LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The next time you visit a store in the San Fernando Valley, you may have to check your hat at the door or take your business elsewhere.

KNX 1070’s Vytas Safronikas reports it’s part of a new anti-crime effort announced by the Los Angeles Police Department Wednesday to deter criminals from targeting businesses in Studio City and North Hollywood.

The “Hats Off!” pilot program will post signs at nearly two dozen local businesses requesting that patrons remove their hats and helmets and pull sweatshirt “hoodies” from their heads before entering.

Under the program, a “warning notice” will be placed in the window of a business that caters to walk-in customers “to allow the customer time to remove their hat, hoodie or helmet” before entering, LAPD officials said.

If they refuse to comply, “they’d be in violation of penal code 602, which is essentially trespassing within that business,” said LAPD Capt. Justin Eisenberg.

The effort is aimed at suspects who hide their faces during crimes, Eisenberg said.

Headgear is often worn by criminals to shield their faces from security cameras during a break-in or robbery.

“If you think about schools where there are dress codes, or nightclubs or many establishments that have restraints as to what people can wear in their establishments, that’s a right that store owners have,” said Eisenberg. “This is just an additional tool that we’re giving store owners.”

Studio City and other neighboring communities have been hit by a string of robberies in recent months, including a $2 million diamond heist in North Hollywood.

If successful, the voluntary “Hats Off!” effort could soon be expanded citywide.

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  1. rtt says:

    I can already hear the complaints from the various religious groups that use head wraps and such.

    1. Mike Lee says:

      End this total nonsense. Vote Ron Paul 2012. Put our nation back on track to freedom and prosperity. Now we have the fashion police? Great land of freedom.
      Ron Paul 2012…

      1. nygrump says:

        This is really about ensuring that everyone can be id’ed and tracked by the State remotely as they move through their day to day lives. Its a test to see if people complain, then they can roll it out in public areas.

      2. Carl Curmudgeon says:

        ” …then they can roll it out in public areas.”

        Did I read that correctly?

        Do they really intend to roll this out in pubic areas?

      3. Down the Drain says:

        No Noodlehead, its says “If successful, the voluntary “Hats Off!” effort could soon be expanded citywide.” I suggest people start signing into yelp and get an account, I know I am. If any place hits me with a hats off, I am killing there “like score”. You can not be arrested unless you are asked to leave and refuse. That’s the law, not the way these a-holes write it.

      4. dholdenbrooks says:

        Actually this sounds like stores voluntarily deciding who can enter their stores based on their clothing, something Ron Paul would be perfectly fine with. The police are merely encouraging business owners to do it on their own.

      5. stopthe says:

        The stores aren’t forced to do this. Therefore property rights are not weakened or violated. Stores are private property. Therefore, Ron Paul wouldn’t have a problem with it – and neither do I.

      6. Kevin says:

        i agree. participation is voluntary. it’s up to the store owner to weigh the risks to their business by participating. if the store owner said only people wearing red shirts may shop here, they have the right to do that. just don’t expect to stay in business very long.

      7. Down with Authority says:

        Why not have the cops actually do their jobs and stop criminals instead of saying, all non criminals must give up a right to wear a hat wherever you are? This is America GD! I would rather be arrested and sue the city then give up my rights. I walk into your store with a hat on and you don’t say anything, great. If you say take it off, I say no. A store employee actually has to tell you take your hat off or leave before anything starts. You leave and tell them you will never do business with them again and inform them you will go E-Viral in telling them that everyone will know not to shop at this store will put a lot of small and large businesses out of work. I would rip up my Costco card and never go back if that happened there. TEAR IT DOWN!

      8. Down the Drain says:

        I’ll have a sombrero, a cowboy hat, a pill box, a burka, a ball cap both baseball and lame-o trucker hat. Lets see, a yamica, a turban, a beret, a helmet from all the past US wars, bike and motorcycle helmets. What else am I missing. Ah! A funny pope hat. Please send more suggestions. Thanks for playing the name the hat game.

      9. Carl Curmudgeon says:

        Occupy Costco!

        Get a bunch of unemployed losers to go camp inside Costco!

        That’s the ticket!

      10. Massimo Deportado says:

        Idiot. Ru Paul wants you dope your brains out.

      11. T says:

        Im kinda leaning toward Cain – I might have spelled that wrong…Cane???

      12. Joe says:

        If they refuse to comply, “they’d be in violation of penal code 602, which is essentially trespassing within that business,” said LAPD Capt. Justin Eisenberg.

        Doesn’t sound voluntary to me.

      13. jekyllisland says:

        dholdenbrooks are you a moron or 8 years old?

      14. Duh! says:

        As soon as Down with Authority goes E-viral, I would shop at that store right away knowing that idiots will not be in the store.

        Thanks for the public service announcement Down with Authority.

    2. Mike Lee says:

      first time a gay rights activist goes into a store like that and they tell them to take off their hat, just watch. Or perhaps a muslim wearing not a hat but a burka. How about a union man in his 60s or a cowboy from texas. if the gang banging mayor had control of his hommies or the russian euro-trash were kicked out the the city we would not need laws. with mr. moonbeams new no right to carry law the cops feel a lot safer about harassing every day joes.

      1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

        Hat or HELMET?
        What if a Special Needs individual needs to wear their helmet for safety precautions.
        I can see a lawsuit in the making! Person taking off their helmet, faking a seizure, and banging their head on the ground. Way to go fashion police

      2. Richard Henkle says:

        Did I miss something? When did Russia become part of Europe?

      3. ComSenseWiz says:

        Russia is not part of the European Union but any portion of Russia west of the Ural mountains is considered Europe. Obviously, geography is not Henkle’s strong suit.

      4. Phil says:

        LOL I am sorry I just have to reply here to Richard Henkle. Russia is part Europe and part Asia, it spans both continents. Most major cities are on the European side.

      5. Edward Boothe says:

        I have seen the time come when is a good thing to be old. This country is in the process of falling and I have fortunately got to live the majority of my life in what was the greatest democracy in the history of the world. I feel for the young who had no hand in the fall of this country who are going to be stuck with whats left, possibly slavery.

      6. T.Wilson says:

        What if a Special Needs individual needs to wear their helmet for safety precautions, and to protect his head he wears a hoodie under the helmet, and he’s Jewish so under the hoodie he’s wearing a yarmulke?

    3. RufusVonDufus says:

      They can all suck sour buttermilk if they don’t like it. They can go shop elsewhere. I can tell you what to ban if you want to cut crime by about 95%!

      1. Slippery When Wet says:

        So when are you moving back to VonDufistan!!

    4. freecheese says:

      Yeah, who needs a “Hoodie” in the summer, or a stocking cap ? Usually young losers.

    5. Jackie J says:

      No problem for me I like guys to pay me for a fake pregnancy. Works great – I love San Antonio – call me easy way to make a few $$$. (210) 606-1503 Jackie Jackobo.

    6. Jackie J says:

      I may wear a hat for a protective helmet on my little head – then not remove it. Oh the shame. Little man tate

    7. John says:

      Hoodie use is only intended to hide identification. Then it became a fashion statement to those wanting to be tough. It won’t stop crime but it will also make the storeowner not be so alarmed every time a thug walks in with that type of headgear. Gives him time to get his gun! if you wiped off all the hoodie wearing fools on the planet if would probably free up 10 jobs!

      1. Andrew P. says:

        That’s interesting. I use hoodies to keep my head and neck warm. It’s that, or I wear a beanie and a scarf. But that isn’t my thing, so a hoodie works just as well.

        That said, I would fully comply with this rule. A business has every right to make this demand.

    8. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
      – Plato —- http://911essentials.com

      1. John Horan says:

        People in more civilized times always removed their headgear when they stepped inside an establishment,bar church,etc! It is proper to identify yourself when you walk into an establishment. We will have a world of ghosts if everybody walked around in Star Wars cloaks with hoods. Sorta like Arab burqas and everyone knows how attractive they are. Al Quada terrorists used to escape from U.S Forces by wearing them to escape. Political correctness had our enemies escape to kill our troops another day by this diversion!

