RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A woman pushing her baby stroller across some Metrolink train tracks in the area of Mary Street at the La Sierra Station in Riverside was killed Saturday when she was struck by an oncoming train.

She managed to push the toddler to safety and the child was unhurt.

Witnesses at the scene tell KCAL9’s Rita Garcia that the mom was pushing a stroller across the train tracks when the warning arm came down. The wheels of the stroller apparently became stuck in the tracks.

Witnesses said that the mom was able to free the stroller and push her 2-year-old daughter to safety, but the mom got hit by the train. The train was en route from Oceanside to San Bernardino, according to the KCAL9/CBS2 assignment desk.

The unidentified woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

The accident occurred about 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Officials said about 60 passengers were on the train.

The passengers were transported by bus. None of the passengers were injured.

Comments (14)
  1. Don says:

    thats sad, at least she was able to save her child. though next time a stroller gets caught, i hope people will learn from this and just grab the child instead of trying to free the stroller

  2. AprilMay says:

    HOW do wheels of a stroller get stuck on the tracks? Still Just like a car if it gets stuck on the tracks leave it and evacuate. Tragic story.

    1. D Rod says:

      In a situation where she had to think quick I’m sure the only thing she thought was to get the stroller unstuck.. You’d be surprised at the times and places strollers can become caught, of course always the worst time and place.. It is truly unfortunate she did not survive..but her child did.. I can only hope the baby grows up to do good in life. Much sympathy to the family.. it really is a tragedy.

    2. swhitS says:

      The wheels rotate completely just like a shopping cart.

  3. Nicolas Cruz says:

    Wow ! mom was pretty stupid not to look both ways before crossing !

    1. Give me a break says:


      1. Al says:

        The article clearly states that she was already crossing when the arms came down. You people should really read something before you have such a strong opinion

  4. LAofAnaheim says:

    Was the mother walking the stroller parallel/on the tracks? If you are rolling perpendicular, how would the stroller get stuck? Something sounds funky…

  5. Al says:

    HOw stupid are you littlehunter? The aritcle clearly states she was already crossing the tracks when the warning arms came down.

    1. thelittlehunter says:

      I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, because it is apparent that this is the only news report that you have read concerning this incident. NBC 4 & ABC have reported that the crossing arms were down, lights flashing when she attempted to go around the arms. Now in terms of timing here is some info you and others might find interesting -approximately 30 seconds prior to crossing, bells start to ring, lights start to flash, 5-10 seconds after that the arms start to drop. Now even if the arms did come down she had any where from 20-25 seconds to remove her child from the stroller and get out of the way.

    2. Hardmoney says:

      Al, are you new to this planet. You haven’t noticed that the lights and bells start to flash and ring long before the train gets to the crossing.
      You need to be Extra careful when approaching RR Tracks, Al, I guessing your brain functions, just about as well as the dead woman, and i’m seeing trouble down the line for you.

    3. thelittlehunter says:

      By the way “aritcle” is spelled article.

  6. RetiredRail says:

    I feel bad for the train crew: for the engineer, who had to do the killing, and for the conductor, who had to go out and look at the body.

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