LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The next time you visit a store in the San Fernando Valley, you may have to check your hat at the door or take your business elsewhere.

KNX 1070’s Vytas Safronikas reports it’s part of a new anti-crime effort announced by the Los Angeles Police Department Wednesday to deter criminals from targeting businesses in Studio City and North Hollywood.

The “Hats Off!” pilot program will post signs at nearly two dozen local businesses requesting that patrons remove their hats and helmets and pull sweatshirt “hoodies” from their heads before entering.

Under the program, a “warning notice” will be placed in the window of a business that caters to walk-in customers “to allow the customer time to remove their hat, hoodie or helmet” before entering, LAPD officials said.

If they refuse to comply, “they’d be in violation of penal code 602, which is essentially trespassing within that business,” said LAPD Capt. Justin Eisenberg.

The effort is aimed at suspects who hide their faces during crimes, Eisenberg said.

Headgear is often worn by criminals to shield their faces from security cameras during a break-in or robbery.

“If you think about schools where there are dress codes, or nightclubs or many establishments that have restraints as to what people can wear in their establishments, that’s a right that store owners have,” said Eisenberg. “This is just an additional tool that we’re giving store owners.”

Studio City and other neighboring communities have been hit by a string of robberies in recent months, including a $2 million diamond heist in North Hollywood.

If successful, the voluntary “Hats Off!” effort could soon be expanded citywide.

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  1. Minnesota says:

    I ALWAYS wear my Lberal safety helmet at all times, 24/7

  2. Erosion ongoing says:

    Little by little, step by calculated step, they continue to hack away and erode our rights until we won’t be allowed to do ANYTHING.

    There is no longer FREEDOM in this collapsing country once known as America.

    It’s merely a hollow shell of it’s former self……….

    1. Newton Fig says:

      dude get over yourself. what there is no longer are manners, good behavior and respect for other people. theres more freedom now than ever, just maybe not for your type

  3. seesay says:

    So your right to vanity and swagger trumps a business’ right to security?
    By all means, move along.

  4. Lonewolf says:

    I’m sure this will stop criminals from covering their faces. Just like gun free zones stop bad guys from bringing guns…

  5. Kelly Kafir says:

    I can just see CAIR now, preparing their lawfare because Mooooooslims have to be treated differently. So will this include hijabs, niqabs, chadors, burkas and yarmulkes?

  6. John C says:

    Have them pull up their pants too.

  7. Newton Fig says:

    my jewish nona wears a heck of a helmet she calls her “hairdo”. you gonna make her take that thing off? Good luck

  8. Liberalpoison says:

    “Dont you fear, the government is here!!!” So, I have a question…. If the police are patrolling “said area” and they see a “person of suspect” about to enter an “establishment of business” that was wearing a “hoodie” or what could be considered a “face cover/hat” that is against “hat policy” established under Penal Code 602, does not “said” officer have a DUTY to subvert a potential crime which is implicated by “said” hoodie” or “baseball cap” if he sees them walking down the street in front of these potential crime areas aka Stores???

    Can you sheeple not see the cross of the line on freedom, let alone the blue line?

    Hi, I am ur alarm clock and it is time to wake up….

  9. Stan says:

    Too bad … the Valley used to be a great place 20-30 years ago. Now it’s over run with turds from Mexico. They brought the murder and gangs and robberies up with them.

  10. Mark Anthem says:

    REQUIRED: shirt, shoes, pants, state i.d., English, U.S. currency.

    FORBIDDEN: hats, masks, scarfs, hoodies, helmets, bandanas, weapons, drugs, smoking, alcohol, pets, minors, boomboxes, skateboards, skates, profanity, loitering, shouting, felons, illegal aliens, homeless, prostitutes, gang members, gang colors, cameras, cellphones, backpacks, bags, 50 dollar bills, and 100 dollar bills.

    You are under audio, video, and undercover surveillance all illegal or suspicious activity will be reported.

  11. waycist says:

    Its a small price to pay for the privilege of living amongst Black People.

  12. R. Porte says:

    This law will not make to to Christmas. a 1st year from the eastern block law student could plea this one. This will get bounced so quickly the ink won’t get a chance to dry.

  13. WeThePeople says:

    All else aside,
    Taking your hat off in a building is a sign of respect for those that own and run the establishment.

    I am not sure where we fell off the wagon, but we have long ago lost our ability or desire to respect other’s property.

  14. Terence says:

    Why does a private business need anyone’s permission to require a standard of dress as long as that standard is enforced across the board? “Hats off, no head coverings” means what it says. No one is required to patronize the place.

  15. Pundit says:

    Remember freedom?

  16. Kevin says:

    this is pretty sneaky how they worked this in under the trespassing code. so they’re saying that by participating in this program, the business owner is saying that if you’re wearing a hoodie or hat, then they don’t consider you a customer and you are trespassing. i’m not sure what constitutional muster this interpretation of the code has. it’s a sneaky way to do it because the lapd cannot randomly institute its own laws as it deems fit. of course, if you don’t like the policy, then don’t frequent that vendor or restaurant. problem solved. and once those establishments start seeing their profits drop from reduced patronage, see how long the policy lasts.

  17. netPirate says:

    If someone is willing to rob your store at gunpoint then I am sure that they’ll not mind breaking the no hat/hoodie law. This does nothing to stop real crime, just penalizes lawful persons. Just another way for the police to flex their authoritarian mentalities.

  18. Carl says:

    Makes sense, make it nationwide, when a person walks into a store with a hoodie on and it’s 95 degrees outside what that tells you?

