SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO (CBS) — A 21-year-old San Juan Capistrano man who allegedly posted an online ad seeking a mom and her underage daughter for sex was behind bars Friday after Orange County sheriff’s deputies arrested him in an undercover sting.

Shaw Bruce Warrington was arrested in San Juan Capistrano about 9 p.m. Thursday on suspicion of meeting a minor for sexual purposes, Amormino said.

Warrington posted at least 25 ads on Craigslist “specifically targeting minor females for sex,” Amormino said.

A volunteer with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children spotted one of his ads and called authorities, who set up an undercover sting, Amormino said.

According to Amormino, the ad sought, “a mom and/or her daughter to have sex. I really don’t mind what age. Young or underage is cool — like high school and below.”

Investigators with the Orange County Child Exploitation Task Force, which includes Homeland Security, sheriff’s deputies and U.S. Postal Inspection Service agents, were involved in setting up the sting, Amormino said.

An undercover investigator has been corresponding with Warrington since August to set up a meeting, which was arranged last night at a Starbucks in San Juan Capistrano, Amormino said. The investigator said she had a 13-year-old daughter available for sex, Amormino said.

“He was going to teach her 13-year-old daughter how to have sex,” Amormino said.

Warrington arrived for the meeting in an older model white van with a bed in the back, Amormino said.

“When he was arrested he had a condom in his pocket,” Amormino said. “We strongly believe there are other victims because of the numerous ads on Craigslist.”

Warrington was being held on $20,000 bail, according to jail records.

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  1. uhoh says:

    $20,000 bail….LOL

  2. What a Maroon says:

    Sick, twisted F@%!

    1. The Big Logic says:

      No color was listed for the perp, but I’m guessing he wasn’t maroon. The name sounds caucasian to me, but if he were maroon, I’d like to know what his nationality is.

      1. rich says:

        why do you need his race or nationality listed in the article when the big as day photo shows him as a white man with red hair which makes him about as white as it gets??

      2. Mike says:

        He was planning to use a condom, so he was probably white and American.

        Seriously, I understand what color violent crime is but problem sexual behavior is well distributed across the ethnic spectrum.

  3. TheWindrunner says:

    That $20 thousand bail is appropriate as no physical contact was made. On the surface it would seem low, but it isn’t. If others do come forward, adjustments will be made to a higher set bail.

  4. lala63 says:

    So GROSS.

  5. bletch says:

    Child molester who owned a big white van? How unusual is that?

  6. Stacy says:

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The majority of straight men (regardless or age or marital status) WOULD have sex with a 13 year old girl. Especially if she looks attractive and the setting is right meaning there are no witnesses nor cameras around. Want a little proof? Simply have a casually dressed 13 year old girl walk down a major street by herself and observe the tons of men who stare at her body, smile, whistle, honk their horn etc at the child simple because she has a vagina. Point being, most men are not able to control their sex drives and when they get an erection their brain freezes and all they think about is how great it would feel to be inside that young/tight vagina. Yes, this is sick but its reality people. Those of you who don’t view it this way do not understand how disoriented a man gets when he gets an erection. So disoriented that he is willing to go to prison for years in return for a few minutes of sexual pleasure. I’m an RN who performs sexual assault evidence collection kits every single day on under age girls who tell me explicit details on how the guy raped her.

    1. T. JENSEN says:

      i think your nuts stacy to say MOST MEN because not one single man i know above the age of 16 would even think of messing with a 13 year old most my male friends have kids in that age range and all would feel as if they were doing their daughter or one of her friends and its not a good thing. i conceed TO MANY men do this but to say MOST is a bit of a reach. as for doing rape kits on teen girls DAILY i call foul on that also im a police officer who in 10 years of duty has only seen a teen girl raped maybe 2 or 3 times per year i do see adult women raped far more often and of the teens i have seen FEW have been willing to tell ANYONE the details and i know that they didnt tell any doctor or nurse ANYTHING because no doc or nurse HAS EVER reported to me after ANY rape teen or otherwise ANY DETAILS gathered from the victim aside from the medical details

