LA MIRADA (CBS) — Two female Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were arrested Friday for fighting each other in the area of La Mirada Regional Park.

A third deputy was treated for unspecified injuries at a hospital and released, said sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker.

One of the deputies was also accused of firing her weapon during the brawl.

No one was hit by the gunfire, and investigators believe the three deputies were the only people involved in the incident, Parker said.

Deputy Judith Gonzalez, 36, was booked for assault with a deadly weapon.

Deputy Adrienne Myers, 35, was booked for battery. Bail was set at $50,000 for each of them.

Gonzalez, Myers and the injured deputy were “relieved of duty,” Parker said.

“All three deputies were assigned to patrol stations,” Parker said.

Deputies were sent to the park in the 13700 block of Adelfa Drive at 3:04 a.m. in response to reports of gunfire, said Deputy Guillermina Saldana of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau.

An investigation into the incident was ongoing.

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Comments (48)
  1. bacago says:

    Yet another *fine* example of the LASD. Bit of a twist being female officers though.

    Baca, time for your corrupt a-ss to GO.

    1. Gary M says:

      I have been saying it for years. Baca and his staff allow the LASD to get away with anything. Discipline is almost unheard of.
      Leroy Baca must go.

    2. tony says:

      thats because all they hire is gang banging mexicans

      1. Tonys an idiot says:

        You’re an idiot. Try adding some substance to your misguided rant.

  2. RSM says:

    The nuts are waching the nuts. The servants have taken over, and the government is stealing my money. Is the end near? In someway I wish it was. The becoming of a Godless society…

  3. belle says:

    It must be a tough dept. that even the women kick butt!!

  4. kevin says:

    reminds me of “A Clockwork Orange” When in the end the cops were the criminals…How many of our cops are criminals…The world may never know…

    1. wobbles says:

      No, this is the result of years of harcore affirmative action. They take applicants, both male and female, who really shouldn’t be cops so they can fill their affirmativeaction quotas. Same reason LAPD has had so many issues including officers doing robberies. Hiring based on quotas lowers stndards. Maube that’s cool with alot of jobs but not cops.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Most crazy, evil, murderous, law-breaking cops are WHITE. No affirmative action needed.

  5. Reason says:

    you cant write this stuff!

  6. Mel Gibson says:

    That’s what happens when Standards are lowered. What sane Community would have Females as Sheriff Deputy’s? Think about it.
    If I was in trouble I would want a Male Deputy helping Me and if I was getting arrested I could easily take out a Female Deputy, Gun or no Gun.

  7. ??? says:

    this just proves that women cant get along with each other…you even see it on reality shows, like housewives of NY, NY, Bev Hills etc…its ridiculous

    1. ??? says:

      typo: NY, NJ, Bev Hills, etc.

  8. LADriver says:

    I love it! The Sheriffs are trained to be aggressive barking dogs. (I’ve been in jail for 6 days to know.) And now they even turn on themselves. Where’s the judgement in the heat of the moment? LAPD cops behave like robots when they’re under pressure. There are way to many stories about out-of-control deputies, male or female. It’s time to clean up this department.

  9. Reason says:

    live leak has the vid on the first page

  10. Scott Tudehope says:

    Yet I am supposed to have respect for law enforcement. Uh huh…you bet. My brother got TEN YEARS for stealing a lousy 800 bucks in Idaho yet I am supposed to back up the badge. Maybe Bubba will back up their badges where these two beotches are heading, butt I won’t. Christ Almighty.

    The neighbor next door put in his 20 years of law enforcement and now lives the life of Riley. Meanwhile dumb azzes like you are working to support him. Don’t worry…he has a pool, an RV, a huge two story house, and his wife working to allow him time on the links. Yeah, I’m back up the badge…into a corner.

    1. Karen says:

      You do realize that Idaho is very different than California. If they catch you with pot in Idaho, you’re in jail for life.

    2. wobbles says:

      And your brother is stil a thief. He did that, not the cops.

    3. bounce says:

      Cops only enforce the laws, they don’t make them. And guess what? You don’t get ten years in jail for stealing $800, your brother must have had prior convictions.

