RIVERSIDE (CBS) — If you do the time in Riverside County, you better have the dime to pay for it.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports that’s the driving sentiment behind one Riverside County supervisor’s efforts to charge jail inmates for their time in custody.

Supervisor Jeff Stone introduced an ordinance this week seeking reimbursements for the cost of jailing inmates that an estimated $143 dollars per day.

Stone told the Riverside Press Enterprise the county could reap as much as a $5 million windfall from the move.

If an inmate is unable to cover the costs, the county would put a lien against any real property they may own.

“And we have probably about 25 percent of people that do white-collar crimes in this county, and those are the ones that are going to be put in the county jails, they’re going to be required to pay for their costs,” said Stone.

Stone also hoped to charge a fee to all visitors to county prisons, but lawyers argued such a move would be unconstitutional.

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  1. bletch says:

    So how long before they start arresting folks for just about anything? Just so they can try to put a lien on more houses

    1. Klaus says:

      We are fast degenerating into a Prison Planet.

      1. RawHide says:

        Wow, Americans are so stupid. More than half the planet would not put up with this.
        Obey the law, pull their funding, shrink their size to tiny.

    2. Bruce Brinkmann says:

      Shelby County in Tennessee has been charging jail time fee’s for quite a while. I know it was $26 a day 15 yrs. ago. I don’t know what it is now.

      1. Jeff B says:

        Clark County, WA does the same

      2. Htos1 says:

        Nassau co.,Florida does the same thing,due to a boomer base five minutes north of here.There are only two in the world.

    3. Christopher Cross says:

      Yeah and how about charging your family for the bullet they shoot you w?

      1. none says:

        Sounds good to me…

    4. G3Ken says:

      It’s just more extortion by the authorities. Imagine you get locked up on some phony, bs charge. You are ultimately acquitted. What do you think the odds of you getting your money back or the lien taken off your property.

      Aside from that, it punishes those better off, making the police more likely to target them than someone with no resources. Let the revolution begin.

    5. gk says:

      You nailed it and the liberals that run that town would do it. How about charging the city leaders and officials a fine for overspending the budget and causing the deficit? They can afford it from the high salaries they force taxpayers to pay.

    6. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

      They are already doing it today. Fines and community service are a huge source of income and labor for counties now. Drug tests and “psychological” tests are also mini-profit centers. It’s called graft. That’s why cops no longer exercise good judgment. Their job is to put you in jail The prosecutor’s job is to get a conviction, right or wrong, good judgment notwithstanding.

      1. Tony Frudakis says:

        Dont steal, beat or kill and you have nothing to worry about. Public safety trumps the right of criminals to commit their crimes with “constitutional protection – why doesnt anyone whine about the unconstitutionality of an innocent victim being violated? Murder, theft and general mayhem plague innocent people to an excessive level because we in this country are in love with our criminals. This needs to change. Build more jails, longer sentences, more claw-backs/disgorgements, and charge the inmates. Why should innocent tax payers – the victims of these criminals – have to pay for the incarceration of those criminals? In addition, charging them adds another layer of deterrence (though I realize deterrence as well as incentive are concepts liberals cannot seem to grasp). The charge should scale with the violence of the offense as well

      2. baconknightt says:

        I’ve been around that sort of thing. A bad marriage, a wife that accuses you of ‘abuse’ . With such ‘crimes’ the man is left defending himself after being presumed GUILTY before innocence. The end result was going for a year to “Intervention” program that was state sanctioned. The people there charged $50/session and had you once a week. For $200/month you had to go and admit you’re an a-hole, that you’re violent, that you always will be so you best just be alone and punish yourself.
        IN the end, I was acquitted, But since the court DEEMED me guilty first before innocence, I was out several thousand dollars.
        THE STATE and its infinite wisdom. HA!

      3. The Truth says:


        Funny stuff.

        The ol’ Reich Wing “if you haven’t done anything you have nothing to worry about excuse” Yeah.. NOBODY has ever been falsely arrested before.

        Really wish you wind up behind bars for something YOU haven’t done, and then be charged for it to boot. Then we’ll see where your lil’ ol teabagged-ism’s are at then.

        When are you TEAop lemmings going to get it through your 3 brain cells that DETERRENCE doesn’t work?

        Yeah, build more jails huh Tony, but not in your neighborhood, right?

      4. Kalen Smith says:

        Tony: How about getting charged with a crime you didn’t commit? Because that never happens right? I’m sure innocent people actually get their money back too.

    7. Just me says:

      Hey Don Ingram,

      I agree and I vote that we make you the test pig for the program; I recommend that we do a 6 month background investigation on you; I’m sure with all the insane, maniac laws that these psychotic monsters and fascist corporate law makers make, I’m sure we can dig up at the very minimum a 1 to 2 year misdemeanor for ya. I say we go for the maximum 2 years to ensure the success of the pig test program. After your two year incarceration and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees get back to us with a report on how it worked out for ya.

      1. Jeremy Harding says:


    8. J_Ruben_Kincaid says:

      Give them the cell for free. Charge them for food and utilities if they want those things.

      1. getmikey says:

        I can agree with part of this! Give them the cell for free. Charge them for food. AND let them send out for pizza if it can be arranged in an orderly manner, as that also provides jobs and/or income to the county where the jail is located.

        But the utilities should be paid for by the State.


        The State needs the electricity on in order to keep the jail cell closed.

    9. Fair Justice says:

      You’re late, they already arrest minorities for everything and when they foul up on your charges out of excitement, the DA adds more charges that “sound” probable, the public pretenders convince you, with scare tactics, to plea bargain so no one has to work and then you’re sentenced. This idea is NOT going to generate more revenue because the ones being locked up don’t have income or property and with a criminal record they won’t be acquiring either anytime soon, as long as they live in Cali.

    10. joebanana says:

      They already do that.

  2. Ze Forte says:

    Since when has local government cared about the Constitution of the United States let alone anyone’s human rights? I say fire the @#$%heads that proposed the law and put in someone that can protect our rights and freedoms!

    1. brad says:

      and if you are not a property owner then what?

      1. molly says:

        Welfare will pick it up and fill in the gaps.

      2. baconknightt says:

        Then you become a slave to the state. They will put you on a “work program” where you do odd jobs for the state without earning a wage. Instead the state “pays” you, but then confiscates the wages to “pay your debt”.
        Josef Stalin would be proud of what the USA is becoming.

    2. T. JENSEN says:

      if your a criminal getting arrested YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS OR FREEDOMS you gave those up when you decided to be a DIRT BAG

      1. Justin M Kohutiak says:

        just wait till a cop turns you into a dirt bag because hes a dirty rotten PIG.

        lets see how OKAY you are LOSING YOUR RIGHTS.

      2. TJACKCITY says:

        yeah for real youre the dirtbag for thinking everyone in jail is actually guilty. HA!

      3. Klaus says:

        And if you are found not guilty by the jury, the dirt bags who prosecuted you shall be charged the cost of the wrongful prosecution and a lien placed on their personal assets. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Checks and balances keep the system fair.

      4. Tx Jack says:

        Thats assuming everyone is well versed in the law and hasnt implicated themselves or made a deal before going to trial. I dunno if you realize how badly most PD’s are hurting for cash right now and have resorted to dirty tactics.

      5. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

        Right T. Jensen. You haven’t met a bad cop yet. You will someday. Get back to us then, dirt bag.

      6. avid.flyer says:

        Your asking for them to make everything against the law which would allow them to arrest just about anybody. This should scae you the fact they have to charge $143.00 dollars a day should tell you how expensive it it so keep a person in jail. At that price you could stay in a very nice hotel Thats $4,441.00 dollars a month or $52,950.00 a year to take care of an inmate so thats how much they are paying for the gaurds not the buildings or all the support groups needed to care for these people. This tells me our freedom is up for sale. I remember when many of the laws we have now were not even on the books, My randfather didn’t have a drivers licence untill he was 67 and that was in 1977, The public is being groomed to accept this stuff thats unconstituional soon your freedoms will be taken away and it will cost you to get them back. This is not a good ideal. Think about when the IRS makes a change on tax laws and at the end of the year you owe $5000.00 due to no fault of your own your having the max taken out of your pay check now you have to go to jail for owing the $5000.00 because the goverment changed the laws in mid stream and now you have to pay $143.00 a day till you pay the $5000.00 you owe with interst while you are in jail. How would you do that? Be cafeful what you ask for you may get it.

