who exhibited a Star of David, in a Muslim country ? Guaranteed, it wouldn’t be something as tame as a “stare.” Quid pro quo boobies ! Don’t like it – leave the US !

  30. reflecting 1a says:

    Mohammed was a shrewd operator in his day. If he were alive today, he would likely think that the present day Muslims that use his name would have to be among the most backward people in the world. He would likely admire the U.S. and the West because they are presently on the cutting edge of advancement as a civilization ..
    . It is hard to imagine that a belief system of 1.2 billion people is so regressive and had so little built in corrective capability, that it can only headed for the dustbin of history.

    1. Moe Schmuel Finkelstein says:

      Mohammed would be aroused at the number of goats and cattle we have here today.

  31. MySeriouslyBored says:

    Boring. Who cares what you wear? Who cares what you think? Everybody gets to do whatever they want. There is no “pain” in wearing a religious set of clothes and there is no honor in defending it. There is nothing gained by wearing the clothes for a religious purpose or for the purpose of “relating man”. This is just boring and pointless.

    1. Ron Edelstein says:

      So you like the mosques at Ground Zero, on the Thames, and on top of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem? Symbols mean things. They’re in it to win it, while you don’t abhor it and ignore it.

  32. R. Allen says:

    I have educated myself quite thoroughly (see my above post) and criticize this pseudo-religion and all its practices because Islam it is in fact a “death cult” bent on world hegemony and the extermination of all non-members.

    You are NAIVE and should educate yourself before spouting inanities in defense of the indefensible!

  33. Jerry says:

    We know what the Muslims are trying to do. How about 9/11 as starters? You’re lucky you live in the USA and not a Muslim country where as a woman under Sharia law you would be treated like dirt.

  34. jmrec100 says:

    Wear a muslim headpiece that symbolizes the religion that hates, kills people, beheads Nick Berg, Eugene Armstrong, Jack Henley, P Johnson, Aasiya Hassan, (woman), Daniel Pearl… and many more. So go ahead, wear that head piece that represents the blood and death of innocent people. Enjoy. What a stupid barbaric assignment. How about muslims walking around with the pictures on the tT-shirts showing how they contribute to these barbaric acts ! Now that is a lesson to be learned.

  35. Kev says:

    Let’s see if a go too a MOOSLIM country my Bible is confiscated and may be sent to jail. I dear all you bleeding heart liberals to go their with a bible! This country was founded on Christan principles…. not some 7th century religion who continues to walk in the valley of darkness , and cant get along with their neighbors well over 20 countries with violence and send their kids to blow them self up in the name of some self proclaimed prophet child molester Allah what twisted mined would do that to their own family or human and the same 7th century people want to destroy this one.don’t like it go home..maybe they’ll will stone you.

    1. Frank says:

      Islam from the 7th century is 700 years newer then Christianity

  36. jmrec100 says:

    Wow, Unbelieveable !
    Ask your learn-ed professor what he/she thinks about Nick Berg, Eugene Armstrong, Jack Henley, P Johnson, Aasiya Hassan, (woman), Daniel Pearl… and many more. My guess , you are not allowed to even mention their names in respect to not upset the muslims. Think about the grief of these people’s family’s. So go ahead, wear that head piece that represents the blood and death of innocent people. If you went to class and wore a T-shirt with each of these people’s faces on it, I would guarantee you would be sent out of the classroom and probably censured and educationally punished. Being fooled and twisted to believe that these barbaric acts are not of the muslim belief. IT IS !!!!
    Enjoy. What a stupid barbaric assignment. How about instead ask the muslims to walk around with the pictures on their headpieces of these slaughtered Americans showing how they contribute to these barbaric acts ! Now that is a lesson to be learned.

  37. Mike Smith says:


  38. toto says:

    Try wearing a Star of David or a yarmulke for a day, and see the reactions! Threats of violence from those poor “oppressed” Muslims that we continually read about.

