LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Protesters camped out on the lawn outside City Hall said Thursday that — rain or shine — Los Angeles officials are starting to show signs of support for the movement that has spawned demonstrations in multiple U.S. cities.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports protesters with “Occupy Los Angeles” may no longer have to move off the property on a daily basis.

An estimated 400 people are spending their sixth day on the streets of downtown voicing their frustration over the direction of the U.S. economy, jobs, and health care.

“For the last five nights, we’ve been flip-flopping back and forth,” said protester Clark Davis. “We were told that if we slept on the sidewalks at night we’d be arrested…we were then told that we could sleep on the sidewalks and that we could not sleep in the parks.”

The group now believes they may be able to stay on the lawn permanently and that sentiment in City Hall for their platform could be growing.

At least one official is expressing support for the movement: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who is holding a jobs town hall meeting on Thursday, reportedly has been distributing ponchos to the protesters to stay dry during the recent rain storm.

“We, quite likely, could have the support of the city in this movement,” said Davis.

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  1. BA says:

    Wow…they’re too stupid to prepare for rain, and here’s the government, wiping their butts. Just how they like it.

      1. American Made says:

        “Well said”….really. American taxpayers being called “stupid” and because the mayor is offering protection from the weather (whether for selfish reasons or not) then must all be socialists (because they like it that way.) Wow, truly you are blind and stuck in a corner, only listening to your own stench so much that you not only believe it but are attracted to it more than you are the truth. An american standing up for what they believe in, however unorganized is still a patriot to this country. Stop the complaining and namecalling….BE AN AMERICAN.

      2. Todd Lashley says:

        American Made … Did you say “An american standing up for what they believe in, however unorganized is still a patriot to this country???. This is a socialist movement, set up by Stephen Learner of the SEIU, to bring down the US. The presence of socialist flags and non-existence of American flags, except the ones being set on fire, might be a clue. Still call em patriots??? The proper words would be socialist traitors. And they have the support of the mayor. Very fitting.

    1. meesha4 says:

      All the “protestors” are NOT WORKING. They are paid for by those “evil PRIVATE SECTOR” employees. Bunch of socialist morons.. The well is running dry idiot-sticks and you’ll all do a Rodney King and tear down “your city” by looting, stealing and killing when your PRIVATE-SECTOR plastic cards are NO GOOD when you swipe them. But rest-assured, YOUR liberal politicians, YOUR liberal MILLIONARE entertainers, and YOUR liberal football players will be well taken care of. I DARE you to call ANY of them out to put THEIR lifestyle up against yours.

      1. Edward Riepe says:

        Wasn’t Chad the name of the brother in Weird Science that was turned into a pile of uh,..excrement by Kelly? Just asking.

      2. Edward Riepe says:

        Oh, I think is was Chet. My bad.

      3. Caligula says:

        This Chad character is so obviously a moron trying to act as if he has an education and is a vet. What a disgraceful human being.

    2. Chad says:

      You must not live in Los Angeles or have a heart. First if you live in LA, then you would know it seldom rains People nor weather people can predict 100% a weeks out look. Keep your negative comments to your self. And unless you are a millionaire they are marching/protesting for you. So in the best peaceful, non violent way I say to you / show up or shut up.

      1. Chad says:

        You bunch sound like KFI listeners hateful and heartless. Move to the OC, cause you do not represent the true LA.

      2. diane says:

        Keep my comments to myself? Free speech is only for idiots like you and the protesters? You must be an obamabot. I am far from a millionaire, but they DO NOT speak for me. Bite me!

      3. Chad says:

        Oh real nice A hole, I’ll bite you. Feel free to call me an idiot with my Masters Degree cause you sound like an uneducated trailer trash pile of what flies like to sit on. You want some? Bring it cause I’m 99% and we out number you. Have a good night and don’t choke on your hatred and stupidity, now go watch Fox news.

      4. Kip Noxzema says:

        Keep my comments to myself, but allow a bunch of hippies to cause property damage, fight police and get arrested, and demand we all turn into good little Socialists? How is that peaceful and non violent? If you want peaceful and non violent demonstrations, ones with a purpose for a good American way of life, with freedom and liberty, join me in the Tea Party.

      5. Torrential says:

        Chad you must not live in Los Angeles, because the Los Angeles that *I* live in has been calling for a half an inch of rain for 3 solid days. Last I checked, they make portable radios… but these kochsuckers downtown want to cry like babies about nothing. They are LOSERS who vote in the corruption they whine about by paying tuition to fancy colleges that teach you entitlement instead of the skills they should teach you to start your own business. I spit on them and their low-life, generic, and unspecial stupidity.

      6. Chad says:

        Owww baby I love a fight and I’m educated unlike your little minds know. I live in Echo Park (that is in LA) ,BTW a $700,00 purchased house. I fought for the US, Keep calling us looser, keep mocking. Cause we build on your hate, we multiply on you weakness . We the 99% laugh in your face cause we know you are week and uneducated sheep. I have fought for the USA while you sit back and become fat week people. I invite you to come to Occupy Los Angeles, talk with the vets, speak with the teachers and union members/ Tell us why we are not Americans to our face. You lazy couch potatoes will not march, will not stand up..Keep eating your KFC and spewing your hate. You make me laugh, cause you are a waste.

      7. American Made says:

        it amazes me how many people sit and watch this country go to hell and then badmouth the only people that are not going to sit by and continue to watch it. So for these people, anybody who complains against what is going on is a Socialist, lazy, hippy,…..whatever. You can tell them by their works….they sit here, judge others and continue to namecall the president and people who act like Americans. This nation was built on protest and rebellion. I don’t agree with violence, but it’s about time someone stood up and said something other than pointing fingers and namecalling. PS…I didn’t vote Obama in, I’m not unemployed, and I didn’t go to a nice, prestigious school educated by socialists. Stop the generalizations (that’s too easy) and start making changes…that’s all people really want.

      8. Daniel Bryant says:

        Nobody protests FOR me. I work for a living. I am an adult and am approaching millionaire status as I continue to work; which I’ve done since I was 15. I’ve NEVER complained or sued my way into anything. Save the few years I was in college I’ve lived and worked in LA all my life. Before work, I will ask these people PERSONALLY who they voted for in 2012. My guess is they picked Pres. O’Mayhem
        Show up or shut up? November 2, 2012. You’ll hear us loud and clear.

      9. Julio Pezuka says:

        They aren’t marching for me Chad, and I am far from a millionaire. They are marching for Obama and you are either too stupid or too willfully ignorant (politically correct just for you) to realize it.