      7. baconknightt says:

        Ok, wait till you accidentally commit a crime like scream at your neighbor and get arrested for creating a disturbance. You then get sent to jail, (GASP, you are now a dirtbag).
        SO, by your reasoning anyone who has ever committed a crime is now a dirtbag and doesn’t deserve their rights at all, EVER?????
        JOSEF STALIN would be proud of you. No wait, HUGO CHAVEZ would be proud of you.
        OH, you who is so pure and clean. YOU who has never uttered a bad thought or hurt anyone else. IT must be so great to be so self righteous??? IS your name really JESUS CHRIST by any chance?
        AND even if someone does commit a crime, read the CONSTITUTION. NEITHER FINES NOR EXCESSIVE BAIL SHALL BE IMPOSED. This came from a time when ‘criminals’ were charged so much they’d never be free. THAT or they’d end up in the workhouse (slavery).

      8. Clay says:

        What if your innocent getting arrested? Cops are the dirt bags.

      9. Just Me says:


        What Rights & Freedoms are you referring to? You mean the one’s ensured by the Patriot Act and endless Presidential Executive Orders?

      10. truther says:

        so what your saying is never in the history of all time has anyone been wrongly accused of a crime, i can show several DNA acquittals that proves beyond 100% that the person accused and placed in jail never committed the crime… just wait your time will come.

      11. Holms says:

        Actually you have plenty of rights and freedoms. Otherwise you are guilty before proven innocent and that would be unconstitutional.

        People like you that that are devoid of all logic, reason and accountability are the ones that put innocent people on death row.

        Defend the constitution and you have no problems. Peonage is unconstitutional and eternal debt is peonage. The statute of limitations is what protects you from that.

      12. greg says:

        ever hear a paper called the Bill of Rights?

    3. Denver says:

      What IS your problem? Taxpayers have to pony up the cash to house and feed the moral degenerates that end up in jail. If there is a way to get the inmates, or their families, to pay, I’m all for it.

      1. CrashJPMorgan says:

        Jail sentences are WAY WAY to long for small offenses. This is what is bankrupting the police forces and the USA in general. In Canada we don’t prosecute people for marijuana possession.

      2. Hammer says:

        You are an idiot who has no idea what these families go through. They are treated as a criminal but have broken no law, they are the only ones who have no advocate in the system (even the criminal is given an attorney, 3 hots and a cot, and medical), they pay for a crime most of them did not commit nor have any choice in. They deal with the legal fees, they lose their income, lose their housing, usually with children. My church works with these families who are abandoned by the felon, by their family, by their friends, and by their community. Dump on the criminals all you want, but leave these families out of it. If you worked with the young children of these families who are traumitized by what has happened and yearn for affection and stability, you wouldn’t be such a neanderthal who never gives a second thought to those unfortunates who want to do right but are caught in the middle. Grow up.

      3. Steven says:

        The problem with it Denver is the potential for abuse. Look at what Supervisor Stone said” it could reap a 5 million dollar windfall.” Now with how cash strapped these county governments are this could and believe it will be used as a tool to increase revenue not to enforce justice. That is what the criminal justice system is for not a way for the county to make money. Look at all the corruption we have already when it comes to government and money. Now you want to let the government profit off of arresting and sentencing people to jail.Instead of just writing a traffic ticket they will just take you to jail, more profit to make. Remember any traffic offense is an offense they can take you to jail for and I’m sure all you ,everybody in jail is a degenerate types, have once in your life broke a traffic law. This is dangerous and with things like hate crime laws where preaching certain scriptures from the Bible in Canada and Europe can get you arrested the potential for tyranny is there. Wake up people this is an idea that can be exploited to control are lives.

      4. Just me says:

        Hey Denver
        Yea, it sounds like a great idea until they pass a law making breathing illegal, but then I’ll guess you’ll be the lone idiot complaining about the crime rate going up.

      5. Jeff says:

        So Denver, I read about a guy that got his conviction overturned after serving 17 years in prison. The DNA evidence was overturned because of gross negligence in handling the samples (a child could have done a better job) and they finally allowed his multiple witness alibis to be represented in court so basically he was without a doubt always innocent. If your argument holds true then the state should pay him for every year of salary lost with interest and inflation and more importantly pay for his pain and suffering for having to live with criminals for 17 years and losing the chances lost to him such as maybe a wife and children.

  3. ieguy says:

    I thought I’d seen ever sick, insane and totally asinine idea that could possibly come out of some of our elected reps, but this one – I admit – goes beyond anything anyone sane could come up with. Also, I second Bletch’s comment.

    1. Denver says:

      Steven, CA does have a problem; Union goons have taken over the prison guard jobs. And they lobby the legislature on what should be crimes and how long the sentences should be. Job security and all that.

      But charging room and board, for felons, is a marvelous idea.

      1. Duane Fezler says:

        Charging room and board is already happening in Arizona. The DOC confiscates 30% of the inmates income, as they are required to work at the State approved employers. The inmates are paid $.15 to $2.00 an hour while collecting market based pay rates from the employer, thus making a profit for the State on the back of the inmate. They also charge for their “orange attire”, food, electricity, and “personal hygiene” items including toilet paper and tampons.

  4. Hmmm, it’s a strange concept. After all, these people didn’t decide to be put in jail, it wasn’t their “choice” (even if one argues that they knew that their illegal actions could lead to jail eventually.) while I certainly think that something needs to be done about overcrowded and expensive jails, perhaps there is a better alternative? Allowing inimates to work while in prison, which would constitute as their pay? Aren’t there work programs in some prisons?

    1. TJAX says:

      Hmmm perhaps not throwing ppl in jail for petty drug charges longer than child rapists would help too.

      1. truther says:

        how about not making prisons a privately owned for profit center, thats a real problem everyone seems to gloss over.

  5. Justified says:

    This politician is a Nazi. Just about anyone can be put in jail from murder to jay walking.

    I’d be very wary of this mans intentions in regard to charging inmates. Again, with government agency’s trying to increase their revenue, it’s only a matter of time before they start knocking on your door.

    “You do the crime, you serve the time”- END of story. No putting these extra clauses into what’s already a horrible time for people. People need to leave jail so they can lead a productive life, and with these clauses it only complicates a persons life so that they feel alienated that a system is working against them.

  6. Steven McCune says:

    If you’re in jail and not working, how are you supposed to pay $143 a day? What will they do if I don’t pay it? Put me in jail?

    1. John Sheridan says:

      No, but they COULD get a judgement on anything you own, anything you would ever earn or any government benefits you might get after you get out. Why should tax payers cough up money to keep dangerous people where they can’t hurt anyone. While $143/day seems way over what it costs, inmates would have to work for anything but basic subsistence. If you want more than bread & water or MREs.

      1. baconknightt says:

        Because moron, the vast majority of ‘criminals’ are NON-VIOLENT. THEY are whats called “MALA IN SE” crimes. Crimes with no victims. AS opposed to “MALA PROHIBE” crimes, where there are victims.
        UNFORTUNATELY, the state is claiming their money on the backs of inmates. BUT if these inmates were thieves who stole from people, do the people get their money? OR is it just the state getting theirs? If thats the case, then the state is inclined to accuse people of crimes just to make money.
        I’ve had my house broken into, my car, I’ve been assaulted. AS a victim do I get any compensation? OR just the state? THERE is huge potential for abuse here.
        A STATE AGENCY accusing people of crimes, just so they can get money out of you. HOW long before YOU get accused of something ?

    2. S. Schut says:

      Read the article. He points out that it is the white collar criminals that spend time in the county jails. The other criminals do their time in the state or federal pen. The white collar criminals usually have plenty of money.

      1. Steven McCune says:

        I did read the article. I was talking about the other 75% that weren’t white collar. And so what? How are white collar criminals supposed to make money behind bars???

