LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The man, who became known as the Onion Field Killer, is trying for an eleventh attempt to get out of prison early.

At 75 years old, an ailing Gregory Powell is expected to go before a parole board once again on Oct. 18, to ask for a compassionate release from prison. According to the Associated Press, Powell told the parole board last year that he has terminal prostate cancer.

“He deserves to stay in jail ‘til he dies,” said Paul Weber, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL).

The LAPPL and police Officer Cliff Armas have been in the forefront fighting to keep Powell behind bars.

Powell kidnapped Ian Campbell – a former Marine turned police officer, along with his partner, Karl Hettinger, during a traffic stop in 1963. Powell then drove both officers to an isolated onion field in Bakersfield and shot Campbell in the face. Campbell’s partner, Hettinger, escaped.

“To release him now when Powell did not show any compassion at all, did not show any mercy at all, completely dishonors the service and the life that Ian Campbell made,” Armas said Thursday.

“For Ian Campbell’s family, they’ve received a life sentence,” Weber said. “I think Ian Campbell deserved compassion when he was down on the ground and Mr. Powell stood over him and brutally executed him.”

The murder was depicted in the book and 1979 movie “The Onion Field.”

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  1. Styker 21 says:

    No frigging way. Him and his partner executed a police officer. Rot in prison and let Bubba have his booty call.

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