LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Convicted serial killer Chester Turner, who is on death row for murdering 10 women in Los Angeles County, has been ordered to stand trial once again.

Turner, 44, has been ordered to stand trial in the deaths of four more women who were killed between 1987 and 1998.

He is now charged with the June 5, 1987, slaying of Elandra Bunn; the Nov. 16, 1992, murder of Debra Williams; the Dec. 16, 1992, killing of Mary Edwards; and the Feb. 22, 1997, slaying of Cynthia Annette Johnson.

Turner, a former pizza delivery man, was sentenced to death in 2007 for murdering 10 women in Los Angeles County. At the time, he lived within 30 blocks of each of the killings.

Turner was linked to the four other strangulations through DNA test results after being arrested and convicted of raping a woman in the Skid Row area in 2002, according to police.

He’s scheduled to be arraigned later this month.

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  1. Hitman says:

    what a waste of resources… our justice system is a joke. convict once and execute. execute will never happens so lock the POS up. what is the purpose of trying the POS on all the murders? Makes no sense!

    1. Tommy says:

      i basicly agree with you that it costs alot to try the guy for these new cases HOWEVER the familys of those 4 want their day in court just like the familys of who ever else he was tried for its a shame they could not tie him to these 4 back when they tried him for the others but junk happens

  2. Justice League of America says:

    Execute him already, he doesn’t deserve to live. And it’s a waste of tax payers money to keep this monster alive.

  3. Soraya Robroo Nakamura says:

    Yep yep I agree with that!!!

  4. Gene Rodmy says:

    Agree with waste of resources. Execute him, then put him on trial again, if needed.

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