  7. zoe says:

    Why not? We, the taxpayers are footing the bill. Nothing else in life is free, why should jail be. Great idea!!!

    1. Steven McCune says:

      Well then if I’m paying $143 a day, at least the food better be slightly better!! 🙂

    2. Locke says:

      It’s good to charge people $143 a day to be enslaved?
      You’re crazy.

      1. mephistofan says:

        Has it occurred to you that the enslavement is self inflicted? Have you ever heard of that old fashioned concept of self-responsibility?

      2. Justin M Kohutiak says:

        cops are evil and ruining peoples live with lie, curruption and the system is run by the cali correction union, so there whole goal is top put more people in jail, and now they want to charge people money for there curruption?
        you people who are okay with this better be nazi’s cuz this is a STAZI thing not an american thing.

    3. Jeff says:

      Exactly, I agree. I’m 42 and have never had a cop plant something on me just to arrest me. Seems like the majority of the people commenting here have had a run in with the law and are scared it may happen again lol. Don’t do the crime and you don’t have to worry about the time, or the bill 🙂

      1. Rob says:

        Welcome to fantasy land Jeff. In the real world, especially where there is an incentive to arrest someone like this law, everybody is a suspect. This will be abused so bad. Note how they’ve already singled out “white collar” workers as the ones to put in the county jails. They’ll be checking your credit before they decide your sentence. This is reason to resist arrest. Don’t go to Riverside.

      2. Steven says:

        Do you know how many laws are on the books out there? I’m sure Jeff that you have broken a law before. Have you ever broken the speed limit? Even by accident. You would be surprised at the laws they have on the books that are not enforced but believe this when these governments need money they will start enforcing them. I’m not opposed to law enforcement but I see the potential for abuse with this one. Taking away someones freedom is bad but to take away possibly everything over a simple misdemeanor is excessive. Another thing we already have bills e give to someone for committing crimes and they are called fines.

      3. Jeff says:

        Ok, Rob and Steven, you make good points. I guess I would like to think that this law would be a way of recouping some of our tax payers money but at the same time, if there are cops who abuse the traffic laws with speed traps I guess this would open the door for abuse as well.

    4. Anonymoose says:

      Because the state imposes incarceration on the individual. If you do not understand the issue of the state vs. the individual, you are a misguided person. Sorry about the paying part, but as you noted why should it be free?

  8. Jen says:

    This is one of the BEST ideas to come about in a long time. As taxpayers, we ALL have to foot the bill for those who are in jail or prison. I think it’s a great idea to have the individuals actually doing the time foot their own bill, each and every one. It’s about personal responsibility and accountability for one’s actions. Every county should follow suit.

    1. Locke says:

      It’s called slavery. It’s tyranny, it’s police state.
      It’s a bad idea. It’s used to steal property for the state, redistribution.

    2. CrashJPMorgan says:

      No no no Jen, sentences are determined by the judge and not by politicians or bureaucrats and so imposing a lifelong financial fine may not be at all what the judge wants so would all the armchair Nazis here go back to school and learn something about the 3 branches of government and how they operate? A daily fine to rent a jail cell would easily be constituted as cruel and unusual punishment. It reminds me of the dark ages when people were jailed until they could pay back their debts which usually would be never.

  9. Joe says:

    Dude, for $143 a day, they better have cable on each cell plus internet WiFi.

    1. Steven McCune says:


    2. Jai says:

      I agree, you can get a hotel room cheaper than that amount

  10. Marlon says:

    Good luck with that one, ha ha ha what are you going to do if they don’t pay put them in jail what a joke idiot liberals.

  11. Randal Flagg, Jr. says:

    This is what happens when an idiot gets its hands on a calculator.

  12. Jair Xezi says:

    This violates the Eighth Amendment to the U. S. Consitiution: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

  13. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington

    —————– http://911essentials.com ————–

  14. whazup says:

    ’bout time

  15. Sleep Junkie says:

    And what if the inmate refuses to pay for being jailed? What then, you gonna put em in jail? LOL What an asinine idea.

    1. 1900innoho says:

      Make him work his ass off to pay – that’s how. There are ways to get funds from people. You sound like a liberal……I can just here the ACLU a knockin’

      1. gk says:

        “There are ways to get funds from people.” Are you in the mob? If government can charge for involuntary jail fees, then the jailee can charge the government back for lost wages and finincial consequences incurred while in jail. Works both ways.

    2. T. JENSEN says:

      no just confiscate their cars, houses and anything else of value till the bill is paid

      1. Duane Fezler says:

        People like you, who trust their governments to do the right thing, are the reason why we have such an intrusive and all powerful class of rulers that are confiscating our lives now. Gonna vote for Obummer again, T. Jensen? READ THE CONSTITUTION, MORON!

  16. Wyatt Kaldenberg says:

    So, a man is unemployed and robs a 7/11 to pay his bills. He gets 1,000 days in Riverside. When he gets out, he can’t try to get his life together because he owns Riverside $143,000. How many 7/11s will he have to rob to pay for his jail times? Talk about an increase in crime!

    1. Don Padelford says:

      I live in a town with 16,000 population and only 2300 registered voters. This says alot per trying to collect jail fees. The thing is the last I heard this little town had 3 million out in unpaid fines ! Why do they not go after these unpaid fines ? Because the city only gets 15 % of the collected monies and the rest goes to the state to give away to undeserving entities? Makes it much more unlikely that such a program would work !

  17. 1900innoho says:

    Let’s get Los Angeles County to do the same!!! We’re sick of paying to house these criminals. MAKE THEM PAY – and loving the lien on their property. Write your representatives! Let’s make this happen statewide.

    1. Steven McCune says:

      If you’re such a wonderful Republican (oh I’m sorry, should I not assume that like you did with Sleep Junkie being a liberal, how rude of me…..) then you would care about the Constitution. Like Jair pointed out: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

      1. Denver says:

        Paying for your daily bread id neither a fine, nor is it bail, nor is it unusual.

      2. Ziporay says:

        Please tell me just who should pay/ the hard working waitresses, shoemakers, cab drivers, salespeople who work all over the country who can barely pay their bills because of such high taxes? If you are going to object, that’s your right, but you owe us an explanation who should pay for these criminals.

  18. Billy says:

    Except if you’re illegal. Pretty hard to put a lien on foreign assets. So, American citizens are charged for their prison time and illegal immigrants are not. Sounds about right.

    1. Steve Congdon says:

      That’s why they have to have this charge – to pay for all the llegals perks. They wouldn’t dream of making it illegal to be an illegal immigrant, they would rather figure out a way to make Americans come up with more money.

  19. cindy says:

    COMEON EVERYONE simple concept DON’T GET ARRESTED AND YOU WILL NOT GET A BILL it really is that simple

    1. Justin M Kohutiak says:

      just wait till the cop plants evidence on you. lies about something you didnt do. or you fall into a “homeland security checkpoint” well see how your whisle blows then.

      call me to pay your jail bill!!!

    2. Steven says:

      OK Cindy next time you get pulled over for a traffic violation I hope they take you to jail. Now doesnt matter if the officer made a mistake that can be handled at the court hearing. You are probably one of those types that when you get pulled over yells at the cop and mistreats them demanding they not write the ticket. You think you are better than everybody and are ignorant of how the system really is. This has the potential for widespread abuse and for someone like you it will take you becoming a victim to an officers mistake before you realize that..

  20. Billyllyly says:

    What’s hilarious is that if you are imprisoned mistakenly you are only paid a fraction of that. Spend time in jail wrongly accused and get minimum wage minus taxes. Otherwise you pay them 3 star hotel rates. LOL

  21. John McGraw says:

    #143 per day? Now there is the real fraud.

  22. Don Padelford says:

    This would be interesting and seems to be possibly another political fiasco ! Using this money to balance a budget is like filling a bottomless bucket with water. How do you collect these fees? And if not collected just throw them back in jail ? Seems to be alot of ” I owe you’s ” which do not necessarily translate into cash ! Only a politician could come up with something like this.

  23. Cogitator says:

    The people who are the big problem will not pay, and they own nothing to attach.