      10. Bill says:

        Chad has a Master’s Degree and spells “weak” as “week” twice in the same paragaph. Methinks Chan is lying about his Master’s Degree. And I doubt Chad could put $70 together for a house, let alone $700,000. Owebama better enjoy the next 15 months. After that he and Moochelle will be protesting with Chad with the so-called Master’s Degree.

      11. Kevin Pearson says:

        THE ONLY ONE that they are marching for is THE ONE and his re-election. I don’t see any crowds in Washington. Unless there are people there dragging Michelle Antoinette and the Emperor Barry out into the street and bashing him in the crotch with a lead pipe, then they are just jousting with windmills.

      12. Kevin Pearson says:

        Excuse me I have TWO Master’s Degree and one in is electrical engineering, a REAL degree, not one of these stupid worthless liberal arts degrees were your grade depends on parroting the socialism bile that comes out of the mouth of your professor.

        As an engineer, it is my contention that anyone that cannot handle Freshman level calculus – regardless of their “field” of study, has no business being in college in the first place. However, there are too many unqualified liberal art majors that wave a piece of paper to show that they are “edujamacted” when they don’t have enough sense to get out of a paper bag with both ends cut out and a slit down the side.

        So you are trailer trash is part of the “1%”? Dude you are a useful idiot.

        The issue is NOT the 1% but rather THE ONE.

        A little history: Prior to the French Revolution, French society was divided up into the First Estate, the nobility, the Second Estate, the clergy, and the Third Estate, everybody else. The French Revolution came about because the First Estate and the Second Estate enjoyed privileges that were paid for by the Third Estate and they refused to give them up.
        If this were true to form, then you idiots would be protesting at the Palace of Versailles on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and not in Wall Street. The First Estate was the GOVERNMENT CLASS. Wall Street, non-noble, non-title bearing commoners , constitutes the THIRD ESTATE.

      13. Prophet2525 says:

        Hey Chad, quit bragging about your education because your posts show that it has been a substandard one. I usually give a pass to people who spell “LOSER” as “LOOSER” or “WEAK” as “WEEK”. However, when you start propping yourself up as superior to others because of your education, it behooves you to hide your inadequate education by spell checking every word you write. Your twisted posts and anger at people opposed to the protesters appear to be seated in the fact that your education has done nothing for you.

      14. Prophet2525 says:

        Can’t afford a new computer with a spell-check eh Chad. You make “WEEK” arguments every “WEAK”. You are a “LOOSER” when you are “LOSE” with your money. Can’t wait for your rebuttal. I bet it takes a whole lot longer because you have to check the dictionary for every word you type. Properly-educated people do not need spell checkers. Apparently you do.

      15. SNOOPY1 says:

        keep having sex with your mom and sisAND WOW A 700.00O HOME
        YOU LIYING TOOL.Hey great idea chad how many ilegals you letting stay with you.MY GUESS IS NONE MR COMPASSION

    3. American Made says:

      your generalizations blind you….they are hardly Obama supporters, any more than they are democrats, republicans or tea partiers……they are dissatisfied American taxpayers….wake up!!

      1. spinblastr says:

        “Not Obama supporters…wake up???” Of course you’re Obama supporters, even if you’re too dumb to realize it yet. How clueless are these people! These people are acting as absolute puppets of the Obama administration and are too brainwashed to see it. Being dirty and lazy and whining about the success of others doesn’t make you a patriot, either. It makes you a communist. You people missed the hippie movement that enamored your parents, so you see this as your very own bandwagon to jump on. Anti-Americanism isn’t going to get you what you want. Also, you all think that your movement is some sort of universal tidal wave, because you’re not seeing much opposition. That’s because the vast majority of Americans are too busy and/or lack all inclination to drop everything and attend your Obama Propagandist circle-jerks. For now, you’ll see our opposition only in the blogs, but come next November, you’ll get a better grasp of the true situation. If you want to change this country, get a job. All of you whiners keep touting your advanced degrees (which I’m just not buying in many cases, btw). Anyhow, SO WHAT? If you can’t find adequate employment in your field, find another field. That’s not the government’s problem either, it’s yours. Under duress, I’ve already helped subsidize your B.S. liberal arts degrees, Your degrees mean nothing to me. I’d be more impressed with work ethic and maturity.

    4. Dave says:

      True, their claims and demands are straight from the looney bin, yet the Dems (Pelosi “blessed” the protestors today, gag!) are flocking to ANY port in the storm they’ve created among the REAL PEOPLE in this country who are FED UP.

      And you’re right, L.A. has a population of what? 28-35 MILLION but you watch the media give air time to a bunch of hare krishnas in the hundreds like it was a second coming of christ.

      They should hand out barf bags for the rest of us along with the raincoats for the bums.

    5. Kevin Pearson says:

      Hello non-American Made. If you are not on the White House steps DEMANDING the resignation of Obama. you are an Obama supporter.

      It’s the Democrats that are constantly sucking more and more out of the taxpayers and their insipid policies are responsible for the economic “crisis”. I say is toungue-in-cheek because anyone paying attention KNOWS full well that the financial crisis was engineered in September 2008 to get Obama elected.

      As long as the streets of Washington are navigable, it is obviously that all of this is being choreographed by the Dark Lord himself directly from the Death Star.

    6. commie_shooter says:

      lol this is too funny.

      Mayor VivaLaRaza is aiding and abetting the people that will eventually start rioting and burning down LA. Priceless….

      1. snoop1 says:

        impeach or re-call the mexican mayor
        P.S AMERICAN MADE my guess is you are about as much a taxpayer as they are.No you are the me me me whiney new american who has no clueYou want free stuff too huh american made

    7. Caligula says:

      American Made, you’re crazy. These people openly support Obama. You must be blind or stupid.

    8. Caligula says:

      I wonder if Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa handed out the ponchos by tossing them over the 6-foot security fence he erected to keep himself safe from his subjects…and these types of protests? lulz

    9. DrRob says:

      “American Made
      ……they are dissatisfied American taxpayers….wake up!!

      October 7, 2011 at 12:55 am ”

      WOW !!! You had me at dissatisifed but you lost me at American taxpayers..

    10. JustAGuy says:

      BA, that was a pithy and brilliant comment!

    11. Alan says:

      ‎”If you’re not careful, the newspapers (MEDIA) will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

      Unless you are already part of the 1% in which you are saying this out of fear.

      But if you are in the 99%, we’ll keep fighting for you until you wake up on who to blame.

    12. abbey says:

      Not Governemnt. A frigging MEXICAN!!!! The mayor does NOT belong here.


      it’s raining a bulletstorm on the draconian reptillian republican movement/NWO!!! you shlt-bags!!!! LOL

  2. Greg says:

    Villaraigosa is a socialist, and an idiot.

