LOS ANGELES (CBS) — If you’re finding it tough to stay off of Facebook, you may soon find it even harder to keep your words off of Google.

The Internet’s most popular — and powerful — search engine will soon expand its search index to include user comments on Facebook as part of Google’s traditional search results.

While private users will still be protected, any comments made on Facebook forms on other websites or public pages within the social networking site will be indexed and open for all the world to see.

The controversial change comes as Google looks to expand its reach to any user content currently hiding from its all-seeing search robots — usually in comment systems like the one used on Facebook and other popular sites.

While Google has pledged to take “precautions to avoid performing any task on a site that could result in executing an unintended user action,” not everyone is cheering its latest indexing tool.

Developers are concerned that the new effort could disrupt confidence for users who may feel uncomfortable leaving comments on their respective websites without revealing them to Google — and the rest of the Web community.

Comments (153)
  1. TeaRunner says:

    Hello Bing,

    Goodbye Facebook.

    1. T. DIDDY says:

      Startpage.com is the answer.

      Bing is owned by Microsoft who is owned by Bill Gates who loves spying on you as much as google and Facebook.

      Startpage searches Google for you with a proxy IP address. ITS GREAT.

      1. Ed Miller says:


      2. keith says:

        Kind of. You do realize of course that a proxy logs everything too….right?

      3. Lex says:

        startpage com

      4. keith says:

        Just an FYI,

        Squid is the most common proxy server that you will find on the internet, and yes, they do log quite a bit of data including your original IP address and all of the content you have pulled, including the search terms you use on any search engine. I run my own proxy accessed through an SSH tunnel for a variety of reasons. Example log entry from a cache server.:

        1319824453.953 4 TCP_MEM_HIT/200 5219 GET http://a57.foxnews.com/www.foxnews.com/ucat/images/121/91/293510_121_Popcorn.jpg – NONE/- image/jpeg is the originating IP address — the box that requested the web page. An internal machine on my network in this case. TCP_MEM_HIT means it was able to find the image in the cache. The URL is an image that made up just one image of content on a web page.

        So when folks say “BS and private”, “private” depends on who runs the proxy. You can still see exactly who asked for which web page. Nothing is anonymous on the internet.

    2. stop I want to get off says:

      Goodbye internet.

      Hello Library.

      1. Dustin says:

        Whats a library?

      2. JS says:

        Amen! I’m going to open a lending library. It will use card catalogs and it will have, gulp, books instead of being a movie rental outlet (eliminating the need to hire a police force for security b/c movie rentals bring in the riff raff). Computers could be used in place of humans, but the hidden costs to the rest of my fellow humans, the cost of building and exposing of the computers, maintaining them, up dating them… is too much, especially when there only cause for existence is us needing to keep up with the Jones’. I’m not a Luddite, these tools have their uses; but 99.4 percent of the time, they’re just unnecessary bells and whistles to make the 1% richer.

    3. ixquick.com 4 me says:

      ixquick.com is the web’s most private search engine. They don’t “filter” the results, log your ip address, record your data, or plant tracking cookies. It has worked well for me.

      1. Patriotgrunt says:

        +1. The only one on the net. No logs No cookies No nothing

      2. Karen says:

        Thanks. I just deleted a whole bunch of FB comments and tried ixquick.com.

        Google and Facebook are so wrong and so un-American. We have a right to privacy.

        We can vote with a secret ballot. I am not posting public comments on Facebook anymore.

  2. Carol says:

    Will they include blog, or article, of subscribers’, who pay to access articles and periodicals?Or are they simply going to log comments detached from what inspired them? If Google logs and gives access to comments, will it just open the article which inspired comment for free?

  3. NVRAT says:

    I agree TeaRunner.

    Hello BING.

  4. Michael Laney says:

    Google has gotten too big for it’s pants!

    1. bobbyv says:

      they don’t wear pants, they wear skirts

  5. Michael Laney says:

    Boycott Google!….use any other search engine!

