4th Annual Pumpkin Launch

Saturday, November 5th at 10:00 AM
Titan Field on the Campus of CSU Fullerton
800 North State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831
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We all know that pumpkins make fun Halloween decorations after their inner goop has been scooped out and an eerie face has been carved in their outer shell. We also are aware of how ridiculously yummy they can be when baked in a pie on Thanksgiving. However, not as many people know that pumpkins make excellent projectiles.

If the thought of seeing a big orange gourd hurling through the air after being shot out by a catapult tickles the fancy of your inner child – and really, it should – you are in luck this weekend. Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana is teaming up with the Future Scientists and Engineers of America for the 4the annual Pumpkin Launch this Saturday, November 5th, on the campus of Cal State Fullerton.

Beginning at 10:00 AM, 16 teams will be on hand to set up catapults, trebuchets, and other various launching contraptions with one purpose in mind: To send approximately 400 pumpkins flying all over CSU Fullerton’s Titan Field, with the hopes of having the round fruits splatter into several pre-set targets.

As wacky as all this may sound, rest assured there is a method behind all this madness. “The Pumpkin Launch is a fun way to teach kids about science without them even realizing it,” explains Dan Nasitka, Manager of Public and Community Relations at the Discovery Science Center. “The event will allow them to experience being on a college campus, see engineering students in action working together, and of course, to see pumpkins fly.”

pumpkin launch 1 Let the Fruit Fly at Saturdays Pumpkin Launch in Fullerton

In addition to all of the airborne and smashing pumpkins (see what we did there?), this free event will have plenty of other family-friendly activities on hand to keep the good times rolling along, including a rocket building exhibition, the chance to experience a Medieval battle, and a carved pumpkin contest that is open to all who haven’t tossed their jack-o-lanterns away just yet. Additionally, hungry guests will have the opportunity to grab lunch at some of the area’s top food trucks, such as Spud Runners, Crepes Bonaparte, SlapFish, and the Season 2 winner of The Great Food Truck Race, The Lime Truck.

To register for tickets to this free event, please go to Pumpkin Launch Registration.

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  1. CarmaDogma says:

    They should stack up planks of wood to knock down like Angry Birds.

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