    9. Godfrey says:

      Take off your hat, or you can’t shop here?

      I can’t imagine this is good for business. But it’s not like we’re in a recession or anything.

      1. John Horan says:

        It was always good manners to your headgear when you stepped indoors. Remember Ron White the comedian got his butt kicked in a New York bar for putting his cowboy hat back on after he was asked to remove it indoors! Good comedy ,but he tells you he paid the price for non-compliance! He also had to pay for the chair they broke over his back!

    10. claire says:

      if you notice in the write- up – they didn’t mention “head wraps” – they specifically said hats, hoodies or helmut – there was not mention of burkas or head scarfs. So they are more than likely exempt because there would be an outrage.

    11. T.Wilson says:

      I wasn’t aware that the LAPD could write and enact laws. Then it’s “voluntary” or get arrested for trespassing?

    12. luvenlust says:

      this is nonsense california is running away tourist
      if im having a bad hair cause im black and my hair get s a little messy i need to wear a hat
      i dont have the luxury of slicking my hair down or pulling it into a style
      this law is UNAMERICAN

  2. Sage Advice says:

    What about stores that sell hats?

    1. T says:

      now thats funny 🙂

      1. Jackie J says:

        Yo it’s real cool to show all my boxers before you see my knees. My chicken legs. And a nice big hoody for my big head. Leon.

    2. The Big Logic says:

      After they purchase a hat, they will certainly be allowed to walk OUT with it.

    3. Louis Swan II says:

      I like that. : ) It will be posted, so it will pertain to the stores that want you to remove your hat, hoody or helmet gear.

      1. Jackie J says:

        The easiest thing to do is wear disposable paper clothes. And carry a RFID to pay. no pockets no crime. Shop in just speedos works in Europe. Doug.

    4. kidblast47 says:

      Dumb ass!

    5. F-Calif says:

      Too funny!

    1. John Pelligrini says:

      NOT STUPID, you enter my place of business without taken off your hat or hoody, NO SERVICE!

      1. Casey Vitoria says:

        Hey Genius….without “taking” off your hat.

      2. MrBlonde says:

        Good luck with that business model, until the People’s Republic of CA also forces people to shop at these stores.

      3. Paying Customer says:

        Business must be good for you if you can afford to refuse service. I though times were tough? You’re a JACK A$$.

      4. John Pastapants says:

        Then I don’t do business with you , NO MONEY!

      5. Paying Customer says:

        Point proved. You’re a JACK A$$

      6. CH says:

        Please tell us the name of your establishment so that I can make sure not to offend you with my hat or my money!

      7. citizen says:

        what is the name of your store so I won’t come in it?

      8. Mark says:

        It is stupid. Imagine a guy is running toward the convenient store door with a gun and a mask. Suddenly he sees the sign and he is worried about tacking on a trespassing charge. Crime foiled.

        This is idiotic. It will only prevent honest people from wearing hats in stores, not criminals.

      9. nygrump says:

        Mark makes the great point below, like its going to stop the real criminal. It is about making sure that everyone can be constantly id’ed and tracked throughout their day. Soon they will roll this out into public areas. Everything must be made illegal in apolice state, they just enforce it unequally.

      10. Weepy American says:

        Tell me the name of your store so I don’t go in.

      11. Dan says:

        Great no monet then

      12. David Knight says:

        Let’s see how long you have your business. Pretty stupid to have such an arrogant attitude in such a tough economic climate.

      13. Yaspar says:

        Wearing a hat inside a business is bad manners. I hate being in a restaurant and having punks swaager in, wearing their little gang caps on sideways. If it was my restaurant I would ask them to leave, too.
        I’m with you, John.

  3. citizen says:

    what if its rainning?

    1. Token says:

      Pretty sure it wont be raining IN the store…

    2. John Pelligrini says:

      Now you are being stupid, put the silly hat on as you leave.

      1. phil says:

        John you seem to be a big fan boy of this, Why does this need to come from the state? You own a store, you are worried about people robbing you with a hat then put your own sign up. But for every other store leave it up to them. Meddling prick.

  4. Regg says:

    Another rule that will go unenforced..

  5. L_T says:

    Welcome to Governor Moonbeams nanny state.

    1. yourbiznes says:

      While Jerry Brown is not the most popular governor this state has had, you should still read the article before passing judgment. This is an LAPD issue, not a state law. Of course you probably think the LAPD is in cahoots with the governor

      1. L_T says:

        And you must be a “union hack”.

      2. ^^^ twit says:

        You are a freaking moron. You will be charged under penal code. In your world do the police write the laws? Cuz round here legislature does with a signature from Governor dipshet.

      3. yourbiznes says:

        The state legislature does not write local penal codes with the governor signing them. Please read this quote from the article.

        “KNX 1070′s Vytas Safronikas reports it’s part of a new anti-crime effort announced by the Los Angeles Police Department Wednesday to deter criminals from targeting businesses in Studio City and North Hollywood.”

    2. Sparrow says:

      AHAHAHA. So when somebody points out how mistake you are, your answer is to insult them? Yeah, that’s logic.

      What are you, twelve?

      1. L_T says:

        “What a Maroon”

      2. karl says:

        you, sir, are mistake!

    3. Ray says:

      If they would just start deporting the illegals that have been arrested for robberies instead of letting them out on the streets to do it again and again then we would not have to have these stupid rules i don’t wear hats too often but I’ll shop less is this area. Maybe this is what should protested against a nanny state where illegals have more RIGHTS than CITIZENS do keep electing these liberal democrats until we have no RIGHTS at all.

      1. Paying Customer says:

        Illegals are the only people who have been arrested for robberies? Idiot.

      2. MIKE says:


      3. Newton Fig says:

        Yes, deport all the white people who hire illegals!
        Wait. . .what. . Well said, Mike. Where to? Back to North Dakota?

    4. yourbiznes says:


      I’m not a union hack. Just someone that reads the articles before making any comments.

      1. ^^^^ doofus says:

        “I’m not a union hack. Just someone that reads the articles and glances over important distinctions before making any comments.” is what you should have said

      2. Jackie J says:

        Yo – don’t be profilin’ jus coz I got a brim don’t be hatin. Laquinta.

  6. roger waters says:

    Watch your business hurt more than it already is. GOD THIS NATION IS SO DUMB.

    1. Old and In the Way says:

      Well, if I walk into a bank with a hoody or helmet, an armed guard will stop me. Nobody complains about that. So, we have a local siutation where the populace feels entitled to walk off with other people’s stuff … a lot like the bank situation … so the local police want you to show your face. I’m not against that at all. I do feel the ball cap or yamaka restriction goes too far. Hoodies and helmets? take ’em off or get out.

      1. Jackie J says:

        Go burka – all of Ramadan wear burkas. Just blend in – works in Beruit. Al-ali

    2. RJ OGuillory says:

      If I were a business owner I’d laugh the LAPD out of my shop. What a joke. You can almost see the country slip into this fascist mindset,…as though the police can tell you what to do as a business owner, and then conspire with the submissive business owners who will perjure themselves by claiming that you are “trespassing”, because you will not follow an unlawful command from an illegal government entity overstepping their legal bounds,….

      …much like the idiot cops opening the unlocked doors of neighborhood cars and leaving “notices” reminding them to lock their cars,…

      …pretty soon I’m going to need my Jackboots,…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  7. The Voice of Reason says:

    Why don’t stores just keep it simple and have a sign that says, “NO MEXICANS”.

    1. The Voice of Reason says:

      I meant that to be funny, but there is still some truth to it.

    2. TheWindrunner says:

      That’s BS! The sign should read ‘No Nigra’.

      1. The Voice of Reason says:

        lol That too!