    1. Karen says:

      I rarely used google – just to compare search results with my favorite search engine. I boycotted google because of the recent youtube decision. I just tried ixquick.com but my normal search engine is dogpile.com. It has been consistently ranked the best.

  6. TJP says:

    If you post a public comment, it’s a public comment. I don’t see how it really makes any difference whether it’s viewable by 1/6 of the world population or the entire world population. If you’re -that- worried about privacy, you shouldn’t be on social networking sites in the first place. That having been said, I kind of liked the idea of Facebook and Google being at war with each other, it provided some measure of balance. Where’s that balance now? Bing doesn’t really have much chance of making a dent, given that it’s run by Microsoft and the same people who dislike Google probably dislike Microsoft at least as much.

    1. Carter says:

      You haven’t a clue.

    2. James Stephens says:

      Baaa baaa typical sheep response

    3. Donn M Searle says:

      TJP is correct. If you’re concerned about a comment you made on the internet, you shouldn’t have made the comment. Look before you leap.

    4. Cogito ergo sum says:

      I agree that you shouldn’t expect any privacy on the internet. I don’t trust Facebook or Google period. If you don’t want people to know about your personal life, then don’t have a Facebook page, it’s pretty simple. These companies do not care about your privacy, your privacy is for sale once you create a Facebook page. Our society has become so narcissistic and trivial that posting the innermost details of one’s personal life is not only the norm, it’s expected. People look at me like I have 3 heads when I say I don’t use social networking sites. It’s seems pointless and shallow to me to live vicariously through a computer. These corporations are lacking in ethics if your personal business is for sale. Please reconsider trusting these corporations with your information, it’s really not worth it. You can always call your friends on the phone, Facebook isn’t as important our egocentric society makes it out to be..

    5. Karen says:

      I don’t want it indexed by my name TJP. That’s the issue for me. Because I used to work for a union, my salary for several years was online. If someone really wanted to know, they had to log on to the Dept of Labor’s website. Then some republisher dowloaded the DOL data into their database and made my salary searchable by my name and won’t take it down. He thinks it is a matter of public record. If someone wants to read Facebook comments, they should go to the Facebook page and read them, NOT look up the comments by my name or anyone’s name. Our names have nothing to do with the subject and should not be searchable that way. Google and Facebook are too nosy.

  7. bok choi says:

    Google is making pawns of people in a power play against Facebook. I was already dubious about Google+, but now I’m dead set against moving to Google’s new platform. It’s blatantly disrespectful.

  8. vet451 says:

    Leaving Google will not help. Any user using Facebook will have their comment contents displayed on the web. You have to leave Facebook to prevent this from happening.

    1. John says:

      I am ready to leave Gmail and Facebook. I have a feeling Yahoo is no better. I do use Bing to search. Would like to get away from the Megacompanies completely. I recently read it is extremely difficult to close your FB account.

      . Where do I go, What’s a good small email company?

      1. keith says:

        Buy a domain and have the register host your email, or better yet, run your own server.

        If you don’t know how an email server works, learn some unix or linux. start with FreeBSD or OpenBSD. Sendmail is OK, qmail is better for a simple mail server. You might even learn a bit about internet security and privacy instead of blindly checking the “I agree” box.

      2. Cogito ergo sum says:

        Be careful when you delete your Facebook account. Deactivating and deleting are two different things and FB puts the deactivation option in a much easier place to find, so people end up only deactivating their accounts instead of deleting them. You have to click on several links to get to the deletion option. If you deactivate your page will still stay up on FB. You have to delete it to get it taken down. Research how to delete it before you do anything, just to be safe.

  9. Big brother brought in by stealth. If you are a Google user and think you are getting free services…You are wrong. All of Google’s users are products. They monitor all of their services including Android and sell that information to the highest bidder. Boycott all of Google if you want to maintain any resemblance of privacy.