    1. Earl says:

      Stick with idiot.

      1. Barry's CT. SSN 042-68-4425 FAILS 'E-VERIFY' says:

    2. thegoat1970 says:

      i 2nd that… stick with IDIOT!!

    3. trkesq says:

      A “useful idiot.”

    4. Dave says:

      And American Made thinks these miscreants pay taxes……ROFL!!!!!

    5. Alan says:

      You fools are on the wrong side of history. But soon we will stop calling each other names and stand together as Americans.

      We are the 99%

      1. Dave says:

        Real Americans believe in Capitalism, we do not blame the Capitalist.

      2. snoopy1 says:

        alan you are the 99% stupid pal
        99% IS A SLOGAN THATS ALLyall couldnt get your neighborhood together much less 99% of anything but socialist tools like you.

  3. Alicia says:

    I hope he used his own money to buy the ponchos, because I did not authorize him or any other idiot to use my money for him to look good on the eyes useless people.
    If he and the unions are so againsts corporations, let the unions create jobs…they only distribute jobs at their wish created by corporations. They know what they do, but the followers are just a bunch of pin heads…what a shame… another wrong idea of Oblabla he still an Organizer:(

    1. Daniel Bryant says:

      Poncho Villar

  4. Ray says:

    These are all lazy a-holes that have nothing else to do go look for a job do something useful in your life don’t depend on government hand outs.

  5. wobbles says:

    Are tax payers paying for this stuff? If he wants to support a cause, it better be out of his paycheck, not out of the taxes we expect to be spent on services.

    1. OutInTheOC says:

      Chances are the tax payers have paid for the ponchos. And if that is true, why not hand out ponchos to the homeless….but than again, the homeless don’t vote. Way to go mayor…..LOSER!

    2. Jennifer Kennedy says:

      Ummm…they cannot accept the ponchos…didn’t some evil corporation make them??

      1. Julio Pezuka says:

        Beautiful!!! They are also worried about the economy, but not to the point where they would be willing to not accept the rain coats subsidized by the taxpayers.

  6. celita perez says:

    Villaraigosa sooooo stupid. what a horrible mayor…. get these people off the streets why is he supporting them. horrible horrible horrible

  7. M Masters says:

    Mayor Vivalaraza supporting a populist and socialist protest? No surprise there. Hard working LA residents will have to increasingly shoulder the burden of providing social services for Vivalaraza’s illegal immigrant buddies and their children, on top of taxing us to extend unemployment benefits for those who refuse to accept the realities of today’s economy and job market/pay scales.

    1. commie_shooter says:

      Darn you beat me to “Mayor VivaLaRaza” 😛

      Good comment by the way. Spot on.

  8. Aunty Bren Aunty says:

    I can’t get out of LA fast enough.

  9. Hardmoney says:

    I love to hear the inverviews with the protesters…it kinda like listening to a Dr. Seuss story…lots of words that make no sense.

    1. Tim says:

      Now that’s funny…

  10. Mary Wright says:

    Hand him a set of jail jumpers and sandals and arrest him for fomenting civil unrest. What a dufus you folks in La La land elected.

  11. Max says:

    Mr. Mayor,
    You are an idiot, a wuss and a loooooooooooser!
    JQ Public

    1. American Made says:

      Mr. Mayor,
      Thank you for your assistance and not turning this protest into something worse. Kindness extended will always be returned. I apologize for the namecalling taxpaying americans who are so okay with the condition of this country that they are only willing to point out and badmouth those who are not willing to accept failure.
      JQ Public’s Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters and children.

      1. Julio Pezuka says:

        American made, thanks for your ignorance. I love to work hard and if it weren’t for people like you I would not have to work hard. I do love paying taxes to keep squids like yourself alive. You are welcome. P.S. Do not try to speak for anyone else, especially the majority, because you do not represent us.

      2. Prophet2525 says:

        American Made, do you think your “revered” mayor would hand out ponchos if protesters were against the incompetence of Villaraigosa? I would think not. Liberals like you only call for acts of kindness or summon constitutional right only if the issue is something you agree with. Drop that American Made moniker. It really does not fit after seeing all the drivel you have been posting.

      3. snoopy1 says:

        american made is part of the problem and people of his ilk

      4. Mary Wright says:

        Wow. Multiple personality disorder?

  12. pokey5735 says:

    Who paid for those ponchos? You can bet it was the taxpayers!
    Listening to these protesters one gets a real good picture of what the indoctrination and BS is being taught in schools today. Are these people for real?

    1. American Made says:

      And I’d like to thank you for all the money you spent paying taxes for their education….evidently you didn’t pay enough. In fact, it gets worse….there is far less money going to education next year and it was already dismal this year. You can expect more disatisfied Americans to protest on this same agenda. If you don’t like it then do something about rather than sit there judge others who are protesting something you know to be true.

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        There is a thing in Economics called “The Law of Diminishing Return”, means that there is a point where adding more of a resource has less and less of an impact and usually another point where addition resources are in fact detrimental

        You are exhibit A that we have long passed that point with education spending A LONG TIME AGO.

      2. Prophet2525 says:

        Me thinks American Made is a teacher with bloated pensions and benefits. Me thinks that the time is up for teachers like American Made. Americans need real teachers who can really educate.

  13. Bob K says:

    And the California tax payers pay for these clowns to protest whatever comes into their empty heads. Are you taxpayers stupid or ???? Did you really vote theses guys in?? Your state is going bankrupt and your sponsoring these kooks. Where did you leave your brains???

  14. Hector says:

    Panchos for protesters…i guess the mayor doesn’t like any backs to be wet…

    1. Astonished says:

      Oh, no you didn’t! Wish I’d thought of it first!! 🙂

    2. Jennifer Kennedy says:

      Now that was funny!

      1. American Made says:

        Wow, you three are funny, but then not really. As an American I find it difficult to watch other Americans belittled by racial insinuations because they are protesting the poor decisions our Private & Public sector leaders have made. Taking a stance, voicing one beliefs are as American as our Constitution and are protected accordingly.
        So many negative comments have been made of the education of the protestors, but these three comments could easily have come from middle school students, and I would easily be able to ignore them.
        Nonetheless, take a stand and go out there and speak your mind on how things should be repaired, or tell everyone how satisfied you are with the condition of this country, but do something other than ridicule those that have the guts to. Being an American is more than just living legally in this country and paying taxes.

      2. Kevin Pearson says:

        They may have been born in this country but there is NOTHING American about them between the ears.

  15. Narnia Nitro says:

    What boggles my mind is that 1) their grievance is so vague and general that they can’t hope to accomplish much, 2) the cause of the economic downturn has much to do with the same people these people likely voted for, and 3) the media has not yet denigrated them like they have the Tea Party, even though the “Occupy Wall Street” project has already lead to hundreds of arrests.

