WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Bristol Palin faced off with an angry bargoer at Saddle Ranch bar and restaurant in West Hollywood Thursday night.

The entire encounter was caught on tape by HOLLYWOOD.TV and posted on YouTube Friday morning.

The 20-year-old daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had just fallen from a mechanical bull while filming her reality show for the BIO Network when she was heckled by a 47-year-old man.

“Did you ride Levi like that? Your mother is a whore! Your mother is a f***ing devil!” he shouts.

Palin approaches the man and asks, “Is it because you’re a homosexual and that’s why you hate her?”

“Pretty much … and why’d you say I’m a homosexual?” he responds.

“Because I can tell you are,” Bristol says.

“You’re f***ing white trash from Wasila!” he screams as she leaves with her production crew. “F*** you, you f***ing b***h!”

At one point, the man also tells Palin that he doesn’t believe in hell, but that if it exists, he believes her mother will go there.

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  1. Musicman says:

    This guy is a delusional idiot. What a lunatic. Good for Bristol for standing her ground…

    1. Richard Henkle says:

      Bristol should have cracked his jaw. That I would love to see.

      1. MajorStan says:

        She definitely wasn’t afraid of his sorry ass.

    2. Roger Ramjet says:

      The guy’s breath probably smelled of some other guy’s d*ck.

    3. jerrylud says:

      prob is they were in east hollywiered its full of libs not men


    5. Whitey Ford says:

      Exactly. Leftwingnut fudgeboy is pathetic. What a sad commentary on left coast limpwristed losers.

    6. Susan says:

      This F*g was a real tuff guy picking on a young girl like that, I hate gays!

    7. dean says:


      You hate guys? why because you see an idiot so now you hate guys? How stupid are YOU?? Some guy should have been there with her and clocked that guy. He definitely cam across as the very things he accused her mom of.

      1. Duh! says:

        Wow Dean. How stupid are YOU???
        Susan said she hates gAys!

        Don’t take my word for it, go look at her post yourself. This time, actually read what is there instead of guessing what the word says.

      2. Michael Bingham says:

        Hey Dean,

        I hate morons who can’t read. She said gays not guys.

      3. drano says:

        She wrote “gay” not “guy” – so how stupid are you

      4. Shakey J says:

        Hello Dean. Susan said she hates gays, not guys. Learn how to read you idiot.

      5. hillcoguy says:

        Wow dean….you say she’s STUPID and here YOU are, asking her questions that you have no answers fro… so you clearly place yourself below her on the smarts ladder! ;o) Bwahahahahahahahaha!!

    8. Jason Mason says:

      I would like to find out who this tough guy is

      1. paperpushermj says:

        to find out who he is all you need to do is check into one of the many web site catering to the gay community. I assure you he will be the hero of the day. His name will be out there

      2. The Sage Waitress says:

        Start by looking at the welfare rolls, Jason.

      3. sscarzz says:

        Smile when you had enough.. Never looses flavor I bet.

    9. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

      He is a teabagger

      1. Katepatate says:

        No one in the Tea party has a filthy mouth like this man who accosted Bristol. Nor are any of them as ignorant as you.

      2. Brian K Mcclung says:

        In public, on camera, might be true.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      3. Darlene says:

        Certainly not. They just march around with misspelled signs that read “niggar.”

      4. TheRealKingMax says:

        Only a lying liberal sperm bank like you would drool a lie like this.

      5. Brian K Mcclung says:

        He is not lying, although the exact context might be open to interpretation.


        Dale Robertson, a Tea Party activist who operates TeaParty.org, is getting stung for an old photo — taken at the Feb. 27, 2009 Tea Party in Houston — in which he holds a sign reading “Congress = Slaveowner, Taxpayer = Niggar.”

        After the ResistNet listerv promoted “Liberty Concerts” to be held by TeaParty.org, a source passed on this photo of Robertson, after the jump.

        Update: Josh Parker of the Houston Tea Party Society tells me that Robertson was booted out of the event for this sign.

        The fact that you chose a vulgar, insulting response instead of presenting some evidence to dispute it is just one more example of what is wrong with America today.

        To Darlene, present some evidence to back up accusations like this, that way when this dirtbag acts no better than the jerk this article is about, is also exposed for the idiot “he is ”

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      6. Bobby Farrelly says:

        That was a ThinkProgress photoshop

    10. Albert MacMeda says:

      Right you are.

    11. tea is stronger says:


      The only thing about Palin I want to know is who her first nominee for the US Supreme Court will be.

      1. Jared says:

        Good comment.

      2. Yaszi Weisz says:

        certainly not the last two communist appointees of barry!!

      3. klesb says:

        Right on! And, since Sarah such a good shot, there will be resignation vacancies to fill! – why take a chance if you are an appointee of a fraudulent usurper?

    12. Lisa says:

      The gay guy could give no examples of why he hates Palin. He was abusive. Palin was trying to find out why he said that. She assumed it was because gay’s have a prejudice towards her mother probably because she is a Christian. She didn’t attack him for being gay but he attacked her for being a Christian. He’s an idiot!

    13. Brenda McLane says:

      Wonder if there is some way to measure the “whimp factor” here? Didn’t this loud mouth just commit the new Liberal cause du jour of “bullying” ?? I mean if you have a beef with Sarah why accoust her kid? To me Bristol asking the man what his reason was for hating Palin , which he could not answer, showed she has more cohones than the guy. Its amazing the faux courage alcohol wiill give someone. A jerk is a jerk is a jerk.

    14. David Emerson Powell says:

      F’n disgusting. Have some class, yeah maybe a bit to ask in West Hollywood, but come on, don’t go after someone to try and hurt their mother, even the Mafia doesn’t do that.

    15. Rio Sam says:

      OMG…do you not see a set up when you see one?? I can only assume anyone dumb enough to think it was for real….would also vote for Romney or Perry for President…

      1. shadow says:

        how about the idiots who voted for obama…ron paul will not win…he is too extreme and doesn’t mind iran getting a nuke….not that’s stupid.

      2. mrbill2600 says:

        What is irrational and rambling is your comment… Just what does it have to do with the topic at hand… which is the vile and unwarranted hatred of two heroic women, Sara and Bristol Palin.

      3. Spanky says:

        Ron Paul is too old to be elected. He’d be the same age starting in office that Reagan was leaving it.

    16. two_tier_tender says:

      Just curious . . . are there any people like me out there? I traditionally vote Republican because limited federal government, low taxes, and disciplined spending (which does not include ill conceived wars, like Iraq) are important to me.

      However, I fully support gay marriage, although I am married and am not gay. I also support not having this country run by theocrats. And damn, how about some Congressional term limits?

    17. Lisa S. says:

      I agree. Bristol held her ground and remained a class act the entire time. The guy is an inarticulate freak.

    18. George says:

      The man has serious mental problems but you can’t overlook Palin family values here either.


      that’s right good for her!!! these dam fa%gs in west hollywood are cop calling fa#GS!!! and fu%k the west hollywood sheriffs tooo!!! LOL

  2. bernie says:

    yet another publicity stunt to generate hype… it’s a reality show, c’mon…

    1. Caligula says:

      it’s also california…

      1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

        She’s no lady! If she were she would carry herself like one.

      2. Jarhead6981 says:

        @Villaraigosa is a rat!…Opinions vary. Are you the expert on what a lady is?

      3. Kevin Pearson says:

        When and where real men do not exist, then it is up to a lady to fill the vacuum.

    2. JustAGuy says:

      Well, none of the California “men” would take up for her so she had to fend for herself. PATHETIC!

      it seems testosterone and honor are in short supply in California.

      1. sniperin223 says:

        I believe California gave all it’s testosterone to Chastity Bono…

      2. mdwhite says:

        Speak for yourself, twinkie. Don’t project.

        And so where are you from? Fire Island or Provincetown? Best to you and your butt ranger boyfriend.

      3. Gay Guy says:

        It was a gay bar dude…not men in there…hahahaha

      4. Sup Stew says:

        not to mention common sense… the new bond villain pelosi-galore, boxer, and our other socialist pal Maxine Waters. How in the world do these people look themselves in the mirror?

      5. Robert Dennis says:

        you got that right, most men or should I say boy’s don’t have the gut’s to protect women. There gayness make’s them cowards.

    3. Carl says:

      If you believe that you’re a frakin’ moron. You and your liberal media have made it very difficult for the best person for the job of president to be elected. If there is a hell….I’d like to SEND you there myself.

  3. Laurie says:

    She showed alot more restraint and class than most people would have.

    1. Frank Doss says:

      Certainly more restraint than I would have shown.

    2. Marty says:

      Yes, and it is clear whose mother did a better job of raising her child.

      1. ROCKY says:

        That guy needs a UFC Beatdown maybee we can convert the demon iside this lowlife hollyood pig!!! The only devil is the guy running is cowardly mouth he needs a B SLAP!

      2. tulefine says:

        Very good point!

      3. TheTruthHurts says:

        Excellent Point! More FAILED LIBERALISM in action!

    3. Smith says:

      Still, dang she’s a strong girl.

    4. dayatdabeach says:

      Yes i agree. Bristol decided not to sit at home collect a welfare check and complain about life as a single mom. She is out earning a living for herself and her son.

      That dude is angry at the Palins because they do not condone his aberrant behavior and lifestyle choice. He is angry because he wants mainstream society to condone his life choice and we never will.

      I wonder if that dude would have opened his mouth like that if Todd Palin was standing next to him? You go girl !

      1. Petra Kro says:

        ok Mr Taliban!

      2. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear dyatdabeach

        That dude is angry at the Palins because they do not condone his aberrant behavior and lifestyle choice.

        If this is true, if the Palins don’t condone his “aberrant behavior and lifestyle choice”

        why go to a gay bar in West Hollywood.

        I have yet to see a good answer to that.

        Forget about the jack-%%& at the bar, why would Bristol Palin go to a gay bar in West Hollywood.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

    5. Maggie says:

      Why did she have to use being gay as the ultimate insult to a foul-mouthed, verbally abuse male?

      She could have been classier by simply ignoring him or telling him that God loves him. That would have been a better response.

      1. Ric Neumann says:

        Because West Hollywood is gay-centric and very far left. Packed full of hate because most won’t bow down to their demands to accept their behavior.

    6. Mike Allen says:

      She handled it like a mature 14 year old.

      1. Craig Brockman says:

        Kind of like your asinine comment!

    7. Troy says:

      I hate to admit it, since I am not a fan of the family, but you are right. She showed class

    8. Frank says:

      very impressed – handled it w aplomb. and she’s hot, too.

  4. ginny says:

    Sorry for the typos.

  5. Rita says:

    That was a very angry , almost 50 ,name calling person. No calming down a person like that. Bristol handled herself well for a 20 yr old.

    1. Me says:

      Maybe he was angry because picking up strapping young men in bars is getting harder for him. He sees a Barney Frank type future for himself.

      1. len says:

        In that case he need only follow the free market like Frank and move the male prostitutes in house.

    2. SDC63 says:

      He should try that tactic with her father and have his butt kicked all over the city. Never mind, I expect that Sarah could kick his butt by herself.

  6. Diane says:

    How many beers did it take for the guy to say something to Bristol. The guy is an a-hole.

    1. Roger says:


      Talk about non sequitur

    2. shutup says:

      The comment (answer) is continually reported and deleted. “Huh”?, learn how ask a question, dipsh!t.

    3. shutup says:

      About as many as it took for Trailer Trash Bristol to drop her laundry, bend over and get knocked up.

      If you don’t like answers, don’t ask questions, Jersey Shore Sh!thole.

  7. Smokey says:

    Hey Brian,

    Get a life will ya…….your crying shows what a wussy you are.

  8. JP says:

    I don’t agree with much of Palin’s politics, but one thing I love about her is she gets liberal idiots like this to show their true colors.

  9. Smokey says:


    I can tell you are a BIG man (with a small….) that you are so brave to assault a small female with a bottle. But in reality all you can do is whine about it here. You go big guy!!!

  10. LukeJohn says:

    A point? Since when does unprovoked slander, bad language and innuendo against someone constitute a “point”?

    1. MajorStan says:

      LukeJohn: “A point? Since when does unprovoked slander, bad language and innuendo against someone constitute a “point”?”

      Liberals don’t try to make points, that just shake their fists and screen at people.

    2. Half-Centurian says:

      Luke, the “Heckler” is a piece of garbage. There is no point in his vicious taunts. He is a weakling from the left, and yes quiet probably gay since he is drinking with his “mate” , so this piece of Liberal filth decides he is going to try to embarras Bristol by interjecting his vile foul mouth into her evening.

      The Left is soooooo pathetic and anal. Yes the left is truly bankrupt!

      Bristol, go girl go!

  11. Chris Conlee says:

    You’re a big man. I hope you’re proud to have outed ourself as an asinine creep who daydreams of hitting women. I hope you do go to jail.

  12. a train says:

    you probably smoke crack out of a whiskey bottle

    1. eddieb says:

      He doesn’t smoke it he does something els to it.

  13. Kevin Fogarty says:

    and I would have cracked your head with my fist and you never have to see a dentist for the rest of your miserable life!

  14. sunny black says:

    Because you’re the sort of guy who hits women.

  15. sam8131 says:

    Obviously you have no intelligence.

  16. Cynthia says:

    20 year old don’t belong in a bar in West Hollywood unless you are looking for publicity for a reality show.

    1. Caligula says:

      it’s a bar and restaurant, idiot. anyone can go there and ride the bull.

      1. chris says:

        Caligula: Calif law states if you are under 21 in a bar/restaurant you are allowed in the restaurant area for eating. Bristol, waring her Empowered sweatshirt, she is their spokesperson for abstinence, was clearly in the bar area. She had her camera crew with her from her reality show. Bristol is not idiot she’s making money off her mothers rabid followers. When the money dries up she will be an idiot with a maybe? high school diploma without job skills. I suggest she learns to keep both her traps shut and just continue to give out the middle finger.

      2. Ken says:

        Chris, you’re a punk, just a bitter little man-child who need a serious dose of reality. What are you making money off, welfare??

      1. But really. Yes she is a couple weeks short of course that doesn’t matter as long as it is a restaurant/bar. Then she is only banned from sitting at the bar. Not the tables. I’m sure if that were Janine Garafalo you would be all up in arms.

  17. GD says:

    The guy sounds like a drunk idiot who is a complete loser in life, especially with women. Classless fool.

    1. Frank says:

      The difference between this guy and a total pathetic loser piece of @%it is “Lipstick”… I’m sure Sarah would have taken on him had she been there.

    2. Sup Stew says:

      Didn’t seem to be interested in women… just sayin.

      1. paperpushermj says:

        You don’t have to imply. It’s West Hollywood= Muscular Man in tight form fitting shirt
        sitting at the bar. HELLO



    4. Trevor says:

      Since the bar is in WeHo it was probably a MethHead instead of a drunkard fool. WeHo keeps the drug trade well organized and in business!

    5. DF says:

      ” especially with women”

      Apparently that does not matter. Did you see his boyfriend get into the middle of it? Pretty funny.

  18. Mike Bohica says:

    No you wouldn’t sh!t talker. You wouldn’t have done anything but cower in the corner. Ya internet tough guy.

    1. bohicamike says:

      Stomp a new mudhole in your @$$ you internet double tough guy. Calling out someone on the internet doing the same thing as you. Shame!

  19. LukeJohn says:

    Why? Would you prefer to see more of the hypocritical, media-craving, ignorant Kardassians, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears? Maybe more of the Jersey Shore bunch?

    You may or may not agree with Ms Palin’s politics or he mother’s but she conducts herself with a lot more class and dignity.

    1. Harvery Wallbanger says:

      If you have to qualify a compliment on someone’s “class” by comparing them to the Kardashians; you have unfortunately already started from a losing position.

  20. philip inuhoff says:

    as you turn the channel to the Kardashians…. what a low life.

  21. DoctorMikey says:

    If you would take the time to actually read The Bible, thenn you would know the answer to your question is actually “No”.

  22. Dave says:

    If I would have been there I would have broke that man’s jaw for him real nice. I cannot believe there wasn’t one man in the crowd that would defend a woman’s honor. This is what you liberals are all about. It’s about time people start punching holes in your faces. What a punk this guy was. I wouldn’t have let a guy talk about Paris Hilton like that.

    1. Big Bear says:

      A liberal hit somebody!?! C’mon! That would hurt their soft little hands, and some lawyer might sue them!

  23. Michael says:

    If this man were a conservative he’d be labeled a hater, so why isn’t the media calling this guy a hater. He is the pure definition of a hater.

    1. Reality says:

      He’s not a white,Christian,conservative,southern,male,ONLY they can hate.Don’t you watch tv?

      1. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Why have White, Conservative, Southern Males become such crybabies in this country.

        Stop picking on me, or I am going to go home and cry to my mommy.

        But hey, there are a lot of people, a lot of groups that need to grow up in this country.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      2. Zinger says:

        Hey Brian — we’re not crybabies. We own everything.

