LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Throwing an extravagant party to celebrate marriage with family and friends is pretty common. But what if the couples don’t make it to “’till death do us part?”

While some may find it a little odd, many like recent divorcee Angie Hill of Los Angeles, are embracing the growing trend.

“You love each other but you can’t live together. That’s my take on it,” Hill said.

She threw a big bash to mark the end of her marriage.

“I think divorce parties are awesome. It’s my first one I’ve been to. Pretty rad she’s like having a ball.” said Julia Herald, a guest at Hill’s party.

Christine Gallagher is the one who divorcees call when they want to go out with a big bang. Gallagher is the owner of LA-based The Divorce Party Planner.

“I think human beings need rituals. We need ceremonies to mark things. Big events in our lives. Your marriage is the beginning of it and it’s a huge event and why not have an event at the end to mark the closure of the marriage,” Gallagher said. “Just a way to move on in such a positive way. And not to hold onto anger bitterness, but to come to terms of what happened.”

So Gallagher with her team of experts come together to create a party that is distinctive to divorcees.

“What we do is we try to tie the theme into what happened with the marriage breakup,” she said. “The common party we do… a popular one is called a Survivor Party. And the Survivor Party is like a desert island theme. We have desert island food, coconut shrimp, pineapples.”

While some say divorce parties are cynical, Gallagher thinks the opposite.

“Divorce is tough. It really is a hard time and the idea of a divorce party is to have an event to have your family and friends come around and help you through this really difficult time,” Gallagher added.

And for the now single Ms. Hill, it’s just the sign of times to move on.

Gallagher says divorce parties can run anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on how much divorcees want to spend.

For more information on divorce parties, visit DivorcePartyPlanner.com.

Sandra Mitchell

Comments (17)
  1. Meg says:

    don’t agree with “divorce parties” Dont think it should be a celebration…not one bit….

    1. HollywoodSaint says:

      I agree with you meg. its like a big sla in the face. I mean you got married to begin with cause you loved each other. there is nothing joyous about losing the one you loved. funny how love can fade into nothing from everything

  2. c says:

    another sign of civilization decay..and it starts in the city of angels…the divorce planner; waste of h20

  3. svf doc says:

    this is complete BS. It’s bad enough that guys get the total shaft when a divorce happens, but for the woman to throw a “party” afterwards is just evil. What sort of example does this set for the children????

    1. Restored says:

      Too much Hollywood TV glamorous lifestyle wannabees. The all about ” me ” Myspace/Facebook entitlement era is in full effect in order to honored women rights / movements. Western divorce rates are the highest in the world and an overhaul is overdue.

    2. Mary Keirns says:

      After 30 years, kids all grown and ex-hubby still unable to handle being over 40 and disabled, I stopped coddling him and gave him his independence and I’m the one that got shafted….why shouldn’t I have a party? Going to call it, Wild and Free and have a safari theme……….oh, and the divorce is final 6 days before my 55th birthday–the day my new life officially starts—sure, if the kids were little still, it’d be tacky as hell, but this IS all about me

      1. J D says:

        atta girl! Just make sure you enjoy every minute of your new life!

      2. Christina39 says:

        It’s women like you who make all the rest of us look bad. I can understand why men have lost their respect for women when I read your comments. Hasn’t it always been about YOU.

  4. camille Maisie says:


  5. lasagna says:

    So the Gov gave you permission to split up

  6. Christina39 says:

    I lived there and LA is all about the “ME” generation. It has the most shallow, plastic people in the world. Glad I’m gone. They really DO live like Housewives of Beverly Hills, but not all of us. God help the rest who don’t have the image!

  7. shutup says:

    Who gives a rat’s ass, just bend the women over the back of a couch and “loosen” them up. The guys are going to a bar get drunk and act like aS$holes anyway.

  8. Christina39 says:

    Now guy be fair, you do your share of leaving and celebrating!

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