AZUSA (CBS) — Police are asking for the public’s help to return two wedding albums that were stolen from a Southland couple.

The two albums were found during a burglary investigation in September 2010, Azusa police said. The items were recovered in a storage unit.

wedding album 2 Azusa Police Need Publics Help In Solving Wedding Album Mystery

(credit: Azusa Police Dept.)

Jennifer Jennings, 21, of Covina and Raymundo Nares, 36, of Azusa were arrested for burglary after police saw the couple driving away from the storage unit. Stolen property was found in their car and authorities subsequently searched the storage unit. Much of the property in their possession has been returned, but the photo albums remain unclaimed.

Authorities have tried to identify the couple for the past year, but have had no luck. They now hope the public will be able to identify the couple on their wedding day.

Anyone who may recognize the couple in the wedding album should call Azusa police at (626) 812-3200.

Comments (6)
  1. The Big Logic says:

    Thats’ NOT Sulus’ son, he’s an anti sexualnatural.

  2. Hiro570 says:

    I know the couple. Will have them contact Azusa PD immediately.

  3. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    It’s okay; they’re probably divorced already.

    1. anon anon says:

      asians have the lowest divorce rates of any race…….

      white’s on the other hand have the highest divorce rates out of any race, they love divorce!

      1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

        Well, to be fair, white women demand more fidelity from their spouses than do women of other cultures. I always find it a bit hypocritical when men in other countries have told me I should get married already (I’m 40 and I travel a lot). I feel like asking them, “How many other women have you slept with during your marriage?” I’m not saying that women in other cultures are okay with their husbands sleeping around, but it’s more tacitly accepted than it is in white American culture.

  4. Sarah says:

    Those pics were taken at Sheraton Wedding Studio in Temple City. Call the studio and ask them to find out who the couple is. They keep copies of all photo albums they produce. I know, I had the same scenery in my wedding pictures.

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