      There’s a lesson in here somewhere…

    4. Guillermo Cruz says:

      Probably stole $800 by robbing a bank. That part must have been left out.

    5. Mike says:

      Sounds like someone is jealous of his neighbor. Grow up baby!

  11. Jenny says:

    With this situation is nothing new. Reckless shooting by off-duty officer is a no-no. Especially in a public park. Expect Internal Affairs will look into this and most likely both female deputies will be terminated.

  12. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    san Bernardino county deputy returned to work yesyerday, was arrested for domestic abuse, violated restraining order, swat team had him removed from a home. GREAT immuned life

  13. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    Strong coorelation with women cops and women PE teachers, GUESS?

    1. Hmmm says:

      Or wh0re, sleepin around with all the male deputies that are married. I should know. My husband was one of them. She was good though. 2 married deputies at a time.

  14. Timothy McGarry says:

    They left out the ” alcohol- fueled ” part.

  15. Alan Di says:

    What a tragedy. They must have run out of innocent civilians to beat up or fabricate evidence against. We all know they will be back at work in a few days.

  16. Herbert says:

    Not the Mexican Mestizo versus Creole ethnic racial animoisty is it? Naah it must’ve just been an onthe job drug deal gone bad.

  17. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    Affirmative action has ruined 2 professions:Law enforcement and the USpost office.

  18. A says:

    That is totally a love triangle thing gone bad… Two girls fighting, one beating the other…new GF steps in “cranks off a round” cops come…done deal….

  19. Hardmoney says:

    Did someone say they saw that SnoopyDogg guy there filming?

  20. concern criminal says:

    i wonder when the other deputy got there did they make these women lay face down & spread their legs. did they draw down on them, i would really love to see a video of the arrest.

  21. ruth c says:

    judith speedy gonzales , why mexican loves none spanish names? Judith ? Give me a break . Maria, lupe,juana is more like it

  22. Phiilip says:

    This BS happens due to an insatiable need to inject diversity into everything we do, even if it naturally doesn’t occur. A lot (not all) of present day cops would never get hired in years past. This epitomizes Chicks in law enforcement. a natural sit-com..

  23. Tren Shekshul says:

    Dumb fkkin’ sheriff b.iitches.

  24. megartollolz says:

    just a case of them being human swing it out and end up being good friends that is how it goes sometimes

  25. wow says:

    These women should not be in law enforcement. I bet it was lover triangle.

  26. MikeG says:

    Did they kiss?

  27. bubba says:

    cat fight

  28. Rebecca says:

    Wow, how much more can LASD endure??? We pay their exuberant salaries and over inflated retirement. Let’s see if they are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law or just given a slap on the hand?? These broads need to be fired, stripped of their retirement for termination and have their record permanently damaged as not to be able to work in any law enforcement or governmental agency, EVER!!

  29. Jessica says:

    The officers aren’t the only problem some, look at all of the hating remarks on here based on gender and ethnicity. Men have always been fighting each but it’s been acceptable because it’s considered being competitive but women do it and it’s seen as a bad thing, well they’re being competitive as well. Men know that they’re worthless now days and just can’t stand to see women progressing so they find any fault in them, must be nice to feel threatened. I don’t approve of this kind of behavior regardless of their gender nor race. For years and years law enforcement has been corrupted because of men as with all the other horrible problems in this world.

  30. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    In one week 3 LA county deputies have been arrested that we know of.

  31. Rebecca says:

    I’m not addressing this issue as to men/women, black/white/hispanic or otherwise. My issue is that these individuals are compensated very, very handsomely and should be held accountable to the fullest extent. That fact that others before them have been corrupt doesn’t make it right and it’s not like these deputies were rookies they are more than old enough to know better. There is no, justifying this behavior. As you (Jessica) stated corruption in LASD has been an issue from day one, I can bet that this one too will be swept under the rug and we won’t hear what really happens with these deputies.

  32. Eugene Banks says:

    They should of just had each other for lunch and everything would of been fine

  33. Gary M says:

    I’m thinking prison pen pals

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