    3. Ben IncaHutz says:

      You’re an idiot. Go back to watching Fox News and then try to explain why mass murders(such as the guy in Seal Beach) are almost always white. Same goes for child molesters.

      Take your time loser.

      1. Whattaload says:

        Really? So all those mass murders going on by the cartels in messicko are committed by whites? Or, more likely, is that based on race that is the majority in any given country. Good try though.

      2. Christina39 says:

        You are correct. Even I was amazed at how prevalent whites are in commiting scams and orchestrating thefts in Vegas. (Yes I know we are not talking about Vegas). We have illegals here who do not commit the amount of white crime I see. Maybe they commit street crimes, but in businesses, whites rule when it comes to stealing.

      3. John Pelligrini says:

        You may gain some intelligence if you watched FOX News, rather than the Hate channel MSNBC?

      4. rjm2238 says:

        To Ben IncaHutz;
        Maybe the white shooters are just practicing, and maybe you better learn how to duck.
        As far as child molesters I think you have them confused with illegals from Central America. Look up the numbers and take your time with that.
        Don’t take too long on practicing how to duck though, that is a skill you may need sooner than you think if you are as full of hate as your words make you appear.
        I have an idea, why don’t you practice while on the flight back to your native country, wherever that may be.
        Rich in New Mexico.

      5. Joseph Biden says:

        So what do YOU watch, mental giant?

        “The View”?

        The only loser in this whole blog today is you – and your mama still dunno who dat babee’s dattee be!

    4. Christina39 says:

      You might think it is funny, but where I work in Vegas there is a lot of theft and you would be surprised that the majority are white where I work at least. Either outright stealing or some kind of scam. We had two gun related incidents and both involved whites. I walk around and alert security if I see something amiss and very often it is a white person.

      1. John says:

        Maybe you should look at the national stats on crime. Pretty much guarantee you that minorities commit more crimes. Not whites. Where do you work in Vegas? At J Crew? Sure there are places where one demographic commits more crime than another, but on the whole minorities commit more crimes.

        According to a 2009 report by the Pew Hispanic Center, in 2007 Latinos “accounted for 40% of all sentenced federal offenders-more than triple their share (13%) of the total U.S. adult population”.

        For men in their early thirties, African-Americans are about 7 times more likely to have a prison record than whites. They are more likely to have been in prison (22.4 percent) than in the military (17.4 percent)

      2. David Huffman says:

        You must be Mexican.Now that i’ve said that ,let’s go ahead and pull the race card which Mexicans are so fond of doing when someone tells the truth and pulls their covers.Maybe they’re all white perps because you’re being biased and not paying much attention to your homies or the blacks.I lived and worked in Vegas on and off the strip and know for a fact you’re full of shizznit !!! Most crimes in Vegas are committed by blacks and Mexicans,and most of those Mexicans are illegals going from shelter to shelter out there.Fact!!!! Those who don’t believe can go to the website for Vegas most wanted and you will see the number of Blacks and Mexicans wanted for crimes out there far outwiegh those of whites.!! How you like me now Chica ???!!!!

      3. sabb says:

        Yeah she’s right, lot’s of White’s are turning to gun crimes cause they can afford the guns, where Black’s and Mexican’s have to get those in black market area’s.
        White’s I think are becoming tired of being pushed down.

      4. Jackie J says:

        Liberia – did not work out too well for the freed slaves. Round 2. Leroy

      5. Christina39 says:

        TO DAVID HUFFMAN I am white and work at the Fashion Show and there are a lot of white shoplifters. I have no reason at all, believe me, to be biased. I was very surprised at first when I noticed the trend.

      6. Christina39 says:

        To: David Huffman: I am white with a Mexican boyfriend. While I am very much against what has happened to California, my boyfriend also feels the same way I do and agrees the problem is not entirely Mexican’s fault. I totally agree. He is legal and never got anything for free and he is anything but liberal. We left California because of some of its distructive liberal people Also where I work, the majority of shoplifters are white. I should know, I see them all. I am well aware of Mexican gangs, I was raised in Los Angeles

        Signed: Chica

      7. TypicalWhiteWoman says:

        Clue to Christina: Mexican is still white. Unless of course you’re claiming ancestry to native peoples that the Spanish slaughtered.

  8. Shaun says:

    They won’t be getting my business. I am not discarding my hat just to go into a store. Why not tell people the only way they can shop is nude as a way to target shoplifters… Give me a f*@#ing break.

  9. lala63 says:

    Violent gang members don’t kill people … hats kill people. This will really help lol – The rival gang members will never be able to tell each other apart if they are not wearing their hats. Good thinking. GAWD!!!

    1. TheWindrunner says:

      That’s why I don’t wear hats, I don’t want to commit suicide.

      1. Christina39 says:


      2. Phil says:

        HAHAHAHA best comment I have read all day. Thank you I am gonna go to lunch now after that one.

  10. Blake says:

    Welcome to the glorius Peoples Socialist Republic of California. All hail the Glorius leader Jerry Brown!

    1. noneoff says:

      While Jerry Brown is not the most popular governor this state has had, you should still read the article before passing judgment. This is an LAPD issue, not a state law. Of course you probably think the LAPD is in cahoots with the governor.

      1. Scott says:

        The implcation is that Gov. Moonbeam won’t complain.

  11. Christina39 says:

    We were recently robbed where I work by a man wearing a stocking over his head and a hat. He ran into the business and then went to the cash room and took out a gun. He took about $10,000 and is still at large. Who is going to be the one to tell a man wearing a stocking over his head to remove it? You already knew you were in trouble. What do you say, “Our policy is no stockings on your head?”

    1. Jboy says:


      Or what criminal is going to be pouting over this law. “Darn! There goes my plan!”

      Glad you’re ok.

    2. David Huffman says:

      How much you want to bet that guy was Black or Mexican ???!!!! Show me the surveilence disc.!!!

      1. Christina39 says:

        OK They caught the guy trying to pull off the same thing at another store. If it makes you happy, he was a young black man.

    3. Jackie J says:

      Please sign up for our discount tasers and shot guns. Use at will – better yet at a distance. The Taser Store.

      1. Clearhead says:

        Sorry, Jackie J. I can’t read your comment — it’s not in Spanish.

    4. karl says:

      how did he know the gun was in the cash room? sounds like an inside job.

  12. doc says:

    another silly law if you ask me.

    1. T. Jefferson says:

      Yes, silly, but more, the ban on what a person can wear inside a private business sets the precedent that a law-enforcement entity can become law-maker without using any democratic process. I understand that it is supposedly “voluntary”, but my guess is that much pressure will be applied to business owners who would prefer not to participate.

      Such a ban also forces a person who’s simply trying to do commerce, not always a purely chosen activity, to subject himself to the government surveillance grid. In addition to all the cameras going up around town, the government uses private, in-store survellience to gather information and expand its facial recognition databases. As the economic situation further deteriorates, the government will be using these systems to track down petty criminals who have unpaid parking tickets or owe back taxes or child support. We might be a few years away from this, but the LAPD hat-ban is a step in the process. How else a person be forced to expose his face to their surveillance systems?

  13. Death to America says:


    1. Sparrow says:

      You can wear whatever you like. You just can’t wear it IN THEIR STORE. Grow up, child.

      1. Weepy American says:

        O Yea moron, well that’s stupid. You can be our customer but only if you wear what we approve. Not in my store you don’t? Well not in your store will I go.

      2. ^^^ unintelligent(that means stupid to you) says:

        I do believe he is referring to the police making policy decisions FOR these stores and he probably has no problem wearing a shirt and shoes in most stores. I know it is hard to grasp something like this when you love the nanny state. Maybe you would be better off arguing with children, you’ve failed here.

      3. TypicalWhiteWoman says:

        Really? So we have to bring a change of clothes for every potential store we walk into?

    2. Trevor says:

      Just leave the country than you moron.