    People who have assets will be reduced to nothing. An 180 day sentence is $25,740.

    This is an insane idea.

    1. Huggybear says:

      If you don’t have the money to pay, you can always declare bankruptcy. It’s a fine of sorts…it’s not that bad…but the price is outrageous. The $143 covers the cost of the overpaid union workers at the jails/prisons in California.

  24. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Goes to show that these psychos don’t care about the Constitution and laws of the United States.

    They can’t legally do this. In fact, it’s criminal.

  25. Francis Ying says:

    post a fine when they are convicted! problem sovled….. if they can’t pay, forced labor in prison factories like any other countries do!!!!

  26. Ron says:

    They attempt to pass a new law every day somewhere. There will be enough laws made, that every human being can be jailed for something. There are innocent people in jail. That’s a known fact. This is just another method of filling their coffers, because of all the wasteful spending politicians are known to do. Hey be a real public servant, and do it for love of country. Ha. Then you would see how many people would even show an interest. Occupy baby, Occupy.

  27. Occifer Cooper says:

    $143 is a night in a nice hotel.

  28. greg says:

    “Welcome to the Police State, just turn in your proerty and sign here.” If this spreads, it will be the end of freedom in our freedomn loving country. I can already see the arrest rates shooting thru the roof, overburdening the courts, packing the already overcrowded jails, and taxing our already stretched emergency responce personnel. All in the name of…Revenue. Uh, er, nothing to do with protecting the public here folks, move along…that’s it, good little sheeple.

  29. Zacharaia says:

    The United States incarcerates about two million inmates in State, Federal, and Private prisons all over the country.

    There has never been an instance in the history of humanity that a country has caged so many of its own citizens.

    The numbers do not lie! The United States has jailed more people than any other country on the globe. China has a population that exceeds the United States population by five times more than the United States.

    Even though only five percent of the people on the planet reside in the United States, the United States confines twenty five percent of the globe’s prison population.

    1. Ralph Allen says:

      I gather you are pleased with these statistics? You are pleased that we do a better job of getting criminals out of our communities? Or are you upset with our amoral humanist educational system?

  30. Zacharaia says:

    What has changed in the American society in the past ten years? Why has there been such an increase of citizens incarcerated?

    Private prisons subcontracting prisoners to work encourages reasons to have people locked up. These prisons have come to require the income from prison labor!

  31. Zacharaia says:

    The commercial investors that make a profit off of the labor of prisoners also spend a huge amount of money to lobby for longer prison sentences, they do this to increase their labor force.

    The Prison Industrial Complex provides for itself. There are some opponents of prisoner labor who compare the United States Prison Labor Camps as an imitation of the actions perpetrated by Nazi Germany, comparing the forced labor and concentration camps.

    The United States Prison Industrial Complex is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the United States and the people who invest in this industry reside on Wall street.

    This industry has profits in the mega millions and even holds its own trade exhibitions, conventions, websites, and even send out mail order and Internet catalogs.

  32. Zacharaia says:

    As stated by many opponents, the Federal Prison Complex produces one hundred percent of all military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet proof vests, Identification tags, shirts, pants tents, bags and even canteens.

    Not only are prisoners used to manufacture military equipment, prison workers provide ninety eight percent of the total market for equipment assembly services. They produce ninety three percent of paints and paintbrushes, ninety two percent of stove assemblies, forty six percent of body armor, thirty six percent of all home appliances, thirty percent of all microphones, headphones, and speakers, and they even manufacture twenty one percent of all office furniture.

    Everything from parts for airplanes to medical supplies, prisoners produce even more than this, they are even used to train seeing eye dogs for the blind.

    1. Ralph says:

      “the Federal Prison Complex produces one hundred percent of all military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet proof vests, Identification tags, shirts, pants tents, bags and even canteens.”

      This is a great idea. Enslave millions of people to help attack wedding parties 5000 miles away.

  33. Ralph Allen says:

    Charging visitors a fee is the stupid idea. Visitors are what keep prisoners looking forward to getting out. Striving to avoid trouble in the system and making plans for a life outside it.

  34. Zacharaia says:

    There are currently at least thirty seven states that have sanctioned the outsourcing of prison labor by private corporations that base their businesses within our state prison system.

    The list of companies participating in this kind of labor schemes comprise some of the United States leading corporations.

    IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstrom’s, Revlon, Macy’s, Pierre Cardin, Target Stores, among many others.

    Each and every one of these businesses are thrilled about the financial success produced by prison labor.

    In the years between 1980 and 1994 the corporate profits rose from $392 million to an astounding $1.32 billion!

  35. Zacharaia says:

    In some State penitentiaries the prisoners will receive the minimum wage for their labor, but not in all States. Colorado pays about two dollars an hour, ridiculously under the minimum wage.

    In a private run prison, the convicts can be given as little as seventeen cents an hour for a six day work week resulting in the earnings of around twenty dollars a month!

    The private prison with the highest prisoner wages is the CCA in Tennesee, prisoners there can receive fifty cents for an hours work if they are determined to be “highly skilled”.

    Working for these rates it is understandable why inmates would rather be incarcerated in Federal prisons, where the pay is so much higher.

    In a Federal prison the convict can earn $1.25 an hour for an eight hour workday and occasionally they will even get overtime pay. This enables the prisoner to have $200 to $300 a month to send back home.

    Due to the introduction of prison labor, the United States has again become an appealing location for investment in jobs that were designated for the Third World labor markets.

    There are some companies that have managed assembly plants in Mexico near the border of the United states that have closed down their Mexican plants. These jobs have been transferred to San Quentin State Prison in California.

    In the State of Texas, one factory laid off all of its 150 workers and contracted the labor of prisoners within the private Lockhart Texas prison. Inside this prison circuit boards are manufactured for companies like IBM and Compaq.

    An Oregon representative recently advocated to the Nike company to slow down its production in Indonesia and instead bring these jobs to his State. He tried to persuade the shoemaker by explaining how much Nike could save in transporting their shoes into America, he also emphasized that the cost of labor would be about the same or less then Nike was paying their Indonesian employees.

  36. Zacharaia says:

    United States has lost its respect all throughout the Planet. All my friends from Europe call the USA the modern day Nazi, Fascist nation.

    1. Ralph says:

      USSA and socialist ZEuROzone economies are equally doomed.

      “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved” – Ludwig von Mises

  37. Frank says:

    So we’ll make a profit by throwing you in jail. I guess the question of guilt or innocence become less relevant after that. We will have quotas to meet, union dues to pay, judges and politicians to buy. Yep. This sounds like a wonderful Idea.

  38. Zacharaia says:

    One day half of USA citizens will be in prison, and the other half will be correctional officers.

    1. Law Abiding Tax Payer Family Guy says:

      Yes, something is wrong that’s for sure. I drive a lot and I’m seeing an explosion of Homeland Security SUV’s, unmarked police cars with hidden lights, and spanking new blacked out and also unmarked SUV’s with government plates. It wasn’t like this even 2 years ago. They’re gearing up for something. What’s unfolding is quite alarming and we’re researching getting out and moving overseas – at least having an ability to do so if need be. Trying to get UK passports due to ancestry and from there probably Canada, Australia or somewhere nice and warm in Spain. Varying police states there too, but I don’t see them stealing your home because you did any time (yet).

      1. Ralph says:

        “. I drive a lot and I’m seeing an explosion of Homeland Security SUV’s, unmarked police cars with hidden lights, and spanking new blacked out and also unmarked SUV’s with government plates.”

        Tumors keep growing even as the patient is dying.

  39. Zacharaia says:

    Looks like the New World Order is full steam ahead! Thank God I live in a real free country with common sense laws, SWITZERLAND

    1. Bill says:

      lucky you – cute gals too…. do you have a room for rent?

    2. Steve Congdon says:

      Hey Zach, I have a piece of advice for you – stay in Switzerland.

  40. Dave D says:

    Put inmates to work to help offset the expenses forced on the taxpayers. Have them separate recycleables or something. Many of these people don’t have the money to pay for their stays in jail, but it’s not fair that taxpayers should have to pick up the tab for dirtbags who can’t play by the rules of society. Let them work it off while making a contribution.