        We’re just tired of people like you demonizing us because we’v built the greatest country on earth.

        Also — we get a little perturbed when a 50 year old guy tries to bully a 20 year old girl. Sorry chivalry is dead in your part of the world.

      3. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear Zinger

        Sometimes it might be better to let the person the comment is directed at, respond.

        We’re just tired of people like you demonizing us because we’ve built the greatest country on earth.
        Why have White, Conservative, Southern Males become such crybabies in this country.

        See what I am getting at.

        By the way, chivalry isn’t dead in my part of the country, just with the clowns at that bar, that night, in that video.

        That is assuming this all wasn’t a set up for the show, which I still think it was.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

  24. Gutsnak d'Nasty says:

    Yes, according to the Old Testament. However, in the New Testament, Jesus said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I don’t think this heckler qualifies for that position.

  25. Diana Keating says:

    Page Options Add parallel


    Show resources
    John 8
    New International Version (NIV)
    John 8

    1 but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.
    2 At dawn he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them. 3 The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group 4 and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5 In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” 6 They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.

    But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. 7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” 8 Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

    9 At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. 10 Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”

    11 “No one, sir,” she said.

    “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

    1. Rod Anders says:

      Jesus is dead, was never a Christian, and most of the Bible is fiction.

      1. booger says:

        Sounds like your conscience is bothering you – but apparently your ignorance factor is OK.

      2. raul vetez says:

        really? you have proof?

      3. wildbill6996 says:

        You’re dead between the ears !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. Dredd says:

        Um, the question is: “Why is it called ‘Faith”?”

        Religion for $300, Alex…


      5. Al says:

        you’re pathetic. i dare you say that in your deathbed

  26. The Stevens says:

    So sad. There is never any excuse for such rude behavior. Never. Ever. And those who make excuses, you are truly pathetic.

  27. ranroddeb says:

    ” I find her very presence an annoying assault on a person’s intelligence.” I noticed you used the third person in this rant as a tacit admission of your own lack of intelliigence.

    1. Anonymous says:


      You spelled intelligence wrong….

  28. Gary in Colo says:

    “but the heckler’s got a point”

    What? That he is drunk? Immature for his age?
    That he is just an extremely disrespectful foul mouth?

    1. nunya says:

      No, that he is a sexist, but the libbies just cant bring themselves to see their own hate. It is truly a thing to behold. Even thought neither left or right has the perfect ideology, the left is unable to see their own hypocrisy in normal human interaction.

      1. doug says:

        well said

  29. Dave says:

    No guy, she would have been stoned based on old testament law. In the New Testament Christ specifically deals with this. Remember the phrase “let the one among you who hasn’t sinned cast the first stone.” Of course your liberal eyes have never ACTUALLY read the bible. Go back to playing your XBOX jt

  30. Hans says:

    It is also a Restaurant. So, she can’t be cited, nor can the show, and I’m sure if she’s being filmed, she wasn’t drinking. Use your brain, please. It doesn’t seem like much to ask, but it might be.

  31. Brendan says:

    I’m not sure if this is meant to be a real rant or not. Most places allow you to enter at 18. Usually they put an X on your hand with a sharpie. (Just in case you were being serious)

  32. Dave says:

    Amen brother, it’s time to take out the trash.

  33. ellie says:

    who said she was drinking . as far as political officials and their children, did you ever hear of Kennedy.

  34. Paul says:

    Lynn, you are soooo brilliant. I love the liberal elite like you…You make us feel so warm and fuzzy when you come to take the rest of our liberty. BTW, what is your IQ since you know when people you don’t know assault your intelligence?

    Mine is 130, I hope yours is higher so I can worship you.

  35. nunya says:

    “Whoring her way through life like her mom.”
    Seriously, thats all you got. Name calling. The woman is an accomplished politician, regardless of her sex. You are the most typical lib I have ever heard. If we said that about a leftie, we would be sexists. Your so typical its painful to think about how stupid you have to be to acheieve that level of stereptypical behavior.

  36. jeff ryan says:

    you’re thinking of the Koran

  37. AddieinFL says:

    The bible or the Koran?

  38. Walt C says:

    So raising a family at the same time as building a political career is whoring her way through life? I thought you libs wanted women to be empowered to have it all. A career and a family. Or is that just liberal women that are allowed? And what has Sarah or Bristol Palin done to you to cause so much hate? She’s not running for anything, you obviously didn’t vote for her, you aren’t required to watch Bristol’s reality show. Why all the hate? What happened to the President’s call for a new tone of civility? Can any of you liberals answer these questions for me?

    1. MajorStan says:

      Liberals hate Sarah Palin precisely because she intelligent, decent, happy, well-grounded, had a wonderful family and loving husband who loves her. Seeing people happy and well-adjusted drives liberals crazy (and that’s a short trip). Liberals are typically people who never got past about the 7th grade emotionally. That’s just a fact.

      1. Jullou says:


      2. uhoh says:

        She’s intelligent? She can’t even answer the question, what newspapers do you read? Get over it.

    2. Brian K Mcclung says:

      As for this liberal:

      I thought you libs wanted women to be empowered to have it all. A career and a family. Not applicable

      Or is that just liberal women that are allowed? Answer, no

      And what has Sarah or Bristol Palin done to you to cause so much hate?
      Sarah, I don’t hate her, but I am not that impressed with her.
      Bristol, don’t really care about her. Wouldn’t go to see her, and wouldn’t go out of my way to stay if she entered any place I was at.

      She’s not running for anything, you obviously didn’t vote for her. Correct, but I did want to vote for Mccain until he sold out and let her join the ticket.

      you aren’t required to watch Bristol’s reality show. Thank god, although I don’t watch any reality shows, waste of time and generally IQ lowering.

      Why all the hate? No hate, although I am wondering if I am hateful just because I don’t like everybody.

      One liberal has answered your questions.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. harry says:

        What a little prick you are………

      2. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear Harry

        Can you explain your reaction.


        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

        My advice to all posters, if you are responding to someones post, you should always start with the name of the person you are responding to.

        If you read Harry’s post, who is he talking to?

      3. June Foley says:

        Brian, you don’t think taking on the BIG Obeyme Machine in D.C. is somethng to comment on? Not many in ANY capacity would do that..Kudos to her for not being afraid of the “Naked Emporer”..Taling on Big Oil must be the warm up to what she s doing now..Sorry BUT I for one am glad she is stand up for the truth..And that brings up Paul Revere…you should check it out , I did on my own, and surprisingly, she was right..There are many books written on the subject,… many more rerences on line..

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Did you think that up all by yourself, or did you mommy help you?

      I’m sorry, I apologize.

      But seriously, put some effort into it.

      If I said ” A penny for your thoughts” and that was your response, i would say “Wheres my change”

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. Archie says:

        Stop Projecting.

  39. James Woods says:

    If we had real men in this country they would of taken care of this nice fellow.

    Attacking a woman verbally or physically is about the same and im sure would of been treated as such if someone was yelling at perhaps one of obamas daughters in such a fashion.

    One would hope that he was at least arrested for disorderly conduct.

    1. Sanjay says:

      Not a chance of him getting arrested by the West Hollywood police. Just another sign that manners and class are in short supply with the riff raff on Sunset Blvd. Just incredible.

      1. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear Sanjay

        I have to agree with you.

        That is why I try to avoid that area. But hey, any place is good for a silly reality show.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

    2. Jerry Allen says:

      grab him by the back of his collar and belt, lift him up a couple inches and heave out the front door…I’ve done it before at age 60 and would of done it that night…he must pee sitting down with all his courage

      1. Sup Stew says:

        …pee sitting down – Formally known as the sits-pinkler!
        Thought you might appreciate the proper expression.

      2. BOStinks2 says:

        I wish you were there to do that…there are hardly any men left to defend women who are insulted by these sick excuses for men!

      3. guest says:

        Good one Jerry. I’m in your age group and most of the guys I hang with would have done the same. Then again, this was prior to the “pussification” of America.

    3. Chuck Curry says:

      Plenty of real men in this country. We just don’t go to Hollywood. Bristol Palin wants the money to be made cruising the sewers? She’s going to run into the rats. Lie with dogs, rise with fleas.

      1. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear Chuck Curry

        Make a valid point, get no response.

        Maybe it is because she is so special she should be treated like a queen everywhere she goes.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

  40. J Masta says:

    Nothing like a cute girl standing up for herself. Good job Miss Palin.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      What if she was an ugly skank?

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. Lesterp says:

        Then she would be your girlfriend!

      2. Zinger says:

        Umm….BRIAN doens’t have girlfriend. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

  41. Mikes says:

    What do you expect this is California.

  42. Gringo says:

    Bristol had more “Huevos” that this guy ever had.

  43. George says:

    Another grossly misleading headline by a liberal journalist trying very hard to twist the truth and push his ideology at all costs.

    Good for Bristol. She completely outclassed someone twice her age. What an idiot he is. Then again, as someone mentions above, it may have been a stunt for the “reality” tv show.

    1. RonM says:

      George-This is what is called a FACT by Liberals. They are not the TRUTH, but they are Facts. When Auburn lost last week, a Liberal Fact would be “The SEC lost”.

  44. trakr says:

    If this guy wants to know what anger and hate really are, he should listen to himself in this video instead of Sarah Palin.

  45. Stephanie O says:

    I don’t understand all the “men” standing around allowing a young woman be spoken to like this in a public place without anything to say or do about it. My man and my sons would have put this guy where he belonged. In the gutter out front for the police to come scoop up and haul away.

    1. David says:

      the only person to help her was a girl you so called men in cali are cowards if i was there id kick his ass and than his little bit..

      1. David says:

        Really? You’re judging Californians based on what happened in a gay bar? If you were there, what?

    2. swampfox says:

      A man would have intervened and taken that tolerant democrat to task, but given that it is Hollywood, there’s a dearth of real men. So, you have a young woman stand up to a someone who is less than a man and proud of it.

  46. seant says:

    what a piece of trash that dude is

  47. Sherman Oaks says:

    What an idiot. He should talk to Obama like that. He is far more deserving.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Actually, Obama has had his share of vicious, senseless attacks with little justification or basis.

      A lot of times from people with less nerve than the guy who yelled at Bristol.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. Janet says:

        People don’t agree with Obama, that doesn’t constitute an “vicious, sneseless attack.” Obama has had very little in the way of attacks, especially when compared to the massive amount of attacks levied against the former President by the liberals.

    2. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear Janet

      Vocally vicious attacks, I might agree with you.

      How signs as a jungle witch doctor.
      How about signs with a Hitler moustache.

      Seriously, did you honestly think I was just referring to people who disagree with Obama.

      And they say liberals are dumb.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca


      I just reported you to http://www.AttackWatch.net

      1. mdwhite says:

        Really? Report me too, whack off. And, while you’re at it, why don’t you run home snivelling and report me to your same-sex parents.

  48. John says:

    Why does this kind of public outburst always seem to come from the “no H8” crowd that wants to lecture everyone else on tolerance and civility? Ms. Palin showed a great deal of class in calmly approaching the guy. The only “H8” in this video is from the guy. BTW, those trying to convince yourselves it was all staged for the camera sounds like you also know the guy was in the wrong to act that way. It’s okay to admit it.

    1. Mike says:

      The was a typical WeHo cat fight.

  49. Lindy says:

    Hey Rod, Have U not heard that Noah’s ark has been found and the Red Sea has chariot wheels below? I could give you many other facts but I will wait until the trumpet sounds and Jesus comes back, it will be priceless to see your face and hear you screaming like a girl hiding under the rocks to hide.
    Look around study prophecy, Jesus is coming soon. Amen, Lindy

  50. Raul fordez says:

    ignorant ignorant sub-human liberals. the show reminds me of The Walking Dead. the libturds are the walking dead. ignorant and sub-human.

  51. Jimmyjames says:

    I just found it on Amazon. Read the reader comments….it SHOULD be banned
    If for no other reason than it is so poorly written.

  52. Scott Trent says:

    Just more left wing HATE. Nothing new. I got a kick out Bristol asking this moron, “what did she lie about,” and he couldn`t answer… This guy is a complete idiot. Way to go, Bristol!

  53. d:-) says:

    If I was her, and still riding the bull when he said it, I would have replied “I’m riding yours right now!! whatcha got to say about that, WOMAN!!”

  54. Vince says:

    This guy was empty. He spewed plenty but said nothing. She gave him the chance to articulate his reasons and he failed. I agree that there is so much to criticize re: SP’s ideology but he is no one’s mouthpiece. He is incapable.
    I commend BP’s courage. I would have done the same for my parent.

    1. Ron says:

      dude…i agree with you…but it’s ok to use their names…repeat after me Sarah and Bristol Palin…see now wasn’t that easy?

  55. Carolyn says:

    What a good daughter to defend her mother. Where were the men defending her? It looks like she has more courage than the men.

  56. Aubrey says:

    Impotent barfly slug. Does not deserve anybody’s time. Worthless human debris.

  57. Scott Trent says:

    Typical Obama zombie. Lot`s of hate and no substance. Just empty platitudes. Zero class…

  58. David Kiepke says:

    This is either a publicity stunt, or a set-up intended to provoke her into saying something that could be used against her….and she almost slipped into the trap…but didnt.
    I hate reality shows…has nobody learned they tear people and families apart…im not sure what bothers me more..this Lunatics disgusting behavior, or the fact Bristol has a “reality” show. Both illustrate problems in our current celebrity-driven society. Its a no-win situation, now isnt it.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Amen, brother.

      And don’t forget her book, based on her extensive experience in life.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. gobnait says:

        as opposed to the TWO books that Mr. Obama penned before his ascent to the national stage? Don’t know if you’ve ever been to Alaska but simply the act of living in that expansive, culturally unique magnificent tapestry of breathtaking vistas, hardy and utterly self-reliant people and creatures of unimaginable beauty and strength is fodder for multiple books. I would venture to say that those books would make for far more interesting consumption than the memoirs of yet another egocentric political aspirant whose sole focus was his climb up the power ladder.

    2. gobnait says:

      So your moral dilemma boils down to who is more deserving of your contempt: a shrieking, foul mouthed, hateful misogynist who doesn’t possess the maturity to restrain himself from attacking a young woman half his age versus a young girl who is trying to live her life carving out a career in reality television (as is her right as an American) to support her child. Her life is further complicated by the reality of a baby daddy who expends far more energy libeling the girl’s mother rather than being a father to his child. Yeah, I can see how that must be a tough one for you. Reality television is a cancer on our society but it is a symptom, NOT the problem. The problem is the complete breakdown of the moral code of our culture whose members are utterly self-absorbed, judgmental and totally lacking in good manners. People of strong moral fiber are considered ‘crazies’, ‘provincial’ and close-minded. Y-e-e-ah, THEY’RE the crazies! It’s a world gone mad.

  59. Jo Nutts says:

    Who cares. That guy just got his 5-10 minutes of “fame”. He can die now being less of a nobody lol! Now he can go back to slurping the beef steak! Ewwwwww.

    I know, I’m a mule that way.

    1. Jo Nutts says:

      Sorry I meant the “tube” steak. 😛

  60. Baker says:

    Bristol Palin is seeking attention, just as her mother does. Neither of them contribute anything vital to society. You might as well lump them in with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. They interest me very little. But here I’ve gone and insulted them, so just go ahead and call me a liberal. That seems to be everybody’s favorite internet comment trolling word even though you clearly throw it around without understanding the meaning.

    1. phil says:

      Yep. You’re a liberal. Ms. Palin has been a successful mayor, a successful governor, and a vice presidential candidate. What have you done for your country, Lib?

      1. Brian K Mcclung says:

        What have you done, if I may ask.

        Actually, she is an ex-governor who did not finish her term, she was exactly and only that, a VP candidate, who if you actually looked past her beauty, probably hurt McCain more than she helped, and she is essentially a divisive type of person who views herself as someone who only gets excited when she is attacking something.

        What I see is a loud mouth drunk, and a bunch of fanatical supporters who will leap at any opportunity to rush to her defense.

        Such is your right.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      2. shutup says:

        She quit as governor to be the media wh0re. Any brain dead aS$wipes that think she would get anywhere near the White House live in the la-la land of “reality tv” shows.

    2. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear Baker

      A very rational comment, probably fall on deaf ears though.

      Actually, conservatives could be much more persuasive if they would quit getting their jollies every time some loud mouth jerk says something they feel they can make some sweeping generalization about.

      And yes, I’ll say exactly the same thing about Liberals.

      She went to West Hollywood and met a loud mouth drunk.

      What a surprise.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. G. marsh says:

        Brian – You besmirch Sarah Palin as being inexperienced. What about your man Obama? Nothing but a loudmoth “organizer” who knows nothing about the real world. He only servred 18 months of a 6 year senatorial seat – most of that time he was gone and when he was there he only voted “present”. give me a freakin’ break the biggest loser is B.O who has spent very little time in the oval office (it interfers with his vacations and golf). He has ZERO experience and our nation is suffering for it.