  19. Aftershock says:

    Many men today forgot or just were never taught proper hat etiquette, which is to remove your hat when ever you entered a building. store, house, restaurant or church. You don’t wear a baseball cap while eating at a restaurant and remove your hat when you kiss a woman. People wear baseball caps all the time because they are either too lazy to fix their hair or they think they look cool wearing it backwards or off to the side. Don’t men realize that wearing a hat everyday all day can cause baldness?

  20. Down with Authority says:

    If this BS law does go onto the books, someone should start a blog listing every store that kicks them out for not taking there hat off. This list can be viewed by millions of people and they can stop going to those stores. Also, since the police are enacting this to be enforced INSIDE the store, we need to get rid of the police since they are now inside of a private store. Essentially, they are “encouraging” store owners to do this. Is that not police using excessive “Suggested” force?

  21. charley nash says:

    This is the mark of stupid liberals at work. Rather than address the real issues behind criminal activity they make little nibbling laws like this.

    Well, after 40-plus years of corrosive liberalism what, do you expect?

    1. Aftershock says:

      If people used proper hat etiquette and didn’t use hats as a means to obscure their identity to rob a place the law would have never been implemented either. Duh!

      1. DJH says:

        Are you really insinuating that a majority of people wear hats to obscure their identity so they can rob someone? How utterly idiotic!

  22. TroyG says:

    Just when you think CA can’t get any more comedic, here comes a new laugh.
    Yes all you little sheep remove your hat or hood.

    Frankly, the people who welcome a new infringement upon their liberty deserve the police state they will eventually reside in.

  23. OfficerMcDipstick says:

    How utterly stupid. If someone is going to rob a business, do you really think they would care about being in violation of penal code 602?

  24. Aftershock says:

    I wonder if the people complaining about the NO HAT/ Hoody law are the same people who complain about NO baggy saggy pants law that has been implemented in other cities around the U.S.? OMG!! OMG!!! Facism!!! OMG!!!

  25. F_Calif says:

    So glad I moved from So Cal to N Cal. L.A. has really gone downhill. I lived there for 26 yrs and after I moved , I realized what a dirty and scary place it had become. The Valley even used to be nice!!

  26. Bob says:

    I support this idea if done by businessowners, BUT I do not support it when armed thugs (police) institute it by force.

  27. DJH says:

    Typical, a dumb law that is only bound to cost these business’ more business. If I’m wearing a hat I’m certainly not going to inconvenience myself by having to carry it around your store just so ‘you’ can make a profit from me – I’ll just go to another store.

    So, a guy in a hoodie busts through the door, you stop him and tell him to remove his hoodie but before you finish his gun is in your face – so a trespassing charge is going to make him think twice? HA, only in the peoples republik!

    Obviously the business owners are working with LAPD on this and it would have to be on a voluntary basis because LAPD can’t set a dress code for business owners – we’ll see how long this lasts.

  28. rashid says:

    Its aimed at the gangsta muthafuquas, not anyone else. They’re the ones doing the crimes.

  29. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    “LAPD Outlaws Hoodies…”

    So when will they prosecute the hoodie-wearing hoods in da ‘hoods?

  30. karl says:

    only hoods wear hoodies

  31. karl says:

    did anywone read the article:
    doesn’t voluntary mean decided by the store owners?
    aren’t trespassing laws kind of old? Doesn’t sound like a new law to me.
    It’s in North Hollywood and I live in another state…..why do I care what LAPD does with their hoodie infested neighborhood?

  32. gus says:

    Legislators pass laws NOT police departments. Posting a no hats sign at a store entrance does not make people tresspassers nor crominalize legal activities. By all means politely ask people to leave a store if you don’t want their business. If they refuse to leave upon request then you might be able to say they are tresspassing.

  33. jnsesq says:

    Signs will be bilingual: Spanish and Ebonics.

  34. MICHAELNLA says:

    L.A. would be doing something constructive if they “banned” illegal aliens.

  35. sixpackdan says:

    This is the freaking stupidest thing I’ve EVER heard….well almost. You have heard of the saying when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Now morons think about it. If I’m gona rob the store do YOU honestly think a freaking piece of paper on the door telling me to remove my hat will work??? COME ON people think. They (police) are testing the waters to see if the sheep (storeowners) will follow….and follow they do. Especially in Kalifornia….sad ….really sad.

  36. California Sucks says:

    Crimes are also committed by people who wear clothes. They should ban clothing!

  37. geeM says:

    I’m looking forward to the sign at bank doors that says “Please remove your mask and hood before entering”.

  38. LeChat says:

    I hate to shop. Anyone who would dare to tell me to take my hat off would lose my business forever. I can always shop the Internet.

  39. Losing a costumer says:

    Why not just place metal detectors at every grocery store? A dress code is for grocery shopping :/

  40. k says:

    A corrupt DEA poisoned my dog to death because I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain that the FBI and DEA where fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

    Also since that time, they have been using gang members to harass me and tampering with my car with they intention of causing an automobile crash.
    The DOJ is creating their own terrorists.

  41. Pratt Robert says:

    I believe there is a law on the books, that one has to show his face. this hat thing is a real work of nothing. They can just put on a beard , can tell them to take that off. No sweat, just wont shop there, not a crook/thief and will not be treated like one, mite picked the store tho. see if they like it.

  42. Ludie Neth says:

    Anyone that wants to read content with solid information will want to read this article. I like how the points are stated. I share these views as well and I enjoyed this content. Thank you.

  43. Hack IT says:

    Absolutely pent content material, regards for entropy. “Necessity is the mother of taking chances.” by Mark Twain.

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