LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A motorcyclist was killed Friday after he collided with a truck on the northbound 405 Freeway.

The accident occurred just before 6:15 p.m.

The cause of the accident, which occurred near Sunset Boulevard, shut down northbound lanes for hours.

An investigation into the crash was still on-going Saturday.

The cyclist was identified Saturday as Brad Joel Harris, a 39-year-old Newhall man.

Authorities said the accident occurred in a construction zone near where lanes are narrowed, and where lane-changing is prohibited.

California Highway Patrol officers today said Harris tried to maneuver his 2007 Ducati 1098 through a small space between two vehicles when he lost control of his bike and struck the truck. The Ducati then rear-ended a silver Toyota Corolla.

Harris died at the scene. The driver of the Corolla, a 33-year-old El Segundo woman, was not injured.

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Comments (13)
  1. TheWindrunner says:

    Stay off the freeways if you’re on 2. Next question?

  2. Hardmoney says:

    It that called lane splitting…or brain splitting?

  3. reason says:

    and not one idiot biker will stop lane splitting after this story. moving on.

  4. Johnny Popp says:

    Oh Well… On to the Next Story!

  5. George says:

    May he R.I.P, to all bikers Don’t Split lanes IT IS NOT SAFE because no motorist could see you and when they do they get confused and don’t know which way to go..it is simply a dangerous move and when COPS split lanes motorist moves out of there way because they know better.. SPLITTING LANES SHOULD BE OUTLAWED…

  6. MB says:

    Lane splitting is legal in CA however the idiots who do lane split at high speeds are writing their own will. This is coming from a fellow biker. I lane split, but you wont find me lane splitting at 60mph, the only time I am lane splitting is when speed of traffic is below 25 and is not moving freely and I am going no more than 10 mph faster than the speed of traffic, otherwise you shall see me occupying my lane, so you drivers dont try share my lane.

  7. cleaning up the mess says:

    Isn’t the “third lane law” restricted to under 35 mph? That was the law many years ago when I was in drivers ed.
    As for the biking idiots who try to pass on a motorist right side, knowing it has a huge blind spot, they are asking to be hit.

    My bike riding friends tell me it’s not a matter of if bikers are going to crash, it’s when and how bad.
    These include doctors, nurses, FF’s and law enforcement who all know the potential consequences of a crash…we get to clean up the mess all too often.

  8. Friend says:

    Brad Harris was and is a wonderful man. He taught the most amazing adult Sunday School lessons in his Latte Day Saint ward and was dearly loved by hundreds of people. He has 4 children with one on the way and was a brilliant amazing husband and father. This is so so very sad and tragic. All people on bikes need to so careful. To those who make disparaging comments should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. How can people disregard the death of anyone by writing comments that dismiss and or criticize them. So heartless.

    Accidents happen and its tragic for everyone. Brad was the kind of person that all men should strive to be like. He always did the right thing in his life and was good to everyone in his life. He loved his wife as if they were just married yesterday. As a father he loved and spent every minute he could with his kids and sacrificed much to see them grow and to love God. Brad will be missed.

    1. Tabby says:

      What an awesome person you are for writing this. my son waa seriously injured after what the ‘NEWS, ‘ said was.due to my son running into the.back of a diesel with no attempt to brake, an insensitive and ignorant person replied with. What An idiot.’ my heart goes out to those who are unfortunate enough to suffer from this tragedy. im grateful my sons alive & no he didnt just hit the back of a diesel. He was in the right hand lane, the diesel,in the left of a 2-lane hwy.The diesel cut into the right lane, whereas my son wasnt able to react.The rear dual tire exploded & sent my son 79′. hes undergone 4 surgeries, his aorta was torn, both of his legs were shattered in many spots, hes gonna have to learn to walk all over.His life has been forever changed. Its.horrible & sad to read comments from people whom dont stop to consider the feelings or devastation the family & friends are already strugglung with; now having to read comments such as these ill- mannered persons post! ! My heart goes out to this man & his family & friends.

    2. Hasmik says:

      First, let me start by saying I am so very sorry for the loss. It’s tragic and after reading all of these comments I realize that he truly was a great man. I work for USC’s news website and am actually writing a report on motorcycle accidents that occur on CA highways. I would love to talk to someone who knew Brad personally. I’m not looking to discuss the accident or his death, rather I want to talk about his life and what he was like as a person. With this report I want to show that the people who die in these crashes aren’t just statistics, they are actual people and should be remembered as that.

      Please let me know if you might be interested in taking a few minutes to discuss this great man’s life with me. I would love to be able to write his story. I can be reached via email at hasmik.kourinian@gmail.com and greatly appreciate any information you can provide.

  9. shame says:

    R.I.P. rider.

    It’s a shame how many a-hole comments are posted when a fellow rider is killed. Bikers are the idiots when the majority of all car drivers that I pass on the road are texting, talking on the phone, reading newspapers and NOT actually driving? …. I discovered that the car weaving in the HOV lane of the 405 this morning was just a woman driving with an ipad in her lap. And the bikers are the idiots.

    The handful of “stunters” with neon mohawks on their helmets give the rest of us a bad name, while the rest of us responsible riders try to survive another day on roads that are filled with numb-skulled drivers who are more concerned with reading an email than being in control (and responsible for) their 4,000lb hunk of plastic and steel.

    We will never hear the side of the deceased rider’s story, and I see the “biker lost control” line in too many fatal motorcycle accidents. What a shame. Ride safe!

    1. Tabby says:

      Well put. I believe that those who post comments that are hurtful, & inconsiderate to others whom are already suffering over a loss such as this, tend.to come fro miserabke & unhappy people. Whether its with their own lives and or selves. I hope these people stop to consider they could be the one having.to.read this one day, how would they feel reading comments about a loved one whose been tragically & sadly lost in such an awful way?. Karma exists & it doesnt miss anything or anyone. Great to see others who care..

  10. Chas G says:

    Wow… even more hate in this thread than the other CBS story. Read my comments there.


    And (shakes head) .. regrets to those endorsing harm to any human, wehether they be a motorcyclist or not. *sigh*

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