LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An 18-year-old inmate died in a Los Angeles County jail after being punched in the face by a sheriff’s deputy during an altercation, a sheriff’s captain said Friday.

George Rosales was found unresponsive in his one-person jail cell in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility at 12:42 a.m. Thursday, said Capt. Mike Parker of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau.

Jail medical staff performed CPR on Rosales before he was taken to County-USC Medical Center, Parker said. The teen was pronounced dead at 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

Parker said sheriff’s records show Rosales injured himself twice while exercising in his housing area in September. He was seen by medical professionals on both occasions, and taken to a hospital on one occasion.

During an altercation on Tuesday, Rosales was punched in the face by a deputy, Parker said.

“He was handcuffed, taken to be seen by a jail medical professional, and cleared to return to jail housing,” Parker said.

Around 12:30 a.m. Thursday, a custody assistant reported seeing Rosales drinking water in his cell, Parker said. About 12 minutes later a jail nurse found him in medical distress.

The cause of death is not known and will be determined by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, Parker said.

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Comments (47)
  1. Latina says:

    JW and others are ignorant and refuse to see the big picture.

  2. fox mulder says:

    No…a cop wouldn’t do anything like that….next they’ll try to tell us the guy had handcuffs on and we all know the kid had it coming….they always do, right

    1. Cora Mason Atkinson says:

      Look we know all cops aint bad but it only takes a few. If you don’t believe those guards at those jails aren’t a gang themselves you need to get the cobwebs out your eyes. There human they have problems like everyone else and you kind of have to have that mentality to work in a place like that. But they can’t be above the law because there gang colors is attached with a check. Prisoners have to be protected too or just lets go back to the roman days and just feed them to the lions and be done with it. A badge dosen’t mean you can kill and get away with it.

  3. POW says:

    Lies lies lies.
    Who is the real criminal here. Really? an 18 year old…you are all a bunch of morons to believe in this system. You’ve drank the cool aide and too stupid to think beyond.

    1. T.S. says:

      I think you have drank too much cool aid……If you think that cops are nothing but crooks and inmates are perfect little angels. Why don’t we just let all the little angels back on the streets so people like you can be happy and take them into youre homes.

      1. Ashley says:

        So that gives them the right to violate the 8th amendment? OK, i’ll go with that

        give me a break….Shut the f*ck up, your probably one of them

      2. Just Me says:

        Come on!! No one is saying that we want the criminals released or in our homes. I believe that criminals should be locked up, however if a death is caused by an officer that is unjustified it’s wrong!! Do you think that the poor homeless guy that was beat to death by an LA officer was right?? oh wait he was homeless and had been in and out of jail so he deserved it?? WRONG… What I’m saying is the there are some good officers that should be in their position and there are some that shouldn’t be officers. Let’s not be ignorant!!!

      3. John Estrada says:

        WGAF is so eloquent in his words and proud of them so much that he hides behind some non-descript acronym.

  4. Fred Junior says:

    Have you seen the video on deputy abuse?
    Very powerful
    please watch and link to your facebook and other media–

  5. dfsd says:

    Hugh? Really? We are supposed to take your comment seriously when you can’t even spell?

    1. dfsd2 says:

      Who cares how you take it? You are part of the problem, so maybe we can start with exterminating YOU!

  6. Eric Paddon says:

    But the Sheriffs Department has not released the cause of the 18-year-old’s death or why they had probable cause to arrest him a few weeks ago. Don’t generalize until you know more facts.

    1. Rodney Hansen says:

      Did you even read the article?

    2. Just Me says:

      Really??? People get arrested everyday.. Does that mean that an officer has the right to punch someone in the face that caused a death? Someone could be arrested for a traffic violation, does this mean that an officer has the right to do what ever they want?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Let’s face it there is corruption in LA County and Orange County jails and prisons. I so tied of officers hiding behind their badges. We are no better then these foreign country’s that talk about corruption we just hide it they don’t…

      1. T.S. says:

        You’re right, just let them all go. I hope you take a couple of the crooks into you’re house. Maybe you can do better.