    3. Jerry Allen says:

      Baker please supply b hussein’s contributions to society…oh and how much did she pay the writer to move in next door to her to work on his book? you remember…the one guy she had to put a higher fence up to seek “attention”…your jealous cause she is hot…

    4. gobnait says:

      Who died and left you the arbiter of what constitutes a vital contribution to society? Sarah Palin has been a public servant for years and enjoys the admiration of millions of people for her views despite what the disdainful media would have you believe. Bristol Palin is a young girl just starting out in her life who has a child to raise.

    5. mugsy says:

      you make no sense, or you have no self esteem, listen to what your saying, what a pathetic life you must lead, i’m praying you didn’t breed, but if you did lets hope your off spring distance themselves from you

    6. shawn says:

      Brilliant response Baker- Finally someone with an education and a sensible approach. I guess I could be labeled a “liberal” although the meaning in politics is misconstrued. Why has it all come down to black and white in the political arena. It is hardly realistic considering the depth of the issues at hand. The shades of grey are unbelievably detailed and delicate, yet no one is willing to explore them with any true information or integrity. Help!!!

  61. John C says:

    This is why it’s a waste of time to talk to liberals; they are too locked in to their anger and hate to have an intellectual conversation. Bristol asked him repeatedly why he thought Sarah Palin was evil, but he couldn’t answer the question, so deep is his anger and hatred.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      She tried to have an intelligent conversation with a loud mouth drunk.

      That was productive, wasn’t it.

      I’m not even defending the guy. I wouldn’t even be that surprised if he doesn’t even recall exactly what transpired.

      What scapegoat would you have in life if not for liberals??

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. gobnait says:

        On the contrary, you seem to repeatedly defend the man by dismissing his grossly inappropriate behavior as a loud-mouthed drunk. Does the act of consuming a beverage that alters one’s brain chemistry give one license to behave in a boorish, threatening manner? It’s interesting to note your change to a more measured, above-the-fray tone following a number of posts challenging your comments.

      2. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear Gobnait

        First, thanks for reading my posts.

        Second, I am not exactly sure what you mean by a more measured tone, if it seems so it is because once people started responding to my posts I responded to them as I saw fit.

        Third, I am not defending him. I am putting him in a perspective you don’t want to appreciate. Such is your right.

        If you have never had too much to drink and made an a%% of yourself, my compliments.

        Unfortunately I cannot say the same.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

    2. Roy says:

      So it’s your “intellect” that makes you label liberal “too locked in to their anger…” You should maybe get out a bit more or open your eyes. There is hate and anger everywhere and it is expressed by both liberals and conservatives.. What are you doing to help the situation?

  62. JK in Joizey says:

    Modern so called liberals have interpreted “free thinking” as free from intelligent thought, free from tolerant thought, and free from civilized thought. But a lot of empty thoughts.

    Glad I’m not a liberal anymore. Independence is the truth.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      If that is what you really think, I’m glad you are not liberal any more either.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. Mark says:

        It’s clear from your double standards that you still are.

      2. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear Mark

        Why don’t you take some time and explain that statement.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      3. Mark says:

        I already did in reply to something else you wrote below.

      4. Sheila says:

        Dunno, makes perfect sense to me that you’d define yourself as a liberal.

    2. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear Sheila

      Why should I not define myself as I have always defined myself.

      Because the word has become distasteful in your mind.

      Your problem is what I alluded to in another post, you want to make me the embodiment of everything you don’t like about liberals.

      Such is your right.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. Roy says:

        I agree. I don’t get it. All of these traits being defined as typical of liberals I don’t seem to have, nor do my liberal friends. The funny part is my conservative friends don’t have those traits either.

  63. GB says:

    So, if someone you don’t like exists, you take it as an assault?

    There are going to be lots of people in the world you don’t like. But they still have a right to exist!

    Time to get your focus on positive things and accept the things you can’t change.

  64. Leo says:

    Fake! This was obviously staged, like all the reality bs. The cameras just happened to conveniently be there?

  65. couchgnome says:

    Does anyone know who that guy was?

    1. swampfox says:

      That was a guy?

  66. Adam Kushdilian says:

    Good for her! That man was immature and she handled it with class and exposed his idiotic non-existant argument.

  67. Skip says:

    So, what’s with that “new” civility of the Obama era?

    1. gobnait says:

      I would hardly call it a ‘failure’ but rather a carefully orchestrated effort to foment tensions and misery a la Saul Alinsky, author of one of the books on Obama’s own shelf, Rules For Radicals.

  68. Michael Baram says:

    A Louisville Slugger, judiciously applied to this guy’s brain…oh, wait, he doesn’t have one.
    OK, a Louisville Slugger, judiciously applied to this guy’s ball…oh, wait, he doesn’t have any.
    But we owe him a debt of gratitude for showing us the true meaning of liberal compassion and respect for others.
    Maybe he could sit on a bar stool from which the seat has been removed.
    But he’d probably enjoy that.
    Just another waste of genetic material who should never have been allowed to exit the womb.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      This guy is an example of nothing but a loud mouth drunk.

      Get a grip on reality.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. Swibbie says:

        No, Brian this guy is an example of a liberal. To say he is a “loud mouth” liberal would be redundant. I’m sorry that you are ashamed to admit that, but I guess that fact alone makes you a liberal, too. To attack a 20-year old girl in a bar by making references to her mother is the normal MO of a liberal. It is cowardly and shamefull. But to use those two words in the same context of “liberal” is redundant also.

      2. Mark says:

        This was the drunken display of an ugly inner life. Ignoring the inner life and reducing it to the mundane by replacing it with inebriation, or vodka as the human actor doesn’t do credit to the ugliness of the humanity on display. Since it’s liberal ugliness you airbrush it with the excuse of too much to drink. Refer me to one of your past posts where you similarly tried to airbrush a similar offense of a non-liberal and I will with withdraw my observation that you drink too deeply of the elixir of double think. (Excuse the double post if prior reply appears.)

      3. Roy says:

        The responses to your comment are so silly. One would think they didn’t actually read what you posted. I especially liked the inference that only liberals get drunk…

  69. HML says:

    So manly, picking on a girl…………..

    1. Geo Hernandez says:

      You mean like Conservatives calling Michelle Obama fat?

      1. Swibbie says:

        LOL, that the best you got? Michelle Obams IS fat. She’s got big hips, too. Probably from eating too many french fries, which of course she lectures everybody about how bad they are.

        The slurs this guy spewed are not even in the same universe as calling somebody “fat”. Do you really not understand that? Unbelievable how thn-skinned you liberals are. You gonna report me to “AttackWatch.com” now, Geo??? ROFLMAO.

  70. couchgnome says:

    Someone should teach that guy some manners.
    obviously he was surrounded by liberal men whomare willing to tolerate the abuse of young women.

    Post this clowns name

    1. FCC says:

      Stephen Hanks according to TMZ and other sources. Google name, talent managment, and LA. Plan to give Mr. Hanks an example of civil discourse via mail.

  71. donttreadonme says:

    Perfect example of liberal reasoning; ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem. Unable to produce one constructive example (other than “she lies”) in support of his/her emotional outburst, he/she sputters insults between sips of the cool-aid. Where was security to take care of this raging queen?

  72. Mouse says:

    Gays = 1
    Palins= 0

    That family needs to go back to Alaska. They are as bad as the Kardassians and the cast of the Jersy Shore. Maybe the Palin’s can take them to Alaska and the rest of the country will never have to hear from any of them ever again.

    1. Craig in Maine says:

      Oh really ?! And how did this ‘gay” win in this confrontation? So attacking a girl who was minding her own business and not confronting him or others at the restaurant , using foul language, and then having 0 ability to back up his statements with examples or facts is your idea of winning? No wonder liberals are losing their power and influence at a dizzying pace if this spectacle was your example of “winning” (much like Charlie Sheen). Good work mouse !!

  73. CW says:

    Careful what you libs wish for-Michael Moore, Maxine Waters, et cetera-you really want this fight?? It’s coming.

    BTW baldy-now everyone knows what you look like

    1. Petra Kro says:

      tell u what kinda fight is coming CW. You gonna go out and beat up people you don’t like? who look liberal? might think different than you?

      you rethugs are so violent at your little keyboards.

      1. DonM says:

        The Left always starts with lies, move on, if they can, to theft, then to enslavement when there is nothing to steal, then to torture when the slaves don’t work very hard, then to murder. After a generation of this, raised that up is down and property is theft, the left moves on to perversion.

        I will not have my property stolen. I will not be enslaved. My people will not be tortured. I deny you have any right to steak, to enslave, to torture or to murder. You will be stopped.

  74. Traderjo says:

    Good for Bristol! Barflies need to be swatted once in awhile . . . .

  75. post his name says:

    Abusing and harrassing young girls seems to be the new thing with Liberals.

    What ever happened to the real men in the Democratic party?

    There was a day when it didn’t matter who’s child it was, harrassing women was unacceptable.

    Remember Harry truman?

    Someone should post this hate-monger’s name.

  76. Sean says:

    Another poor excuse for a human being talking to Bristol in that manner. He is certainly hell-bound whether he believes in hell or not. What a waste of skin.

  77. R.T. Castleberry says:

    It’s hard to argue with the idea that Sarah Palin is evil and in league with Satan. The other thing was a little harsh.

    1. Jimmyjames says:

      Please explain. Elaborate on your presumption of evil. Explain your perceived
      Satanic partnership. You won’t because you can’t.

      1. Swibbie says:

        Jimmy, you don’t understand.

        She is evil because she fights for what she believes.

        She loves her country and her state.

        She didn’t abort Trig.

        She is an outspoken Christian.

        She believes in less government.

        She believes in the sanctity of marriage.

        She loves her husband.

        She is smarter than liberals.

        She does what she thinks is right, even if it means it will be painful to her.

        All those things (and more) make her evil, at least to a liberal, who possess NONE of those traits.

        I know, I know you already know all this. But I thought I would help ol’ R.T. out, because I gurantee that he/she is not smart enough and does not have the courage to answer you 🙂

      2. Brian K Mcclung says:

        I surprised you didn’t say she walked on water.

        Do you actually believe no liberal possesses “any” of these traits.

        It’s funny, however you wan to describe this guys behavior, are some of these highly insulting, completely erroneous statements any better just because they are expressed in a calmer manner.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      3. Craig in Maine says:

        good work Swibbie. You are absolutely correct but Godless liberals will never understand this fact because they are fueled by atheistic hate for others and themselves if they really “peel back the onion”. They need our prayers.

  78. David Wendell says:

    Is there anyway that you could give me this hate monger’s name and address. What an incredible coward !! I would like to meet him and slap him up side the face.

  79. trev says:

    Good for her, she handled him with class and respect while he behaved like a self righteous brat. 27 year age difference, easy to see who’s more mature here.

  80. Steven says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  81. Chris QLxchange says:

    What an A Hole. He must have been butt hurt and or ate a bad weenie. Good for Sarah for standing up to him. He’s just jealous cause he hates punani.

  82. Cali says:

    I love liberals who DEMAND tolerance from others but can’t WALK the TALK themselves…hahaha Hollywood LOSER~!

  83. Col Attilla says:

    This hatred is the MSM’s fault. They allow denigration of those whom they oppose so people like this idiot feel free to call people vile names. I’m a Viet Nam veteran and the MSM hated the VN war and took it out on those who served there–instead of coming home to a hero’s welcome, they were spit upon and called “baby killers”–all because of the MSM. The ultra liberal MSM hates conservatives, women, the military, our flag, Christianity, etc. The only way is to fight back like Bristol did–good on her!

  84. Javier says:

    Wow, I’m a democrat and no fan of Sarah Palin but this guy made me wretch. She was having fun riding a mechanical bull and this unhinged lunatic verbally unleashes on her. I have to admit that I watched the video to have a laugh at Bristol Palin but I had the exact opposite reaction. That 47 year old pig of a “man” should be ashamed but thiat guy probably isn’t capable of feeling shame. No excuse assaulting a young woman like that!!

    1. jjj says:

      are you sure your a democrat?

      1. Roy says:

        How many democrats do you actually know?

  85. melodram says:

    So the ged teen mom daughter of a ultra conservative wingnut goes to the gay capital of los angeles to ride a mechanical bull wearing a huge christian cross on her shirt and you dont think she is asking to incite a fight? she really is as vapid as her mom.

    1. dan says:

      So the next time a bath house frequeting gay guy with rainbow sticker on his car sashays around say San Angelo ,Texas, he is asking to incite a fight, right Melodram? Tolerance works both ways you hypocrit!

      1. Roy says:

        Probably if it were for a reality show, (which I think was the point). Looks like ignorance works both ways too… Didn’t look like anyone was defending the drunk guy.

      2. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Hi Dan

        Speaking for myself, I don’t think he could be accused of inciting a fight, but I would be extremely surprised if he didn’t find one. Seriously, in Texas. I think you might have picked the wrong state to use in an analogy

        What do you think a black man would find at a white supremacist meeting.

        Or a Jew at a Nazi gathering.

        But keep thinking all I am trying to do is justify some loud mouth drunks behavior.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

    2. Gwen Marsh says:

      Oh so now there are only certain places “normal people” can go? If they shold venture into a “known” gay place then they should expect to be harassed. Isn’t there hate crime lesislation? Or does it only apply to gays and blacks?

    3. mugsy says:

      your embarrassing, excusing this behavior takes a sick person, you fit the bill. Your a creepy person.

      1. Roy says:

        I don’t think the comment is excusing the clearly base behavior, so much as wondering why she’d be there in the first place…

        Oh and its you’re…

    4. Sheila says:

      Your comment is a magnificent example of intolerance. Thanks for the example.

  86. Mess with the bull…..you wind up on CBS


    Anyone else mildly vexed by a dude twice her age picking a fight?

  87. Davis says:

    Notice the “guy” had nothing of substance to say. Typical ignorant, unprincipled lefty.

  88. j.v. says:

    “Out of line” Lynn?

    She’s working in a part, minding her own business; and, by the way, she has never run for office and is not embarking on a career in politics. What he did was actually legally actionable. It was a verbal assault that, by way of his violent delivery of such a slur, could be preceived as physically threatening. Get a clue. Your backhanded apology is practically a defense. How would you like it if someone did that while you were minding your own business, doing a job somewhere? I suppose you consider yourself to be one of superior intelligence. Must be terrific for you have such smug, self-absorbed narcissism that you are intellectually superior to someone you’ve never met.

  89. Apocalypto says:

    Haa what a d bag pansy. She should’ve knocked his teeth out. Liberalism is obviously a mental disorder. “D Bags Gone Wild”

  90. rabblerouser says:

    Sounds like this guy should have a job in Barry’s cabinet

  91. yaysayer says:

    You’re lying, he probably kicked your @ss.

  92. attilla_the_hunney says:

    Talk about white trash, those males were PIGS. Notice I refer to them as males as they are not men. Sickening what they did to her.

  93. Biff says:

    why so much anger in this dude? Bristol can’t control or be responsible for her mother. If the acts of the parents mean we can abuse their children in public, when do we get to start mocking Chelsea Clinton for her father’s acts in the oval office with lewinsky?

    Addiitionally, who thinks this is appropriate behavior in a public venue at anytime?

    If the guy is really gay, did he think this helped his cause in any way? what a dope…

    the guy was classless, clueless and

  94. Richard Carlson says:



  95. RJP3 says:

    He had it exactly right – she came into a gay bar with a camera crew to rub her Christian Empowerd GREED and ELITISISM in the face of the people her Mother demonized for power and cash.

    She is the devil … he should be given an award.

    Enough is enough – should Jews be nice to Neo-Nazis? NO

    1. Jullou says:

      Christian Empowered Greed and Elitism That’s a new one. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that life is dull. In fact, Christ is the empty space that all humans have until they find Christ. That empty space causes people to seek drugs, alcohol, sex and greed. True Christians have filled that empty space with God’s love. It’s a great thing. Don’t knock it until you have tried it. Turn you problems over to Christ and see how wonderful life becomes.

    2. craig in Maine says:

      So this is the type of person to whom gays and liberals want to “give an award”?! All you liberals out there – please keep posting your comments to this story as you provide such a great service to us God fearing conservatives that the MSM would never expose.

  96. RJP3 says:

    because there is no law against dumb people like Bristol being in a bar — and if she is not 21 why was she in there ?? Did she provide a fake ID ?

    1. Speaking of “Dumb People” she is 21 Einstein. But don’t let the facts get in your way.

    2. DJH says:

      What part of FILMING did you miss – or were you just trying to prove you were as stupid and filled with hate as the coward who went after a little 20 yr old girl?
      I can’t say for CA, but in most states it’s not illegal to be in a bar under 21 – it’s illegal to be AT the bar itself.

    3. Seriously though. 1) She is a couple weeks short but none of that matters if it is a “restaurant/bar” in which case she can just not be sitting at the counter. Which she wasn’t.