  10. David Heath says:

    It’s bad enough living abroad and having Google search constantly redirecting my searches to match the limited vocabulary of its headquarters staff. Now its searches will be even more meaningless.
    I’m a teacher and feel especially threatened by the Chinese-style monitoring Facebook is implementing in the West. It’s all the more a threat given how it goes out of its way to invade and pervert people’s privacy. Just look at the risks in simply using Facebook to comment: Websites are permitted, without any real reason, to access your basic information including your name, “profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends and any other information I’ve shared with everyone”. It allows the site to send you unsolicited email. It can actually send any post it wants to your Wall- status messages, notes, photos, videos, etc… You have absolutely no control over the content. Worryingly is can “access my data any time” without saying exactly what data it will be accessing and for what purpose, and even “access my data when I’m not using the application.” All very useful when Facebook tries to convince the Chinese to let it be allowed to be used within that country in exchange for such valuable information and technology; just the type of behaviour fascist states need! Thank God I live in Germany that is putting a stop to this- so much for America being the land of the free…

  11. Chris says:

    All you people who are saying boycott google.. What are you going to use? Microsoft’s ridiculous excuse for a search engine?



    You’ll use google. Because google is the best.

    1. John says:

      I’ve been using Bing for several months and I haven’t noticed any difference from Google.

      Yahoo uses Bing so the search results are exactly the same.

      1. Kay says:

        I also use Bing and like it after many years of using google.

    2. PrivacyFanatic says:

      I use Startpage.com.

      Startpage provides actual Google results, but without Google watching and recording what you do. Startpage does not record your IP address, deletes all records of your search, doesn’t use tracking cookies, and they have a sweet proxy service. So yes, there is an alternative.

  12. ItsGettingCrazy says:

    This is just plain stupid.

    The facebook comments that are results from a google search BETTER BE AT THE END otherwise I WILL STOP USING GOOGLE.


    1. CoSteve says:

      Now that’s a really good point. Used to drive me crazy when Twitter feeds were at the top. Like I care what some random person has to say in a throw-away comment. If I wanted a story about Lindsay Lohan (unlikely tho that may be) a comment stating “Hard night out partying, look like Lindsay Lohan lol” is not something I need to pop up in a search result.

      Although I suppose the name connected to a comment like that might be valuable to potential employers looking into an applicant.

  13. Josh Hanneman says:

    maybe we should “occupy GOOG”, no they would probably like that. funny though i dont see any of the idiots in oakland protesting google

  14. Gene says:

    A great alternative is Startpage, all the results and all the privacy, http://www.startpage.com. I switched after I clicked a banner ad on boycotting the South Africa world cup. The next day I searched for the site Google didn’t have it, finally I went to my history to get it. The site had been up for a year and was a forum used by over a million white people who have fled SA, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. Not a little or unused site. I even put the URL into Google, it doesn’t exist. I have reasons to be interested in the collapse of modern Africa and its re-colonization by the Chinese. Its not on the TV, its not on any radio with a license, its barely on the web. The whole Western and Eastern world has good reason to cover up what is happening in these three countries, and I tried every search imaginable to confirm that Google prevents Americans from stumbling across a political website. Ever since one of their boys said “if you are concerned about privacy don’t do it” I have thought of Google as willing to be any especially our own Government’s stooge.

    1. Happydots says:

      Gene, I love you. All of that has floored me. Granted, I knew Google was sneaky because you can’t find certain quotes made by certain companies that were blatantly there once before and when I went back to prove a certain group said something, it was never reachable. But China in Africa…. God help us….

      1. Happydots says:

        Although I must point out that it is ‘enhanced’ by Google… any idea what that means?

    2. Lunch Lady says:

      Sorry, Gene–I didn’t see your Starting Page suggestion before leaving my comment, below. I heard about SP HTTPS from George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. Re your anecdote: why I’m even surprised is beyond me. I’m also appalled. Google should change its name to Uncle Sam’s Shill.

