HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — The Metro Red Line station at Western Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard reopened Tuesday afternoon after two people were injured in a stabbing.

Deputies with the transit police received a call reporting a double stabbing at 4:30 a.m., according to Metro officials.

The LA County Sheriff’s department says a man and woman were sliced with a box cutter or razor after exchanging words with the suspect.

A man dressed in a Halloween clown costume stepped in to help.

Both victims were hospitalized, but are now in good condition.

The incident happened near a stairway, out of view of an overhead security camera. However, the suspect was captured on a security camera as he left the station. He was a black male, around 6-foot-2, wearing a hooded sweater.

Officers have been unable to locate the suspect or the witness who stepped in.

This was the third stabbing in recent months at a Metro Line station.

“I feel kind of uneasy about it because I take the Metro every morning on the way to school,” said a female Metro passenger.

Last week the Metro Transit Board voted on a measure that will beef up both security personnel and cameras along the Metro Lines.

Anyone with information about Tuesday’s stabbing is asked to call Sheriff’s deputies at (323) 563-5000.

Comments (3)
  1. MTAstinks says:

    How about having actual poilce or security ON THE TRAINS! It takes you guys this long to decide on that?

  2. JM says:

    Save some space in the article by leaving out the ethnic description-just give height and weight-we already know the color/race

  3. abubbleshooter says:

    This is an extraordinary share. Thanks a lot for this article.

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