    4. Dennis D says:

      Why is she dumb? Because you say so? Looks like the heckler was stupid as hell.

    5. Jj Griffiths says:

      saddle ranch is a restaurant that has a bar…nice try though.

    6. Jerry Allen says:

      why you sell fake ID’s?

    7. Your Father says:

      You’re an idiot!

    8. James Foye says:

      That heckler looked pretty stupid to me, and a little unhinged. Good for her. Its always nice to see a**** get smacked down.

    9. matty says:

      why is Bristol Dumb, has she hurt you in some way, do you know her personally, just curious

  97. Lucy says:

    Go Bristol! Just more proof that liberals have no manners and are the real haters. Many on this board are correct — we’re getting sick of you and are not going to take your cr*p any longer.

    1. T-Texas says:

      Plain and simple you are a nut

  98. Ian says:

    Anybody who equates a drunk guy in a bar with “the liberal left” is delusional and needs to re-examine their own stereotypes! I do not agree with this guys behavior or comments, but the people making judgements about a whole group of people based on one individual persons behavior is plain idiotic!

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear Ian

      Thank you

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

    2. Swibbie says:

      Yeah, right. I’m sure the guy was a “right-wing nutjob” attacking the Palins. Are you people (that includes you, too Brian) really this stupid?????

      1. Brian K Mcclung says:

        I’m saying he was a drunk, you want to make generalizations, I can’t stop you.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      2. Roy says:

        Are you saying right-wing nutjobs don’t exist? You should learn better comprehension. No one is saying the guy is right at all. As a matter of fact the comment said he didn’t agree… The point is (though I’m sure this will fall on your clearly deaf ears) you are being shown several examples of liberals who DON’T agree with verbally attacking another person unprovoked.

        Should you need further understanding, please let me know.

    3. swampfox says:

      Do you really believe this cretin in Hollywood would have done or said the same or similar thing to Chelsea Clinton. Be honest with yourself. Unfortunately, this classless behaviour has become the tell-tale sign of the “tolerant” liberal left. You can be in denial if you choose.

      1. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear Swampfox

        Let me ask you to explain a picture of President Obama as a jungle witch doctor.

        Or with a Hitler moustache.

        Maybe it doesn’t count if it is only a picture?

        Do you really want to get into a fight over which side has the monopoly on sleaze.

        There is no fight, because the answer is clear. Neither.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      2. Roy says:

        Are you serious? When did this guy become the spokeman for every liberal? I didn’t get me secret ballot for the secret election for some drunk guy to speak for me. Fact: I think the guy was wrong. Fact: I am a liberal. Theory: You generalizing liberals makes you ingnorant.

  99. Dave says:

    How do you get 4 Democrats on a barstool? You turn it upside down!
    Way to hang in there Bristol, good job!

  100. Don says:

    All gays should die from AIDS please

  101. plain_truth says:

    I like Sarah, and she’s a looker – but she DID sleep with a spade !

  102. mike says:

    you people are really scary. god help our nation. and just in case there’s any question as to whom i’m referring, just look in the mirror teabaggers.

    1. Don says:

      LoL @ Mike the gay calling others teabagger…


    2. Deb says:

      I would rather be a teabagger than a nutsac sucker!

  103. Dan Manzi says:

    Great comment, now that’s funny.

  104. Jnyc says:

    More kudos to Sarah Palin for raising such a fine & civil daughter who stands-up for her family even against a rude, ugly 47 year old man. WAY TO GO BRISTOL.

  105. Kile says:

    Once again a liberal shows he has no class and no facts. He is filled with hate and doesn’t even know why.

  106. killerbee says:

    “Why is Sarah the DEVIL?? Because she lives and btreathes, you F$%#%$@ bI%^#@%^.” AH, spoken like a true “PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL MARXIST OBAMMY SUPPORTER. A real liberal genius Mr Clean is!!!!!! Wanna bet he’s on disability fron his toilet cleaning job.

  107. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “In the end, everything is a gag.”
    – Charlie Chaplin — http://911essentials.com

  108. Truthmonster says:

    That bald guy should ask his mama where she was last night. Great mouth.but she charges too much.

  109. killerbee says:

    Gotta love that the Obama supporter NEVER said he wasn’t GAY! Only that the other gay dude with him wasn’t his boyfriend.!!!!!!!! hahahaahah!!!! Atta girl Bristol!

  110. Aurelio says:

    Those guys should put their heads together and make somebody’s ass.

  111. Jullou says:

    Bristol: you were in the infested land of liberals, many of which are high on drugs and sex, just like the ruling class wants them. Keep them drugged and sexed up and they will fall for the leftist line. You are a delight and don’t need that kind of interaction. I hope you go to safer places in the future.

    We love you and your family.

  112. T-Texas says:

    He probably an obummer lover and cannot stand a good looking female lady of class.

  113. Rascal69 says:

    It’s not so much about Bristol as it is Sarah. You see, this is just another dose of proof that liberals have a Palin Derangement Syndrome. In the event Sarah decides to run for the top office, liberal heads will be exploding everywhere. Now that would truly be the epitome of Shock and Awe.

  114. bob says:

    Sarah Palin lives in all libturds heads. They get no peace, the poor poor lunatics.

  115. Bob says:

    That’s a liberal in a nutshell. Can’t come up with one fact and resorts to namecalling.

    1. Looneytoonsindville says:

      Right on, Bob! You hit the nail on its bald head!

  116. Reason8200 says:

    No cure for the disease of liberalism. Liberals know that their beliefs are foolish, yet their desire to control others and steal money from the people by using the power of government consumes them. This Dbag, like most liberals believe that you do not have the right to have a different veiw point then them so they want to use whatever means they can to shut you up.

    1. Looneytoonsindville says:

      He is the true definition of a teabagger! The bag was sitting right next to him at the bar!

  117. KWood says:

    Yikes! That Bristol is a pistol and an absolute sweetheart. I had no idea. Well done.

    1. Looneytoonsindville says:

      She had a good teacher named Sarah Palin.

  118. Fred Flintstoned says:

    Just another low class rump ranger mad at his pathetic life. Ignore the loser

  119. KWood says:

    No. For a young girl with a camera behind her she exactly the right thing. We have to shine a light on these people from time to time so they can see themselves as others see them.

    1. chris says:

      Kwood: “young girl” she is twenty with a child not exactly a young girl. She is underage in CA as far a being in a bar/restaurant. She should have been in the eating area with her camera crew. But that would not have given her sound bite. Media “celebrity” today I doubt she will be successful in life for long.

  120. RealitySandwich says:

    She’s lucky he didn’t hit her with his purse.

  121. Miguel says:

    What disgusting behavior. Typical left wing ‘tolerance’.

  122. Mark J says:

    Geez man!! What a psychopath. I would never do something as classless as that, regardless of any political disagreements. It’s an obvious case of Palin Derangement Syndrome. The guy is an obvious, pathetic loser and a sick-minded simpleton.

    My Grandpa used to say “You have to let stupid people talk all they want, otherwise we’ll never know how stupid they are.”

    I’ll give the heckler some credit for broadcasting his idiocy. Thanks for letting us know you’re a moron!

  123. Jack Roth says:

    I think it’s time the Media starting posting the Name and Address of punks like that. Give us a chance to confront him up close and personal. Was this a gay bar? None of the men in there looked like they wanted to stand up to this guy.

  124. Observing You says:

    I hope he get a stupendous case of nasty hemorrhoids.

  125. pete wilson says:

    I think this was all setup to promote her show and she is only 20 so what was she doing in a bar. She won’t be 21 until Oct.

  126. Al-CIAda says:

    Gay gangsters.

  127. Mike McDaniel says:

    Boy, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Good for her, she does have a mouth on her—why do people hate Palin so? Is she that frightening?
    ((we attack that which we fear) Guess she makes this guys pitiful little life seem even more pathetic than it already is. Sad

    1. shutup says:

      Is that why everyone’s is jumping all over this “gay” person’s stuff, dipsh!t?

  128. Nealo says:

    Ah, nothing like the Drudge readers for illuminating and not at all nutzo comments

  129. Conservativeguy says:

    Where were the men? Someone should have belted the pervert accross the mouth. Wait!! better not do that. His infected blood might splatter all over the place — you would have a bio-hazard plus some people might be in the line of the splatter and become infected. We should put all libs on an alligator infested island without a gun or a knife or a club.

  130. Rich R says:

    Give the guy a break. He’s just drunk and angry because he lost his gig as Mr. Clean. But what kind of spastic, seizure simulating bull is that? Although I bet teh ladies get off on it.

  131. Bugs says:

    Typical liberal. Spreadin’ all that peace and love and tolerance, but most of all keepin’ it classy!

  132. Dave says:

    The gay guy is a typical liberal/progressive hater, undoubtedly demanding civility in the debate over gay rights, yet so blind and vehement in his hatred of Sarah Palin (though he obviously doesn’t know why) that anyone with the name Palin becomes a worthy target.

    Anyone speaking to my family like that, or about my family like that – especially one of my girls – would have a broken jaw at the very least, and I doubt a jury anywhere in America would convict me of assault.

    1. Roy says:

      I’m curious at to why you are a scholar on what is typical for a gay person or liberal? I am both and I actually quite like the Palins. I didn’t vote for her and likely never will but I think the way she parlayed the support from her campaign into a small empire is commendable.

      I think the old guy’s actions were completely deplorable.

  133. RicardoCabeza says:

    geez what a drama…Queen

  134. Founders1791 says:

    Oh the ignorant Leftwing Liberal Democrats…

    FACT: This idiot didn’t know that Sarah Palin’ roommate in college was openly gay.

    FACT: Governor Sarah Palin signed legislation guaranteeing benefits for State Employees of same sex relationships.

    Democrats, you guys will need to realize soon, that Sarah Palin will be the “best friend” you have as an elected nominee for the Republicans.

    There is a reason she had 93% bipartisan support…she governed from the center and included Democrats in her decisions.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      And unfortunately once she became VP candidate, lost sight of that.

      And it is unfortunate.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. founders1791 says:

        No she didn’t lose sight of it. She hasn’t changed her position on those subjects one bit.

        Listen more, react less.

    2. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear Founders 1971

      Apparently somebody at the National Journal feels differently: The tragedy of Sarah Palin


      I read this article, probably the fairest article I have ever read about her.

      I came away feeling much the same way as the author.

      You can tell me to listen more, react less.

      I prefer to read, and this is a very good article.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  135. GeneDoc says:

    For what are you tattling on poor old “Willy”?
    For calling the guy a moron? Well I agree, he probably isn’t a moron in the technical sense, but his behavior was pretty moronic, to say the least. But anyway, I didn’t know that President Obama was concerned about morons.
    So, is it because he called him a “booger eating”…? Again, whether he eats his boogers or not, is the President actually concerned about that?
    So, it must be the part about him being a “obama loving”… I will bet you a thousand dollars that that guy is a big-time Obama supporter.
    So, where’s the false accusation here? What is there to report to “www.AttackWatch.net”? You sound like a whiner. Grow up.

  136. call'n says:

    what is the ghetto saying……

    “You Go Girl !” hahaha stupid packer, called out and crying !

  137. Gwen Marsh says:

    The behavior of that man was assinine. What do you think would have happened if a tea party person if he/she yelled such expletives to one of Obama’s girls? Or to Chelsea Clinton when she was 20? All hell would break loose and the Lame Mtream media would have had a field day.

  138. Larry Killen says:

    He was just mad becuase she was tieing up the saddle-horn that he was anxious to ride.

  139. rodriguez connie says:

    baby girl, your to good for that place

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      I agree, so why was she there.

      I’m not saying she did not have the right, but there are lot of places I could go, but don’t.

      Why, because there are certain people I don’t wish to be around.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  140. mdwhite says:

    Shrill, effeminate shrieking from a pathetic flaming poof. This…person…deserved a slap across the face as I’m certain a knee to the groin wouldn’t have produced any results.

  141. Dusty says:

    Bristol Palin is quite a woman who can stand up to the trashy drunk guy. She has learned from the best and continues to be a wonderful examplke of womanhood. Can’t wait to watch her reality show!

  142. fred says:

    Proof that there is more class in Bristols little finger than
    in that guys whole life experience.

    Another reason to vote for her mom.

  143. Amy says:

    This was staged you idiots. The guy is a paid actor. How stupid can you people be? And you know he was a lib coz….? You pulled it out of you ass? You people are morons.

    1. Willis parks says:

      These comments are all staged. Who’s the fool? And who cares? You saw a dialogue take place. People reacted. Fake or not, there are points of view on said behavior! Duh.

  144. Willis Parks says:

    Fun to watch liberalism self destruct. All it takes is added publicity. Palin displayed more class than the degenerate bald fool could ever comprehend. A mental disorder masking as a political agenda is getting 4 years of test trial. The man child in the video is an example of its base. Let’s see what happens next! Need the conservative candidates even debate these days?

  145. Amy says:

    Legally Palin isn’t supposed to be in the Saddle Ranch in the first place. They broke the rules for her to film her reality show. Everyone in there was screened. This was staged to make good tv and to get people to watch her show. Idiots, all of you.

    1. MajorStan says:

      What’s your source?

    2. Stephen says:

      That’s not true. Saddle Ranch is a steakhouse and bar. A five year old could be there as long as he was with his family and sitting at a table, just not the bar. Nice try though.

  146. Smokyjoe says:

    This would never happen in a old Texas dance hall. You never cuss out a lady like that without getting into one hell of a fight!

  147. Bob says:

    So… In the middle of the video the page reloads and resets the video to the beginning. Then I’m trying to read the comments and the page reloads again, bringing me back up to the top. Why? It’s BS.

  148. MajorStan says:

    Bristol handled that about as well as anyone could ever expect. She really kept her cool for the most part and exposed that guy to be nothing but a pathetic low life.

  149. David says:

    why dont you leave this country you dont belong here no matter who it is a young girl or woman should never be treated that way . never, maybe you hate women too

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      I was born here, I’ll think I stay.

      Thanks for the advice though.

      I’m just not going to get my bowels in an uproar because Bristol Palin went to West Hollywood and met a loud mouth drunk.

      You shouldn’t either.

      I wouldn’t act like that, I don’t think you would.

      No reason for us to be enemies, is their?

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  150. Cali Sucks says:

    What an emotional little tizzy this bald old hag had. Good for Bristol for standing up to this idiot. What a strange world we live in where a gay atheist is so angry at a normal, pretty, confident young woman. Someone should’ve kicked his sore fat a * *

  151. Jonathan Mintz says:

    Why didn’t that low-life chump get thrown out of that loser club? Someone should have punched his lights out. If I were there, hopefully, I would have.
    Saddle Ranch Bar needs to answer for that.
    I think I love Bristol as much as Sarah, now….

  152. zombierocket says:

    Bad behavior. So you don’t like Bristol. Maybe Bristol doesn’t like you. But you don;t see her yelling juvenile taunts and going out of her way to spew hatred like this 47 year old gay creep.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear zombierocket

      But you don’t see her yelling juvenile taunts and going out of her way to spew hatred like this 47 year old gay creep.

      I agree, but apparently did go out of her way to put herself in this environment.

      After all the comments I have read, not one has explained why.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  153. Fred says:

    If he wanted to insult her, he should have called her a mudshark. At least that would be a true statement.

  154. WagTheDog says:

    I’d expect nothing less from a couple of shaved-headed f*ggots like those two. Bristol is a gutsy lady, but she should have had a bodyguard in that bar, and he should have gotten in there and taken care of the noisy f*gs. The loud one was getting very close to a physical confrontation. Let’s hope Bristol has had some karate training and knows how to use it.

  155. Armed Texan says:

    More tolerance and insightful wisdom from the left! Not an original thought in his empty head.

  156. MarkInAtlanta says:

    WOW, Bristol’s hot! Good job dealing with the idiot.

  157. Nailin Palin says:

    I love how you one trick ponies try to defend Palin by calling everyone ” leftist liberals”.

    Did you fake republicans that love Palin even know she ran the most SOCIALIST state in the Union.

    Real Republicans can’t stand phony Palin supporters, they are dumber than she is, and that’s hard to do.

    Google: Sarah Palin is a SOCIALIST

    1. sick of socialism says:

      No, Obama is. Look how he is spreading the wealth.

    2. Looneytoonsindville says:

      Hey Nailin, You must have gotten a bad batch of weed if you think Sarah Palin is a socialist like your Marxist buddy Barry Soetoro. If you said that she is not a progressive republican, I would have to agree with you on that. There are a pack of oil executives in Alaska who hate what she did “For the people” and against the oil companies. You see, the Preamble starts out “We The People” and goes on from there. I like a politician who is working for me and not for the special interests. On the other hand, I genuinely dislike politicians who use their governmental position to steal money and/or property from their constituents for whatever reason, no matter how ignoble.

      Pack it in, Nailin; you bin nailed!