  39. toto says:

    Oh sure, the hijab is a choice, just like the burqa is a choice. Just try going without it in Iran, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. Suddenly there is no choice, only the Morality Police beating you and taking you to jail for not complying with Shariah Law. I should know, I lived and worked in the Middle East for over 20 years.
    Leftist professors sympathizing with a people whose “Holy Book” (Quran) commands its adherents to kill Jews, and non Muslims. Yeah I have a lot of sympathy. NOT!

  40. Fed Up says:

    The dumbing down of America is nearly complete. Well done communists, well done, try that garbage in other states and see what you get. Mexifornia is toast, it was toast decades ago, try it in another state……

  41. Dean says:

    It would be a neat experiment to see how Muslim students will react to having them wear yarmulkes and Jewish stars on campus. The Koran and Haddiths are extremely intolerant against Jews, Christians and other people whom they categorize as “infidels’ targeted for treatment as inferiors and death in many cases. This exercise should not be a one-way street because our society is generally very tolerant and free; whereas, most of the Islamic world is embroiled in chaos and terror – directed at non-Muslims but affecting tens of millions of Muslims of the wrong sect or wrong politics – radicalism is growing and covering up women is a growing sign that misogyny is also a big problem whether these free Muslims at California State recognize the problem or not.

  42. Dean says:

    It is the goal of leftists and their organizations to whitewash the intolerance of Islam while they damn and destroy our free and open Western society. The left has joined forces with fascists, Islamists and communists everywhere.

  43. timetobelieve says:

    Christians & Jewish martyrs say; “I will die for what I believe”.
    A Muslim martyr says; “you will die for what I believe”….

    I would implore everyone to visite the following site to learn & educate yourself:

    History of Muhammad & Islam


    Nazi Roots of Modern Radical Islam

  44. Sheist Daddy says:

    “Walk in our shoes for a little bit to see what we go through,” said Naheed Sahak,

    stupid idiot

    nobody forces these morons to dress like morons, so when people look at you like you’re a moron don’t blame any1 but yourself.

    Burkas should be ILLEGAL in the United States, follow the shining example of France that realized multiculturalism is failed ideology, when attempted with camel-lovers

  45. KILLER says:

    How many churches are their in Saudi Arabia or how many Stars of David are worn their.

    Are these Muslim’s allowing for religious freedom in their own country. HELL NO!

    Muslim’s have never assimilated in any country, they try and take them over with Sharia Law.

    1. Arnold Spelt says:

      Their, their now. Let’s not get too upset.

  46. Ibrahim Abullah Al-FuqWad says:

    Now THAT’s what I call a Target Rich Environment!

    1. KILLER says:

      I am sure sure you picked the USA as your next target. The Achilles heel of America is religious freedom. The enemy is the Arab Muslims who must be defeated. I know it is proper to lie to non-Muslims by Muslims. Muslims do not believe in the ten commandments. Muslims believe in the five pillars. The behavior of Muslim Governments around the world are oppressive. You would not allow other religion’s in your country. Ibrahim Abullah Al-FuqWad we are a target rich environment for your terror!

  47. T Garth says:

    The women who did this are total imbiciles

  48. Noelle Proffit says:

    In a country based off of religious freedom, it would seem patriotic for such American citizens to display their religion openly and to share it with others. We should not forget that our American forefathers fled religious prosecution in order to establish a better society. I think what these American citizens are doing is a healthy project.

  49. shooter says:

    The religion of peace is actually the religion of war and theft. Islam puts women on a pedestal??, more like a gallows. How about the genital mutilation? To bad we can’t try that for a day. Muslin progress? How about the orange orchard that was turned over by the Israelis? It lasted a couple months, the reason? “if allah wanted an orchard here, he would have given us water here”, to bad he didn’t give you guys a brain.

  50. Frank Norton says:

    With all the male terrorists that wear black ski masks in America, and all the Muslim mothers and potential mothers of terrorists that wear the Hijabs, why not have all the Muslim men wear a black ski mask on the same day, photograph the expression of people viewing them, and and ask the reactions of the ski masked men. Since turn about is fair play, have a day when all the women wear the bikini, photograph them and the expression of people viewing them, and then ask their opinions how they felt. The sun on their bodies would be good for all.

  51. BeThankful says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!