    1. Anonymoose says:

      Yes, it is fair that you pay. Consider it the price of having a limited state.

  41. Judge Ment Proof Yoself says:

    Look into forming an LLC or corporation into which place all real property – preferably based offshore. Rent your home. Use rented mail boxes. Bank at obscure credit unions physically distant from your residence, but only keep minimal balances for bills. Use cash everywhere. Shop online with temporary CC numbers, or better yet, prepaid credit cards from Ebay/Craigslist etc. Avoid filling out all forms like the plague, otherwise obfuscate to the max. Pay for a private encrypted VPN proxy service for all online dealings, or use open wifi in another town. Avoid Facebook, Gmail and their ilk. Encrypt all hard drives and thumb drives. Store sensitive data on a portable network drive hidden far away from your actual computer. Don’t put a transponder on your vehicle. Drive a boring non distinctive car in the most popular color – no body damage or stickers. Make your life savings physical gold and silver hidden well, or other easily transportable and sold tangible goods. Never use a safety deposit box. If protesting, never drive there in your own vehicle – take a bus, cover you face well, leave cell phones and RFID-enabled ID at home.

    1. howard_feinski says:

      Gee, what are the tips for breaking into a business or ripping off social services?

  42. Lyn W says:

    I have sat in courtrooms many times….and I each time…first thing in the morning there is roll call. Those that are not present forfeit their bail. I’ve seen 2 million dollars go to the state in 10 minutes. I find it hard to believe that the jails are operating at a loss. This is just more idiocy.

  43. joey says:

    The heck with it all – I am moving to a 3rd world country in South America….

  44. Jonathan Silberger says:

    Prisoners SHOULD pay for their keep!!! Why the hell should I pay??

  45. pjd says:

    Criminals should have their choice: daily jail charges or the chain gang. How’s that you whiny babies?

  46. Josh says:

    scociety must pay this cost as it is scociety that wants these people kept out of scociety.
    it is not the cost of the criminal. the criminal would rather be in scociety. if you want the service of having criminals kept seperate then you must pony up.
    how well you allow them to be cared for is also the cost scociety must bear. want them cared for more then pay more. cared for less (like sheriff Joe) then cost go down

  47. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    I have been saying for year’s people who wind up in jail or in any way burden the system of justice should have to pay for the cost. That is a no brainer and it should have been implemented years ago.

  48. ohyeahwell says:

    YES! Finally! Even better, fry them and use the heat to generate electricity. But let’s use robots developed by private enterprise to place the logs and light the match so we don’t have to pay some union prison guard $250,000 a year to do it. Imagine, turn the prisons into a little moneymaking engines to reduce taxes for law abiding citizens!

    1. tjck says:

      Yea good idea you dumb sh!t… I cant see where there might be a conflict of interest on that one. You’re next assh0le.

  49. Style Doggie says:

    Prisoners should have to work to lessen their costs to the taxpayer while in jail, but even they shouldn’t have to pay bloated state worker salaries and pensions. You’re imprisoning someone you can’t take all his money at the same time – that amounts to punishment and that’s for the courts, not some fiscally inventive county supervisor. What’s to stop you from charging double or triple that amount? The incredible efficiency of the state run prison system. I’m with you in principle, but not at those amounts.

  50. Thomas Manning says:

    Yeah, OK. Then let prisoners work while they’re doing their time. Pay the prisoners about 2 bucks an hour. That will work out for everyone. Government can start using cheap labor and prisoners can start to “pay” for their crime. Maybe the prisoners can even learn a trade?

  51. Colin Brown says:

    I visited Salem in Massachusetts several years ago. They used to have this scheme. Profitable it was. They even had little jails for the three year old girl accused of being witches. If they or their parents didn’t pay for their jail rent, they wouldn’t eat or drink, and would just end up little raggedy skeletons. What a wonderful country this is!

  52. Bucko says:

    The collective intelligence of the bureaucrats of Riverside County has apparently $h!t in the pants and died. This level of nonsense is actually sinful. And I mean that literally — it’s actually a sinful level of foolishness.

  53. longarm11 says:

    I read on the news some state is putting people in jail for being over 2 days late on their license plate tags if they get stopped . This goes to far and half these people have no money anyway. I agree this cost is out of control but some laws need to be changed and some need to be stiffer ,Its a double edged sword.

  54. ontie1 says:

    And the county is going to put them in jail if they don’t pay up? Is this some kind of IQ test?

  55. Ralph says:

    “Rothbard advocated abolition of coercive government control of society and the economy. He considered the monopoly force of government the greatest danger to liberty and the long-term well-being of the populace, labeling the State as nothing but a “gang of thieves writ large”—the locus of the most immoral, grasping and unscrupulous individuals in any society.[6][7][8][9]

    Rothbard concluded that all services provided by monopoly governments could be provided more efficiently by the private sector. He viewed many regulations and laws ostensibly promulgated for the “public interest” as self-interested power grabs by scheming government bureaucrats engaging in dangerously unfettered self-aggrandizement, as they were not subject to market disciplines.


  56. Tazil Black says:

    Whoever proposed this idea is SATAN and they should be identified as such, simply. Why can’t we as people then start charging our public officials $10,000 a day for whatever we want; if we vote it in who can stop it. Let’s turn the tables. People who propose such insanity in my mind are Satanists, and sadistic. If people commit a crime they go to jail. This is why the government funds prisons, so that people who are a threat are kept in a place no one wants to be – if they are going to charge people money then they need to provide services above and beyond. I think this is just complete insanity. If someone is arrested and finds this out what would you think they are going to do while in jail or when they get out? Our country has totally lost its mind, I mean totally. I think the man who proposed this should be put in jail a few years and pay. People speak up on this one – this is ridiculous. Absolutely. This is EVIL – GREED – SADISTIC – TAKING ADVANTAGE. I know some crimes are horrendous, but I’d rather have them pay the money to THE VICTIMS if there is one – or to rehabilitate them so they can be prepared if they get out, or to a charity – not to the jail who already receives tax and federal moneies. Vote this man out. THIS TUESDAY IF POSSIBLE, a very very sad America we have become and I love my country and my people but the leaders have lost their minds.

  57. TJP says:

    I’m totally in favor of this in theory, but in practice it would provide far too much financial incentive for the police to lock up people with money and assets forever, while poor muggers get off with a slap on the wrist and poor murderers get 3-4 years. Both theft and discrimination in the same nice, neat package.

  58. Lorenzo says:

    In Des Moines, IA, you can be put in jail for falling behind on child support, then when you are in jail they charge you $66/day, plus you can’t work. How are you supposed to pay child support when you are in jail not working plus piling up $66/day in debt?

  59. WagTheDog says:

    It’s no surprise that this idea pops up right at the time that the movement to privatize prisons is in full swing. A private prison is a corporation, and it’s goal is PROFIT. This is going to be a great scam!

  60. Again12345 says:

    Of course the stoner needs some honest money for his own retirement, with all the cuts soon those filthy rich government employee will suffer exponentially for malnutrition. That is the reason idiots like this stoner are not seeing coming until it will be to late. God bless the US and second amendment.

  61. Dennis D says:

    Who should pay? Me? You? Other taxpayers? We didn’t act unlawfully the convict did.

  62. Michael D Baudry says:

    This would be a great time for capitalism! Start providing “Jail Insurance”…… You get locked up, the insurance would pay your “fee”….. A whole new industry!

  63. Dennis in wV says:

    A judge issues a sentence – could be jail time, cash fine or both – all within the perameters set by statute.

    Along comes the government who finds another way to confiscate a person’s personal property beyond the scope of stutory guidelines.

  64. Karl Magnus says:

    How much per day? That’s ridiculous and greedy.
    It shouldn’t cost ANY jail more than FIFTY DOLLARS per day to house inmates.
    Been there, done that.
    Maricopa County, AZ does it for less than THIRTY!