    3. Kay says:

      Thanks Gene I will check it out!

  15. joel says:

    They want people to come to Google Plus so what better way to have that happen then to chase people out of facebook. Google is a disgrace.

  16. Jim Kress says:

    Did you notice that StartPage has announced (and posted on its front page) that it is “enhanced” by Google?

    So much for the “privacy” argument.

    1. Happydots says:

      Jim, I just commented on that in one of the above comments. I thought the same thing you did.

  17. Al says:

    Use Smart Page!!!! they don’t record you IP address!!!

    1. Nobody Knows says:

      They don’t have to. Their ISP does it for them. Just need a timestamp to discern who hit the site, when.

  18. CoSteve says:

    Who cares? Looks like only public comments are effected, which are, as the name states, already public comments. Those visible only to certain groups will still be visible only to those certain groups – because Google can’t see them either, much less index them.

    1. Sara Bellum says:

      CoSteve, what makes you think Gaagle “can’t see or index” Anything it decides to that is posted on facebook??

  19. Fupp Duck says:

    This says that PUBLIC comments will be included and PRIVATE users will not. Don’t blame Facebook if you haven’t secured your settings and you post everything as public. If you don’t want Google to index your comments, change your settings.

  20. Ryan says:

    I’m all for it. I’ve been reading Democrat hate speech, threats, insults and sick perverted Facebook writings for years. Finally, we employers, will be able to find and filter out those vermin that will ruin our companies. All the blabber mouths will finally have their day. You can try and delete, but Google will bring it back as a cached repeat. Resist we much. Success it not.

  21. Lunch Lady says:

    Search “Starting Page by iXquick and add it to your list of search engines.” Starting Page HTTPS bring up all the same Google results but you can read them without being tracked or click directly on the result to be tracked. Your choice. And at least you’ll take tons of business away from Google. I’m starting to wonder if they aren’t part of the NWO. Anyway, eff them. Use Starting Page Https. (And NO, I have absolutely no financial interest in Starting Page, other than the same one you have. Heard about them on Coast to Coast AM radio show. I think Katherine Austin Fitts has something to do with it. She’s a consumer advocate.)

    You’re welcome! 😉

    1. TheTruthShallSetYouFree says:

      Looks like a bunch of aliases being used to shill for “Startpage”. If you don’t want your public comments read by the public don’t post them to the public. It doesn’t matter what search engine is used to find your publicly posted comments. It only matters if you posted something you will be ashamed of later. Moral of the story is the internet never forgets so be sure you really want to say what you post or be prepared to face the consequences when that rant you posted when you were 15 years old comes back to bite you in the ass when it shows up on your employer’s background check. Live by your convictions and you will always be free to say what you want but post stupid, hateful, comments and you will always have to fear being found out.

  22. Gen says:

    it’s already tough enough to get results sometimes, I just don’t see the need for it? Why on earth would I want to read a strangers comments on a random post when I look for my son’s butt rash or a new recipe????

  23. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “Doctors destroy health,
    lawyers destroy justice,
    psychiatrists destroy minds,
    scientists destroy truth,
    major media destroys information,
    religions destroy spirituality and
    governments destroy freedom.” ~ Michael Ellner

    Now Google joins the list … http://911essentials.com

  24. bondservatrn1958 says:

    google a fascist’s wet dream

  25. Theresa McKeown says:

    Google has been posting facebook comments since the start of facebook…

    This is not new……….since 2004!

    Google your email address or name …and all of your comments will appear since 2004……..even Google your phone number.

  26. Dr. Robotnik says:

    Just another reason to dump Facebook. As if another is needed.

    1. JBF says:

      You were dumb enough to open a Facebook!? It’s been a proven CIA program for years now…

  27. Cheryl says:

    Try ixquick. The only search engine that does not record your IP address.

    1. Nobody Knows says:

      As I said above, they don’t have to. Their ISP records the IP address. They only need a timestamp to send a request to the ISP for those records.