      1. Jessica says:

        jensen you being a cop doesn’t mean anything the point she was trying to make is that most men think about sex all the time. if you think this is not true can u explain to me why i can NEVER walk to school without a pervert in a car trying to lure me into his car im 16 and dont wear anything sleezy just plain jeans and a tshirt and i have a backpack on! and i walk for only 15 minutes! guys are just jerks who like stacy said when they get errections get brain freezes

      2. T. JENSEN says:

        i did not deny men think of sex alot i do deny that MOST men would have sex with a 13 year old or even a 16 year old like your self. my stance is that MOST men even if they think of sex alot would only have it with someone in their own age bracket. as for the men or boys checkin you out honkin at you or what ever as a cop i suggest this IGNORE THEM as you stated you do but if they are clearly much older then you i suggest you copy down a plate number (if they are in a car) and a discription of them and said car and give it to your school if this happens near the school and also to the local police BOTH by law have to act on it if you report it

    2. Jessica says:

      i agree stacy…im 16 and every single day as i walk TO OR FROM school i always get perverts in cars whistling at me and just staring at me in a very sexual way. today when i was waiting to cross at a red light this old guy pulls down his window and tells me “sweetie would you like a ride” and when i said no he goes “you have great curves honey”…I even put on headphones not even listening to anything just so guys wont bug me and they still do! what is it with guys thinking about sex 24/7? Crazy fools!

      1. Muck Fu says:

        Have you seen my lost puppy? Want some candy?

      2. wgaf says:

        My error, I meant JESSICA re. the headphones

    3. wgaf says:

      And I am a ghey ped0 ginger smasher. I hate puS$y. I like my limp d!ck just like my daddy’s. I am a dumbf**k.

      The Real WGAF

  7. Jeff says:

    Advertising on Craig’s list for sex with a little girl? This person is not too bright.
    It reminds me about the guy that offered on Craig’s list to trade an ounce of pot for an x-box.He even showed a picture of the pot on a scale so you would know it weighed an ounce. When he got busted he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong because he wasn’t trying to sell the pot, he was trading it.

  8. wgaf says:

    Will the two of you guys get over it & STOP using MY screen name. I am trying to have an intelligent conversation in this public forum. I do not care about your sexual orientation or your “oh so clever” ways to spell vulgar words or your pent up hostilities towards the world or your fascination with your father’s genitalia.

    1. wgaf says:

      Stop impersonating me!

      1. wgaf says:

        Haha! It’s hopeless….the angry “wgaf” with the spelling problem is an idiot who easily gets riled up! He likes to lay claim to a “real” cyber screen name and gets trolled every time. He is a true keyboard warrior!

  9. wgaf says:

    I agree. The other wgaf’s & The Real WGAF are just plain annoying. Especially that “wgaf” who spells words with symbols( !$*). That’s a “real” sign of intelligence and he honestly expects to be taken seriously?

    1. wgaf says:

      Wait….wait….I want in……

      I AM REAL WGAF!!!


  10. J. Saporito says:

    Don’t worry, Shaw. Maury still loves you.

  11. TexasForever says:

    So law enforcement would rather go after some loser than the MILLIONS of ILLEGALS that have INVADED their country?
    Sounds about right. I guess if he was here ILLEGALLY it would be OK.

    1. you moron says:

      Would you rather your 13 year old daughter get raped or deal with a few illegals? I’d take the illegalls over ANY woman being raped, let alone a child…

  12. Rod Anders says:

    LOL. This guy must have an IQ of zero!

  13. Pam says:

    Seriously, does anyone monitor these comments. They can use ** or ! in the disgusting words they use, but this is revolting. Shame on you. Ugh.

  14. belly fat says:

    You couldnt be more right!

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