  65. jason says:

    This is going to lead persons convited of minor crimes to take the first plea deal the D.A offers. To a man caught smokin a jay, he will be given the opputinity to take a couple years in prison,or go through a lengthy court process that takes months for a resolution. Do you not think this person is going to take the deal so his house car property is not taken(maybe he has a family,why are they being punished) .Or is he going to fight the outrages punishments for minor offences at $143 a day. we are free people ,the goverment are the ones that are criminals for even trying this!!!!!

    1. Just Me says:


      Forget smoking anything, people are arrested and jailed every day in this country for parking tickets. Also, look at the recent increase in citizen’s arrest for simply doing their public duty and videotaping the cops in public performing their tax paid duties. Case in point, Michael Allison an IL resident who up until recently was facing 75 years to life in prison for videotaping the police in public. It’s not even that bad in North Korea.

  66. statesrule says:

    The proven way to cut cost is to make prison life miserable. Establish more workcamps and provide only the minimum to survive. Prisoners should work for that $150 during their stay.

  67. HARRY says:


  68. James Woods says:

    Doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s the opposite of how the system should work.

    As it stands the “rich” laugh at the system and get away with murder.

    The way this guy wants it the only people that will suffer are the lower/middle class that have a little bit.

    Those that have nothing won’t suffer because they have nothing to lose or have taken from them.

    Charge em based on their taxable income. I’d roll with that.

  69. Regulas says:

    The pigs will soon start running a credit check on you before arresting you. Are you a low life living on welfare, never mind. Got lots of cash saved up, go to jail.

  70. rick says:

    lets keep in mind this is Riverside county, can almost gaurantee looking at seagulls cross-eyed is a jailable offence.

  71. Matt says:

    What a dumb idea. Hmmm a criminal has a massive bill to pay. I wonder what an ex-con will do to raise money fast???

    People getting out of jail generally end up working low paying jobs and barely break even. This would basically force them into committing crimes again to keep a roof over their head and make them more dependent on welfare.

    One of the biggest failures of our criminal justice system is that it fails to prevent recitivism in the majority of cases. We need to do a better job of making sure that criminals get a fresh start when they get out so we don’t have to keep locking them up because their choices are dish washer making $7 an hour or fast cash through crime. This would basically make fast cash through crime the only option.

  72. Matt says:

    I thought there were laws against indentured servitude

  73. a says:

    rate of 143 a day can be discounted using priceline.com

    1. TheRealKingMax says:



  74. RufusVonDufus says:

    Great idea. This way when Chamiquae and Rufus get out of jail they can be expected to commit a few more crimes in order to raise their “rent” for the county.

  75. RufusVonDufus says:

    Will they be able to use their Discover card?

  76. WeThePeople says:

    I am predicting a RAPID exodus of citizens and business from that town.

    How soon before this degrades to billing FAMILY members for costs. After all, the prisoner is not working at the time.

    I don’t believe that prison should be a country club. Remove all the ‘niceties’. Make prison a REALLY nasty place to be.

    But don’t attempt to make money from the inmates. That is totally counter productive.

  77. Kimberly says:

    It’ll just end up being another bill for the inmate’s family to pay. My mother is serving 12 years in a SC state prison and I have to put money in her account every week to cover her basic toiletry needs, shoes, envelopes and stamps, shirts and bras. I was the one who had to pay the fee for her state required DNA extraction as well. I can’t claim her as a dependent either. The family gets most of the bill for the crime. You’d think that would make them feel guilty, but it doesn’t. They expect you to pay for them because hey, they’re family. As my mother tells me, “After all I’ve done for you and you can’t send me more money? I raised you! I went without for you for two decades!” So yeah go ahead and put their families in a even tougher situation. But no one cares of course because they assume the families are jail bait too.

    1. Slim Picnic says:

      A sad case for sure. We all have our trials in life. I don’t believe you have a legal obligation to send her any money – maybe it’s time to cut mom off – it sounds like you are enabling her. Just make sure you don’t bring up your kids the same way and become part of the problem.


    2. djh says:

      Good point, I don’t necessarily disagree with the idea but when you consider MOST Americans don’t even make $143 a day this goes well and above reasonable and – as you mentioned, in most cases it’s going to be family stuck with the bill or losing property most likely.

      Can I see a show of hands of how many people actually TRUST their local (city/county even state gov’t) to oversee a program such as this without the abuse/corruption that inevitably comes from too much gov’t – someone like this guy trying to fill the county coffers for projects they’d otherwise not be able to fund?

  78. Rick Gurley says:

    So…. If I am in jail and I refuse to pay this really insane amount of money for my stay there, would I get evicted from jail?

  79. HarleyG says:

    I love the idea of “If you do the crime you must pay the time”. I am really tired of paying to support the criminals. They shoul;d have to pay for their room, board and medical expenses.

    I also would like them to increase the costs of traffic fines – Guess what – the bad drivers will have to pay more and they should.

  80. SockRayBlue says:

    Typical Californian short sighted thinking. How can an incarcerated person work for the money illegally owed?

  81. thomas jefferson says:

    welcome to the POLICE STATE – Nazi germany didnt even have these kind of balls! now if the state wants to make some money you can bet your innocent ass they will throw you in jail for any BS- the time IS NOW America to take this country back!

  82. Slim Picnic says:

    The degenerates are afraid that if the prison system were self sustianing that they might actually have to serve all their time. It’s profoundly unfair that I have to pay for extended child care. Three meals of bland tasteless – but nutritionally good food a day. A stainless steel bunk, sink and pooper. But iif you want better food, a mattress or TV, you have to work for it. Why is this even a question?

  83. citizen says:

    Stupid idea. They already arrest people for stupid stuff. What do think will happpen when the cops and city have a chance to steal your propetry.. Can’t trust either one.

  84. PINCPN says:

    Now we are talking. While your at it, do this 1) remove any amenities in the jail. No TV, advanced gym equipment, etc. 2) you are provided three meals a day and a bed and clothes. Anything else you need, you are billed for, just like the rest of the world. Need a doctor, billed. Need to use the phone, billed. Want an education (except GED), billed 3) put prisoners to work on the shovel ready jobs. There is plenty of painting, road repair, etc. that needs to be done, that should be part of the sentence. Lets make prison a place you don’t want to go back to, like it used to be…

    1. patriotgirl1 says:

      RIGHT ON! THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE! The cost would shock people. I work in a jail and it is outrageous what the inmates get. Some inmates get taken out of their cells a few times a day for medical! I sure don’t get that kind of treatment and I have health insurance! This is sucking society dry and most are not even aware of it!

      1. Just Me says:

        Hey Patriotgirl1

        Do you need a GED or High School Diploma to work in a Prison? Which one do you have?

  85. Tor Münkov says:

    Shows you what kind of dirtbag justice system we have. They collect money for themselves and not for the victims. Most victims of crime would rather have money.
    Who’s the genius that decided to build rape cages instead of making criminals work to repay their victims. Is there a special channel where you watch this. I only have basic cable and I don’ t understand how this fetish works.

  86. patriotgirl1 says:

    Wow, a politician with a brain for a change! Excellent idea! As someone that works in a jail, most of you would be shocked at what the inmates get. Not only that, but their medical care is probably much better than yours! In fact, I would bet on that. They also get cable TV, movies almost 24/7, microwaves, yoga, and the list goes on! I would say, that for some, jail is a vacation as opposed to their home/street life…AND YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT! So, for all of you that feel sorry for them, DON’T! They’e getting their butts kissed plenty! If they can buy commisary every week, they can pitch in for their stay in their new home!

    1. Fair Justice says:

      I don’t know what state you live in, but here in Cali, it’s the loved ones putting money on the inmates books for them to purchase commisary, their $5 per visit to see the doctor a few months after they submit the request, the TV with basic channels (2-13), the fan to beat the prison heat in places like Blythe, the extra shirts and shoes to combat the cold A/C blowing in the middle of winter. The family pays those costs by putting our hard earned money on their books!!