  158. Barry says:

    The BOY can only pick on a female and call her mother names.
    Maybe Bristol should have singled out that boys boyfriend,but why lower ones
    self to such a bottom low life feeder white trash.
    He just wanted to show off for his boyfriend and wanted Bristol to get into a fight with him so he could get him and his boyfriend on t.v. together.
    The boy is a loooooooooossssseeeerrrrrrrr!!!

  159. It'sComingLiberals says:

    I could picture this chickensh&t ass getting his his face smashed in some alley.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Imagine the picture if it comes out this was staged.

      That is the picture I am waiting for.

      It might take a while, but there is moire to this than what has been seen.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  160. Duke says:

    That guy is a great example of what Liberals are turning into – vile, wretched a**holes. They preach “tolerance” to others but they do not practice it themselves.

    What a vile, filthy human being this man is.

    Bristol showed guts confronting this man and exposing his hate for the entire world to see. He couldn’t answer one question she asked of him.

    Bristol was in total control and this vile, vulgar troll had no control whatsoever.

    What a freak, this guy.

  161. Adam Smith says:

    It is amazing how many pathetic liberals there are who are so petty and filled with hate for the Mother that they side with an attacker of her daughter.

  162. redfish says:

    I wonder if the the angry pole smoker would have said that in front of her dad?

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      That is a very good question.

      I wonder how many slimes would say the things to somebody face that they post anonymously on these message boards.

      That is why I don’t hide my identity, I am willing to stand by or explain the statements I make. I am even willing to admit when I am wrong.

      Of course I never am. That was a joke, by the way.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. RNGH says:

        Memorializing stupidity for posterity.

      2. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear RGH

        If my comments are the worst people remember about me I wont die an unhappy man.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

  163. WhateverMan says:

    First, there was no name calling. It was an observation.

    Second, this guy acted like a complete jerk based on this girl’s *mom*?

    This guy’s mom could not have been a very good person or he would not have ended up being this abusive blowhard. Should we track him down and scream at him?

  164. redfish says:

    What a tough guy, Callin sombody’s mamma names used to get yo azz kicked

  165. kathy says:

    Anyone who puts down someone’s mother like that deserves to be the recipient of a right cross to the jaw. Saying things like that to a young woman is never right, especially using that kind of language. The man is a low life. I don’t care what you think of Palin’s politics. I don’t agree with Obama’s politics, but I would NEVER EVEN THINK of saying anything bad about him to his daughters. People don’t understand boundaries today – geez.

  166. try that with a man says:

    I think all the Palin supporters should march down to the Saddle Ranch bar in West Hollywood and personally tell this ahole just what they think of him.

  167. Dixie Recht says:

    Let me see. Bristol is there filming. Now a patron who does not like her mother begins spewing vitriol. Why? Because he is gay and thinks he has special rights. That simple.

    Notice the libs yell, scream, attack personally those whose beliefs are different. Where is their ‘tolerance’ and their ‘acceptance of other points of view’? Oh, that’s right, it does not exist when the other individual disagrees with their opinion.

    Whoops, my bad. Let me go wipe up the vaseline stains now.

    1. Roy says:

      I, a liberal could say the same thing about the worst conservative… I don’t attack people. I wonder what is says about you that you needed to make the vaseline comment at the end. One could call that personal.

  168. Anthony Graham says:

    What a dirtbag. The radical left is so “TOLERANT”

  169. GO Bristol says:

    Ahhhh the libs are always so loving and kind and diverse.

    The guy is an absolutely boob!

    You go Bristol!

  170. weew says:

    I think it’s time we go ahead and beat the hell out of guys like that.

    1. Roy says:

      I thought the same thing… In the 10th grade. Then I grew up. You should think about trying it. It’s fun being a grown up.

  171. Libbi says:

    Bristol for president!!!! She is great and handled this well!!!

  172. Tim says:

    Too bad Bristol was wearing flip-flops and not a pair of cowgirl boots. She could have kicked that loser’s tiny little boy nuts up into his stomach.

  173. Justice For All says:

    Once again, the left prove without a doubt that they are the ones who are hateful and mean-spirited.

  174. BILL MCNEAL says:


  175. gays 4 palin says:

    I’m gay and love Sarah Palin and hate people like that. Good for you Bristol.

  176. Steve says:

    This angry clown (gay guy) has some serious issues. i CAN’T BELIEVE she was attacked like that. I believe Sarah Palin has stated that she has gay friends, so what’s the problem. I am a conservative Republican and a Califonia Surfer and I have nothing against gay people at all. That guy should have been thrown out of the bar. I feel sorry for haters like that. Stay up in the Valley..

  177. Factchecker says:

    Ah….open-minded tolerance from the enlightened Left putting its vulgar hypocrisy on full display.

    Love it.

  178. Kent says:

    I wish she would have taken a swing at his stupid, ugly, flapping pie hole. Liberals are such classless trash.

  179. Sue says:

    This is what you get from the largest hate group in the country, the democrat party. She should have ripped this pos balls off.

  180. jose says:

    Gays have no credibility – perfect example of why.

    1. Roy says:

      Lol. Your comment clearly shows yours… Just sad.

  181. james hubbard says:

    The guy in the bar was judging Bristol as well as her mother and what a demonstration of virtue his behavior was….

  182. Hening says:

    The tolerance of Gay America

  183. Bobbie says:

    typical literal filled with hate. Going after someones mother in public. These guys should have been thrown out of the restaurant for their abusive language. What kind of trashy place would allow patrons to act like this.

  184. swampfox says:

    Your wish is irrelevant and your tone is disrespectful. If you don’t call out the incivility of this cretin, you are part of the problem, i.e., the degradation of civility and decency in this society and acceptance and encouragement of classless behaviour.

  185. Danny says:

    I just became a Bristol Palin fan!

  186. gays 4 palin says:

    @mike…try getting your news from someplace other than the national enquirer.

  187. David Heath says:

    Sarah Palin represents everything that is diseased with America today. She is grasping, incompetent, unqualified, and uneducated. Now she is getting her own child to prostitute herself to keep the mother’s name out there because there is no other way someone with so little substance can be recognised. Good on the man who has had enough and spoke out against this whorish, trailer-park family.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Sarah Palin represents everything that is diseased with America today. She is grasping, incompetent, unqualified, and uneducated. Now she is getting her own child to prostitute herself to keep the mother’s name out there because there is no other way someone with so little substance can be recognised.
      Up to this point, I completely agree.
      Good on the man who has had enough and spoke out against this whorish, trailer-park family.
      If he wanted to make a legitimate statement, he sure did fail, didn’t he.
      Of course, first you have to believe this incident was not completely contrived.

      Guess I fail on that account. Bristol Palin in West Hollywood. Give me a break.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

    2. Misreable haters suck says:

      You are one bizzare little …”man”.
      by the way, The sorry excuses for “men” in that place did not defend that little girl because they pretend that they dont like girls. We all know better of course, but the guys in that place go home at closing time with each other, and then hate themselves for the rest of their miserable, grotesque lives.
      Bristol honey, tell your handlers to keep you away from bars full of men and miserable, ignorant. libelous haters like David here. Warm up your lawyer, surround your self with real men, and obtain a legal Right To Carry.
      We love you kid, along with your Mother, Father, and siblings.
      Good Job!

      1. Roy says:

        Have you ever been to The Saddle Ranch? I’d venture to say no because had this been real, security would have escorted him out (especially given the celebrity factor). Just to be clear I would never condone some old drunk guy harassing a woman. Look at all the comments. Ratings are likely to be pretty high for the show simply for this clip… Would you disagree?

    3. HatersSuck says:

      Yo Dave. You have it all wrong here Dude(?, and )if Bristol was my daughter I , would have you prove your slanderous and absurd hate speech before a judge.
      Take a moment to consider; The sorry excuses for “men” in that place did not defend that little girl because they pretend that they dont like girls. We all know better of course, but guys in such places go home with each other at closing time, and then hate attractive young girls for the rest of their miserable, grotesque lives because of it.
      Get a date Dave. With a girl.
      ~And Bristol honey, tell your handlers to keep you away from bars full of men and miserable, ignorant. libelous haters like Dave here. Warm up your lawyer, surround your self with real men, and obtain a legal Right To Carry.
      We love you kid, along with your Mother, Father, and siblings.
      Good Job!

      1. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Get a gun, that will help. Good grief.

        I have been insulted, and I am not capable of fighting with my mouth or my brain.

        Honey, get my gun.


        This will have to be my last post for the evening, you people are driving me crazy.

        I am going to have to agree, the Palins drive Liberals crazy, but insult one, Jesus, conservatives go equally crazy.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

    4. HatersSuck says:

      Sarah Palin has far more qualifications for the presidency then Barry Soetoro/Obama has even now.
      Just look at the damage the Obama Regime has done to the nation in a short 2.7 years for instance, and he is not finished yet.
      Zero% growth. 9.2% unemployment, but if you include those whose benefits have run out, it is really 16.4%. Middle east mayhem, America’s leadership as a Space Fairing Nation destroyed with 90 billion dollars flushed in the process, 554 Million flushed for a energy company whose only plus was the money it gave to Obama..We could go on and on and On…and George W. Bush had nothing to do with any of it, including the state of the economy.
      No one could be that stupid, and it’s time we must admit the obvious:
      Obama hates America and is out to turn the Nation into just another, starving, third would country with a thin veneer of upper crust living in opulent indulgence while the rest
      Palin was, and remains, far more qualified to be President then the man child usurper now plopping his fat feet on OUR priceless desk in the Oval Office.
      In fact, you could throw a dart at the LA Phone Book and come up with a better candidate then Barry Soetoro/Obama, and if you would review the facts, you would know it.

      1. sheriff says:

        Haters Suck, STFU a-hole. You’re using numbers given out by Fox news err, I mean Fox spews.

    5. mugsy says:

      Hi david, i was wondering what advise you would give the Palin family, based on your stellar family record. If they listen to your advise, would you forgive them and allow them to live in peace? Thanks for any advise you can lend them, again based on your stellar past. Thank you

      1. Roy says:

        I think you’re looking for the word advice… Why do you think Bristol would have even engaged with this idiot? I am a liberal , but I think this guy’s rants are just plain dumb. I voted for Obama but I in know way think Sarah Palin is the devil… I laugh at people like this liberals and conservatives alike. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do to clowns?

  188. Jose says:

    I hear ya I’m getting real tired of liberal trash welfare freaks!

  189. Johnny says:

    “Wawawawa! I don’t like your mother because she spews forth hatred and anger, not unlike MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you !@$!@$!@$!@$!@$!@$!@$^&!#%!$!@$#%!$!@$, not that’s she’s ever done that or anything.”

    This is a great example of being tolerant of everybody except for those people that you don’t like under the guise of the fact that they are “intolerant.” This guy’s a phony.

  190. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    Roxane, stop trying to blame this guy’s poor behavior on the political beliefs that you think he subscribes to. Come on, Roxanne; you don’t have to put on the red light. Those days are over. You don’t have to sell your body to the night.

    1. two_tier_tender says:

      well played, alpha. roxxxxxxannnnnneeeeeeeee.

    2. flint says:

      He’s a typical liberal, white trash democrat, full of hate, that can’t stand a strong attractive conservative woman.

      1. Brian K Mcclung says:

        You know what has always concerned me about Palin’s supporters, and you expressed it well.

        Why did you find it necessary to say she was attractive.

        Because I always found this statement intriguing.

        If Sarah Palin looked like Joe the Plumber she would be a nobody.

        It may not be true, but it is an interesting thing to consider.

        She is a very attractive women, and she did have one big success in her life, she took on Big Oil in Alaska, but other than that I don’t see a lot there.

        And when you consider the lack of humility she showed when she refused to admit that her explanation of Paul Revere’s ride was at a minimum a gross over-simplification of what occurred that night, expressed in such a silly, child-like way, what does that say about her.

        And then she tries backs it up by saying that she understands history.

        Then tell us Sarah, the numerous books and magazines you have read to gain such knowledge.

        I challenge you, go to the Paul Revere House website, read his own words.

        And then come back to me and tell me how wrong I am about her.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      2. The Truth says:

        BK Mcclung,

        It’s the left who brings up her looks in every debate, as it is just another veiled insult against Palin.

        And the polls prove she brought out more voters for McCain than the other way around.

        And what about the unprecedented media attack on her that is still going on, 3 years later?

        I guess all those emails were going to prove how stupid she was, instead, they proved her to be articulate and an effective Governor.

        She has job approval ratings in the high 80’s before the lefty media began their smear campaign, which continues 3 years later.

        I challenge you to tell me, why is the left so deranged and why do they become unhinged at the mere mention of her name, or behave like Stephen Hanks?

        Is it because the Palin critics have such pathetic lives and are so filled with hate?

        And even the media said Palin was correct on her Paul Revere statement.

        She’s a lot smarter than 99.9999% of her critics, and has accomplished a great deal in her life and is one of the most successful women in the country.

        Her words resonate with millions of Americans, unlike the current occupant of the WH that just gives speeches full of empty words with little or no meaning.

        Gallup had Obama at 39% job approval yesterday, which proves that it takes people who have actually accomplished things in their lives, like Sarah Palin to get things done, unlike the current occupant of the WH that has spent Trillions of dollars and has accomplished nothing.

        Palin is far smarter than Obama, but the media propped up the empty suit while engaging in a smear campaign on Palin.

        If it weren’t for double-standards, the left and the media wouldn’t have any standards.

        And if you want to talk about verbal gaffes, Obama can’t even pronounce “Corpsman” for example. Yet did the media even mention that?

        Not that I saw, yet if Palin or Bush or any conservative says something that is debatable, the media will basically label them an idiot, like they did to Dan Quayle.

        My feeling is you know very little about Sarah Palin, except what you are told by the MSM, which explains your ignorance.

        Your statement that “If Palin looked like Joe the Plumber, she would be a nobody” is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard or read anyone say.

        You simply show your ignorance with nearly every post. It sounds like you are a typical lefty pretending to take the high road, but you are just throwing veiled insults, as well as being dismissive of her numerous accomplishments.
        Accomplishments that you will never come close to achieving.

        Like I said, Palin is smarter and has accomplished more than 99.9999% of her critics, yet they still think and call her “stupid”

        The irony is amazing, especially when they start spewing all the lies and misconceptions about her, showing how ignorant they are.

        And yes, I put you in that category as well, especially for your ignorant statement of: “If Sarah Palin looked like Joe the Plumber she would be a nobody.”

        Not only is that utter ignorance, it’s misogynistic as well.

        You should check yourself before calling her “silly” when it is you and other Palin haters displaying silliness and ignorance.

        I suggest you do some reading to gain some knowledge, as yours is lacking.

      3. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear the truth

        It looks like I will have to retype my post again. This website absolutely sucks.

        I am going to touch on a few of your points until you degenerated into insults.

        Point 1: It wasn’t the left who made a point about her being attractive on this board. I was responding to one of her supporters posts.

        Point 2: The comment about Joe the Plumber, I didn’t make it, I only heard it, and I think there is far more validity to it than you wish to admit.

        Point 3: I never denied she was an effective governor. In fact in one of my other posts I directed people to one of the fairer articles about her entitled The Tragedy of Sarah Palin.

        Point 4: Paul Revere. Lets be clear, I didn’t say she was incorrect. I said her description was an over-simplification, expressed in a silly child-like way. After reading Paul Revere’s own words at the Paul Revere House website, and after an E-Mail correspondence with one of the directors there, I stand by that statement.

        Point 5: I don’t watch broadcast news (aka: MSM), in fact I have not for years. I occasionally see it depending on who I am with.

        I prefer to read the news and interact with people such as yourself.

        I sense your dilemma here. You wish every liberal was a blithering idiot like that jack-%^& at the bar.

        Sorry to disappoint you.

        This is really a topic for another time, but this term mysogynistic is becoming overused, and I think is indicative of the emasculation of men that has occurred over the past several decades. But as I said, that is a debate I would prefer to have at another time.

        I’m going to make this clear, I do not hate Sarah Palin, I am just not that impressed with her. I am even less impressed with the rest of her family.

        Just to be clear, I am not that impressed with Obama right now.

        I have made this point before. I read your reply, and what I see is a bunch of right wing talking points directed at somebody that you wish to make the embodiment of everything you don’t like about Liberals.

        Bring it on.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

  191. Nate Small says:

    Good for Bristol for sticking up for her Mother. That man, and I use the term loosely, is just an ignorant bitter queen. I’m gay and I’ve avoided plenty of guys like that in my life. What a tool.

    1. Ray says:

      Good for you. Thank you for speaking honestly, and you have my support.

  192. BR says:

    Great jon Bristol. That semen ingesting pole smoker is the one going to Hell.

  193. bob says:

    This bald headed drunken up-hill gardener is so miserable with his life that he has not a clue how foolish he looks. This puke does not do any favors for the ‘gay’ community… not that anyone really cares. Someone needs to get the name of this piece of trash and do a little expose’ on his virtuous life. I am sure it would make for interesting viewing…maybe it could be a new reality show.