      1. Whattaload says:

        Trevor, he won’t leave the country. He’s too f*cking ignorant to realize that only because he is in America is he allowed to mouth off like that. If he tried that in most countries, they wouldn’t even take into account his stupid remark might be just all talk. Typical p*ssy.

      2. T. Jefferson says:

        Why does he have to leave the country? We enjoy freedom in the land of the free. It’s you who obviously enjoys North Korean-style hat policies. You need to leave

  14. Reason says:

    this is one of the stupidest things Ive heard in a while. nice one LAPD. So no coats in the winter time either? Im not checking my hat at the door – if I have one on – i will not shop there. They wont get anything stolen, but they wont sell anything either.

    Nanny state indeed. This kind of S%$^ has to stop.

  15. mitzi says:

    i think there should be a rule that says NO PANTIES!!!

    1. Louis Swan II says:

      : )

    2. Christina39 says:

      I think there is in Las Vegas but only when wearing very short skirts.

  16. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    T his policy should not apply to WHITE people, wedon’t rob jewelry stores .

    1. Chester says:

      Lindsay just walks out wearing the jewelry.
      She is so hot by the way.

  17. Brian W. says:

    This is one of the stupidest restrictions I’ve ever seen. I am an avid hat-wearer and I’ve never burglarized any businesses, why should I be penalized for this. We’re not in middle school, why should we abide by middle school dress code restrictions? I personally plan to boycott any store that enforces this forthright.

    1. Richard Henkle says:

      Absolutely, this is just one more personal freedom that is being taken away. Something that you were allowed to do yesterday is a crime today. As other posters have said, someone with malicious intent is not going to abide by the law so this only affects those of us that do.

  18. m says:

    This law isn’t any different than the municipal or penal code (or whatever it is) that says “no shirt, no shoes, no service”. why don’t these businesses have the right to know whose coming into their establishment? Anyone not intending to do wrong shouldn’t have a problem with compliance. It’s a temporary removal while visiting, and it’s a common courtesy to remove head coverings while indoors.

    1. JBoy says:

      And next comes a pat-down at the door…Then a DNA swab.

      You are starting down a very slippery slope…

      If the store wants to enact the policy, then that’s fine, they can suffer the consequences…When Big Brother gets involved? Then that’s being unreasonable and an infringement on my privacy AND the stores privacy.

      How many struggling stores do you think are going to kick people out? Aside from a jewelry store or gun store (which already have secured entry gates)…The number will be zero. Remember, they already have a right to refuse service to anyone.

      I can see this opening a major lawsuit from Jews and Muslims…That YOUR tax dollars will pay for when the case is settled.

      A better question is, are these stores required by law to have video cameras? If not, then what’s the point?

      Do you think criminals are going to say “Oh golly, gee wilikers, I can’t wear a hood so now I can’t rob any stores, darn!” Seriously?

      Its the law-abiding that are being targeted which is wrong…You did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong. If I want to wear a hat for what ever reason, I should be allowed to with out fear of criminal penalty. That’s what it boils down to. Think about that…If you heard this coming from Saudi Arabia or Iran, you would be glad to be an American. But when it happens here, you support it?

      Think my friend, THINK!

    2. Courtesy? says:

      It isn’t about courtesy. It’s about surveillance. LAPD is soft selling this IMHO. Oh it’s optional… they will wait a while then make it mandatory. It’s all about getting your face into a database then tracking your movements. This is a final step toward 1984’s telescreens. Guilty untl proven innocent has never been so obvious as this is.

    3. davec says:

      Thats a stupid statement, it has NOTHING to do with “shoes and shirt” – that comes from HEALTH CODE

      Youre too stupid to be posting here

  19. The 1st says:

    I’m sure all the criminals are very upset that they will no longer be able to hide their faces…Just as I’m sure they are upset that they can’t carry guns either…Just as I’m sure they are upset that stealing in illegal.

    This is nothing more than a violation of our 1st amendmant rights to freedom of expression.

    Another day, another liberty erroded. Sad really.

  20. Chameleon says:

    Can I wear an LAPD hat? Im embarrassed of my gang tattoos I got on my head when I was 10 and Im bald!!

  21. Roger Wallace says:

    More laws — just what we need. And this time, it’s an even stupider one. If I was a robber or some type of other thief and wanted to get around this idiotic regulation, an excellent alternative would be to wear a wig or color my hair when entering one of these establishments. Or are they going to ban that, too? Either way, I ain’t takin’ off this cool sombrero — oh hell no!

  22. geeM says:

    REALLY !! ??

  23. Fred says:

    At least the signs will also clearly indicate that I need to take my business elsewhere to a hat friendly store regardless of my wearing one or not at the time.

  24. David says:

    How does the LAPD ban hats inside a business? Do they have legislative authority now? Or is California now a police state?

    1. Mike Lee says:

      You havent noticed all of California is a police state. They can beat homeless people to death and get out on bail. they can tell you what to wear and how to speak. How to raise you children and how to forget your Constitutional rights.
      Make some rule you cannot be gay and enter a building and watch the riots. Tell someone they cannot speak spanish and watch the public outcry. The cops cannot do their job so they make no hat rules? remember the 40’s to 60’s where all men wore hats? how about the mid west were almost all men wear ball caps or cowboy hats? This is $rap. Vote Ron Paul 2012 and bring back some sanity.

      1. Whattaload says:

        No, I don’t remember the 40’s, but, since you brought that up… Didn’t those same gentlemen remove their hats indoors? When I see some nincompoop wearing a hoody inside a store or while driving a car, I feel like smacking it off of their heads to try to teach them how effing stupid they look. But then, many of these are the same ones who wear their pants around their thighs. Not sure they’d get the point.

      2. Phil says:

        What about cancer patients alot of them are embarrassed to not wear a hat especially women. This is unreal if it were anywhere but the socialist state of California. Is a wig a hat? That’s what this is gonna lead to criminals will exchange their hats for wigs and beards.

    2. davec says:

      Thats the game, slowly chip away at Constitution and law and impose a Police State based on the Inquisitional reasoning of “the end justifies the means”

      Just like I cited with Hitler below, the Church followed this slippery slope into murdering dissenters in the Dark Ages.

      It all starts and ends up in the same place.

  25. John says:

    What drugs are the politicians and police on here? I know pot is legal but that would likely make them too lazy to want to micro manage everything in sight. Oh wait, they are high on power, the most dangerous drug.

  26. jojo says:

    this is on very shaky legal ground- do not expect it to last unless they get legislation that specifically grants this right

  27. Ernest T. says:

    Damm busybodied liberals with nothing better to do than trying to control everyone’s lives. Sheesh, get a job hippies…and a shower.

  28. Marie says:

    I think this is a stupid rule – just one more “1984” Orwellian, Big Brother domination over us; we have the right to wear whatever we choose. I could understand if this rule were enforced if someone entered a store wearing a mask – but a hat? Oh come on! People have to stop being so passive regarding the government denying us our rights.

  29. Vina Sestonari says:

    Got to love the picture that goes along with this article. Because it’s graying old dudes in ball caps that are the reason for this ban.

  30. Christina39 says:

    Who in some of these busy understaffed stores is going to be checking in the hats at the door. Will there be a line outside of the store, let’s say Wal-Mart, waiting to have their hats checked in?

  31. Ian McDonald says:

    Just more Orwellian government intrusion into our private lives. Sorry but this is beyond ludicrous. Again law abiding citizens will be inconvenience and criminals will just ignore the law, just like they do with gun control laws and licensing of vehicle laws… when will people realize that allowing more freedoms to be infringed upon will not provide the safety they so desperately seek?

    “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin; Founding Father, Statesman, Inventor

    1. Whattaload says:

      How will we be inconvenienced? How much trouble is it to remove a hat? Watch the news, how many robberies caught on camera involve a man with a low pulled hat/cap, or a hoody? Can’t see the eyes/nose, can’t positively i.d. the man.

      1. Mich says:

        Whattaload…By your logic, it would also be okay to remove guns and knives from everyone in this country since this is what is used to kill most people.