      Only in Riverside have I witnessed a misdemeanor hit & run of a parked vehicle turn into a felony vandalism charge!!! Farting in public is about to become a felony out here! You sound as idiotic as this proposal. “White coller” criminals are only 25% of those jailed, the other 75% are broke, have no jobs or property and can’t get them because they have a criminal record, sometimes courtsy of Riverside’s unspoken rule of not letting ANYONE leave court without an albatros! You get arrested for failing to pay a fine, you will get charged with some felony. So who’s to pay for all this, the jailed person who can’t get a job or public benefits because they have a criminal record or their family already struggling? There’s already too much coruption in Cali’s judicial system, especially Riversides, this will just add fuel to the fire and all of us law abiding citizens will eventually be arrested just to generate revenue, leaving us with nothing but trying to live with a criminal record. Even a misdemeanor on your record is no laughing matter!

  87. patirotgirl1 says:

    Another thing. ALL of the inmates are on drugs! Jail medical must spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on drugs yearly. Yet, the tax payers cannot sometimes afford them. I’m not saying to not give them medication, but it is out of control! Most do not have to be on these medications like Vicodin, etc. Because they don’t want liability, the tax payer gets a raw deal in a big way!

    1. Just me says:

      So patirotgirl1, so are you saying the “War On Drugs” is not working???

  88. Don Padelford says:

    Slavery has never ended and never will. And to say blacks were and are the only slaves would be a fictitious tale. There is not a man nor woman who is not a slave towards society today in some manner or form! Humanity just cannot handle authority ! Too much greed for money and power in this world. Unless this world ran by the powers of natural law, it will never be any good!

  89. Turkey Day says:

    If inmates don’t want to pay, just send them to Turkey for $3 per day. It’s time to outsource our prison system to Turkey.

  90. TailGunner says:

    I say do it as long as you do it to EVERYONE. If you can’t pay, keep track of it for the rest of time,until you can pay (like child support). Equal application of the law…No Exceptions!

  91. Freeland Dave says:

    While this sounds like a good idea it’s one that will fail for the primary reason that you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. Most of the people in jail don’t have any money to pay. Where is it going to come from, thin air?

    Then too, there’s the historical problems of the debtors prisons of history past. We already have a problem incarcerating those who need to be place behind bars. Now we are going to charge people that don’t have the money to pay and keep them behind bars until they pay?

    Any thinking adult should quickly be able to see this is not a well thought out plan.

    But as Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    1. greg says:

      you missed the point. the prison is located in a wealthy white area and the people in the jail are mostly white collar criminals and they do have the funds to pay.

  92. buckeyejim says:

    Why not charge the crooks for their stay in jail………….if you do the crime instead of working like most people then pay up ……………..good idea.

  93. Policed State says:

    Hey America, how’s that New World Order AMERIKAN Policed State working out for ya?

    Over Sixty-five million Americans—or roughly one in four adults—have a criminal record. The USA has the HIGHEST incarceration rate in the world. Locking up U.S. citizens in Prison is BIG BUSINESS, with one of the most powerful lobbyist in the world Business is a BOOMING, and they are looking for new customers. Soon over ½ of the American population will either be in jail or will have a criminal record. What will you do when there is no one like you left? The American people are indeed free, free from all truth, logic and common sense.

    Also America, just so you know, your evil and wicked AMERIKAN Policed State is also number 1 at Child Incarcerations in the industrialized world. This number is growing rapidly and AMERIKA will soon be number 1 in the world at child imprisonment. Gives a whole new meaning to “Protect and save the children” doesn’t it.


  94. Il Bui says:

    Hmm. I agree with this policy ONLY if people go to jail ONLY if they have committed a violent crime against person or property. In that case they need to be charge for all damage they did as well.

  95. msbasssinger says:

    How stupid! The cost of incarceration is a part of providing county law enforcement. How many felons do you think have a dime left, much less real proiperty you can put a lien against, by the time they are convicted? Te cost of the lawyer pretty much drains them dry. Why not do it legally and sensibly through fines levied at sentencing time? Why nto simply direct that all fines go to the cost of incarceration.

    In almost all cases, these people rightfully go to jail. They have surrended their freedom, most or all of their possessions, and are given a black mark for life. Once a judge has passed sentence, it is Constitutionally illegal to add to that sentence after-the-fact by imposing these stupid per diem charges for incarceration.

    I am a rock-solid conservative. I have no problem locking up those who, by due process and a jury of their peers, has been found to be a danger to society and/or deserving of punishment by imprisonment. But this proposal is not only unAmerican, but is much like the terrible laws our ancestors left behind in Europe.

  96. patmurphy1965 says:

    Liberals are the party of “love” like Muslim is the religion of “peace.”

  97. Coach says:

    Anyone who has sat in a court room is acutely aware that our judicial system has become a business model. How many innocent, or even those accused of petty crimes will endure hard punishment now that a dime can be made off their incarceration. Actions have consequences. And when the government is involved, the consequences are all too onerous.

  98. Howard Feinski says:

    Here’s an idea to raise funds off criminals. Extract a prostitution surcharge for every “act” in the showers. Put in some cameras to catch the action.

  99. Clearhead says:

    Not a problem if they can’t pay. et them work the debt off in a chain gang — at, say, $ 125 per day. (Submitted by a democrat genius).

  100. Morgan says:

    Talk about hand over fist; since most jails and prisons have been privatized, that means they will be getting paid by both whatever county or state they serve and by the inmates and then the profits from the leins. Our freedoms, liberies, and rights are being taken from us on a daily basis . . .

  101. Jim Nicastro says:

    Jeff Stone had better hope that this doesn’t come round to bite him in the backside.

    Especially with the spate of cases of corruption that have been investigated and taken to court in both San Bernardino and Riverside Counties!

    Does he have a mental issue, first he wanted to split the state of California, now he wants to charge people to be in Prison? I know people think prison is like a hotel but I think he has made assumptions about the identity or class or type of employment these criminals have.

    Do they send all white-collar criminals to Riverside for imprisonment because there certainly cannot be that many white collar criminals in Riverside and it is not that an affluent county in the the state.

    Let’s face it, even if these criminals have property by putting a lien on the property are you not then punishing the children and spouse of the criminal, possibly the parents as well.

    Just another politician that doesn’t know his backside from his elbow.

  102. Jeremy Harding says:

    F@#$% this. The U.S. Constitution allows a citizen of the country, by way of rights, “…Life, Liberty, and Property.” Now they plan to take your money, by way of taxes, in attempt to take your property, by means of force. See it? They plan to take your property to pay for a place that you will then give up your home, your car, — for your stability to stay in. This is just another bulls**t power grab. It says:

    “First, we’ll take your money. Call it ‘protection pay’. We’ll fund some police, and build some jails. Second — if you step outta our lines, we’ll take your freedom. We’ll lock you up, and nobody will try to stop us. Life will be miserable, painful, and dehumanizing during the time of your sentence. Third, we’ll take your property for the privilege of having your freedoms revoked. We’ll go after you, and steal from your bank. Then, we’ll make your family homeless, carless, landless, and penniless. When you get out of our custody, you’ll have nothing, and you will likely check into a homeless shelter, if you can find one with an open bed. At this point you will be a ward to us, dependent on the welfare we might simply deign or not to provide you. Let’s recap. We own your life. We own your Liberty. We own your property. After this is said and done, we will own your soul. ‘Course, do everything we say, and this all goes away… your choice.”

    Sound familiar? It should. The Godfather has similar elements.

    That’s not even up to the implications this holds. This could spread across the country. If the U.S. can make you dependent on them, and make a profit doing it, more and more money will funnel from the private sector into that of the public. They might use the money to create government jobs, and perform a sort of new New Deal. This time, though, it would be different. The people, being completely warded to the state, would be beholden to the whim of an ultimately powerful government, capable of creating any law, no matter how just or unjust it is, as opposition would be easy to squelch. It’s the ultimate power structure. Remove the people’s ability to thrive in society, slowly, and by force, and they will have to turn to you. At this point, take steps to make them complacent with this. Eventually, you will have a society of easily imprisonable sheep, all with Stockholm Syndrome for their captor. They will love the state for enslaving them, and that will be the norm.

    Watch out — and mark this.

    This is coming, and it’s coming for you.



    1. Roze says:

      Jeremy, you summed up everything right here. Thank you and hopefully everyone reads it and takes it in.