      2. rabills says:

        Well move out if your so tired of corruption. Maybe you should commit a crime and go to jail. Experience first hand. You don’t start with law enforcement, go talk to your mayor, if you could find him???

  7. ItsE says:

    What’s he doing in jail? That was his first problem. Second problem was he didn’t just sit down and shut up. Whatever people say, regardless of it being his actions or the deputies actions, he put himself in that position. Stay out of problems, stay out of jail and these things wont happen.

    1. heather joy says:

      way to blame the victim. that’s like saying a girl was wearing a short skirt so she deserved to be raped.

    2. Mel says:

      Just what I was thinking. I’m a Gangster at Heart, but the Consequences keep me somewhat of a Good Citizen. Rarely does Crime pay.

      1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

        Mel, what does it mean to be a “gangster at heart”? Is that like being a “child molester at heart” or a “burglar at heart”?

  8. Amanda Vincelli says:

    Nobody should start or be involved with altercations like that. Secret to getting thru county: listen to what the deputies say, follow their orders no matter how much you think it f’ing sucks… be nice to everyone (deputies, watch commanders, the people that oversee visiting, nurses, and even your trustees)…figure out who’s down to earth and stick with them… no problems. It’s no use fighting authority when you’re already told to be under their control.

  9. JamesR says:

    Great but misleading headline. The inmate was punched by a deputy during an altercation–on Tuesday. He was seen by medical personal and goes back to jail housing. He dies on Friday. When I read the headline I thought the inmate had died immediately after being punched by the deputy. In other words the deputy caused the inmate to die. That is not exactly what appears to have happened–unless the headline writer has medically examined the inmate and found the cause of death to be the punch. Another good job by the unbiased media.

  10. roger waters says:

    Lee Baca’s sitting bricks hopefully

  11. Tom says:

    No more kcal9 or kcbs news for me…

    What an irresponsible headline!

    Journalism is NOT creative writing…

  12. Tom says:

    ABC7 Headline…

    “LA jail under scrutiny after inmate death”

    Much better….AND first line read the man dies DAYS after…

  13. Sam Sindaha says:

    Last year he was a child, this year he was beaten in jail and died. what was his crime anyway?

    1. T.S. says:

      Moron, he wasn’t “beaten”, he was punched. Who cares why he was there….the fact is he was another crook. Why not stand up for all the deputies that get assulted on a daily basis by the inmates. Oh wait that never makes the news because the Media doesn’t care.

      1. Eric Kent says:

        Hey in jail the inmates assault the Deputies for “Pay Back” you a$$hole deputies want to treat people like animals and expect them not to bite back. Frankly I am surprised that Deputies don’t get assaulted more often they certainly deserve to be.

    2. rabills says:

      Well the way I see, if hadn’t committed a crime he wouldn’t have been in jail and would still be alive. Who do you blame for that???

  14. M Tyson says:


  15. jingxiao says:

    Unknown message

  16. fufuyouyu8 says:

    Unknown message

  17. pat says:

    a bindle of crack probably may have burst open in his intestines

  18. George Scott says:

    Seems a bit strange he has had so many “accidents” while exercising (hint that was not what was happening all along).

  19. william monge says:

    Listen to the Ts cop going off at the mouth trying to protect his violent cronies Im a college grad and successful Graphic Designer I been to the L.A. County jail and have witnessed and been a victim of these rogue deputies There are some good ones but the majority are nothing but nazis

    1. I iz collige edjamacated says:

      You’re really a college grad? If that’s so, then you should know that your final sentence needs a source cited.

  20. Cora Mason Atkinson says:

    LEE BACA it is time for you to step down we got rid of Gates and we can get rid of you too.

  21. mitzi says:

    even though the deputy murdered the man the deputy will get away with it and go on to murder some one else

  22. yeah right says:

    People who say a cop would never do that are either lying cops or are the dumbest people on the planet and need to visit Iraq, Iran for a few months. that will clear up their confusion.

  23. cameras photos says:

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