        How will we not be inconvenienced is question? Its not about removal of the hat, its the principle that those who are law abiding should not have to give up their freedom due to hoodlums ruining this country.

        Todays its hoodies tomorrow its you shoes, clothes, etc. People must draw the line somewhere. Why don’t we just refocus or government somewhere other than the legal department that came up with this BS..perhaps a police department with capable people

      2. Whattaload says:

        Mitch, that’s a bit af a stretch. My logic has nothing to do with disarming American citizens. I own guns, and I cary a knife with me at all time. I also make no attempt to hide my face while driving, while in a bank, a store, etc. Again, specific to MY point, what happens to those robbers who are either brazen or dumb enough to enter with no hat hiding their face? Image broadcast, people recognize them, they get turned it. So if your idea is to walk in camouflaged, you are already breaking the law. Remove your hat and let my camera see you. Remove your shoes and clothes, that’s already forbidden by the “No shoe, no shirt, no service” policy. Nice try though.

      3. Anarchos says:

        First it starts with hats, then it’s belts and shoes, then perhaps when they shove a baton up your keister to make sure you don’t have any contraband before you enter the store you will catch a clue? ps the criminals still will not remove their hats, masks, do rags etc because they’re CRIMINALS WHO DON’T OBEY LAWS!

  32. Will Campbell says:

    Wow. How long before we’re forced to strip to our underwear?

  33. duh says:

    Facial Recognition Software is being deployed enmasse.

  34. Mr. Obvious says:

    I’m pretty sure the guy in the orange baseball hat accompanying the story isn’t the typical thief that the businesses are worried about.

  35. Barry Levy says:

    so you go into a store and remore your hat. Now you have one hand occupied, while browsing, and accidently drop an item because you lost balance because you only had one hand. And who is responsible for the broken item.

    How about if we clean up the criminal element and stop with the lawyers wanting to put them back on the street when caught.

    Three strikes was great, maybe we should make it 2 strikes.

    And why exactly is it that criminals get reformed in jail, and served their sentence and are out, but we don’t do the same for sexual crimes.

    Anyone see a problem with this as well.

  36. Common Sense says:

    And these idiots think that the criminals are going to comply with the law. Here’s the news flash! Criminals don’t comply with the law. That’s why they are criminals.

  37. Lori says:

    This is so backward.
    It should be the BUSINESSES who make the rules for who can and cannot enter their business.

  38. CH says:

    Any place that doesn’t want me to wear my hat doesn’t want my money. I hope people boycott these places.

  39. anti-pacifist says:

    Let’s see, a thug who has already committed himself to breaking laws by carrying a stolen concealed hand gun is going to pay any attention to a law saying no head coverings? Give me a break.

    That said, businesses should be have the right to have a “no hoodie” an no face covering (burqa) policy posted near their entrances and they should be able to be selective (in other words, not caring about baseball caps, for example) as they see fit. It looks like this law was written to be broad so that the usual whiners couldn’t claim discrimination.

    1. davec says:

      Yep, thats exactly what the burglar will do, walk up to the door with a stolen gun, read the sign and say – “SNAP, I cant go in dere, I got a hoodie!”

      1. Amerikan Patriot says:

        EXACTLY! Good point!

  40. sab says:

    So what do the otho-Jews do??? That little ole cap will have to come off, just so they can buy there Sat. Bread? LOL Oh this will be good!!!

    1. davec says:

      kippa doesnt cover the face, just the bald spot

  41. Rick says:

    Crime would go down and senseless shootings like the one in Seal Beach would be prevented if CA allowed open carry and concealed carry like 40 other states do.

    1. Amerikan Patriot says:

      As you can already see, the criminals are already practicing open carry and concealed carry since they have NOTHING to fear because it’s illegal for the LAW ABIDING folks to carry a firearm! Kalifornia is one of the safest workplaces in the country for habitual and violent criminals thanks to the Lib-Dim legislators! Way to go legislators! keep the law abiding unarmed so the criminals can victimize them without worry!

  42. Bob Forsberg says:

    Face veils for Muslim women too, right?

  43. Mich says:

    What if someone wheres a hat due to chemotherapy or something similar? We should take aim at those committing the crime rather than the innocent people caught in the middle. Perhaps we should start with laws similar to some 3rd world countries in which the penalties for crimes, even small crimes, carry very stiff penalties. It would solve the problem much better than asking the innocent to accommodate the criminals.
    Parents start raising your kids to be law abiding citizens. And those who are adult and commit a crime I would throw them in jail and toss away the key.

  44. never ending fight for freedom says:

    While hes at it how about telling all the homies to pull up their pants too…

  45. Phil says:

    There was a time, long ago and far away where men were taught courtesy… hats were tipped to ladies, removed when indoors and NEVER worn while sitting down for a meal….now baseball hats are worn even while sleeping to cover dirty hair that hasn’t been washed for a week, “ladies” don’t exist and gentlemen are considered “weird”… progress is great….

  46. Registered User says:

    Gee, does that apply to burkas?

  47. red state nj says:

    I think people that drive while wearing “hoodies” should be pulled over and ticketed. How many times have you been cut off by someone who’s peripheral vision was impaired by their headgear? Not to mention that they’re fully reclined, on the phone and playing with their stupid dash mounted sat radio at the same time – might as well be driving with their feet. And pull your g**damn pants up!

    1. Whattaload says:

      Thank you, voice of reason!! I agree with 100%.

  48. Jamaal says:

    Does this include toupees and wigs???

  49. John says:

    The man in the stock photo is a perfect statistical representation of the past theft occurrences in LA stores. What a joke. Why don’t you show a photo of the typical thief? Bunch of racists you are.

  50. Joseph Biden says:

    I don’t think this is right.

    If I want to wear my tin foil beanie in a store, I should be able to do so. The government’s mind control beams can get you in there, too!

    I demand my freedom, and I don’t want to eat any more veggies, no matter what the Food Giant Michelle O says!

    Power to the braindead people!

  51. David Huffman says:

    everyone posting anything negative here about LAPD trying to make you safer in an obviously gang controlled war zone is so far out of touch with reality that you make me laugh!!! I was born in the San Fernando Valley 53 years ago before our government got so greedy and sloppy. I remember how nice it was before the invasion of all the garbage illegal alien Mexicans came and basically took over OUR VALLEY. The way i see things now for all of those who are complaining is,you have two options,either shut up and do as you’re told,or do your patriotic duty and vote all those out who support the Mexican invasion of our once beautiful southland.There is another way but none of you gutless wonders will do it,and that is just quite simply lock and load and do the job that our federal government fails and refuses to do!!!!!!!!!

    1. Bluec says:

      So tell us o gutful one, how many invaders have you whacked?

      Enlighten us with your tales of bravery and courage o he with jewels the size of planets. How many? 1? 5? 100?

      Funny how the people with E-Bravery always volunteer to bring up the rear.

    2. davec says:

      THANK YOU for the unfortunate observation of how these Criminal Mexicans “dont do any harm”

      Sad but true.

  52. Iused to know says:

    I am sure a violent criminal will see the sign and relize that the last thing he
    wants is a trespassing violation on his record and will move to an area
    that allows him to rob in whatever attire he wishes.
    Can we just put up a sign that says. ” No Robbing Allowed”

    1. davec says:

      There is one:

      “store owner has a shotgun”

      end of problem

  53. face facts says:

    Deal with the real issue Africans or blacks are robbing stores , shooting people, attacking people, running in massive groups threatening people and causing chaos every where they go and their race wears hoodies, hats or bandanas covering there heads and faces. Punish them deport them ban them from the stores or from society they are the problem. Every where in American this sub race is destroying every thing and no one can say the truth because self hating white people have to appear political correct. Africa is a wrecked country because of black savagery now america is being turned into Africa by the same savages that keep Africa a worthless hell hole where they still live in dung huts.