    2. obama says:


  103. Roze says:

    I say no one comments unless they are willing to call this police department and voice their concerns. In the end, our opinions do not matter if we take no action. Americans need to get back to being old-school and make some phone calls instead of just making useless comments on media sites.

  104. Roze says:

    “Stone also hoped to charge a fee to all visitors to county prisons”
    Hoped guys, hoped….

  105. Betty Dieterle says:

    I’m sorry, but this is BS. We already pay taxes to take care of the jails. If they want to cut all tax funding for the jails (they get no tax money at all) then they can charge the inmates. But why should they be taxed twice. That is what this amounts to!!!

  106. Larry Croft says:

    Mighty good idea.

  107. Andy says:

    Sieg Heil!

    What else can I say?

    Why not just make everything a death penalty offense with forfeiture of the decedent’s estate to the city?

  108. Charles Nichols says:

    This proposal is from the Dark Ages. Why not go the rest of the way and keep people in jail until they can afford to pay the jail fee?

  109. HeyHey says:

    Wait a minuet. You create the laws, 40000 laws in last 30 years to what feed your Police unions

  110. TheRealKingMax says:

    Sounds like a big of a racket as the DUI system is in Florida.

    I have a somewhat similar proposal for illegals, but no money is involved.

    Rest assured that they won’t be back unless it’s legal!

  111. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    Go to Jail.

    Go directly to Jail.

    Do not retain your property. Do not (re)collect freedom.

  112. Molon Labe says:

    if they come for me, I will shoot it out with them. I have never committed a crime, but they have already claimed constitutionalists, veterans, Christians, and gun owners are criminals. I am ready to die to protect my freedom. Are they willing to die to trample on my rights? If they make that decision, a whole lot of them will die.

    1. Chuck Dewey says:

      I understand your frustration, and cannot say that I disagree, but when it comes to making statements like this, my rule is: “when push comes to shove, don’t let them know who is shoving” Never put these kind of thoughts in print!

  113. Jim Busse says:

    143 per day? You’ld have to rob a bank just to pay the tab.

  114. william says:

    In god we trust ?
    Its too bad that the only god we trust in is the dollar!

    Now it is going from in god we trust to in GO(L)D we trust

  115. william says:

    Job was a very smart man
    Job 1:21 And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: ………

    whats left after the IRS, local taxex, property tax, death tax,…..and now jail tax.
    So they throw a deadbeat dad in jail for child support.
    who suffers ? he still gets 3 hots and a cot, but this time it is a runnung tab.

  116. grs says:

    I understand people wanting to stick it to the criminal but this policy would most likely punish the innocent spouse and innocent children than the criminal himself.

    1. andy says:

      there is no such thing as an INNOCENT SPOUCE if you are a life long criminal your wife is always in on it she may not be with you as you do the crime but by not doing something about it she is part of it the kids ya they are innocent but in my view doing something like this where there is actually a cost to the criminal it could help detour them from crime as someone said JAIL WORKS FOR THEM ITS FREE. well take away the FREE aspect and MAYBE they will decided not to do what they did to get in there

  117. RealitySandwich says:

    This makes sense. Throw someone in jail so they cannot make any money. Then charge them more of what they don’t have. Yeah, that will work. Here comes the “government big enough to take everything you have” that Thomas Jefferson warned about.

  118. Todd says:

    It won’t work. The prisoners will riot. Jail works out well for prisoners because they have no living expenses. It’s free for them.

    Last Sheriff who tried to charge had a prison riot on his hands.

  119. Gary White says:

    So much for rehabilitation and a fresh start. With a mountain of debt and wage garnishments hanging over you for the rest of your life, it sure makes the case for returning to a life of crime a lot more compelling. These politicians need to look into the law of unintended consequences.

  120. b says:

    A federal judge already ruled that this is unconsitutional.


    1. Blank says:

      It’s not Unconstitutional. It is a FINE. Fines are absolutely constitutional.

      The case you are referencing about is a BOOKING FEE paid by someone who was never convicted of any crime. The charges were dismissed.

  121. Douglas Ortiz says:

    And if they have no real “assets” how about we confiscate a kiney or lung or something. I am sure some of our “well to do” citizens would put a goo bid on a kidnet for transplantation if they need it. I think this sounds better all the time. We can force juvenile delinquents into the child sex industry or somthing.

  122. Blank says:

    How it is even remotely unconstitutional?

    Simply call it a fine and calculate the fine at the per day rate X the number of days in the term. There’s you’re fine.

    Fine + jail time is routine in US justice and absolutely Constitutional.

  123. captflash88 says:

    Once ther was a guy who was so poor he lived in his car. Then they passed a law mandating he buy auto insurance. He couldn’t afford it so he parked his car in the woods.

    Then they passed a law rquireing everyone to buy health ins, When he couldn’t afford that, they came and arrested him and put him in jail where he had to pay for his stay. They told him he couldn’t leave till he made good on his debt.

    He died in prison and went to hell where conditions were so bad he died again and went to a deeper, darker hell where he was never heard from again.

  124. royklopfenstein says:

    I knew a fellow in Louisiana who had a pig. He said he planned to feed the pig until it got big; then feed it more until it got bigger, and so on. Thus with Riversiide County. “to harrass our people and eat out their substance.

  125. Fair Justice says:

    This is about the dumbest idea Riverside has had in the history of California’s dumb ideas since the idiotic 3 strikes law was voted in and amended millions of times to include everything, doubling incarceration time not for 2nd strikes but for ALL wobblers and felonies! Let’s not forget that only in Cali if a juvenile offender not tried as an adult also subjected to this idiotic law for life, when it should only apply to juveniles tried as adults. Go ahead and add cell phone use while driving to that long a** list now bacause at this rate it will soon it will be a felony too.
    Police stop you for being a minority or white trash breathing the wrong way, the DA adds extra charges that you’re also a gang member and you assaulted the officer because you farted towards the officer while being arrested, they get you to plea bargain with implied threats and now they want you to also pay THEM to lock you up for bs crimes you didn’t commit?! Idiotic!
    The ones going to jail usually don’t have jobs or income and ownership of property is just a dream, so how are they going to pay? Are they going to put a lien on their future earnings and property? Charge their already struggling family? Guess what, the person now has a criminal record so they’re not likely to be hired in order to aquire any property.
    At the rate that everything is becoming a major crime, we’ll all have a criminal record and own nothing by 2015 in this fuc**d up, broke a**, golden prison state called California! It’s no wonder this state is broke.

  126. jg says:

    viva la raza

    1. David Huffman says:

      Viva La Raza when you all go back to Mexico Puto !!!

  127. jg says:

    vote for pedro he will make evrything alright !

  128. Eileen says:

    Most in prisons do not hold real property. And most in prisons are indigent, but evidently those in jails are rich and deserve to pay through their pocket book for their food and the gun-toting maniacal guards who would as soon shoot them as to escort them between spaces.
    This is against the Constitution. We are not Europe with its debtors prisons. Indigents with no real property will wind up staying inside until they die due to lack of ability to pay.

  129. rattdogg says:

    the county i live in here in ky is trying that and not making any money because most of us refuse to pay to be locked up and speaking as a black man we would rather do the jail time before we give these dumb crackers any money.
    i still owe the jail 1 day because they want $45 for a one night stay, my son needs daipers

  130. David Huffman says:

    What a DIPSTICK idea !!! Everyone knows that over half the jail and prison population in the state of Calif. is Mexican. So i think the smart thing to do would be to bill the President of Mexico for every day that one of his illegals is locked up here in the U.S. until they are actually deported,and just to be fair charge the gang members that have property and put liens on their properties. To be even more fair,any illegal that is also a gang member,gets the Mexican President charged double. Kill two birds with one stone,get paid for the illegals that we have to house in our lock ups,and send a message to Mr. Calderone to keep his people in his own country.!!

  131. joebanana says:

    We have a fraud and a forger in the white house, and they want to charge people for breaking the law, and jail time. They don’t realize that conspiring to commit fraud will get them jail time? Since all law makers have to know obozo’s committing fraud, and they’re covering it up. The entire government is guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud, including the corrupt courts.

  132. gaming says:

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