LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Detectives on Tuesday sought to determine why a 9-year-old boy made false claims that a man tried to kidnap him outside his home in Monrovia.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies have released a 32-year-old suspect after the child admitted fabricating the charges.

The suspect was initially arrested on Sunday and questioned before investigators went back to talk to the boy on Monday after determining the facts did not corroborate his side of the story.

“Basically, the child stated that the attempted kidnapping did not occur,” said Deputy Tony Martin.

Investigators are now looking into why the boy might have made up the allegations.

California state law holds children to a different standard in regards to the filing of a false report of a crime.

“They will determine whether or not the child knew what they were doing at the time of the incident, if what they did was wrong,” said Martin. “That’s based on state law that we use.”

Minors who are deemed capable of determining right from wrong can be held criminally liable for filing a false police report, but that standard is unlikely to be applied to this child, officials said.

It remains unclear whether the child, the parents or both will face any criminal charges.

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  1. A Aronson says:

    Best to teach him and all other kids a lesson. Parents aren’t doing enough to raise educated, responsible children. Bring back corporal punishment. A good slap on the behind and total loss of ALL privileges is what these no good reprobates need. Parents need to discipline there children and not turn a blind eye. No wonder this world is going to hell.

    1. wondering says:

      Wholeheartedly agree!!!

    2. Suzanne Learned Camarillo says:

      It might be best to know what is going on in this home first before discussing punishment being metered out. I don’t think we have enough facts to ‘convict’ this child of being a ‘reprobate’. This child could be crying out for love and attention. We do not know if this is, or isn’t the case.
      In order to raise educated and responsible children, we need educated and responsible parents. This involves learning that hitting another human being is a violation of their personal space.
      If I walk up to you and sock you in the face, that is assault and against the law. A slap on the behind is the same thing. How can we expect children to learn that it is wrong to hit someone when we ‘discipline’ them by hitting them ?
      Violence begets violence. Corporal punishment is violence. The world will not know peace as long as we continue to pass violence on to the next generation.

    3. John Clifton says:

      I agree 100%. Growing up in the 50s-70s I learned by the switch. IN THIS CASE A PERSONS LIFE COULD BE RUINED TILL DEATH DO US PART because of registration laws. It is important to keep the witches hunt out of news reporting as well.

    4. TT says:

      He’s 9 years old !!!!!! this isnt a police matter …… thats just ridiculous – this is a parental issue – not a legal one … I dont know what these guys are thinking… you never told a lie when you were 9 ??? A little common sense needs to be added into this equasion…..

  2. Suzanne Learned Camarillo says:

    Could it be that this child is desperately seeking attention ?
    He may have done this because he felt he was not receiving enough attention at home. Not saying that he isn’t. But perhaps he perceives it as such. And perhaps his parents have been a bit too busy lately. Sure sounds like he is crying out for something.

    1. BES says:

      Regardless of whether or not he feels the need for attention he went about it illegally and should know better. Blame the parents for not raising their child well.

      1. Suzanne Learned Camarillo says:

        It’s hard to say whether or not this 6 year old knows better or even knows it’s illegal. We have no idea what his parents may have taught, or not taught him.

        Parents are legally responsible for their minor children’s actions. Sadly, many take no moral responsibility.

    2. TT says:

      good point suzanne – and i believe they said he has a 3 year old little sister – maybe she has required alot of attention lately and he is used to being the center of attention – He’s 9 ……I wish someone would wake up n realize that….
      This whole thing just got blown outta proportion… by the grown ups….

  3. Hardmoney says:

    Crying out for some discipline. Kids and dogs understand two things; pain and pleasure. I would bet the rent money that this is another ‘time out’ child and the child has parents who want to be their kids best friend.

    1. Suzanne Learned Camarillo says:

      Very well could be. But we don’t know this, do we ?

      And everyone and everything understands pain and pleasure. Not just kids and dogs. And they are certainly not the only things understood. Is that all you understand ?

  4. LiliQ says:

    Good thing the police didn’t use a hypnotherapist to induce memories and clean up the inconsistencie, the kiddy would’ve believed his tales like McMarten Actually kinda wonder how many witnesses are prepred by Hypnotherapists to make their stories consistent and bullet proof?

  5. gmoney says:

    They should lock this kid up for a couple days like this man had to endure because of false allegations

  6. NANCY CERVENY says:


    1. TT says:

      another good point – or maybe he thought he would get in trouble if he told on him again … like I said – COMMON SENSE ….

  7. citizen says:

    If it was I, someone or everyone is going to be sued. I would also file complaints against the cops. I know they were just doing their jobs. So fi-ing what I spend anytime in jail on BS it payback time. I don’t care about the cops.

  8. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    If any of you take the time to go back to the original report on this story, you’ll notice my comment that I called B.S. on this story from the very beginning. Yet on that same comment board, you’ll see lots of other people working themselves into a frenzy over this boy’s claims. This idiot punk kid was responsible for an innocent man getting arrested; how do you think the other inmates in County Jail – or wherever they put the arrested man — would treat someone who is accused of kidnapping a young boy? I realize that a nine-year-old is a bit young to throw the book at, but he should be punished for a long time (no t.v., no video games, etc.). He should also be forced to write an apology to the police and especially to the man who was falsely accused and arrested.

  9. whazup says:

    But the “experts” said little kids don’t lie about stuff like this???

  10. swhitS says:

    One news story said the kid is 6yrs who is telling the truth? Should we sue because the media cannot tell the truth too?

  11. wain says:

    Plain and simple: because of this (someone said it on a comment) REPROBATE. an innocent man could have been sentenced to prison and included to the sex offender registry.

  12. ken says:

    After seeing the interview with the parents all I can say is, balloon-boy!

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