  28. Tomas David Hood says:

    Don’t use the Internet, at all. That will solve the whole problem for you, if you want to stay private. A public comment is there for everyone to see, so it might as well be on a search engine result. That’s just efficient. Switching to Bing or any other search engine will not change the fact that public comments on Facebook pages and profiles will still be public and searchable. If you really don’t understand the repercussions of your actions online, you should not be online. Surf responsibly.

    1. Bucko says:

      You gotta be insane in the first place to put ANYTHING personal on a Facebook page. I never had, never will. If I ever do put my name on a Facebook page — and I doubt it — it will be kept in the strictest professional sense.

      All that being said, I don’t think complacency and “don’t use the Internet if you value any privacy whatsoever” is in the least bit a healthy mindset. Sounds too complacent and accepting to me. Especially in this day and age, where so many are marching into Orwell’s nightmare like so many sheep.

  29. Bucko says:

    Facebook and Google, a match made in hell. Quite literally. Taken separately they may have some viable claim to to being useful while not being entirely malignant. But these two together have all the charm of a guy who ate thirty eggs in a broken and crowded elevator.

  30. PrivacyFanatic says:

    Startpage (www.Startpge.com) and Ixquick (www.Ixquick.com) are run by the same company. Both protect privacy and do not share information with Google. This explanation is from the Startpage website:

    When you search with Startpage, we remove all identifying information from your query and submit it anonymously to Google ourselves. We get the results and return them to you in total privacy.

    Your IP address is never recorded, your visit is not logged, and no tracking cookies are placed on your browser. When it comes to protecting your privacy, Startpage runs the tightest ship on the Internet. Our outstanding privacy policy and thoughtful engineering give you great search results in total anonymity. Here are some of our key features:

    No IP address recorded.
    No record is made of your searches.
    No identifying or tracking cookies used.
    Powerful SSL encryption.
    Free proxy surfing available.
    Praised by privacy experts worldwide.
    Twelve-year company track record.
    Third-party certified.

    Go Startpage!

    1. Mehicangeles says:

      You need to work on you GUI and branding. That logo and CSS is of low-quality. Thats what for me, says so much about just how professional a company is, how serious they are about what they represent.

      Get it together.

  31. Susan says:

    Seriously yo stupid people at facebook and google do you think we do not know who is giving you money to do this >???? Stop !! You will looose in the end!! Stop the maddness>> OH ok naow you will be monteringmy email too !!!

  32. drprobus says:

    I switched to another search engine a year ago, when a friend told me she could “google me” and find out “where” i’ve been, online.

  33. Mazey Ray says:

    Being spied on is cool !! Look at meeee… look what I can dooooo …. weeeee…

  34. Mimimama says:

    When this comes to pass, I shall be leaving Facebook. Farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.

  35. l8terg8ter says:

    next thing you know folks will lose their jobs because of comments made on facebook….uhh, oh wait.

    run from facebook as fast as you can.

  36. Jackelope says:

    The comments that Google are indexing are already visible to the world. Now they’re categorized. That’s all. Your private Facebook status updates are still just that – private. Stop freeking out and re-read the article if you didn’t catch that the first time.

  37. franklin808 says:

    Bing is the search engine that everyone should use. I know because I am a .NET cloud consultant in Chicago.

  38. Timothy MacAren says:

    Bing is ridiculously slow–ain’t touch it w/pole. Google does not show you political risque things.
    I like ask. Am I too naive? Please advise.

  39. Chuck says:

    How is this entirely landing on Google? This can equally be controlled by Facebook through their own code, yet they refuse to for their own reasons (ad revenue). They’re both exploiting this for their own profit.

    Bottom line: DO NOT post anything on the internet that you would consider to be private. It is not, never has, and never will be.

  40. wxgesr says:

    A few years ago the current administration released an RFP looking to index and DB all social commentary websites. Our company did not bid on it. But, know that some ploitical goon, whether now or in the future, will use this information for ill purpose!