  16. Johnny says:

    Useless idiots being used. :()

  17. MarkG says:

    Why are there still white people left in LA ?

  18. big bob says:

    LA hasn’t had a mayor in months. Villar is a punk

  19. alien5 says:

    Hope they choke on their own fecces

    1. Juan Garcia says:

      Good comment.

  20. Juan Garcia says:

    I was going to pay my taxes but these fools were in the way. Can I get an extension?

  21. digitus says:

    Maybe they will use the ponchos to pick up after themselves when they leave, like litter bags? Sorry, I am so dumb at times.

  22. Terk says:

    They should be handing out cyanide capsules to these losers.

  23. TheEye says:

    400 people? In an area with millions of people? Sounds like an Odufus fundrasier turnout.

    1. Terk says:

      Yeah, but you won’t hear about that from the MSM.
      They like to equate it with the Arab Spring but it should be called the “Airhead” Autumn.

  24. Mabel says:

    Who made the ponchos?

    1. Jennifer Kennedy says:

      An “evil” corporation. These sell outs should not have accepted them. The irony is astounding.

  25. Rusty Shakelford says:

    Tony Villar is such a throbbing weiner

  26. Joe Blow says:

    You Angelinos elected this clown as mayor. Hope you’re happy with your choice.

  27. dump28usn says:

    What’s the big deal on California authorities supporting the riff raff involved in the demonstrations. The fruits and nuts gov’t in California would support anything, especially anything that may get them a few dollars.

    1. Terk says:

      Stop making sense or you’ll cause liberal heads to explode all over Amerika!

  28. Fedup says:

    The mayor is a dirt bag. Lets make sure he gets fired next election so he can join these low lifers. He is a crook and has done nothing for LA

    1. Astonished says:

      They can’t fire him. He terms out after this run. Why do you think he’s so lame. . . he can destroy the city and walk away. But only after he’s had his say in front of any available camera. That goes for the City Council too.

      1. Fedup says:

        The mayoor and city council are all crooks and equally worthless in my eyes. LA is one of the most corrupt cities in the nation, second only to Chicago. And we all know who came from Chicago don’t we?

  29. Rod Anders says:

    Well, Villaraigosa is the one that cleans our toilets … isn’t that what he said?

  30. MarkInAtlanta says:

    I live in Atlanta, but these ponchos were nothing more that “vote for me” handouts with taxpayers or Soros money. As a previous commenter stated, the same people that are causing the problem are there to help the protesters. Most of these people from what I can tell from the videos and news are nothing but worthless idiots. Soros has a hand in this BS, you can bet your worthless dollar on that. I have a job, work for my money, I also hate the BS that is going on in the banking system and the gov’t as they are in bed together. The problem with this “protest” is you have a bunch of lazy people with worthless degrees and you get “wealthy parent bums” with their liberal arts paperwork laying on the ground. “We are worth more mannnn”, shut up and go get a job. If I lost mine tomorrow, I could go get two or three to pay the bills. Would I like them them, no. I am not an entitled child though. If you want to see a protest about people that believe in something, look to parts of the world that people are risking their life in their protest, not accepting a poncho from the very gov’/systemt they protest to keep their hair dry. I figured that these hipsters hair was greasy enough to bead the water right off, they must need them for their poor peoples’ computers…

  31. Climp Jones says:

    After midnight Mayor is to be passing out dime bags

  32. ArgotMay says:

    We are the 99%! If you can’t feel it now, you will- especially AFTER the election. We’ll still be #Occypyingtheworld. See David Rockefeller (my relative), choke on the idea of the end of the fed on youtube.

  33. Scott A says:

    Of course if these had been tea party demonstrators the city would have arrested them within the hour and charged them with trumped up charges.

    The only thing worse than a liberal is a hypocritical liberal (but then again most of them are hypocrits).

    1. Terk says:

      They like to be called Progressives now, didn’t you get the newsletter? Lmao

  34. jukin says:

    Subsidize lazy smelly slackers, get more of them.

  35. BigBoa says:

    Your,,,YOUR tax dollars HARD at work….don’t worry about FEEDING people..don’t worry about people living in the streets,,, let’s spend money on morons who don’t know how to dress…. On another note, the media warned us HOURLY when the GOP talked about even REMOTELY using “the nuclear option” to stop filibusters yet out of NOWHERE, Dingy Harry ALREADY did it…… You are DELUSIONAL if you are waiting on a sham election to change all of this.

  36. Newshound says:

    Please point out any instances of city mayors and/or other elected officials showing up at the protests of abortion clinics to hand out ponchos or other freebies to the protestors. Indeed – please point out any recorded instance of any elected official saying they ‘stand with’ the protestors of abortion clinics and ‘show solidarity’ with them.

    1. MayfaireOquinn says:

      Read my post again. Nowhere did I defend the Mayor of Los Angeles handing out the free ponchos. I’m pretty sure that the 1st Amendment does not guarantee the right to free ponchos. Therefore, it should be fairly easy to deduce that I’m referring to the many folks here whose comments are verbally attacking the protesters, and even going so far as to wish them harm. I have seen many of these same types of comments over the last few days on all of the stories that have been linked from Drudge regarding the Occupy protesters.

      So, no, I’ll not be pointing out any other poncho handouts because it is totally irrelevant to the point. Knock yourself out, though, if you’d like to look for them. 😉

      1. Mary Wright says:

        Actually, under the first amendment “wishing’ anything is still protected. it is the action of the mob that scares me and IS NOT protected and they are being protected by your idiot Mayor. Yes, calling the mayor an idiot is protected speech too. read the Constitution and bill of rights.

  37. boozy says:

    what a POS this Villa something or other is….Communist through and through…someday, as soon as he gets his head out of Obama’s butt, maybe he can see the destruction he has caused to a formerly wonder city….

  38. spinblastr says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that the ponchos were bought with stimulus money.

  39. Barry Levy says:

    Why is any taxpayer money going to pay for ponchos for these people, and if they violate the laws then arrest them.

    Just because they are protesting doesn’t give them rightrs that didn’t exist before, and they certainly aren’t entitled to anything from the taxpayers.

    And the major, condoning this should be apologizing to all taxpayers in this city.

    1. American Made says:

      “and they certainly aren’t entitled to anything from the taxpayers”….who do you think they are……THE TAXPAYERS!!!!

      Wake up people! These are voters, taxpayers, veterans, working-class citizens who are happy with the norm…..some voted for Obama, some voted against and some didn’t even vote. It doesn’t matter. What matters is they are out there doing something about it and you are COMPLAINING.

