STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Celebrity journalist Jeanne Wolf visited the KCAL 9 studios Friday.

Wolf dished on what is hot in Hollywood including the Conrad Murray trial, Lindsay Lohan and more.

For up to date info on celebrity gossip, visit Jeanne online.

  1. martha vineyard says:

    The 1990’s had soo much media attention on public figures from newyork to california’s…..Jackie Onassis was newyorks top icon,Forbes,Vanderbilt and designers like Bill Blass and Mary Mcfadden…California had the greats in entertainment from FRANK to tom cruz,Dineah Shores,Jerry Lewis THE CAST BEVERLY HILLS 9—-0……designers Nolan Miller and etc.Gossip columists jeanne wolf,cindy adams and etc..kept the news alive of many favorite public figures……It no wonder the news have been lacking with the gossip columist favorites gone due to health ,death or down the wrong path of society….tops for the nineties were John F.Kennedy jr.(america),Jacqueline Onassis (first lady and style icon,america)HRH Princess Diana(Lady Diana Spencer,and HRH Princess of Wales,Britian and world news international)…..2000’S NOTHING SO FAR AS TO WHAT GRAB ATTENTION,WITH HIPE NEWS MAKING UP NEWS TO CREATE INTEREST,DOESN’T MAKE FOR SELLS IN MEDIA,WORLD NEWS OR LYING ABOUT ROYAL LEANAGE RIGHTS AND SO FORTH,NEVER HAS THERE BEEN WORKINGCLASS TO BE THE LEVEL OF DIANA BIRTH TO BE QUEEN, I DON’T BELIEVE SO NOW,UNLESS THEY WERE BORN BY ROYAL MONARCHY PARENTS NOT WORKINGCLASS PARENTS…..POLITICS SINS OF FORGING 2008 ELECTIONS TO HELP PROTECT THE SINNER WHO STEALING FROM THE GOVERNMENT BECAUSE NO ONES GOING TO QUESTION A BLACK ELECTED EVEN IF THE TRUTH IS SAID NO ONE GOING TO BELIEVE HE DIDN’T WIN FOR REAL….TOO AFRAID OF THE RACE…

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