  194. todaybrown says:

    This guy was a MORON…No upbringing what so ever..Whos mama could raise such a freak..He saw the cameras and wanted his few minutes of fame..

    1. bucidart says:

      He’s not a moron, he is gay as a 3 dollar bill with Obama’s face on it.
      I have no idea why gay people need to stick out and always need to be in the forefront.

      But I will take a luck guess that his but t will be kicked before this weekend is over 🙂

  195. Katepatate says:

    I know it wasn’t staged because this is the kind of stuff the Palin family has had to endure from the left ever since Sauah Palin became so popular. They had to destroy her and her family and because they haven’t, they have completely gone berserk just like this crazy man.

    1. Roy says:

      Work in TV and you would know otherwise. She hasn’t been destroyed, so what are you talking about? She is actually doing quite well for herself and her family. I am liberal and love that on the heels of a political defeat, she became even more successful and has created a mini-empire. I’ll say to you like Ive said to many other people assuming they know most liberals; you should get out more. Meet some liberals. Travel America. Believe it or not there are liberals that actually practice tolerance… Even for people who hate them. I am one…

  196. RR says:

    Good for you Bristol. I hope this guy is reading this because I will meet him outside that bar at a time of his choosing and will rip his liberal heart out. Promise.

  197. tea is stronger says:


    Why didn’t some of the men in the place throw out the bum? If the attacker was black that would explain many things.

    1. Belynda says:

      Now that was really ignorant of you write that comment….You’re not a Republican or a Democrat. You’re a Racist!

    2. Skippy says:

      They did not defend that little girl because the patrons of the place generally pretend that they dont like girls. We all know better of course, but the guys in that place go home at closing time with each other, and then hate themselves for the rest of their miserable, nasty lives.
      Bristol honey, tell your handlers to stay away from bars full of men when you are involved, warm up your lawyer, and obtain a legal Right To Carry.
      We love you kid, good job!

  198. Jarrod says:

    This 47 year old loser is the white trash. These libs are a cancer to this country.

  199. RD says:

    All those guys there and not one of them clocked this cat? Too bad.

    1. TJ says:

      That’s exatly what I was thinking too! That 47 year old punk is what a REAL teabagger looks like!

  200. TruthMonster says:

    Well another closer look at liberals, crazy people who think the Constitution only applies when it can help them. This is an example of their rudeness and the moral compass. Some man should have stepped up and stomped that bald POS into a long coma. Let this young girl live, have fun and enjoy her youth. This hatred of Palin is so sick on so many levels but it shows you the mental condition of liberals. How twited and sick they are. Obama is a lying nut. My dog has made more shovel ready jobs than this cretin.

  201. aReader7 says:

    No way that ugly, fillthy man was 47. Looked more like mid-60’s, and also a woman-hater. Bristol should wash 100 times to get his stink off her. I would have ignored him too until he called my mom names. Probably was heckling her the whole night before she finally got fed up. By the way, do gays hate conservatives like Palin? I would think asking if he was gay would be an insult to gays, whom I thought were generally kind and tollerant of everyone’s beliefs.

  202. YouHaveCharacter+ says:

    So proud of this young lady…SHE faced the devil and he’d better believe there is a hell.

    Good job, Bristol…you have defended your family against real evil in this world!

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      I hope that the guy is not the devil, or hell has just become a lot less frightening.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  203. Brian says:

    I’ve nothing against the Palins or gays, but… Bristol has a reality show? Why?

  204. Randy61 says:

    Most gays are bitter disfunctional people. If a man spends most of his time with another man up his a** I would guess he’d be mad all the time. He probably wanted to show his boyfriend how much of a ‘man’ he was by picking on a 20 year old girl after he had a few drinks. No wonder California has so many problems.

    1. Roy says:

      Not sure if you get it but a gay person enjoys being with a member of the same sex. If you don’t, cool. We, however, are not all bitter DYSFUNCTIONAL (the corrent spelling, fyi) people, just like all straight people aren’t. How old are you to be so misinformed.

      By the way, the guy in the video was a deplorable loser and definitely should have STFU. I totally disagree with his viewpoint and his actions…

  205. Rodger Barker says:

    Insulting a lady? OK I have time to beat up one more tonight.

    1. Roy says:

      …And you never have? For some strange reason, I doubt it.

  206. DJ says:

    LOL the progs show thier intellect once again. He rips S Palin for being angry, LOL ,and is a flaming prog that is Phsyco crazy. He probably just shot up with steroids and meth.

    All you have to do is ask them what they lie about and they always say everything, LOL the progressives are losing their collective minds.

    I always ask them what has Obama NOT lied about and their heads explode.

    LOL, I love it when they lose all sanity and claim they are the better person, PRICELESS………………………………………………..

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear DJ

      You want to see some people lose their minds, wait until Obama gets re-elected.

      I hope he doesn’t, but it is possible.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  207. MizMackie says:

    If this happened in my neighborhood bar these two butt buddies would be lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

  208. Tax Slave says:

    Can you imagine the media ‘chit storm if the victim had been a liberal?

  209. Tax Slave says:

    It is a sad commentary on our society that no one escorted this vermin out back to beat some manners into him.

  210. tony says:

    this moron set this up. His twitter page came down tonight he was @sickofpalin.com
    on it there were pictures of him and Levi. It would seem that Hollywood TV.com may have known him. Well his 5 minutes of fame have back fired on him. He is also a personal manager and his clients should dump him fast.

  211. Brian K Mcclung says:

    To Darlene

    Don’t even respond to Bobby, let him dispute the website.

    Dale Robertson was booted out for a photoshopped picture.

    Try again Bobby, because I noticed you didn’t respond to me.

    Brian K Mcclung
    San Pedro, Ca

  212. Ba Ba says:

    This guys an idiot. He’s a moron. She shouldn’t have even given this ideot the time of day. Look, everyone is not going to like a conservative christian like Sarah Palin. She’s a good person, and the only way liberals think they can get to her is to call her names. He’s an idiot that should have been thown out as a bully liberal. Everything wrong with this country is because of democrats. Really the corruption of democrat party become apparent when LBJ came into office because he was ____________. Anyway Palin will win in the end. She has her people that like her, and idoits like whis will never like her. He hates himself, and wants to judge others by his own standard. ha ha ha, laugh at this ideot, and let him drown in his own misary.

    1. Roy says:

      I’m a liberal but I also think this guy’s a moron. I also don’t dislike Sarah Palin. i would go further than you and say she is a great business woman. She’s started a mini-empire. 9i do however think it’s silly to profess to know al of our likes and dislikes. I think it’s even sillier to say that everything wrong with this country is because of democrats. You should really pick up a book or 2 and read about what has gon on in this country in the last 30 years…

  213. asterling says:

    That guy looks a lot like the former mayor of WeHo who showed up at a Meg Whitman event in 2010 and got his ass chewed off by Chris Christie. Can’t tell because the video is so dark and he seems like a bigger guy, possibly – but it’s the same type of guy. Gay or straight, I don’t care – there’s no excuse to go up to a 20 yo girl like that. He has some real mental problems.

  214. Brian K Mcclung says:

    So now his name comes out, and he is known.

    And you idiots still think this was not contrived.

    I’ll be very, very, very surprised if it was not.

    Brian K Mcclung
    San Pedro, Ca

  215. FCC says:

    According to TMZ and other sources the person who verbally attacked Bristol Palin is Stephen Hanks .Google name, talent management,West Hollywood, CA if you would like to send him an example of civil discourse via mail.

  216. Jason Bowman says:

    The left is synonymous with lying hypocritical poison. Liberalism can turn anything worthy into cr4p.

  217. Pauly D says:

    Okay so the gays aren’t big on Alaska?

  218. flounderaz says:

    I feel like driving fron Scottsdale to LA and looking for that tough guy. It’s only six hours. I’m surprised no one stepped in. What kind of bar is that?

    1. Half-Centurian says:

      Flounderaz: This is the type of bar you will sadly find in our new “make nothing-donothing-believe in nothing liberal west coast cities”, like where I live in Puget Sound.

      We have created a class of intelligencia that are fools in fluff.

      I would join you in your meeting with these “nubile” young men…but I would leave them naked in Yellowstone, with a bowling ball tied to their ankles, and juicy steaks strapped to their necks.

      I am sure they would beg for Bristol’s Momma to show up if they were facing a truly vicious Grizzly Bear. I do not think the Grizzly would tolerate their slurs so well though.
      Better to leave this trash to the Grizzly clean-up squad. Half Centurian.

  219. Miguel says:

    This was most likely a set up, so the guy should probably just get shoved around for his vile attack upon Sarah and Bristol. If it wasn’t a set up, the offending guy should be something close to castrated for his vile, offensive behavior, or trade down for a broken jaw and some knocked out teeth.

  220. jane doe says:

    he’s a 47 year old freak, bully, and surely not a republican or independent.. Why would someone go after the kids of a political figure, celebrity or whatever? If anyone did that to OBama’s kids, I d even be mad about that, and IM not a fan of Barry. Leave the kids alone. Oh, why is an old man like that in a young bar? ? ? Think about that one on many levels!!!!!!!!!! Besides, what has Sarah Palin ever done wrong? disagree w/Socialism??? Talk about discrimination! this guy is discriminating against women

  221. hugh jorgon says:

    So much of the left and their “tolerance.”

  222. jane doe says:

    Brian knows a lot about the Palins. Scary!! I am a Palin fan and haven’t studied up on the family like he has. It just tickles me that these libs love to hate! I m laughing out loud. Sarah Palin is pretty, influential, and speaks her mind and men don’t like it Well, Bri, there are a lot of women out there that don’t mind speaking their mind, leading the way, and disagreeing w/the socialist, marxist WA administration. I love it when she speaks and all these people that say they don’t like her ‘ listen ‘ to her. They just can’t get enough. Brian needs to quit watching the news shows. He’s starting to believe what he hears.. dork

    1. Roy says:

      Couldn’t the same things be said about our President? I am as liberal as they come and I like Sarah Palin, as a business woman. Not so much as President. I’m sure there will always be a difference of opinions but at least Brian is not only staying current but challenging and opening himself up to real dialogue. he has the guts to post to this primarily conservative article and use his (assuming) real name… Ahem, Ms. Doe. Rather than make it personal, which Ive read so many times as a bad thing on these comments, why not be proactive and start a yahoo group for discussions and invite Brian to moderate with you. or is your goal just to complain about “liberals?”

      1. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear Roy

        Thank you for your compliment. However, to clarify there appear to be 2 Brian’s who are posting.

        I am Brian K Mcclung and if just the name Brian appears the comment cannot be attributed to me.

        Considering that most of my more thoughtful responses received no reply I doubt the suggestion of yours would be taken up.

        I think the offer is intriguing though.

        As far as your question: or is your goal just to complain about “liberals?”

        Answer: Yes

        Thanks again. And yes, that is my real name.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      2. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Hi Roy

        I was thinking about my last response to you, wanted to clarify.

        or is your goal just to complain about “liberals?”

        When I said Answer: Yes, I was paraphrasing an answer to the question you had asked the other person.

        Wanted that to be clear.

        It is possible I have not used the term paraphrasing correctly, but you understand.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

    2. Half-Centurian says:

      Jane, the problem is that since Johnny Weismuller there have been no good “Tarzans”.

      Even Tarzan the King of the Jungle had more class than this creep. Honestly Jane, I am fifty, bald and single, I also like strong women who do not run around crying victemhood to everyone that has an ear.
      Sarah and her daughter, Bristol are not perfect people but they are strong women. I like the fact that Sarah IS a STRONG woman. Those two individuals are afraid of another viewpoint and will try to shame Bristol into a fight as that is as close to “sex” that they will ever come with a young attractive complete woman. Bristol is o.k. She handled herself well even though that piece of garbage taunted her in the most vile terms. He needs to spend quality time with Bristol’s father. I think a father and the husband of Sarah could “check” this creep sufficiently. SNAP!

  223. jane doe says:

    Brian, no one likes a person that spews awful names about people. I’m a tea party fan and if someone used any of the ‘ letter words’ as we call them now, shame on them!!! The tea party is about STOP SPENDING MONEY. end of story. A few bad people doesn’t represent a movement. Ask any Democrat that doesn’t support the current administration in Washington, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a democrat. I’ve been to a few tea party events and these are polite, actually have a moment of prayer and are civil. Someone needs to call out the Dems and Repubs because they are worthless in Washington, so the Tea Party is doing it

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Hello Jane Doe

      I have been watching the tea party for the last few years, and my prediction is this.

      Just like many movements in the past, and many parties in this country that have come and gone, I think within ten years, maybe sooner, the Tea Party will become so difficult to work with it will become irrelevant. You are already seeing an indication already of how difficult they can be.

      That is just my prediction, I don’t have a monopoly on the truth, but I think so.

      They’re not the saviours of this country, they are one group of people with a valid point of view, but if you can’t work with people with a different point of view you have no place in politics.

      And eventually you will be shown the door.

      And don’t accuse of me of being an Obama supporter at this point, because I am not.

      I am just hoping that the Republicans run somebody who can beat him.

      Which, again in my opinion, pretty much rules out Paul, Palin, Bachmann and Perry.

      Although, out of the four I could stomach Paul the most. He has some very good points of view, but unfortunately, and I have said this many times before, he is just a little too libertarian for most people in this country.

      I am not saying it right, I am not saying it is wrong, I am saying it is true.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  224. dano says:

    To all you degenerates like the 2 baldies there..go crawl back under your rocks..normal people are all sick of you,and no, you’ll never be accepted!!

  225. mikesamerica says:

    That man was a perfect example of the kind of blind hatred that so often emanates from the left. He called Sarah Palin “evil” but it’s clear he’s the one doing the devil’s handiwork.

  226. jane doe says:

    To ROD Anders: well, Jesus did die, we might agree on that, technically he’s not a Christian, he is ” the Christ” and the bible is not fiction to a lot of beievers. But, I guess you’re an expert on what’s fiction and what isn’t. YOUR WERE THERE. OMG is all i can say. This is getting out of hand. lets all go to bed and watch the bloggers tomorrow update us on what Sarah Palin is doing this weekend!. We know- they know.

  227. Osamas Pajamas says:

    You can always tell something about the moderator’s politics — by what he or she deletes — or refuses to permit posting. CBS is part of the Democrat-captured media. And the only good censor is a dead one.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      For being part of the Democrat captured media they sure are allowing a lot of anti-liberal posts.

      Many of them highly insulting, in addition to being wrong.

      Pretty typical of the Democrat controlled media.

      Plus, you got kind of a weird screen name. Obama fixation there?

      Plus, I read your 3 posts on the poll page. Nobody censored those.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  228. jane doe says:

    did brian go to bed? I still see postings… 😦 He said he was going to bed. Anyone: Report me too , anyone for that goofy website ” attack something or another”.. another waste of taxpayer money, Is that website for real? Is it as real as the birth certificate? just askin.. Good night Irene.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Hello Jane Doe

      If you were referring to me, Brian K Mcclung, I did go to bed. I think I made one more posting about the guys name finally coming out and believing the incident was staged.

      I got very few replies to my posts, kind of disappointed in that.

      Anyway, take care.

      Oh, by the way, I am not sure what that goofy website was really about.

      I went to it, seemed to be about Nazi Historical places, I didn’t stay to long. I think it was a bait and switch, since this story was about gays.

      Good night again.

      One more thing, check out the poll website:
      Do you think the confrontation between Bristol Palin and a man at Saddle Ranch in Hollywood was staged as part of her reality show?

      Be at peace my friends, the Palins will survive. Now this country, not so sure about that.

      Of course, blame it all on democrats and liberals. Many people need that crutch to survive. I’m not sure why, but I can’t take it away from them.


      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  229. Billy says:

    Why do all these braindead cbslocal websites automatically reload the page every so often. The whole video has to be reloaded by the browser when that happens. That is a wasteful load on the site’s server besides being a waste of time for anybody trying to watch the video or read the article or the comments.

  230. bucidart says:

    NEWS FLASH, ….. gay couple found mauled to death by a Papa Grizzly ….

  231. Billy says:

    What other websites have this idiot auto-reload feature? Just cbslocal, I think. I can’t even download the video by DSL and watch it before the page reloads and the video starts to download again. Really, it seems mindless.

  232. PhilipJames says:

    Mr. L at the Tavern tells us about the godless gay drunk… watch it, you might find the truth.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeiWKZIXHCc

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      I watched it.

      How can I explain this.

      I consider myself a liberal, don’t compare me this to guy.

      However you want to describe the guy, he is hardly representative of anything.

      And how did these 2 end up in the same bar, on the same night, with cameras rolling.

      All just a coincidence , huh. Give me a break.

      Also, if you watch closely, there was at least one guy who tried to step in and stop it.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  233. Jay Twila says:

    Finally! It takes a Gay dude with the balls to put the Palins in their place. As a straight man, I doubt I would have been as abrasive. But right on!

