CHOWCHILLA (CBS) — Parole was denied Wednesday for a Costa Mesa woman convicted in the gruesome of murder of her husband.

Omaima Nelson stabbed, dismembered and consumed bits of her husband, William Nelson, 20 years ago, according to Orange County prosecutors.

In the days preceding the murder and dismemberment back in 1991, home video depicts William and Omaima spending family time in the South, where Nelson’s relatives lived. It was a piece of evidence shown to the jury before the conviction.

CBS2 News obtained exclusive access to evidence used in the notorious trial — boxes of exhibits used in the proceedings.

The exhibits included disturbing autopsy photos, the iron investigators said Omaima used to bludgeon her husband to death, and video tapes of the scene minutes after her arrest.

She had been driving her husband’s red Corvette, which was found with black trash bags in the front seat containing body parts. One video depicts an investigator stunned after finding organs in one of the bags.

The evidence trail led investigators to a bloody scene at the couple’s apartment, where officials said Omaima tied her husband to the bed and cut him to pieces.

During the process, the one-time Egyptian model wore a red dress, a red hat and red boots, investigators said.

Two key pieces of evidence in the case included a wooden knife and a cleaver.

William’s hands were found in the kitchen in a deep fryer. Omaima admitted to a psychiatrist that she put barbeque sauce on his ribs and took a bite.

Neighbors told police that they heard the garbage disposal running for two straight days.

Even more body parts were found inside a brown suitcase and in the freezer.

Omaima Nelson, who tried unsuccessfully during the trial to convince the jury that her husband abused her, complained to a nurse inside the Orange County Jail. The note remains with the rest of the evidence.

“I am ready to lose it,” Nelson said in the note, which continues, “And go off on someone. Anyone. I can’t sleep at night. I am extremely depressed.”

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  1. Stevve says:

    Don’t they have barbers in jail??

    1. Styker 21 says:

      She in the middle of writing a cook book called “What to do with left overs”.


    they told her to eat concrete!!!!


      they told her to eat through concrete!!! LOL she’s a black-n-decker human wrecker!!!

  3. TiTi says:

    LOL @ Stevve!!!!

  4. Kodi says:

    I guess we need to outlaw knives and cooking utensils.

  5. Peter says:

    I think i’ll have a Mc Rib sandwich.

  6. ms licup says:

    i wonder if he was medium rare? lmao

  7. Craig54321 says:

    I wouldn’t want to share her jail cell….

  8. ILLEGALS says:

    I wonder if she cut him up while he was still alive.. Ouch, ouch, oooooooooooouch.. Nooooooo Arghhhhh!!

  9. Johns says:

    Don’t let this criminals out or she’ll cook more men and eat them’

  10. Craig54321 says:

    Hi, honey; I’m home! What’s for dinner….

    Her: I want to serve you tonight.
    Him: Yes.!

  11. Jungle Fever says:

    She was a One-Time Model, what did she do with her other times? We all know what she did on her spare time, tied him up in bed, & sexed him to death..

  12. Timothy McGarry says:

    Some people really need to come with warning labels.

  13. ILLEGALS says:

    Red Hats, Red Dress, & Red Boots & tied to the bed.. He thought he was getting some that night..

    Turns out he was the Star in another Hostile-Saw movie..

  14. M. Bright says:

    I’m sure this decision to deny parole will stand as an important cautionary lesson to any women out there who might be considering cooking and devouring their husbands.

    However, a sane legal system would have had her placed in a mental hospital, because she was clearly out of her mind insane..

  15. Chris Johnson says:

    i cna’t even began to think what would make someone go there

  16. Muck Fu says:

    So Willy Nelson has been dead since 1991?

  17. Rick says:

    Did they find any Hot Dog buns in the house?

  18. Ryan Mortorff says:

    Attention: Columnist,

    The length of time from 1991-2011 is 20 years, not 18! I don’t know what sort of mental midgets you have behind the scenes that crack your simple subtraction equations, but I asure you they are overpaid even if they are indeed interns!

    1. Ryan Mortorff says:


  19. teremist says:

    Okay, I admit it, once or twice it crossed my mind to hit my husband with a divorce. That toilet lid really SHOULD be returned to the down position. He should be able to put his dirty socks in the laundry basket. The 48 sports marathon on TV got on my last nerve, so I confess I burned the pizza. Strangely not once did I consider having him for dinner.