      1. Prophet2525 says:

        Why are you COMPLAINING about people complaining against the protesters? Typical liberal hypocrisy.

      2. snoopy1 says:

        real brave

  40. Dave says:

    Americans call them rain coats! Since there are only mexicans in LA, ponchos are the only thing they understand. Am I prejudice against illegal mexicans, he’ll ya!

    1. American Made says:

      sounds like your prejudice against legal mexicans too! sounds like many of the Republicans on this site are as well…..

      1. Prophet2525 says:

        All I can say is “TYPICAL WHITE WOMAN” coming from our POTUS whom you obviously voted for and therefore condone. Typical liberal hypocrisy.

      2. Dave says:

        Where did I say I was prejudice against Mexican Americans or any other legal citizen? Please tell me!

      3. snoopy1 says:

        who have you prejudged tool.
        you act like you are above the frey as you spew your hate and disgruntleness towards republicans and other real americans on this site
        funny i didnt see you defending the tea party protesters
        you freekin socialists

  41. Jerry Frey says:

    “Some of the nation’s biggest banks and mortgage companies have defrauded veterans and taxpayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars by disguising illegal fees in veterans’ home refinancing loans, according to a whistleblower suit unsealed in federal court in Atlanta.”


  42. Jim M says:

    Where’s Bull Connor when you need him?

  43. Stan says:

    I’m sure that the politicians will change their tune when the protesters turn on them and their family businesses.

  44. Tyrone says:

    Idiots at the gate….and inside City Hall.

    1. American Made says:

      and God bless everyone of them for acting like an American! Wonder what happens to the lazy finger pointing name callers?

      1. Prophet2525 says:

        Be careful in invoking “God”. You might lose standing among your liberal pals. About “lazy”, aren’t most able-bodied welfare recipients liberal Democrats like you?

  45. meesha4 says:

    The “protestors” on Wall Street fall into one of the following categories:
    1. Perpetual students funded by the PRIVATE-SECTOR taxpayers or mommy and daddy.
    2. PRIVATE-SECTOR funded HUD, food stamps, free health care, free dental, free anything – as long as they don’t pay for it.
    3. ANYONE “protesting during a WORK WEEK does NOT have a job, unless it is funded by a Union that PROMISES them they will get paid for protesting.
    4. Deadbeat 60′s radicals that have their substance-abuse PAID for by the PRIVATE-SECTOR.
    5. MILLIONAIRE entertainers that DO NOT VOLUNTEER to send more money to the GOVERNMENT (an option NONE OF THEM USE – including that fat moron Moore) The “protest” to put their pathetic name in the LAME STREAM media.
    7. “Protestors’ that live off inheritance (aka, the Kennedys through bootlegging and other nefarious “biznezz”
    8. Left-wing liberal politician relatives that have been SUCKING off the private-sector and have NEVER had to pay for their salaries or “bennies” on their own.
    Face it liberals, if there is NO PRIVATE-SECTOR TAXPAYER, there are NO PUBLIC-SECTOR JOBS.
    Show me ONE “protestor” that does not fall into any of these categories. I don’t know about YOU, but I’ve been paying into the system for FORTY years in the PRIVATE-SECTOR and have NEVER taken a dime of government money. What the “protestors” do not realize and have not been educated in is that there IS NO GOVERNMENT MONEY. NONE, ZIP, NADDA. It’s all generated by the PRIVATE SECTOR>

    1. American Made says:

      Im certain the 8 protestors types you discribed probably do know that money comes from big business, small business and is cycled to the govt. via taxes….etc….etc….

      I’m curious about your research to nail down that everyone fits into 8 groups. Or is this just I’m-partial-therefore-I-think-I-know-ology?

      Seriously, you are no more satisfied with the condition of this country brought on by years of Republican rule and followed up by Democrat rule. No one party made this mess….they both did! And the business sector had a hand in it. If you are satisfied then stop the generalizing and understand that the American people are protesting….period! Join them or disagree with them and define how all is well and strong in the country and that they have nothing to complain about, not because of who you think they are, but because we are all Americans and we can all work together at strenghening ourselves or staying strong.

      Whatever you believe, rise above the brainwashed few that want to generalize, fingerpoint, harass, and attempt to reduce the complicated to “idiot.” BE AN AMERICAN.

      1. Prophet2525 says:

        American Made, I have read many of your posts here that are liberally sprinkled with “being an American”. It seems that to you being an American is to always take matters to the street. These protesters (miniscule in numbers) are wasting their time or rather enjoying being out there. Do you really believe that the business sector gives a hoot about their complaints? As long as government officials are lobbied and campaign-financed by businesses, there will always be business miscreants. Your support of these protesters shows your naivete. The ultimate form of protest is in the ballot box. Do not waste it by voting for Obama again. Got an idea, why don’t you organize a protest at Solyndra for the same reason that your protesters protest against?

      2. scott says:

        Well said.

    2. Julio Pezuka says:

      What a liberal doesn’t know, an idiot understands. Just read any of “American Made”s replies. Great post Meesha.

  46. JuanValdez says:

    Give everyone a Pancho Take three back where they came from.

  47. david ortiz says:

    I am a Hispanic man from south Texas. I work and am proud of this great country. What this mayor is doing is wrong….tell these protestors to get a job just like I did. As a Hispanic man, you should be ashamed of what you are doing…tell these people to take a deep breath and look for a job.

    1. Brian Sullivan says:

      I don’t agree with you at all.

  48. BarB says:

    There wasn’t any smallpox in those ponchos, was there?

    1. American Made says:

      Really, do advocate passing out small pox to Americans because they protest something you disagree with? That sounds more like a terrorist than an American.

  49. irishsmile says:

    The Obama crowd are sponsoring anarchy in America’s streets. … & this radical was kicked out of Cathedral High School when he was a student. Yet when my husband & I traveled to L.A. for his 50th reunion a few years ago, Cathedral bigwigs had decided to present this socialist with a Golden Honary Diploma at my husband’s reunion!. Ruined the reunion for many of the guys.

    1. AlmostaCowboy says:

      But, it’s typical of gov’t. Create a problem (sponsor anarchy) then create a bureaucracy (L.A. Cops) to “fix” the problem. Call it “job creation”. Think of all the Johnson & Johnson bandages, Abbott Labs drugs, etc will be used on the “fixed” protesters.

  50. Piedtype1 says:

    Who gave “the mayor” the right or the $$$$ to hand out these panchos, oh it’s PC to say pancho, should be rain gear.
    I want my money back!

  51. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    These protestors really seems to care. About what I have no idea.

    Thank you, thank you I’ll be here all weekend folks thank you very much.