    1. davec says:

      dont forget the illegal Mexicans.

      Sad, unfortunate observation, but how can you igore it?

      Anyone who thinks this is a racist (white) position, read Booker T Washingtons autobiography when he states that American blacks were in fact better off after slavery than even some of the white slave owners.

      That doesnt make slavery right, but an observation is an observation

  54. Bluec says:

    Yeah, thats one law I wont be following. And frankly this is a uber dumb move for any business to engage in. Turn some kids away on a Friday night and watch how quick a potential sale turns into a brick thru a plate glass window. What could of been a sale is now a huge glass bill and knowing the kids in that region they’ll just wait for you to fix it and do it again hehe.

    Btw how do you call it trespassing when the business is open and welcoming the public in? It sounds like the LAPD still has extra money they need someone to sue them out of.

    1. Bluec says:

      I can’t wait for the first muzzy in a burka to walk in and get hassled. Then watch the cowardly gov make an exception for them and open themselves up to some discrimination law suits.

      He’ll who needs jobs when you just need a hat and a lawyer.

  55. LadyGAGA says:

    What about long hair covering the face…or WIGS covering the face?

    When they outlaw hats in stores, only the criminals will wear hats in stores.

    1. davec says:

      whats stupid, and unConstitutional about this is its a shallow attempt to PREVENT crime, which is not possible, and government has no authorization to do.

      This is how COMMUNIST nations do it, they make overbearing laws to attempt to control people on the straw argument that it “prevents” something.

      How our constitutional system is designed is that people are FREE to do what they please, and if they CAUSE (not MIGHT CAUSE) damage, then and ONLY then can the harmed party take redress.

      This is pure COMMUNISM

      1. ellen says:

        a. it is ot communisim you should actually learn your terms.
        b. so if a cop sees someone aiming a loaded gun at someone, they shouldn’t shoot that person, because at that point no “harm” has been done?

        By the way I think it is a stupid law, as others have said, the crooks arn’t going to worry about breaking the hoodie law if they are going in to rob a place, but thing out your arguments better.

  56. davec says:

    Since WHEN do POLICE have authority to MAKE or INTERPRET LAW?

    this is the worst expression of tyrrany and abuse of the Police State

  57. HarryK says:

    This is really pretty stupid. Someone who wants to rob a business isnt going to care about violating the “hoodie” law. Theyll rush in rob the place and rush out all with their hoodie on. What made LAPD think this will deter criminals?

    1. yarply says:

      Its not meant to deter criminals. Its meant to intimidate and exert control over the cattle. It empowers the police drones and businesses by entwining them with each other so by their fake laws and “ordinances” enslave the people into a whimpering servile existence where you lick the, all powerful authority gestapo goons boots and slippers like your pathetic lives depend on it.

      Live free or die a slave.

  58. davec says:

    This is how Adolf Hitler worked, he fabricated the Straw Argument that Jews, Gypsies, anyone who opposed him, was bad based on the argument of Ayrian purity.

    The purity thing was a total lie, since I dont think lots of Jews were inter-marrying with Germans.

    This is the same “attack and demonize the victim” scam as Hitler used.

  59. ziggy says:

    what a buch of BS! Headgear is worn by way more law abiding citizens than criminals! email me at zigidyz@yahoo.com for hoodies and all caps with “FU 602” with “This Is Americaaaaa!” underneath.

  60. otbros says:

    How about just letting store owners have firearms? But California just banned open carry, and most places do not allow concealed carry, so they are all victims now. Hoodlums and ethnic gangs there will obey the new hat law like they obey all firearms laws. Californians are idiots for electing these Democrats who have made self defense a crime.

    1. davec says:

      Tiem to leave Californication and let the criminals take over.

  61. Nail on our coffin says:

    But the rich and famous who do not want to be recognized will be exempt of course, Right? FU to the 99%, Right?

  62. eric schmidt says:

    I so sick and tired of being put out because of others’ misdeeds. These people – and we know they are, don’t we? – cause so much pain and are a huge drag on society considering what they contribute.

    Prisons, entitlements, welfare, and regulations.

    This is what these people contribute to society.

    F’ em!

  63. Steven Moshlak says:

    Ahhhh CAL PC 602 is Tresspass, not a Dress Code Rule. It is also a misdemeanor, not an infraction.

    My bone to pick is, are the signs in Spanish, Vietnamese and other foreign languages?

    What if a person can’t read?

    What if I wan’t to express my politics? The First Amendment trumps the Calidornia Penal Code.

    Besides, when filling out security ofrms for government work, can you imagine answering yes to arrests and writing in,”Yeah, I got busted, in Los Angeles, for wearing a hat indoors.”

    Now, if the police want to act on “reasonable suspicion” to stop and ask questions, that is a different story..

    1. davec says:

      But, they say, the hoodie IS suspicion because the wearer knowingly broke the law..

      See the “attack the victim” play?

  64. S Von Smith says:

    And yet again the powers that be are punishing the none criminals for the behavior of the criminals.

    Seriously people look what’s being done to you, the honest citizen.

    1. NoTyranny1 says:

      You are a criminal. Don’t you know you are now guilty until proven innocent. That is what the Thugs on the police force that (mur-der) citizens at will and the (rap-ist) thugs at the TSA believe. It is called forced compliance. They did it in Germany, Russia, China and now here.

  65. Timmy Crowley says:

    Funny thing is – any store – any where – may do this now. This is just LAPD backing them up. It’s a good thing. Oh and you can sure tell the folks that came here from drudge, must hurt when their knee hits them in the head like that?

  66. Rage Against says:

    This is ridiculous. Full body scanners, cameras on every corner, now this? Amerika.

  67. Robert Twitchell says:

    What if you’re buying something you need two hands to carry…Where are you supposed to put your hat?

    1. Anarchos says:

      Think about it………………………

    2. That’s why it was common, back in the days when everybody wore hats, to leave the hat on when doing something that required two hands, like shopping or paying out at the register, and when in “common areas” of buildings. Removing it was only required when entering a more private space like someone’s office or home, or when seated at a table.

  68. Raymond J. Johnson Jr. says:

    No doubt the “hoodies” will comply – just like they have with the thousands of gun laws on the books..

  69. Joe says:

    When you outlaw hats, then only the outlaws will wear hats.

    1. Christina39 says:

      Ha Ha Ha I needed that after working all day.

  70. NoTyranny1 says:

    Just another excuse to take freedom away from the people and force us to live in slavery. Are you sure you want me to try to hold my hat and your $2000 vase at the same time? I might drop one. LOL

    BTW businesses should have the right to refuse services to any customer, that is the right of the business – not the right of the (Na zi) police thugs to force it upon the people. .

  71. RLABruce says:

    So the thugs who hold up stores will take their hats off to comply with this law? LOL!

    1. Amerikan Patriot says:

      Yeah, they will take off their hats or do rags and look into the camera and say CHEESE! After that they will become law abiding citizens and turn from being criminals by virtue of this law! Right? lol

  72. wddb says:

    So much for genteel days when it was very appropriate for women to wear hats indoors.

    I feel sorry for those for whom hats are important: cancer patients, e.g.

  73. SkyMan77 says:

    “”Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither …”Benjamin Franklin

  74. davec says:

    Heres a LIAR:

    “The effort is aimed at suspects who hide their faces during crimes, Eisenberg said.”

    No, its aimed at EVERYONE, else it would only be enforced on those comitting crimes, and that after the fact.

  75. sb says:

    What about someone with hair loss due to chemotherapy? What if they’re wearing a helmet following a traumatic brain injury or to protect them because they have a seizure disorder? Will someone be stationed at the door to check for wigs? This is ridiculous.

    1. Amerikan Patriot says:

      The cops will probably finish the cancer victim off after subduing them using a taser and slamming the “ILLEGAL HAT WEARER” to the floor? WHAT AN ABSOLUTELY STUPID LAW, HANDS DOWN! LIKE A BAG OF HAMMERS STUPID!

