LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Dr. Wendy Treynor always looks for the bright side.

Even if your house is destroyed by a hurricane, she can see the glass half full. “You have the opportunity to now rebuild your dream house,” says Treynor, “so when disaster strikes, and your house has been split in two, count yourself lucky, for now you can build your life anew.”

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Dr. Treynor was an in-studio guest on the KCAL9 News at Noon Friday.

She talked about her career as an inspirational speaker as well as being the creator of “Healing Consulting.”

Dr. Treynor is a self-described “teacher of love and self-love” as well as “a social psychologist, cancer survivor, philosopher, artist, scientist, writer and dreamer.”

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Dr. Treynor is also author of the “I Can Heal” newsletter. In it, she inspires people — not matter how down they might feel — to understand their own power. Even for folks who have been chronically unemployed and feeling there is no hope.

Start, she says, with believing in your self “and the possibilities,” even if it’s difficult. And, she offers, “have compassion for yourself.”

Her own road includes being jobless, divorced, depressed and suicidal. And part of her amazing turnaround is part of her “I Can Heal” workshops.

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For more on Dr. Treynor, or her free, four-part workshops on attaining happiness, click here.