    1. Roy says:

      He really didn’t though. He was a raving idiot. The man that doesn’t believe in hell calls the woman the devil. I’m a gay liberal and that dude doesn’t speak for me. he is actually helping people see the Palins as victims. They aren’t even on my radar. Honestly, I think she is a pretty great business woman. She did parlay the publicity of her campaign and being the butt of national jokes into a mini-empire. That doesn’t make a godd President or anything but it’s not too shabby.

      Her supporters should realize that if she is a good candidate for President then so are the Kardashians… *shiver

  234. Ray Martino says:

    That dude was a bag of dung. Her name is Bristol, not Sarah, please, if you have to make such crude comments, say them to Sarah. I have never seen nor read a derogatory comment made about gays by Sarah.

  235. gaymedia says:

    because this site is owned by liberal cbs

  236. Bubba Joe Jonnson says:

    Get off her ass! Not that I would mind riding her ass, but, get off her ass. If you got a problem with her mom, then go address your problems with her mom!

  237. Quiet the Bald Buggerers says:

    Notice that the angry Mary couldn’t give on example of all the “lies” she accused Bristol’s mother of telling. This really shows the rabid idiocy of the radical left.

  238. TexasForever says:

    Never cared one itoa for Britol Palin but she handled herself with class and dignity more so then her drunk, bald 47 years old assailant.
    This guy is what is wrong with America. Stupidity, irrationality and hatred!
    Perhaps Ms. Palin should hire a couple of ex-seals for her security team.

  239. Chris says:

    I say good for her. She doesn’t deserve that. No one does.

  240. 01-20-2013 says:

    That punk is luck that somebody stepped between them. She would have kicked his ass.

  241. StaticKlingon says:

    HAHAHA Sniveling coward didn’t know whether to hide behind his boyfriend or wet his pants when confronted by a woman. And a 20 year old one to boot. You libs are better off hiding behind you kevlar keyboards when you hurl your foul insults. At least you can keep your panties dry.

  242. StaticKlingon says:

    If you libs want to avoid these kinds of pants-wetting hissy fits you’d be better off hiding behind your kevlar keyboards when you hurl foul insults at little girls.

  243. Truck says:

    This is fake….

    staged for the show.

  244. Thump says:

    Typical idiot California liberal- anyone who makes the choice to live in that West Coast cesspool deserves what they get. Broken welfare state, left wingnuts pushing for a socialist state….I hate that part of our country.

    1. Roy says:

      You should seriously check your facts. Where do you reside. if I may ask?

  245. hillcoguy says:

    I’ll bet it was Chris Matthews, there to do his news coverage……or may be it was Maddow??

  246. gobnait says:

    The fact that your reaction to this story was to belittle Bristol Palin and dismiss the behavior of the shrieking liberal bottom-feeder, twice her tender age, who initiated the attack says a lot about your character.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear gobnait

      I am sorry you feel that way.

      First, I think this incident was staged.

      Second, why was she in West Hollywood of all places, and with a camera crew. As I have said before, she had a right to be there, but why.

      I am not dismissing the guys behavior, I am putting it in a perspective you don’t want to appreciate. That is fine, you are entitled to your opinion.

      Third, ever since Sarah Palin stormed onto the political scene comparing herself to a pit bull we have been plagued with these Palin sympathy stories. Personally, I am sick of them.

      The Palins willingly put themselves out there, they take what comes.

      I put myself out there, I take what comes. That is the way life works.

      For being such a tender age, she seemed to be able to take care of herself.

      Why you feel the need to rush to her defense I don’t know.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  247. Clamlover says:

    Stupid fa ggot.

  248. Leslie says:

    If Bristol is going to put herself out there she needs to learn how to handle people like that with some grace. Her mother is very good at these situations and Bristol had better take some lessons from her.

  249. hillcoguy says:

    Betcha that gay guy wears open toed cowboy boots!

  250. Slimmerson says:

    One Question, why do liberals always have to get so angry ? Generally that is a sign of knowing you have the wrong side of an issue. Is that the cases when ever you corner a liberal into an honest little debate on facts and issues ?

    1. Roy says:

      So you’re never seen a angry hate filled conservative? You should get out more.

  251. Jim says:

    He who was yelling at Bristol with his limited vocabulary, had no facts to back up his accusations, and good for Bristol for putting him on the spot and calling him out on that!
    The most impressive thing about this train wreck was that a 21 year old woman keeps her composure while a 47 year old liberal drunk makes a horses-patoot of himself.

    By the way, Mr. Heckler met Levi in March last year and thinks he’s “the greatest American hero”
    Also Bristol’s heckler, Stephen Hanks, is a Trig-truther.

  252. mrbill2600 says:

    I simply do not understand the hatred that exudes from those on the left. That guy should get down on his knees every night and pray that there is no afterlife as he will have to live with that hatred and those hateful words for all time. How sad…

  253. Bailey Blue Garren says:

    Bristol would not have been forced to reply to that moron in a lot of places where real men still exist in this country. I, for one, would have been happy to defend not only the honor of that young lady, but any young lady minding her own business from the verbal onslaught of the pig in this video. I still can’t believe he was allowed to exit that bar with all of his teeth; politics aside.

  254. Donna Avila says:

    Typical low class liberal TRASH….what’s new?

  255. Donna Avila says:

    Typical low class liberal TRASH…what’s new?

  256. Liberals Hate America says:

    That asshat who berated Palin’s mother and her must be one of those “tolerant, inclusive, compassionate” Liberals I keep hearing about.

  257. John says:

    The bonesmoker who gave Bristol a hard time needs a broom handle stuck in his arse.

  258. hughglass says:

    The obnoxious butt jockeys are the problem, not the Palins.

    1. Petra Kro says:

      don’t be cruel just because you need a 100 blue pills to perform.

  259. Amy says:

    Good for Bristol for standing up for herself and her Mom. That guy was so out of line and just another Liberal blithering idiot.

  260. brace_for_impact says:

    Looks like she ran into the rump ranger national spokesman. A leftist loser with shallow thought patterns. This is a good look at what kind of people still support Obama.

  261. R Sr Simon says:

    What the “Palins” have done is live in a society of “DUMBED” down individuals whom cannot think for themselves and obey the liberal fraudulent media.

    By the way Palin haters…. Hows your hope & chnge going?????

    1. Petra Kro says:

      It’s ironic you have your panties in such a wad over a staged event for a reality show that so far is proving to be really boring.

      This is for a REALITY show which I hope you understand aren’t real, they setup and stage situations so that there is as much drama and confrontations and controversy that ratings can stand.

      Whether you hate liberals or not, you really shouldn’t be so gullible.

  262. kcsparky says:

    This bald binnyboy left no doubt as to his complete absense of intelligence. Am I surprise that no one stood up to defend Bristol….not in the least. Just another night in southern Cal. Why Bristol thought that she could reason with this chowderhead is beyond me…but to her credit, she tried. Any where else, this idiotic dolt would have taken an immediate nap on the spot.

  263. BOStinks2 says:

    Very Well Said!!!

  264. Paul says:

    In Texas some one would have have castrated the punk with a dull knife.

  265. TIM STONE says:


    1. Roy says:

      Lol. Your self hatred is showing. I in no way agree with that loser but your sad generalization of gay males says a lot. I wonder what people would see if a camera caught you at a less than flattering time.

  266. Daniem Treadwall says:

    Hmm, everyone in Socal already knew W. Hollywood is full of ignorant, petty gay men with no class… But apparently tjey knew that up in Alaska too…

  267. Will says:

    47-year old coward tries to bully a girl half his size. I bet the poof was messing himself when she challenged him!


  268. Tim Long says:

    IMO, she conducted herself like a lady. If that “dude” was any kind of gentlemen, he never would have said anything.

  269. deedee says:

    Looks like IGNORANCE is still Bliss in West Hollywood… A 47 yr old man acting like a Freak…Shame on him..if he only knew the meaning……………..

  270. maxfusion says:

    Love the way she busted him as a degenerate. Now that’s what a tea bagger really looks, and sounds like.

  271. Ithaqua says:

    Wow, he puppied down pretty quick when she walked over. Notice he only raised his voice when there was a man between them at the end. She won that one on all fronts. Not only could the elder Palin have kicked his ass, the daughter did as well. What a sorry a-hole.

  272. ChrisTn says:

    I am exremely impressed with the way Bristol handled herself and exposed the man’s ignorance. He had no examples of why he would say what he said. He was filled with rage and jealousy. Ignorant people often result to curse words to try to paint a reality that has no substance.

  273. Tom Dean says:

    Brian — You are being disingenuous and you know it. This was not just a ‘loud mouth drunk’, this was a degenerate, disturbed, cowardly ‘man’ screaming vile, hateful lies about a young girl’s mother simply because of her mother’s politics.

    And you, instead of choosing to take the high road (which shouldn’t be a political decision) and acknowledge and deplore the clear, raging, sick hate displayed, you attempt to minimize his behavior. Why do you feel the need to do so?

    And the record on this particularly sick behavior is clear: President Obama’s daughters have not been treated the way the left has treated Palin’s children.

    And Brian, the cold, hard truth is the only way Obama’s daughters would ever be subjected to such disturbing, horrible hatred is if liberals were to turn on their father…

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear Tom dean

      Sorry you feel that way, I guess because I don’t view it in your terms.

      This was not just a ‘loud mouth drunk’, this was a degenerate, disturbed, cowardly ‘man’ screaming vile, hateful lies about a young girl’s mother simply because of her mother’s politics.

      Such is your right.

      Have you ever been to a gay bar in West Hollywood. I haven’t, that is the last place I would ever want to go.

      I don’t give a rat what stupid attraction they have there.

      Tom, I appreciate your respectful reply, but you go to a gay bar in West Hollywood, don’t come to me for sympathy if something happens you don’t like.

      I can assure you, that reaction is not reserved solely for the Palin’s.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

    2. Shawn Noonan says:

      Of course Brian is being disingenuous. In his heart of hearts he agrees with this ranting lunatic. All he has to do is ask himself if he would have the same calm “no big deal” demeanor if this were a guy confronting Obama’s kids and cussing them out. Deep down Brian you know you would not have the same reaction to that. And they are public figures too since their dad chose to “put himself and his family out there”.

    3. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear Shawn Noonan

      I think if Obama or his kids were treated like that somewhere, my reaction would be tempered by the environment.

      What if a Black Man went to a white supremacist meeting. Or a Jew to a Nazi gathering.

      If you believe this incident was not contrived, she apparently handled herself pretty well.

      Exactly what am I supposed to be so upset about.

      You meet %^&holes in the world. That’s a fact.

      Words may reflect negatively on the person who says them, but if you don’t really believe what the person said, you usually end walking away having a good laugh.

      I know I do.

      Don’t take this as justification of what the guy did, because I’m not justifying it, but do you really think the comparison you made with Obama’s kids is valid?

      Are Obama’s kids putting themselves out there in the same way as Bristol Palin is.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  274. GoodOleBoy says:

    Well I can say this, back here in TN, that azz-pirate would have been taken outside and converted into a doormat. No man should talk that way to a woman, especially a castrated old geezers.

  275. bruce says:

    I just wonder no one else in the bar had the balls to confront this idiot! He is lucky she is not my daughter.

    1. chris says:

      bruce: If she was your daughter would you know where she was when she was 16 lying to you and going away on weekend drinking binges? She was the daughter of a Governor and didn’t show her parents any respect for their abstinence rules. She is underage by CA law and she should be sitting down and eating in the resturant area.

    2. chris says:

      bruce: If she was your daughter would you know where she was when she was 16 lying to you and going away on weekend drinking binges? She was the daughter of a Governor and didn’t show her parents any respect for their abstinence rules. She is underage by CA law and she should be sitting down and eating in the resturant area.

    3. Petra Kro says:

      because the production crew needed some good footage for the really boring reality TV show they have so far.

      seriously, you guys think reality TV is real?

    4. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Hi Bruce

      I am still waiting for the truth to come out, but possibly because it was a staged, contrived incident.

      I mean think about it, what a great scenario.

      A daughter of a prominent conservative goes to West Hollywood and gets abused.

      Gays look bad, Bristol, a young tender 20 or 21 year old, is a victim.

      100’s of people, just on this board, rush to her defense.

      It is brilliant.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

    5. brianplease says:

      Yeah Brian, it’s just a shame that the hateful 47 year old took the bait, huh? Amazingly lucky that there was a a hateful liberal ready and willing to attack a young girl. Why he fell right into their conservative trap, didn’t he? Shame on everyone else but him.

    6. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear brianplease

      If those are the battles you will take satisfaction in winning, more power to you.

      I am glad you agree it was a contrived incident.

      Probably end up blowing up in their faces when the truth comes out. Things like this generally do.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

    7. brianplease says:

      No, it wasn’t contrived, Brian. The guy was truly a hateful jerk. You fantasizing that it wasn’t real won’t make it go away. I will promise you that Mr. Tough Guy will not be getting an apology from anyone. Neither will Bristol, but that’s only because liberals are intellectually dishonest. You can’t even admit that what this guy did was wrong.

      1. Brian K mcclung says:

        Dear brianplease

        “You fantasizing that it wasn’t real won’t make it go away.”

        I’m sorry, but who was trying to make it go away.

        It happened, I’m just not going to get my shorts in a bunch over it.

        The guy was a loud mouth drunk, jerk, jack-^&*, devil, whatever makes you happiest.

        I have heard so many comments about how classy Bristol is and was that night.

        What the heck is she doing in a gay bar in West Hollywood.

        This story has been milked enough already, including by me.

        Thought I would make one last comment.

        Personally, I wish this guy who yelled at Bristol, the Palin’s, people who believe in the Trig or Birther rumors, I wish they would all go away.

        Plus, I am getting tired of this website and it reload feature. This has to be the worst website I have ever experienced.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      2. Brian K Mcclung says:

        con·trived (kn-trvd)
        adj. Obviously planned or calculated; not spontaneous or natural; labored: a novel with a contrived ending.

        con·trived·ly (-trvd-l, -trvdl) adv.

        The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
        contrived [kənˈtraɪvd]
        obviously planned, artificial, or lacking in spontaneity; forced; unnatural

        Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

        ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
        Adj. 1. contrived – showing effects of planning or manipulation; “a novel with a contrived ending”
        planned – designed or carried out according to a plan; “the planned outlays for new equipment”
        2. contrived – artificially formal; “that artificial humility that her husband hated”; “contrived coyness”; “a stilted letter of acknowledgment”; “when people try to correct their speech they develop a stilted pronunciation”
        stilted, artificial, hokey
        affected, unnatural – speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression

  276. Bob Smith says:

    ABC ran this story this morning and tried to spin it like Palin was the instigater! (with a follow-up clip of the debate where some people (could even be Dem plants) loudly booed when the gay serviceman as introduced in a video))

  277. 1cliff1 says:

    Imagine the outrage(media outrage), if this same scenario happened to Obama or Clinton’s daughters.
    This was disgusting. I wish I’d been there. I”d have taken that 47 yr old parasite outside and cleaned the concrete with his face.

  278. Frederick says:

    Wasn’t that guy Chris Mathews of CBS News?

  279. L.J.Farris says:

    I’m proud of Bristol. She stood up to a bully. Some people just hate for no reason, and profanity is the last refuge of the unintelligent liberal bigot.

  280. califki says:

    Only in Hollywood can idiots like this gay dude be allowed to walk the streets , as anyone who got pass the 2nd grade can see this idiot has a anger problem, just imagine it being your kid , being verbally assulted like this, he should get his ass kicked.

  281. Jason Burnstein says:

    Well thats the last time that dude will hang out at that bar or any where else in public, because I and a lot of my friends will be waiting for him to show his ugly face, so we can rearrange his jaw and nose.

  282. Gary says:

    Here’s one gay dude that thinks this gay dude is an a–hole and ought to be ashamed of himself but never will be.

    1. Spanky says:

      “Here’s one gay dude that thinks this gay dude is an a–hole and ought to be ashamed of himself but never will be.”

      Actually he probably IS very ashamed of himself.

      Self-loathing can make us do all kinds of things we might not do otherwise. It’s fairly easy to tell when someone doesn’t like himself.

  283. Angel says:

    Hey Bristol…Nice chick fight…you won!

  284. leftbehind says:

    Yeah you liberal idiots. That 47 year old man attacking a twenty year old girl is SO COOL. That’s why no one likes you people. Who wants to hang around with a bunch of bitter hateful children throwing hissy fits every five minutes?

  285. Had enough yet? says:

    I think poor Bristol has just been introduced to the fresh, moderate face of the Democrat party. Especially the part where he calls her mom out for the devilish crimes of “living” and “breathing.”

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      No, I disagree.

      If this incident was not contrived, which I still think it was, what she was exposed to was a loud mouth drunk who acted like a complete jerk, who at a minimum should have told to shut the %^&* up.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  286. libpuss says:

    Liberal not brave enough to take on Sarah so he attacks her little girl. How brave.

