LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Longtime City Councilwoman Jan Perry stepped down from her leadership role on Friday amid what she said was a flurry of backroom politics and behind-the-scenes maneuvering.

Perry, who has served as the president pro tempore since 2009, said she will stay on as a council member.

She cited private talks about potential replacements for Council president Eric Garcetti when he steps down at the end of the year as one of the reasons behind the move.

“We need to have a very open, very on-the-record process, and my concerns are that that’s not happening,” said Perry.

She also pointed to new boundary lines for the council’s 15 districts are being redrawn in secret — a development she openly opposes.

“I have a First Amendment right to express my disagreement, my disbelief, my disgust,” she said.

Perry, who is running for mayor of Los Angeles, plans to introduce a motion to ask all 21 members of the Redistricting Commission to reveal any secret talks.

The panel began drawing up  new voting boundaries for the City Council and school district in September.

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  1. FFL says:

    Welcome to the real world of LA politics “Chicago style” Jan baby.. did you think any progressive socialist liberal dumbo KRAP would do anything open, honest or fair? Doesn’t work that way, never has and never will. What you are seeing is decades of uber liberal ownership and dictatorial leadership in LA city council. It is broken beyond repair and fixing it is most likely beyond anyone’s grasp as things now stand.

  2. Johnny Popp says:

    I smell Money in this some where… Have the Koch Bros. and their Rich Cronies reached the Los Angeles City Counsel too?

  3. Westside Citizen says:

    This has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative. It is ILLEGAL to take any major steps in any democratic government without the consent of the people. Most people in Los Angeles are either passive sheep or uneducated illegals, therefore no one steps up and challenges this sort of illegal city gov’t activity. There are undoubtedly more criminal activities going on behind the scenes and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. Bubba Rae Dudley says:

    Did the citizens of Los Angeles ask for new districts? Is there a good reason for them?

    1. observer says:

      I think the new districts are being put forth because of the more Mexican heavy population growth the city of Los Angeles has seen in the last 20.

      Thats what I think the good reason is, new districts to reflect a changed city.

  5. Westside Citizen says:

    The issue here is not about the Mexican population, it is about the small handful of city council members making secret changes to the districts without the consent of the voting public. That is illegal.

  6. Growfoodlocally says:

    It’s quiet interesting to see Jan Perry cry foul over backroom politics while she has made a couple of backroom deals herself in her district with a westside developer.

    How can she have the audacity to act all high and mighty when she is currently lobbying for the City Council to approve a proposal submitted by her to make a “correction” (by waiving a park requirement she secured back in 2003 and has yet to provide) to a backroom deal she made back in 2003 with developer Ralph Horowitz.

    Jan Perry needs to do right by her district and keep her word to provided a 2.6 acre park that has been in the books since 2003. Not only is she lobbying on behalf of Ralph Horowitz and her personal interest by bringing new pollution to South Los Angeles, but she is endagering all 2,000 students of Thomas Jefferson High School located two blocks away from where she seeks approval to built another warehouse for the PIMA project.

    Air pollution knows no borders Councilwoman Jan Perry. If you can’t do right by your district constituents, I have very little hope that you can do right by Los Angeles as a Mayor. Thanks, but no thanks.

    1. Growfoodlocally says:


    2. Growfoodlocally says:


  7. Donna Pearman says:

    Jan Perry I understand why work for someone else other than Eric
    Garcetti-you two were a good team-Eric Gsrcetti wasnt like King John
    Ferraro-though I will miss seeing a woman in a leadership role-I wiil miss
    seeing you as Preseident Pro tem-you should taken Eric’s job as Preseident
    and tried it -if it was good your chances for mayor would have been stronger

  8. marina says:

    Jan Perry is a w***e to developers. Good riddance. I hope she loses the L.A. mayoral race.

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