  52. Wiseone says:

    This mayor continues to be a very useful idiot….oh he failed the bar exam three times and never did pass it.? How did this moron ever get elected mayor in the first place? What a little turd he is

    1. American Made says:

      Oh Wiseone….he is there because you are not. If you can do better…run…and do better. It must be nice sitting in the cheapseats…..but then your complaining because they’re starting to get expensive…funny, so is everyone who is protesting….be a useful idiot as you call it and be an American.

      1. Prophet2525 says:

        American Made has a fixation on loosely invoking being an American. Based on all his posts here, I would hate to see what America will become if all of us were to act like his “American”. To him, it appears that being an American is to protest against economic inequality, against the rich, against small government, against everything just so they can protest. American Made’s predilection for protesting is obvious in his posts. He COMPLAINS about people complaining against the protesters. He is PROTESTING against people that are PROTESTING against PROTESTERS. If America becomes American Made’s vision of America (God forbid), I know what business I will go into and that is selling signs at each street corner of America. Heck, he’ll even protest against that

  53. Dirk says:

    These astroturfers can sh!t in their ponchos and wear ’em.

  54. RS says:

    Can we call it Obamaville?

  55. dae_ct says:

    This whole exercise is simply a dry run in advance of the real union led demonstrations, flash mobs and riots leading up to Election Day ’12. It’ll be a good enough reason for Obama to enact HSPD20 and suspend the election until HE gets things back to “normal.”

    All part of the “re-election” strategy. Wait a minute, who needs a re-election strategy when you have HSPD20 at your finger tips.

  56. John Campbell says:

    He’s certainly welcome to hand out ponchos, but what I want to know is who’s money was used to buy them and on who’s time was he performing this ……….. service? Do the taxpayers approve of this? Was it voted on? Is this a legitimate function of government?

    1. American Made says:

      Yes it was. It was voted on when he was voted into office, but citizens like yourself. If you didn’t vote for him then you are the minority. The majority says ponchos are okay……but I doubt that is your problem is it?

      1. Prophet2525 says:

        Really, giving away ponchos were voted on? By your argument, if Villaraigosa raises taxes to provide free medical care to people in TIjuana, it will be okay with you because he was voted into office. If Villaraigosa raises taxes to fund La Raza, it will be okay with you because he was voted into office. American Made, you have a warped mind. I don’t want to be an American like your AMERICAN. In fact, I will do anything to fight against your “AMERICAN” because if you were to prevail that would be the end of America and your “AMERICAN”. Can you comprehend that?

  57. Kevin M says:

    Um, are city funds being spent on supporting a partisan protest? I bet they’d do the same thing for Operation Rescue. Oh, wait, they clubbed those guys to the curb.

  58. L-Dub says:

    You’re right. They are just exercising their 1st Amendment rights. But so are the people who are commenting on here, expressing their opinions on these protests. “Act like Americans…”??? They absolutely are…every bit as much as these protesters. Only they’re doing it in more of a 21st century fashion…thank you Steve Jobs (I had to give him a plug)

    1. MayfaireOquinn says:

      L-Dub: Good try. But, sorry, it isn’t analogous. For it to be analogous, I would have to wax poetic about how I’d like to see all of these folks who are openly disparaging our Constitutional rights getting “arrested and locked up in Gitmo”, “fed cyanide”, “forced to eat their own feces”, “sprayed with bear spray”, “beaten within an inch of their lives”, and etc*.

      I would never, ever say that any harm should come to a person for exercising their right to free speech. I am merely exercising my own right to free speech when I tell them that their words are deeply unpatriotic and unconstitutional**. See, it is no infringement on your right to free speech for me to have and express my opinion about your opinion.

      *Full disclosure, the last two were in the comment section of a different article Drudge linked to about the protests.

      ** To be helpful, here is the Webster’s Dictionary definition of unconstitutional: “Incompatible with the constitution of a country or organized group”.

      ~Therefore,I maintain that to support the arrest or harm of these protesters is to be against the right to peaceable assembly. Further, to not fully support any part of the 1st amendment calls the entire amendment into question, which throws a huge wrench into your argument for free speech.

    2. Chicago Nick says:

      They’re not ‘acting like Americans’ when they whine and cry and moan about all the free things they don’t get when they haven’t logged a working year yet in their entire lives.

      Real Americans roll up their sleeves and work thrice as hard when hardship comes, not whine and moan and cry for other more diligent and successful people to pay their freaking freight from cradle to grave.

      Gimme this, Gimme that, or else. That’s the most Anti American sentiment there is.

      1. Prophet2525 says:

        Chicago Nick, my sentiments exactly. Real Americans work and work hard. Real Americans are proud and really proud not be on government dole. Real Americans do their protesting at the ballot box. Real Americans only take it to the streets when their liberties are taken from them. These protesters that a poster named American Made calls “true Americans” are on the streets not because of their liberties being threatened but because there are people wealthier than they are. They complain about “economic injustice” that only they perceive yet most of them do not work. I will be protesting in Nov 2012.

  59. Kip Noxzema says:

    1930s Germany taught these very protesters to despise free enterprise. Also, the Nazis fully believed in Collectivism. Do you see a resemblance with these protestors, or do you not? I find it hilarious you left the Republican party then try to tell us about the Constitution, after what your Regime has done to this country.

    1. MayfaireOquinn says:

      What regime is that, Kip? Are you having some remedial reading issues? I believe I clearly stated that I’m not a Democrat, but thanks for playing. I’m a strict Constitutionalist. Of course, most of you know so little about the Constitution, I’m sure its concepts strike you as some sort of regime.

      “1930s Germany taught these very protesters to despise free enterprise” – WOW, really? These very protesters? So, they’re all at least 80 years old? Amazing! Good on you for figuring that one out.

      Keep playing, you’re bound to get something right sooner or later. 😉

  60. American Made says:

    I’m with you Mayfaire….what’s wrong with this group of people……seriously did they even go to school, or study American History. They’re ripping on anything they can a hold of. If the mayor tried to stop the protestors they would call him names and harass him. When he does a kind act to Californian and American citizens and taxpayers they call him names. It’s absolutely disgusting how these people are behaving….sitting in their homes and calling names! If you disagree then go out there and make your voices known, speak out and be a participant to changing this state, this country, this world…..but don’t sit there and pile on your comments with other brainwashed Republicans…..be an American first!