  287. answerme says:

    47 year old man attacking a twenty year old girl. Liberals think that’s cool? What is wrong with them?

  288. Had enough yet? says:

    The sad thing is that this guy is probably only filled with maybe one half as much hate as Obama is. Have this gay barfly and Jeremiah Wright ever been photographed together? They sound pretty similar…neither one of them believes in God, either.

  289. notalibwuss says:

    Open invitation to Mr. Tough Guy: Care to take on a man instead of a little girl next time?

  290. Dougu says:

    50 yr old guy starting something with a girl, a girl, I call him a wimp. Were are the men in Cali? Most men would have stepped up and invited this guy outside. I can tell you he would have declined your offer because he is a wimp.

  291. Gus says:

    Another example of the tolerant left!

  292. Michael says:

    The amount of rage from the left-wing neo-comm haters is directly proportionate to how low OBlmamer is falling in the polls.

  293. Had enough yet? says:

    It’s almost enough to make me want to see Palin get elected president next year. That guy would probably start shaking and then turn into a black hole that would destroy the entire Left Coast.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear had enough yet.

      The Palin’s are experts at getting that sympathy vote, aren’t they??

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. Had enough yet? says:

        Yeah, almost half as good as they are at stirring up absolute insane blind rage in bats**t crazy lunatics who despise America and don’t believe in hell.


        If the Democrats were even remotely upfront about their views, this guy would be their nominee for President.

      2. whysonoid says:

        What vote? What “Palin’s”? Is the whole family guilty of something?

    2. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear whysonid

      That was a sarcastic comment in reference to the several posts alluding to the fact they would vote for Sarah or Bristol because of the way Bristol was treated that night.

      I really had to explain that.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  294. Phil says:

    What concerns me the most is not what this idiot said, but the fact that nobody stood up to him. The minute he said those words there should have been a man there to put him in his place. Boy, I wish I was there. This country has no men left. Just wimps and sissies. Shame on you, those men who were there. And that idiot with a big mouth – I spit on you, your family, your teachers and friends.

  295. Hiheels says:

    Last Nite TV Show TMZ reported the incident. Their hollyweird conclusion was debated that apparently a foul mouth drunk possibly gay can be as awful as he can be degrading to a young girl and her mother but the end result was the young girl is in the wrong for insinuating the crude gentlemen was gay. In other words a hollyweird double standard. Get celebrity security Bristol, Californy not civilized. San Francisco Restaurants ask naked men to put something under their bums so they dont leave skid marks on the chairs..

  296. Ken Bowser says:

    it’s not really the Palin name that they hate.. It’s more of what Sarah Palin REPRESENTS that they hate. Really, I think it’s more fear than hate.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      I’ll tell you one thing she represents.

      In an interview on CNN, Palin said comments she made last week in North Carolina praising small towns as “the real America” and the “pro-America areas of this great nation” were not intended to suggest that other parts of the country are less patriotic or less American.

      Granted, she apologized.

      But I question the sincerity of it, and whatever motivated her to say that still exists in her mind.

      Sorry, I am not a real big fan of Sarah Palin.

      I’m not a real big fan of her husband and his secessionist views.

      It’s unfortunate,but sometimes children’s lives are affected and tainted by what their parents say and do.

      Bristol has a right, as all of us do, to carve out a life for herself.

      But when you have a high profile mother who is very controversial, inevitably you will get touched by that.

      I’m trying to be fair to her, but I still this incident was contrived, and I am waiting for the truth to come out.

      There is no way this is all there is. Have you seen “reality” shows. And I do use that term very loosely.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. tulefine says:

        What? Are you taking Writing 101? Or, do you just like to see yourself in print. The guy was a pig. Has nothing to do with anything more than he was drunk and took advantage of a situation where he could be important.. There is lots of them around unfortunately, so give up on the think tank.

      2. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear tulefine

        I love it.

        I love the opportunity to improve my thought process, I love the opportunity to improve the way I express myself, and I even look forward to some of the responses I get, which occasionally make me reconsider my point of view.

        Unfortunately yours did not fall into that category, but I still appreciate your reply.


        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

      3. tulefine says:

        Brian ~Dang!. It would have made me feel so much better if I could have helped you with your thought process..

      4. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear tulefine

        No harm done, but allow me to help you with yours.

        The category your comment did not fall into was one that made me reconsider my point of view.

        If you are going to try and make a subtle insult, learn how to interpret better.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

  297. Insurgent says:

    Mcclung tries to behave like a “moderate” but agreing to someone calling Palin a “decease” etc. Also not aknowledging the madness of a “Trig-truther”, probably worse than birthers and 9/11 conspiracy-nuts going after a child with Downs.

    Mcclung will never have sympathy for those of his dislike, because he is intellectually locked into his worldview. In that sense he represent something much worse than that birther that Bristol took down.

    Always look for the “intelligensia” and their two-bit enablers behind attacks on the right, be it MediaMatters, Soros, Axelrod, DNC, Union/Chicago-thugs or Hollywood-mobsters. They are the real dangers of the society not your average hothead-nutcase barslug wthout a brain.

    Just a tip from a longtime insurgent in the Leftosphere.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear Insurgent

      I don’t ever recall agreeing to someone calling Palin a “disease”

      I was not as critical as some would have liked, bit I never said the guy was right.

      I don’t recall making one statement about Trig Truthers, but I will now. I think they are as ridiculous as Birthers, both reflecting a deep psychosis in America.

      Now what was your point about me.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  298. Abe says:

    It’s too bad Conservative have soo much class. If the idealogy was reversed, you know that all the liberals there would be yelling and shouting down that poor excuse for a man. I know I would have given him a few words of my own if I was there. You people shouldn’t just allow these liberal nuts get away with everything. TAKIE A STAND AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT!

  299. Kenny says:

    Note that no one in the bar came to the defense of the lady – I wish he had tried that in Michigan. Ten guys would have thoroughly kicked his gay a $ $.

  300. jason says:

    I cannot say if this situation was manufactured or not. But one thing is clear. A REAL MAN would never shout obsenities at a young woman in a public place, let-alone make disparaging comments about her mother. That’s a sick fellow. Perhaps that’s the only way he could obtain his 15 seconds of fame? By impugning 2 WOMEN! Prolly can’t do it to a REAL MAN.

  301. Franky Nortelwits says:

    Bristol faced down evil and walked away the winner!

    The guy should be completely embarrassed for revealing the ugliness of his heart in front of the world. And, toward the underage daughter of the object of his rage to boot! Drunk or not, he’s a sick man! I would like him to be identified and asked if he wished to apologize.

    Had he been on the other side of the political persuasion and made those remarks about a liberal (or progressive) politician, news crews would have been on his door step the next morning. He needs a public rebuking.

    SHAME on you sir!

  302. Franky Nortelwits says:

    It’s California; he’ll probably be elected to public office 😦

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear Franky

      Are you on drugs.

      Seriously, I have lived in California most of my life, we have our problems, sometimes we can even be $%^&’ed up, but get a grip on reality.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

    2. JoAnn says:

      Funny!!! you are correct. I live in Calif and tha is sooo true

  303. Steve Houston says:

    Go Bristol! That dude was a really bad man.

  304. webeatuplittlegirls says:

    Brave, brave liberals.

  305. chris says:

    The palin’s are a comedy show for the liiberals. I would say the majority of the Republicans are the ones that truly wish the palin’s would go away.

  306. Chippy55 says:

    They should go set up cameras outside the “Man’s Country” gay social club in Chicago, you never know what political figures will be frequenting it.

  307. daryl says:

    No one to admire here. The guy was a total jerk. Ms. Palin and her entourage got what they wanted…a photo ob. The Palins love the camera as much as the camera loves them!

  308. Brian K Mcclung says:

    Ladies and gentlemen

    I am afraid this will have to be my last post. Contrary to what some may think, I do have a life.

    First, to Shawn Noonan

    I am not being disingenuous simply because I don’t view this the way most posters are expressing themselves, as a general indictment of liberals.

    I do not agree with this raving lunatic.

    As far as drawing some comparison between the Palin’s and Obama’s family, if Obama’s family went to a gay bar in West Hollywood and experienced something similar, I can assure you I would have no more sympathy for them.

    I have lived in LA most of my life, and I wouldn’t go anywhere near a gay bar in West Hollywood. If you feel I have not been sympathetic enough to Bristol, or have not condemned the lunatic ( I used that word just to make you happy) it is because of that.

    In addition to the fact that I think this is a contrived incident.

    I have read many comments, and all comments directed at me. I have tried to be as respectful as possible when replying.

    I stand by what I said.

    My advice to you is to not make me the embodiment of everything you don’t like about Liberals just because you don’t agree with everything I wrote.

    For about 80% of you, I suspect that will be too hard, if not downright impossible.

    Sincerely yours

    Brian K Mcclung
    San Pedro, Ca

    PS: I also try to use the best grammar I can just to make it easy for people to read my posts.

    And I hate TWITTER, whose philosophy seems to be nothing is worth saying that cannot be said in 140 characters or else. It is 140 characters, isn’t it.

  309. Brian K Mcclung says:

    Oh, I’m soory, one last post.

    This Trig rumor is just as ridiculous as the Birther rumor. And both reflect a truly frightening psychosis in America.

    My problem is with Sarah’s politics, not her personal life.

    Her personal life is as relevant to me as mine is to hers.

    In other words, not.


    Brian K Mcclung
    San Pedro, Ca

  310. Lee says:

    Once again the jealous left can’t handle a woman in power. That guy was an idiot and to prove it, Bristol gave him a chance to give an example on camera to justify his position and he couldn’t. Maybe he worked for MSNBC or CNN???

  311. Sheila says:

    Wow! My respect for Bristol Palin just sky-rocketed!

    And who was that despicable bottom feeder screaming vile language and hate speech at her?

  312. Heywood says:

    Pansy boy has been losing at life for 47 years. He just had his well traveled ass handed to him by a young woman with more balls than he’s had in his mouth in his pathetic lifetime.

  313. HaveSome says:

    Had this jackhole made a comment like that about my mother. He would be picking his teeth up off the floor after begging me to stop beating him within an inch of his worthless life.

    Tough 47-year-old packer picking on a 20-year-old woman.

  314. Sheila says:

    The Palins couldn’t ask for more reprehensible enemies: Bill Maher, Joe McGinniss, Kathy Griffin and now this idiot.

  315. jimmy says:

    bristol quit pickin on him or he will hit you with his purse,,

  316. 1776 says:

    “If you have never had too much to drink and made an a%% of yourself, my compliments.

    Unfortunately I cannot say the same.”

    Then perhaps you should drink, and post, less often.

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear 1776

      The drinking episode I was alluding to happened a long time ago.

      Bow, what was your point abut me.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

      1. Brian K Mcclung says:

        Dear 1776

        I did not mean Bow, what was point about me.

        I meant, Now, what was your point about me.

        Brian K Mcclung
        San Pedro, Ca

  317. Brad Spitt says:

    That idiot makes us gay guys look bad! What a hypocritical prick! He set the gay movement back 30 years because he would never have guts to talk to a straight guy like that! Almost 50 and whining and picking on a young girl! I’m embarrassed for him

  318. again says:

    Hom os exual-ism is a mental illness. If this doesn’t prove it to you, nothing will. That young girl was able to spot it immediately as was every other viewer over 5. They are obsessed and hate normalcy. Seeing one being held accountable is like watching Linda Blair in The Exorcist. They have no reasoning, just pure hate and they wish to destroy Americans. Keep these people away from your families and don’t let your kids watch Anderson Cooper, recently named The Most Influential Ho mos exual in America.

  319. Heather Kubinsky says:

    Good for her. If someone said that to me about me and my mother, I would hope I would show the courage to stand up to the person AND the class she showed during the confrontation. It’s easy to act like the mindless monsters that attack people in line at McDonalds for no/little reason at all. Standing up for herself and her family in such a controlled and measured way just proves what wonderful parents she has. Yeah, go ahead and say “they raised a child that got pregnant out of wedlock”. I’m sure your kids never made the wrong choice.

  320. J.C. James says:

    The man is a sick-o, and the bouncer at the bar needed to plug his mouth by shoving a bottle of beer in it, bottom first! What an axx!

  321. Spanky says:

    I wonder how many liberal males have masturbated to the video as they watch the aging bald gay guy calling Palin and Bristol names.

  322. Spanky says:

    The gay guy did it so he’d get fisted in the restroom by his “brothers”

  323. eddieb says:

    What a moron! What a low life sleeze ball. He needs to crawl back under the rock he slithered from. Go back to his closet with his boy friend.

  324. Todd says:

    It’s obvious this was set up for her reality show. How can people not see that?

  325. Craig J says:

    Makes me want to do some gay-bashing. And I will.

  326. Dave says:

    You must not be from California – West Hollywood is the gay capital of Southern California, so you’re not likely to find any conservative men in a bar there.

  327. Cracker says:

    I like how this moron uses the term “white trash” and the media doesn’t even comment. If this guy had called Obama’s daughter “black trash” there would be hell to pay.

  328. Jason, NYC says:

    How did Bristol handle the smell of fecal matter on this guys breath???

  329. Ed says:

    They guy that yelled out the slur at Bristol should have been immediately ejected from the building.

  330. Richard says:

    Often those who preach tolerance are the least tolerant. Bristol handled the situation w/ more poise and restraint then most. Good for her.

  331. corey says:

    I have a lot of problems with Sarah Palin (I think everyone who isn’t a partisan can see she isn’t a statesman), but this guy was out of line. What kind of classless loser acts the way he does at his age…what was he trying to accomplish? He just made himself look terrible, and I’m proud to see Bristol control herself the way she did.

  332. libkicker says:

    This PUNK is very lucky he did’nt say that in a Wasilla bar he would of become a permanent part of the floor.

  333. Calypso says:

    I do declare: those must be the ugliest packers in boys town.

  334. Spanky says:

    Since it’s OK to involve the children of politicians, I want to ask our dear liberal friends something. I can never remember which Obama child is the older one.

    Is it Malaria or Shariah?

  335. Don_Pablo says:

    Lay off the daiquiris, guy. Man up.

  336. Texan Casanova says:

    So much hate on the left. If you disagree they attack you and call you names. Goes to show you if you’re conservative with you political views the left wants to destroy you period. Sad state of affairs for our country. Ever since the first half black half white president got elected things have gotten worse as far as race relations are concerned, and he has contributed to it all. God help us.

  337. raffaro says:

    So a real tea bagger spews to no doubt a real woman and theres no man there to stand up. typical Californicaters

  338. Obeserver On The Hill says:

    the Palin family has more class then the ENTIRE “Progressive” population

  339. Mr Big Stuff says:

    Yes, the limpy wrist fellow with the lisp and the KQck breath was easy to spot even for a 20 year old from Wasila.

  340. Lori says:

    Wow. Good for you, my dear. You’ve got the strength and class that that abusive coward couldn’t even dream of. He’s probably been beating up women all his life because he couldn’t get a date with a pretty one.

  341. shouldashuttit says:

    Takes a 47 year old liberal “man” to…uh ..LOSE a fight with a twenty year old girl.


  342. Shmilfke says:

    Classic Liberal. Classy Republican.

  343. Kathy says:

    Bristol showed a ton of restraint. I would’ve made a complaint with the restaurant and insisted that security throw the foul-mouthed idiot out for being a public disturbance. Nobody should have to put up with that, whether the guy was liquored up or not.

  344. Flash Sparks says:

    This 47 year old man just shows everyone who the real mean spirited and hate-filled people are. They are liberal, progressives, the Left! This “man” is typical of most liberal men. They pick on a 20 year old woman and not someone their on age and gender. Just PATHETIC!

  345. gudsport says:

    Never cared before suddenly I am a fan of the Palin’s! Kind of woke me up there. Thanks for showing this.

  346. The Truth says:

    I guess the Obama girls are open game now…

    1. Brian K Mcclung says:

      Dear The truth

      You are absolutely right, I guess they are.

      If you choose to be no better than that you deplore. And people have accused me of not taking the high road.

      Only an immature person, whose maturity has not progressed beyond seventh grade, uses the “he did it, why can’t I excuse”.

      Brian K Mcclung
      San Pedro, Ca

  347. Al says:

    Bristol heckled by a low-life fungus-face. Is this what you call tolerance?

  348. Roy says:

    How many liberal do you actually know??? I’m sure some of your best friends are black too…

  349. ML Shanks says:

    This is a classic example of Liberal derangement syndrome, where a Liberal loses all self-control and sanity because of the exposure to someone they don’t like.

  350. Shay Sowden says:

    i am not a fan of the Palin family…but that guy was out of line. Good for her!

  351. Petra Kro says:

    Interesting that a news station doesn’t ask questions and that a hollywood audience doesn’t either.

    I have some questions:
    1. did the reality s