LOS ANGELES (CBS) — There are increasing signs that the placid and peaceful Occupy LA movement could be turning more violent.

As many Oakland  demonstrators have battled police, so far, LA protesters only seem interested in the occasional conflict with each other.

Tempers are clearly starting to fray as those camping out are finding it colder and less sanitary as the days continue. Organizers have continued to stress the need for peaceful protest and many have decried the kinds of violence or vandalism seen in protests to our north.

Last week, in Los Angeles, two protesters got into a fracas and one of the men had a knife. No one was hurt, but police confirmed to the Huffington Post that the man was arrested and his weapon confiscated.

The LA Times reports that on Friday one woman was charged with setting a man’s clothes on fire and that another woman is accused of assaulting a man with a tent pole. Both women were arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

LAPD Commander Andrew Smith told the newspaper that “two felonies from the south lawn in one day? This has raised concerns for us.”

There are also reports of a man being arrested after he vandalized a statue with paint.

Protesters are also, perhaps, reacting to more push back from the city.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the City Council originally put out a welcome mat, literally, at City Hall but the mayor said last week, the protesters were starting to cause too much property damage and wished they would find another location to vent their frustrations with the economy, unemployment levels and Wall Street greed.

Said the mayor, “they can’t stay here indefinitely.”

The protesters have been camping out since October 1, but many told CBS2’s Stephanie Abrams today, they aren’t going anywhere.

Police in Pomona, meanwhile, had their hands full today keeping about 20 Neo-Nazis and dozens more protesters apart.

Joy Benedict, reporting for KCAL9 and CBS2, said the anger — on both sides — was palpable and felt on both sides of the protest.

At one point, some protesters threw traffic cones at some of the Neo-Nazis. Later, some tried to throw traffic barriers. This, after the Neo-Nazis made disparaging comments about illegal aliens.

There were also protests downtown Los Angeles for “National Bank Transfer Day.” The “Transfer” protesters today shared the south lawn with Occupy LA.

Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary, was downtown rallying the peaceful crowd, even as one protester wrote on the sidewalk outside Bank of America “House Of Thieves” in chalk.

Stephanie Abrams reported protests remained peaceful even though police were ready to possibly engage.

Reich told Abrams why the crowds seem to be getting more fed up by the day. “Enough is enough. The game looks rigged. It looks as though the dice are loaded in favor of those with enormous wealth and privilege. And we…want…our country back.”

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  1. FFL says:

    We want our country back from the far left radical nut cases like the OWS crowd too.

    1. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

      This whole thing is a joke being pushed by the Left wing media and the Obama administration trying desperately to distance themselves from their failed economic plans, and fortunately for the Democrats they have an endless supply of useful idiots that have nothing better to do then sat around for 30 days asking for handouts.

    2. Stryker 21 says:

      Break out the 50 cal automatics and take out the first three rows of morons, they will scatter like the roaches they are.

  2. PeteM says:

    Well said!

    I see our whacky leftist mayor is getting worried now! What a jerk supporting these morons!

  3. steve says:

    come on , the police were the first to get needlessly violent, if the protesters start to push back , its what the police have coming. you cant commit violent acts on people without them eventually comitting violent acts back , the police and the establishment have created the stage for violent uprisings, they will get what they deserve

    1. Guest says:

      Were you there, Steve? Your post shows your ignorance. There are laws and rules of society to keep us from being animals!

  4. Talega says:

    When protesters can’t make their point in a few days, their cause is doomed. It becomes trivialized as the rest of the world deals with living. There are seasonal jobs opening up and these folk won’t get them. If they really want to work, here is their opportunity. However, that does not seem to be their goal.

  5. JS says:

    They can camp outside of city hall for weeks, but they can’t write their representatives. Yeah, if I’m a banker, I’m not worried.

  6. randy says:

    And of course there is the slightest potential for violence, our tabloid-style LA media will be right there sticking mikes and cameras in everyone’s face, to catch every last savage detail. Complete with breathless on-air reporters screeching about it, “supporting” OWS and “the people” while grasping desperately for the almighty ratings dollar.

  7. WeAreDoomedRK says:

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  8. "Republican Empire Falls" on Deez Nuts says:

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    1. "Republican Empire Falls" on Deez Nuts says:

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    2. "Republican Empire Falls" on Deez Nuts says:

      Funny how “Republican Empire Falls” is such a racist. His momma ain’t. Trust me on that. LOL.


        i’am not a racist because i flush your momma down the toilet everyday!!! LOL

  9. USC Trojan says:

    All of you whining idiots are just made at the fact that your not making six figures a year. Don’t be jealous. Sour grapes 🙂

  10. Mehiilanheles! says:

    The police must be observing a certain element making up the majority of this movement.

    This supposed “movement” seems to me like a commune created to support those that don’t want to work or be part of a fast changing world with the pretext that they are occupying public spaces and expressing their first amendment rights.


    Its a commu-ne thats living inside a capitalist society.

  11. Craig says:

    I’ve about had it with the “Occupy” movement. Now I heard that there is a battle to see who can trademark the “occupy” slogan and make a lot of money. Isn’t that against everything they believe in? http://memphiscpafirm.com

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