    1. MayfaireOquinn says:

      American Made – I love your moniker. My dad worked at Ford Motor Co. for 48 years, and he always said that one of the most important ways to stand by our country is to buy American made products. 🙂

      You asked what is wrong with some of these folks. It is pretty simple. They put party before country. They root for their “team”, the Republicans, like they root for their team in the Superbowl. Right or wrong. Even if it means spitting on the Constitution and, therefore, the United States. Many of them would love nothing better than to see the other “team” stripped of all of their rights, thrown in prison…possibly even killed…just because they feel differently. I have certainly seen some Democrats do it as well, regarding abortion protests, tea party gatherings, etc. I would love nothing more than for all Americans to wake up and see these two parties for what they are – a 2-headed dragon that is burning the country down to the ground for their own selfish gain.

      “If you disagree then go out there and make your voices known, speak out and be a participant to changing this state, this country, this world…..but don’t sit there and pile on your comments with other brainwashed Republicans…..be an American first!”~~~ Amen to that!

      “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” ~Abraham Lincoln

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        No such party before country, only we know WHICH party is the ONLY vehicle to protect the country from the Socialist forces that have taken over the Democratic party. We are rooting for AMERICA not the Republicans because what the Democrats represent has NO RESEMBLANCE WHATSOEVER to America

      2. MayfaireOquinn says:

        Both parties are killing the country. Both of them. Until you realize it, you’ll have shackles on. The truth shall set you free, if you let it…

    2. Caligula says:

      you sir, are a brainwashed useful idiot. good day.

      1. Dave says:

        Our “Constitution” is the laws we are required to follow! I have also been brainwashed? Does this make me an idiot also?

    3. Prophet2525 says:

      Another “Be An American” post from American Made. Just what exactly is an American? I’m sure a lot of posters here would like to read what you have to say.

  61. Early Ardmore says:

    The enemy of all is the privately owned, unaccountable, Federal Reserve and those that profit from the printing of money out of nothing and then lending it back at interest. As if they serve any useful purpose other than being a financial leach. Until people realise that they are paying interest on their own currency, to a private banking cartel, and that from the get go it is impossible to ever pay back because the interest owed, that money , is never created, the vampire will continue to live.

    The wooden stake is the dismantlement of the Fed and the indictment of all involved in this pyramid scam. http://911essentials.com

    1. Prophet2525 says:

      Very true

  62. TexasForever says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better, BA!
    These ” sheeple” are complete idiots.
    Idiocracy is here!

  63. BigBoa says:

    How hysterical to read posts by some of the real marxist morons. Claiming they have “advanced degrees”, “served in the military”, etc……then off they go spouting all the marxist doctrine…… They claim to “own businesses” or claim they own mansions, etc, and then go on the warpath about “evil oil” and all the rest…..absolutely a hoot…

  64. BigBoa says:

    Bring it all on you marxist POS…the mighty Boa has been waiting for this ever since the muslim messiah was put in office. From that point on, the marxists no longer hid their agenda. You post the most stupid statements on here somehow thinking you’re clever. But you aren’t. And most of you are going to wind up REALLY learning what a rough time is all about. Come on, let’s get this going punks.

  65. Dan-O says:

    I guess the mayor will e similarly inclined to charity at the next Teaparty gathering, right?

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      Exactly..This POS illegal alien sympathizer hands out with public money ponchos to deadbeat whiners who hate successful Americans yet he and other sick dems whizzed and dumped all over middle Class Tea Party working Americans who pay the go^ dam% freight for these lazy mother fluckers. And they wonder why we hate THEM so much.

  66. JohnB says:

    The richest poor in the world live in USA! They like to refer to this silly protest as similar to the “Arab Spring” How ignorant of people to make that comparison! The Arab Spring cost 10’s of 1000’s of lives and overthrew sevearl dictators. The protesters risked their lives daily. In LA they are afraid of a little rain and request the mayor to give them protection….SOME PROTEST! Nothing but whining dogs with no backbone. I laugh at them!!

    1. Kevin Pearson says:

      The “Arab Spring” was a movement in opposition to entrenched abuse and oppression by an unwieldy corrupt bureaucracy

      These numbnuts are demanding MORE bureaucracy. Sorry, nothing in common.

  67. Aaron says:

    The mayor is an idiot. Who do you think is payiny for the umbrellas. Yeah, uou got right the taxpayers of Los Angeles.

  68. blancojoe says:

    That is right, Mayor … suck up to these anti Capitalist vermin and show how much of a loving humanitarian you are. In reality, you are showing most of us what a weasel and low life you truly represent. California …. keep electing these Liberal horses butts and you can write your state off permanently. You used to be the “Golden State”, but now ….?

  69. e pluribus unum says:

    Isn’t it racist to be handing out “ponchos” in a Hispanic-dominant city? Have a little sensitivity.

    If they (squatters and enabling public officials) choose to make public property Obamavilles our Republic(it’s NOT a democracy!) is in deep trouble.

  70. bankroller says:

    Socialist traitors that have the support of the mayor. . . what’s wrong with this picture?

  71. Hedley Lamar says:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha….. Yuk-yuk-yuk… Bwahhahahahaha!!! I left cailfornia 50+ years ago. LA was a smoggy armpit back then. I drove through it a couple of years ago and thought I was in a Tijuana combat zone.

  72. Caligula says:

    I wonder if Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa handed out the ponchos by tossing them over the 6-foot security fence he erected to keep himself safe from his subjects?

  73. Caligula says:

    I wonder if Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa handed out the ponchos by tossing them over the 6-foot security fence he erected to keep himself safe from his subjects?

    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!

  74. Right Wingman says:

    It’s apparent that in LaLa-Land the inmates ARE running the asylum.

  75. Jeannette Lynn McGinley says:

    You know, we’ll see. Right now they’re on private property and people who own that property don’t have the power to eject them,” Kelly said.
    But Brookfield Office Properties, which owns Zuccotti Park, seems to be slowly building a case against protesters, saying Thursday that the protestors are interfering with the use of the park by others and are creating sanitary problems…….
    “Sanitation is a growing concern,” Brookfield said in a statement. “Normally the park is cleaned and inspected every weeknight.Because the protestors refuse to cooperate,the park has not been cleaned since Friday, September 16th and as a result, sanitary conditions have reached unacceptable levels.”…………..

    It appears to be a double messages. Yes, the protesters are welcome as long as they follow the rules because we can not remove them. However,we are fortunate enough to find a loop hole that with time will legally remove the protestors…Well, why not count the city blessings and give the city overtime to clean up and put some money back into the pocket of the people? I would believe if it is announced that this is a goal there would be cooperation!

  76. Waron Whitee says:

    Useful idiots…smelly useful idiots.

