LOS FELIZ (CBS) — A male suspect, possibly wanted for a failure to yield and for not driving with his lights on, has been leading police on a high-speed chase Thursday evening.

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Desiree Horton, reporting in Sky 9, said the suspect was often going as fast as 80 mph on freeways but at times she slowed to about 70.

It was initially reported the driver was female as the car was registered to a Montebello women.

Horton said the chase started in the West LA area. The driver who turned out to be a male, was driving a blue Honda Civic.

Stu Mundel, also reporting in Sky9, said police first wanted to stop the driver because he was driving on various freeways, without lights on, and passing people on the right shoulder, which is very dangerous.

Police also told Mundel they are questioning if the driver is possibly intoxicated. Police told KCAL9 the motorist has been driving erratically.

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They first spotted the man after 9 p.m. in West LA. He mostly stayed in and around the 5 Freeway.

After more than an hour, just after 10 p.m. he slowed to about 2 mph and hugged the shoulder. He was seen sticking his head out the window in an effort to communicate with the half dozen cars in pursuit.

Moments later he came to a complete stop on the 118 Freeway, just east of San Fernando. Officers surrounded the car and told the suspect to exit his vehicle.

Sgt. Denise Joslin told KCAL9 anchors Sharon Tay and Rob Schmitt that it was believed the suspect was in the vehicle alone.

The suspect got out of the car, after several more minutes, with his hands on his head, as ordered by officers.

After two officers tried to take the subject down, it looked like he had something in his hand and at least four more officers moved in to subdue him.

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The unidentified driver was taken into custody without further incident.