      1. davec says:

        They should ban hammers, hammers are used to build houses and someone might die in a house fire.

        So we should all live buck naked in the forest so no one gets hurt.

        This is the STUPIDITY of Govenment and Police State in attempting to prevent crime, or prevent injury, it cannot be done


  76. Matt Nixon says:

    If I ever see that on a store they lost my business at the door and I will make a point to trash their Google Places in my review.

  77. Amerikan Patriot says:

    It never stops, the idiot authorities JUST DON’T GET IT! The only people who will be obeying this stupid rule are LAW ABIDING FOLK! The CRIMINALS will just keep the hat, hoodie ,mask etc etc on so it will conceal their face from the camera! The only people who will be punished by this stupid law are innocent, law abiding people cause it punishes them because they have a cap on or are wearing a hoodie! So the criminal wins again by virtue of the authorities adopting one more stupid rule which causes the innocent customer more hassle and potentially a run in with the police all because they have a hat or hoodie on? Just like all the stupid gun laws which only the law abiding obey, the criminals don’t care what laws you put on the books, they’re criminals who have no qualms about breaking the law, and will continue breaking them, PERIOD!

    1. snouts says:

      Some people should be required by law to cover their faces !!!

      1. Amerikan Patriot says:

        That’s very true…………lol

  78. Frank says:

    Complete waste of time. AND, LAPD has zero authority to require that you remove your hat before entering the establishment. And the owner has zero authority to require that you remove your hat. Think not? If they say that you can’t wear a hat where does it end? Can they tell me that I cannot come in with clothes on?

  79. Mark Matis says:

    Is it time for “Law Enforcement” to rot in hell yet?

  80. joe says:

    this is awful! how are criminals supposed to make a living???? huh?? Woefully, they’ll have to resort to getting jobs.

  81. WagTheDog says:

    Nice sentiment, and I understand it completely, but since when has the LAPD the authority to ban ANYTHING? Maybe they just meant it as a “suggestion.” If anyone is ever arrested for this, there WILL be a lawsuit against the LAPD.

  82. joe says:

    don’t they make you take shoes off at airports? What’s the difference?

  83. Buck O'Fama says:

    It’s to cut down on hoodrats who wear their hoodies in to hide their faces from future “America’s most Wanted” programs. The term hat was used as a whitebread slider to get past the obvious reason for the ban.

  84. joe momma says:

    what about all the ragheads? Can they wear their BURKA BURKA?

    1. Amerikan Patriot says:

      That, as sad as it may be, is what will probably get this stupid law chucked out? SOMEONE will cry religious discrimination because they can’t wear their burka or kippa?

      1. snouts says:

        actually, a merchant can discriminate as to who/whom enters their private business. did you ever see the “no shoes, no shirt, no service” sign?

  85. Amerikan Patriot says:

    Else the criminals will start wearing burkas? lol

    1. Kelly Kafir says:

      They already have – a couple of robberies in NJ with burkas…

      1. F_Calif says:

        Ewwww! Burkas!

  86. sitonmeshamrock says:

    People don’t rob people, hat’s rob people.

  87. Lee Yarbrough says:

    I run a club in Nevada. For the last 29+ years we have had a dress code that includes no head ware of any type. On men or women. We have very little problem with people about our dress code.

    We keep it simple, follow our dress code or please find another club that is better suited to your style. Very simple.

    1. Christina39 says:

      Can you wear clothes at this club or just can’t wear head gear and what club is it?

  88. Glenn says:

    Do not partonize these businesses…this must be challenged in court.

    1. Terence says:

      That’s sort of the point. If the business owner wants a dress code and you don’t agree, don’t go. If enough people agree with you, no more business. You have the right to vote w/ your wallet but not to dictate to the business owner how to turn a legal profit.

  89. Spiro Andritsis says:

    I’m going shopping in my Santa Claus outfit…

  90. KiloCharlie7 says:

    Soooo how’s this going to reduce crime? Someone committing a robbery is still going to wear headgear to hide his/her identity. It just means that they’ll pull out a weapon earlier than normal and that they’ll have to use slightly different tactics when “staking out” their hit. On the flip side, it creates a drastic inconvenience for everyone else with little if any real increase in security. Not much difference here between this law and most gun laws. The criminals will continue to break the law and law-abiding citizens get their rights trampled on. I swear, California has more than its fair share of morons in positions of power.

  91. sb says:

    Would a yarmulke be considered a hat?

  92. snowman says:

    Or you know, the police can pass out flyers showing where to put cameras to get the idiots faces that rob them, instead of treating everyone as a criminal.

    Oh, wait….that sounds like it makes sense.

  93. Rodney King says:

    Villaraigosa = A-hole.

  94. BigBoa says:

    While some of you are pretty bright, a lot more of you are very dim bulbs. You need to be looking at the trends. Now the mighty Boa has told you again and again, do NOT put the future of the nation in a sham election that O’Bozo is already preparing to suspend or steal. Look at the trend. One advisor says we have “too much” democracy, another says we need to suspend the elections, and O’Bozo says he’ll just start “doing stuff” on his own. THIS ALONE should start a revolt. Instead, people even in the article about suspending the election CONTINUE talking about “fixing this”….when? NEXT ELECTION! How BRAINDEAD ARE you?

    So here, no hats, etc. When? Right after the incident of just GOING INTO PEOPLE’S VEHICLES! LOOK at the TRENDS! TOTALLY violating people’s rights at EVERY TURN! The Founders fought the Revolutionary War over less tyranny….. But NOBODY does A THING! They are testing to see how far they can push it and the results aren’t good.

  95. Tjp says:

    Yes the criminals will obey that law as they prepare to break a few dozen more when they rob a place. This makes as much sense as just banning guns. Then criminals will have them, and law abiding citizens won’t. How far does the law go? Will William Shatner or Donald Trump be required to remove their toupee before entering the business, will people be required to be makeup free, remove prosthetics of all sorts that mask visual deformity? This is just bad law that will be used to layer another infraction on otherwise innocent people. No wonder the US has one of the highest rates of incarceration in the world. Just goes to show how “liberal” the liberals are.

  96. Minnesota says:

    I ALWAYS wear my Lberal safety helmet at all times, 24/7

  97. Erosion ongoing says:

    Little by little, step by calculated step, they continue to hack away and erode our rights until we won’t be allowed to do ANYTHING.

    There is no longer FREEDOM in this collapsing country once known as America.

    It’s merely a hollow shell of it’s former self……….

    1. Newton Fig says:

      dude get over yourself. what there is no longer are manners, good behavior and respect for other people. theres more freedom now than ever, just maybe not for your type

  98. seesay says:

    So your right to vanity and swagger trumps a business’ right to security?
    By all means, move along.

  99. Lonewolf says:

    I’m sure this will stop criminals from covering their faces. Just like gun free zones stop bad guys from bringing guns…

  100. Kelly Kafir says:

    I can just see CAIR now, preparing their lawfare because Mooooooslims have to be treated differently. So will this include hijabs, niqabs, chadors, burkas and yarmulkes?

  101. John C says:

    Have them pull up their pants too.

  102. Newton Fig says:

    my jewish nona wears a heck of a helmet she calls her “hairdo”. you gonna make her take that thing off? Good luck

  103. Liberalpoison says:

    “Dont you fear, the government is here!!!” So, I have a question…. If the police are patrolling “said area” and they see a “person of suspect” about to enter an “establishment of business” that was wearing a “hoodie” or what could be considered a “face cover/hat” that is against “hat policy” established under Penal Code 602, does not “said” officer have a DUTY to subvert a potential crime which is implicated by “said” hoodie” or “baseball cap” if he sees them walking down the street in front of these potential crime areas aka Stores???

    Can you sheeple not see the cross of the line on freedom, let alone the blue line?

    Hi, I am ur alarm clock and it is time to wake up….

