UPDATE (8:37 p.m.): Someone has been detained in connection with the scare at the main library at California State University, according to police.

NORTHRIDGE (CBS) — Police have detained a person of interest in connection with reports of  a man who indicated he had a gun at the  main library at California State University.

The incident led to several hundred people being evacuated from the library and a daylong law enforcement response.

The man had been described as white and roughly 5 feet, 9 inches tall, wearing a “Human Rights Violations” shirt.

The bomb squad had later been sent to the campus for a report of a suspicious package.

CSUN sent out emergency e-mails to students and told everyone on campus to stay indoors.

There were no reports of shots fired or any injuries. The campus remained open during the incident.

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  1. Nan Waldman, Esq. says:

    Please update us asap on this story.

    1. Stephanie says:

      According to Update #5 emailed to me by the college, the guy is in custody and the library has been cleared. Nothing useful as to whether or not there was in fact a gun or other weapon involved though.

      I arrived on campus at about 11am this morning, and while walking to the ceramics studio I was instructed by what I assume was a faculty member to get inside and stay inside. Dissemination of information regarding the incident was sketchy and borderline non-existent at best throughout the day, which made it difficult for students in the studio to determine whether they should stay put or leave.

      I guess the short version is I’m disappointed with CSUN’s handling of the situation, especially the lack of a full lockdown given the library’s rather central location relative to everything else on campus.

  2. fox mulder says:

    Go get um boooooys……it’s only a normal day in the valley

  3. sandra says:

    I’m a CSUN student and I’m really worried and I hope no one was hurt. I hope they catch this guy soon!

  4. sandra says:

    this comment makes no sense!

    1. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

      allow me to decihper on a 5th grade level, armed offers protection, cops are at the donut shop ,response is slow while a deranged gunman is banging away on campus. Hope this explains what you need to know.

  5. Gary says:

    My daughter’s first semester at CSUN ….. what a nightmare for parents!

  6. Jo mama says:

    Are you a college student? Because you can’t spell or type lol

  7. Jackie says:

    Just got a text from our daughter. Campus cleared but library still closed.

  8. Tommy Fairbanks says:

    Callm Down Folks-Itsprobably a Prank considering No One saw a Gun-Just a mere mention of a passer by. This is what they call Mass Hysteria. CALM DOWN PEEPS!!!!!!!!!! People in the Middle East and Downtown Detroit deal with this issue all the Time….

  9. T says:

    CBS please update – apparently the campus has been cleared – but would like to know if they got em’

  10. KLAYRE says:

    errrrrrrrbody run for your lifes!

  11. Moe says:


  12. GoAway says:

    Okay, I’ll my professor know. Idiot.

  13. Marian Whitman Hayes says:

    My daughter just left campus too. She states a lot of police activity still around the whole campus but mainly at the Library. I can’t understand why they didn’t lock down the whole campus. My daughter walked past the library as the texts were coming out. This terrifies me. This is what happens when CA doesn’t allow concealed weapons.

  14. RinClovis says:

    OK,so as a parent of a 2nd year student at CSUN. You need to know that unless you update your emergency number with your child and whoever else you wanted notified in your family. IT WONT HAPPEN. I spoke to my daughter after we both rec’d the voice mail for the campus 1.5hrs after they heard of the gunman and she was walking home saying that her friends and other students don’t seem to know this is currently going on. Also..there was a student on academic probation with guns and bomb materials in his dorm one week after school let out this past summer! We only heard about it from another student who had not left campus due to sports. I don’t know about anyone else, but they need to provide some sort of details about if this could be a real threat.

    1. CSUN Staff says:

      I don’t get the 1.5 hour delay today either, but the other case (boy in the dorm) was widely publicize and I think it even appearred on the evening news when it happened.

  15. Ja Jada Jade says:

    CSUN sucks. Shame on them, punishing a woman with Treacher Collins Syndrome. Kicking her down, for no reason.

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