LOS ANGELES (CBS) — If you like to unwind from a long day with bath salts, you may need to find a new source of rejuvenation.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports the Los Angeles City Council approved a motion to ban the sale and use of bath salts and other home products that contain any chemical derivative of methcathinone.

The synthetic stimulants are intended to mimic the effects of illegal drugs like cocaine and meth, but are widely available and virtually unregulated online and even in some stores around the city.

Councilman Paul Koretz called for the local ban, which he said is an important preventative step.

“Bath salts are quietly a very serious drug that has been raging across the country,” said Koretz. “They’re named innocuously, but they have the properties of the worst and most dangerous drugs combined.”

The salts can sometimes produce the hallucinogenic effects of LSD or feelings of superhuman strength similar to the effects of PCP and other stimulants.

The ordinance makes it unlawful for any person to sell, exchange, or otherwise distribute to any person products containing mephedrone, MDPV, or any other chemical derivative of methcathinone except as authorized by law.

Local lawmakers are also calling for the L.A. County Board of Supervisors and legislators in Sacramento to enact bath salt bans.

“This can be literally a life or death issue,” said Koretz.

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  1. The Big Logic says:

    ‘Raging across the country’….what country is that? Cali needs a giant enema to get rid of all the constipation built up the last 5 decades.

  2. LA Doc says:

    Good grief, more nannying, dingbattery from our pathetic, drama-queen, elected morons. Seriously, does anyone with any kind of brain ever go into politics, or are they all a bunch of hormonal dullwits. These politicians need to be drowned in the Pacific.

    1. Duh! says:

      Well, the Democrat party is primarily made up of lawyers.

      Need I say more?

      1. Coleslawicus says:

        Nope. I don’t think anyone is ever going to need to hear more from you.

  3. What Ever says:

    Next they’re going to ban little kids from spinning in a circle because it causes dizziness…This trend is “raging” at playgrounds across the country.

  4. Coleslawicus says:

    Er, you do realize these are not normal bath salts, right? Methcathinone is an addictive, illegal drug. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methcathinone

    This article is seriously badly written, and doesn’t get the fact across that this is not the kind of thing housewives pour into the bath to relax after a day of work. This is not the kind of thing they sell at Bed Bath and Beyond or whatever. This is an alternate delivery system for an illegal drug that is normally snorted or injected, and has methamphetamine-like effects. They’re just enforcing a law that is already on the books — drug dealers have camouflaged their product as something else, but now they’re cracking down. Not going to affect actual bath salts, people. Do a bit of research.

    1. randy says:

      You lost everyone’s interest when you cited Wikipedia as a reference. Nice self-important and condescending post, though. I bet you’re a bit hit at parties.

  5. mitzi says:

    California needs to deport illegal aliens.

    1. mitzi says:

      California needs to deport ppl w/ 3rd world country names like mitzi

  6. wobbles says:

    This stuff is all over where I live. Makes PCP look like a joke. They get so messed up the cops don’t even try to arrest them, they just do whatever it takes to get them restrained on a gurney and taken to the hospital. It’s seriously bad stuff.

    1. T says:

      I have heard about that – the ones that are drugs – I dont know if its killed anybody yet – but i have read some articles about people getting really sick and almost dying…..

  7. Joe says:

    Well I guess you will need to buy bath salts on the street corner now just like crack, meth & pot.

  8. Nora says:

    Or, just use kosher salt that you can buy in any market.

  9. Lucy says:

    “Bath Salts” is the slang name. Its a very bad drug that can be bought at any Head Shop. This stuff is bad news, it needs to be outlawed ASAP.

  10. me me says:

    This stuff is very, very dangerous! My nephew took it for ONE WEEK and he went crazy, I mean crazy, even he wasn’t the taking anymore of the drug, now hes in the hospital.

  11. Ali Eleby says:

    Jailbreaking your system will free it from any restrictions and so you will be able to download from any store that you want.

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