LOS ANGELES (CBS) — National Basketball Association players plan to meet late Monday in a last-ditch effort to end the league lockout.

The meeting was originally scheduled for Monday morning in Beverly Hills but has been postponed until the afternoon so negotiations between players and team owners can continue.

Representatives for players and owners met for more than five hours Sunday in New York.

NBA commissioner David Stern says the first two weeks of the season will be canceled, beginning on Nov. 1, if no deal can be reached.

The players have been locked out since July 1. Last week, the league canceled the entire NBA preseason.

The Associated Press reported Monday morning that players and owners have not come to an agreement over the split of revenues.

Last week, league officials asked the union if they would consider a 50/50 split of basketball-related revenues, but players said they would not go below 53 percent.

Additionally, both sides must still work out a salary cap agreement.

“We’re not necessarily any closer than we were going in tonight but we’re back at it tomorrow,” Lakers star and players union President Derek Fisher said Sunday.

Meanwhile, LA Live restaurants say they fear no NBA season hurt their business and they could be forced to layoff employees, KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports.

There are at least 700 ushers, security guards, concession workers and parking attendants that also stand to have their hours cut or be let go.

The Lakers and Clippers both host 82 games per year at the Staples Center.

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  1. not a fan any more says:

    Done with the lakers! Take your millions and cry to someone who cares!

  2. Mike says:

    Who really cares???????? The players are a bunch of overpaid crybabies anyway. I hope the whole league folds, so these idiots can see how good they really had. I would like to see them try to maintain their standard of living working at a gas station.

  3. Smash Crasher says:

    How come no outcry when pro athletes make $10 million a year and up? How come no public outrage when Hollywood anti-American, yellow, spineless cowards make tens of millions a year? What’s the difference between CEOs making millions versus TV/Movie stars and athletes? Of course, because you brain-washed, ignorant pack mules in this country quit thinking for yourselves and rely on leftist CNN and MSNBC to do your thinking for you.

  4. JW says:

    Thats funny, it looked like a black panthers meeting!!

    1. keep it real brothers! says:

      I also thought the same thing. Nice cover photo CBS. Thans for the laugh!

  5. Dr. James A. Naismith says:

    Please cancel the whole season , sick of hearing about over paid under educated whiners.

  6. T says:

    I think they both better make a decision good bad or otherwise, because Im certain NO ONE wants to hear them complain, (the owners or the players)
    That the millions and millions of dollars they make every year isnt enough for either one of them to share reasonably….. I think all this media coverage is really hurting their public image at least to the fan base that actually supported them ……

  7. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    can you believe laker Luke walton rakes in 7 million a year sitting on the bench cheering, waving a towel, pattin butts?

  8. Ron says:

    The players are unbelievably greedy and selfish. They accuse the owners of making huge amounts of money, and not distributing them among the players fairly. Excuse me if I don’t feel sorry for the players, whose owners pay them an average salary of $3.4 million salary for one year. Realistically though, many players make much more. Even if you take into account that the average career of an NBA player is five years, that still comes to an average of $17 million during his career. Most workers including myself work a minimum of eight hours a day for twelve months. NBA players work about eight to ten months a year, this includes training camp and if they make the playoffs (which offer them additional salary incentives). Many workers will never make $17 million, even working for 40 years. The NBA owners have every right to make as much as they can, it is there business to make money and the player’s astronomical salaries are a result of that. So I say to the players be careful what you wish for, we the fans help to give the owners their income by going to games and buying products. We can be selfish too, and decide not to do those things, and then who will pay your salaries.

  9. pcbosis says:

    Wrong, The lakers and clippers have only 40 regular season games per year at Staples Center, so that would mean a total of 80 games. Not 80 each as was stated. I would like to write colums for CBS at least I would get the facts right before having them go to print.

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