  104. Stan says:

    Too bad … the Valley used to be a great place 20-30 years ago. Now it’s over run with turds from Mexico. They brought the murder and gangs and robberies up with them.

  105. Mark Anthem says:

    REQUIRED: shirt, shoes, pants, state i.d., English, U.S. currency.

    FORBIDDEN: hats, masks, scarfs, hoodies, helmets, bandanas, weapons, drugs, smoking, alcohol, pets, minors, boomboxes, skateboards, skates, profanity, loitering, shouting, felons, illegal aliens, homeless, prostitutes, gang members, gang colors, cameras, cellphones, backpacks, bags, 50 dollar bills, and 100 dollar bills.

    You are under audio, video, and undercover surveillance all illegal or suspicious activity will be reported.

  106. waycist says:

    Its a small price to pay for the privilege of living amongst Black People.

  107. R. Porte says:

    This law will not make to to Christmas. a 1st year from the eastern block law student could plea this one. This will get bounced so quickly the ink won’t get a chance to dry.

  108. WeThePeople says:

    All else aside,
    Taking your hat off in a building is a sign of respect for those that own and run the establishment.

    I am not sure where we fell off the wagon, but we have long ago lost our ability or desire to respect other’s property.

  109. Terence says:

    Why does a private business need anyone’s permission to require a standard of dress as long as that standard is enforced across the board? “Hats off, no head coverings” means what it says. No one is required to patronize the place.

  110. Pundit says:

    Remember freedom?

  111. Kevin says:

    this is pretty sneaky how they worked this in under the trespassing code. so they’re saying that by participating in this program, the business owner is saying that if you’re wearing a hoodie or hat, then they don’t consider you a customer and you are trespassing. i’m not sure what constitutional muster this interpretation of the code has. it’s a sneaky way to do it because the lapd cannot randomly institute its own laws as it deems fit. of course, if you don’t like the policy, then don’t frequent that vendor or restaurant. problem solved. and once those establishments start seeing their profits drop from reduced patronage, see how long the policy lasts.

  112. netPirate says:

    If someone is willing to rob your store at gunpoint then I am sure that they’ll not mind breaking the no hat/hoodie law. This does nothing to stop real crime, just penalizes lawful persons. Just another way for the police to flex their authoritarian mentalities.

  113. Carl says:

    Makes sense, make it nationwide, when a person walks into a store with a hoodie on and it’s 95 degrees outside what that tells you?

  114. Aftershock says:

    Many men today forgot or just were never taught proper hat etiquette, which is to remove your hat when ever you entered a building. store, house, restaurant or church. You don’t wear a baseball cap while eating at a restaurant and remove your hat when you kiss a woman. People wear baseball caps all the time because they are either too lazy to fix their hair or they think they look cool wearing it backwards or off to the side. Don’t men realize that wearing a hat everyday all day can cause baldness?

  115. Down with Authority says:

    If this BS law does go onto the books, someone should start a blog listing every store that kicks them out for not taking there hat off. This list can be viewed by millions of people and they can stop going to those stores. Also, since the police are enacting this to be enforced INSIDE the store, we need to get rid of the police since they are now inside of a private store. Essentially, they are “encouraging” store owners to do this. Is that not police using excessive “Suggested” force?

  116. charley nash says:

    This is the mark of stupid liberals at work. Rather than address the real issues behind criminal activity they make little nibbling laws like this.

    Well, after 40-plus years of corrosive liberalism what, do you expect?

    1. Aftershock says:

      If people used proper hat etiquette and didn’t use hats as a means to obscure their identity to rob a place the law would have never been implemented either. Duh!

      1. DJH says:

        Are you really insinuating that a majority of people wear hats to obscure their identity so they can rob someone? How utterly idiotic!

  117. TroyG says:

    Just when you think CA can’t get any more comedic, here comes a new laugh.
    Yes all you little sheep remove your hat or hood.

    Frankly, the people who welcome a new infringement upon their liberty deserve the police state they will eventually reside in.

  118. OfficerMcDipstick says:

    How utterly stupid. If someone is going to rob a business, do you really think they would care about being in violation of penal code 602?

  119. Aftershock says:

    I wonder if the people complaining about the NO HAT/ Hoody law are the same people who complain about NO baggy saggy pants law that has been implemented in other cities around the U.S.? OMG!! OMG!!! Facism!!! OMG!!!

  120. F_Calif says:

    So glad I moved from So Cal to N Cal. L.A. has really gone downhill. I lived there for 26 yrs and after I moved , I realized what a dirty and scary place it had become. The Valley even used to be nice!!

  121. Bob says:

    I support this idea if done by businessowners, BUT I do not support it when armed thugs (police) institute it by force.

  122. DJH says:

    Typical, a dumb law that is only bound to cost these business’ more business. If I’m wearing a hat I’m certainly not going to inconvenience myself by having to carry it around your store just so ‘you’ can make a profit from me – I’ll just go to another store.

    So, a guy in a hoodie busts through the door, you stop him and tell him to remove his hoodie but before you finish his gun is in your face – so a trespassing charge is going to make him think twice? HA, only in the peoples republik!

    Obviously the business owners are working with LAPD on this and it would have to be on a voluntary basis because LAPD can’t set a dress code for business owners – we’ll see how long this lasts.

  123. rashid says:

    Its aimed at the gangsta muthafuquas, not anyone else. They’re the ones doing the crimes.

  124. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    “LAPD Outlaws Hoodies…”

    So when will they prosecute the hoodie-wearing hoods in da ‘hoods?

  125. karl says:

    only hoods wear hoodies

  126. karl says:

    did anywone read the article:
    doesn’t voluntary mean decided by the store owners?
    aren’t trespassing laws kind of old? Doesn’t sound like a new law to me.
    It’s in North Hollywood and I live in another state…..why do I care what LAPD does with their hoodie infested neighborhood?

  127. gus says:

    Legislators pass laws NOT police departments. Posting a no hats sign at a store entrance does not make people tresspassers nor crominalize legal activities. By all means politely ask people to leave a store if you don’t want their business. If they refuse to leave upon request then you might be able to say they are tresspassing.

  128. jnsesq says:

    Signs will be bilingual: Spanish and Ebonics.

  129. MICHAELNLA says:

    L.A. would be doing something constructive if they “banned” illegal aliens.

  130. sixpackdan says:

    This is the freaking stupidest thing I’ve EVER heard….well almost. You have heard of the saying when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Now morons think about it. If I’m gona rob the store do YOU honestly think a freaking piece of paper on the door telling me to remove my hat will work??? COME ON people think. They (police) are testing the waters to see if the sheep (storeowners) will follow….and follow they do. Especially in Kalifornia….sad ….really sad.

  131. California Sucks says:

    Crimes are also committed by people who wear clothes. They should ban clothing!

  132. geeM says:

    I’m looking forward to the sign at bank doors that says “Please remove your mask and hood before entering”.

  133. LeChat says:

    I hate to shop. Anyone who would dare to tell me to take my hat off would lose my business forever. I can always shop the Internet.

  134. Losing a costumer says:

    Why not just place metal detectors at every grocery store? A dress code is for grocery shopping :/

  135. k says:

    A corrupt DEA poisoned my dog to death because I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain that the FBI and DEA where fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

    Also since that time, they have been using gang members to harass me and tampering with my car with they intention of causing an automobile crash.
    The DOJ is creating their own terrorists.

  136. Pratt Robert says:

    I believe there is a law on the books, that one has to show his face. this hat thing is a real work of nothing. They can just put on a beard , can tell them to take that off. No sweat, just wont shop there, not a crook/thief and will not be treated like one, mite picked the store tho. see if they like it.

  137. Ludie Neth says:

    Anyone that wants to read content with solid information will want to read this article. I like how the points are stated. I share these views as well and I enjoyed this content. Thank you.

  138. Hack IT says:

    Absolutely pent content material, regards for entropy. “Necessity is the mother of taking chances.” by Mark Twain.

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