  41. DrTom says:

    dogpile.com is the only search engine I’ve used for a million years.

    1. SoManyNonSecrets says:

      So you are ok with dogpile using other search engines to get your information? That is what dogpile does you know. They send your query information to the list of search engines shown on the front page and bring back the answers from each one including google. Some other search engines have been caught using google to search for them and taken to court for theft. Did you read about the case where google placed a hidden page in a hidden area and set up a search on it’s own server to find that page then entered the page name into bing to verify that bing had used google to do the search? That is why bing is so slow because it is actually doing what dogpile does submitting your query to other search engines then reporting their results as it’s own. That is why startpage ix etc are not worth having. If you want to have safe email use the one you get free from your ISP and stop trying to use webmail to “fool” someone into thinking you are somewhere else. It never has worked and it never will. It amazes me how many people have forgotten about the chip id built in to each cpu since the late 1990s. What did you forget that your computer adds code to your outgoing posts the same way that your printer prints embeded code into your printouts to avoid counterfieting? The ignorance is astounding.

  42. cydthesquid says:

    Don’t we get enough garbage when we’re trying to search for something on the internet? Now we have to scan through millions of Facebook comments, too? Enough already!

  43. LastOneStanding says:

    What is fox fire?

  44. jerry says:

    When it happens, I’m off Facebook.

  45. T Gregory Knox says:

    In the 3rd sentence, “While private users will still be protected…”

    Don’t want your comments available to the public? Set your profile to private. It really is that simple.

  46. Court Jester says:

    Typical media overhype about nothing. Google isn’t doing anything it isn’t already doing. Same goes for Bing. This really is no news at all.

    But y’all bit and let your emotions run wild with it – just like the media wants you to.


  47. -g says:

    Really, people are worried that comments they post on the public page of a public website will be available for the public to find via google???

  48. Adam says:

    I think you are missing the point here. Don’t log-in with your Facebook account to these sites and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Keep Facebook separate from your online activities. You’ve got two choices on many sites now for logging in to make comments. Use the one that isn’t your Facebook log-in. Changing to Bing isn’t going to do anything because Google will still index your comments.

  49. Nobody says:

    For the longest time I have avoided anything and everything remotely related to social spying sites like Faceborg and the Google-y Eyed Monster. I don’t use Twitter either; most of the users are celebrities, company CEOs, or other PUBLIC figures. Note I said PUBLIC. Kim Kardashboard is on Twitter because she is a PUBLIC figure. Me, I am all about protecting my PRIVATE life. As such I’ve never once used any form of Web 2.0 sites and never will.

    Also, with regards to privacy, I use Tor and prohibit my web browser from displaying images and allowing cross-site code. Very easy with Firefox, Torbutton, No Script and Adblock Plus. A damn good Hosts file offers further protection from Big Brother.

    Am I the only one who finds it eerie that Markzilla Suckerbird was *born* in 1984?

  50. Anon says:

    What a bunch of BS. Public comments are public. There is nothing strange or invasive about this.

  51. Sgeo says:

    I’m not sure why that pledge is mentioned in this article. It has nothing to do with protecting privacy and everything to do with saying, essentially, “We don’t want to accidentally do things like deleting or modifying pages on a website.”

  52. Thomas Greene III says:


  53. JS says:

    FB is a way to have a high school reunion without having to actually go to one. You put up pics of yourself living the good life, and list the fabulous wife and job you have. Then you stalk other profiles to see how others have been doing, well or not well. It’s just a way to gossip, exchange pleasantries and stalk people. What you find online, more than anything else, is loneliness.

  54. Dripable Service says:

    You could not be more right on…

    1. Sgeo says:

      Diaspora has had some severe security issues before. I don’t know if there are more competent people working on it these days, or what, but until I’m certain, I would not use Diaspora.

  55. toddjir says:

    This is strange considering Google and facebook are rivals. I have even posted about this on my blog.


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