LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two women have told the Orange County Register they were sexually abused in the 1980s by the man who coached the 1984 Olympic gymnastics team.

USA Gymnastics is looking into the allegations against Don Peters, President Steve Penny said Sunday. Penny says athlete safety is a top priority for USA Gymnastics and sexual misconduct against minors is “unacceptable.”

Should the federation find the allegations have merit, Peters could be subject to a lifetime ban.

Doe Yamashiro, who trained at Peters’ Huntington Beach gym, told the Register that Peters began fondling her when she was 16 and had sex with her a year later. A second gymnast, who asked that her name not be used, also told the paper Peters had sex with her when she was a teenager.

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Comments (4)
  1. donald says:

    “Peters began fondling her when she was 16 and had sex with her a year later”

    I know the law defines a minor as someone under 18, but when I was reading this article at first I thought it was a young girl. This girl was old enough to DRIVE at the time she was fondled. She knew it was wrong, it’s not like she was 8 years old. She could’ve just told him to stop. Then she had sex with him at 17yrs old, almost an adult by legal standards.

  2. Hardmoney says:

    In 25+ years of silence, I wonder ‘How Many’ young girls could have been saved from this guy. 25+ years of letting this continue ! !
    I understand being a scared teen, but what happened in their 20’s….30’s…now in their 40’s they finally decide to say something before one of their granddaughters has sex with the same guy they did!

  3. greg says:

    While what he did is wrong, if he did it, to wait 25+ years til she’s in her 40’s is just WRONG, yes he may still be doing it, but as hard$ said, if guilty how many 100’s of girls were abused in the interim, either you make the accusation 20 years sooner OR you approach him with an aluminum baseball bat now and work it out, the woman handled it wrong with NO excuse

  4. WIlliam Berns says:

    The paiful fact that none of the above are victims of sexual abuse is pretty obvious. Wome who are Raped as adults often have a dificult time disclosing it because of unwarranted shame and the apparent ignorance of people specifically like the three above. Since there are over seventy million adult abuse victims in ssociety among us, and one three girls will be a victim of abuse and one in four men. You people may want tp braoden your horizon and look at some the facts surounding the abuse the gauranteed one of yourselves, family members, or friends will suffer from or still aresuffering because ignorant people like yourselves WRONGFULLY perpatrate the shame. The Shamne belongs on people like you not the victims.
    We need a national orginization that empowers these victims and works to stomp out the ignirance of abuse that is so obvious and is that reason the only thing going down in th national epedemic of abuse is the age of the victims. Please join me in forming a national umbralla designed to protect and empower victims. I suffered for over 35 silently before I could take about being a victim of abuse and I know this is the case for 90% of victims of abuse REGARDLESS of age. Join me williamberns@aol.com

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