  77. John Keyes says:

    If :”Poncho” was there,where was Cisco??? 🙂

  78. Bubba Johnson says:

    L.A. – you suck. You deserve everything coming your way since you are the ones who put these morons in office. Get used to it. LA LA land has become HA HA land and your in the center ring of that three ring circus. BTW, check the labels in the ponchos – bet they were made in China. Nice move, keep supporting those commies. But it’s OK, we’re just about protecting the children, saving the whales and being inclusive. Good luck with that.

  79. Bubba Johnson says:

    L.A. – You deserve everything coming your way since you are the ones who put these morons in office. Get used to it. LA LA land has become HA HA land and your in the center ring of that three ring circus. BTW, check the labels in the ponchos – bet they were made in China. Nice move, keep supporting those commies. But it’s OK, we’re just about protecting the children, saving the whales and being inclusive. Good luck with that.

  80. Scott says:

    These “protesters” are too stupid to know they are being used. The LA mayor is a self promoting clown.

  81. Rudolph Smith says:

    He should have handed out condoms….. these people should not be allowed to breed

  82. Rudolph Smith says:

    He should have handed out condoms.. these people should not be allowed to breed

  83. NFLMark says:

    Who paid for the ponchos, taxpayers??!! If taxpayers paid for it, then the mayor needs to be run out of town!

  84. Hank Warren says:

    Corrupt cops protecting corrupt bankers, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  85. Ellie Enlighened says:

    These good for nothing PEE PARTIERS are a disgrace. You never saw this filth witth a Tea Party rally. Go ahead you morons keep protesting. We are becoming Venezula and you are too stupid to know it. Wait if you get your way see what happens. You think think things will be great …. WRONG. You will be standing in line HOPING food is on the shelves. Take a good look at what is going on in 3rd world countries this will be you. Then remember that you toted the line for Obama and he will throw you away like yesterdays garbage. How ignorant are you? You haven’t seen nothing until these elitist run the country and you live in poverty never to get out.

  86. horace Debusy Jones says:

    Give me ! Give me ! I want, I want !!!!! This should be free and that should be free, and that guy other there has more than me.

    I don’t want my own, I want it taken from him.

    The older adults, and I include myself in that, should hang their heads in shame for allowing schools and colleges to reach a point that our nations children beleive they are entitled to whatever they see simply because they exist and have the ability to suck in air.

  87. Protocall says:

    I don’t worry too much about the people out on the street protesting because at the end of the day I come home from a job in which I feel fulfilled, to a house that is warm and dry. I know that I have money in the bank, a nice car to drive and a good plan for retirement. All because I prepared in school, work hard and am a productive member of society. Let the government give them Ponchos…… who cares! They are still miserable and upset and grumpy and they will be until they get off their butts and start working for themselves and their families.

  88. fooq says:

    400 people is not a movement. Maybe the mayor should hand out diapers instead of ponchos as the urine and fecal matter these wanna be hippies will begin piling up will be the bigger issue. What a leader…

    1. Dave says:

      lA Mayor the player more than likely meant the ponchos for the men and tight light weight t’s from Amercan Apparel for the women.

  89. georgia says:

    Where did Chad get his degree??? He’s hooked on phonics and can’t spell or use the correct form of simple words

  90. AlmostaCowboy says:

    Hey, Mr. Mayor:
    Which evil corporation is responsible for making those evil racist ponchos?
    And, how long are you going to continue using your ex-wife’s name?

  91. Daniel Bryant says:

    Stand by for November 2012….these clowns ASPIRE to be the pretext for Obama declaring martial law. They ALL likely voted for him. This is ONLY way he can remain the president. The TEA Party voted, these guys want to RIOT their way into power. They WANT Civil War II. I don’t run to fights, (save in my official capacity as a lawman) but I won’t run from tyrants. The time my soon arrive to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. This is sobering.

  92. Bobo says:

    Are those REAL ponchos or are they SEARS ponchos?

  93. Frank Z says:

    Are those Mexican ponchos or are those Sears ponchos?

  94. joe stenger says:

    Tony Villar, Jerry Brown the Democratic legislature. See what they have done. California has the second highest unemployment in the country. If only we could tax just a little bit more things would be fine, right. takes 5 years to permit a fast food restarant here, six months in Texas. Another local company just left for Nevada taking 200 jobs. Way to go guys

  95. NJK says:

    No doubt paid for by those nasty, “Capitolists,” as they like to say. They didn’t sew them, like they thought about sewing their sleeping bags, did they? But, did they consider that the needle and thread were made by those, “Capitolists?”

    Where are they eating? At a fast food place, run by a “Capitolists?” I hope none of them drove, because they would be supporting the “Capitolists,” if they did, by buying a car, and pumping gas.

    The spelling of the word “Capitolist” is how they spelled it on their website. That website is run by a “Capitolist.” They shouldn’t be using an iPhone, or website, come to think of it. They should all give up their worldly possessions, and I’ll personally buy them a one way ticket to their communist country of choice.

  96. Margot H says:

    Did my tax dollars pay for those ponchos? : /

  97. malclave says:

    “Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. . . reportedly has been distributing ponchos to the protesters”

    Good thing L.A.’s budget is doing so well.

  98. L HEGR says:

    Homelessness in California is Now Punishable by a Year in Jail
    Wed Jun 29 2011 California Laws Make it Illegal for Homeless People to Sleep at Night
    For protesting on the county steps against Santa Cruz laws that make it illegal for the homeless to sleep at night, homeless activists Gary Johnson and Attorney Ed Frey were sentenced to 6 months in jail on June 10th. Bail was set for Ed Frey at $50,000. Their only act of civil disobedience was sleeping. This occurred at a three month protest called “Peace Camp 2010”. Revealing the political nature of the draconian sentences, Judge Gallagher told Gary Johnson that he “could get some sleep in jail” before they were dragged away in chains for their 6 month sentences.

    The law for which Gary Johnson and Ed Frey were arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced was Penal Code Section 647(E), for “unlawful lodging”. This is a California state law. It was also recently used in August 2010 by the Santa Barbara Police to ticket Courtney Caswell-Peyton, a Santa Barbara disabled woman who fell asleep in her wheel chair.

    In May 2011, this anti-homeless law 647(E) was made even worse with the State Legislature making a second violation punishable of up to a year in jail and $2,000 fine. So now homelessness in the state of California is punishable by up to a year in jail if one is caught doing it twice.

    Voting for this worsened anti-homeless law were Democrats and Republicans alike, including local Santa Cruz Democrat and darling of many reformist liberals, Bill Monning. HUH THEY CAN BUT HOMELESS GET ARRESTED FOR IT ,,,

  99. antimsmnews says:

    The occupy protester have collected over $400,000 in donations so far.

    Yet the homeless are shunned from eating there.

    How about Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    You can get more stats on the protest at my website:

  100. lenceria fina says:

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