LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The unemployment rate is high enough for those people who never put on a uniform.

The numbers of people who can’t find work who laid their lives on the live for this country in Afghanistan or Iraq are mind-numbing. And staggering.

But one group wants to do something about it.

And as Amy Johnson reported for KCAL9, finding jobs for many veterans became a lot easier today with a special jobs fair in Carson organized by that group, namely Recruit Military.

For more information about Recruit Military, click here.

Comments (3)
  1. Overviewer says:

    Just ONCE I’d like to see actual numbers of those hired in these job fairs. No, make it a full follow-up on WHO got hired and how they are doing.

    These job fairs have been going on for years and still they haven’t progressed to actually interviewing and hiring people ON the spot.

    Surely the technology is so that you can actually hire faster, maybe take a half day to do what you have to do as an employer. All you have to ask is that job seekers come really, seriously prepared and well dressed and professional.

    Give me results people.

    1. Mark Baird says:

      Recruit Military is a FOR PROFIT company that really does not care if there are any jobs at their fairs. — Their motivation is money, not assisting veterans.

  2. wgaf says:

    I’d surely “service” these men when they come home.

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