SAN DIEGO (CBS) — The CEO of a multinational pharmaceutical company wants California’s top attorney to review the investigation into the deaths of his son and girlfriend.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports Jonah Shacknai is asking the state attorney general’s office to help bring an end to “vicious speculation and innuendo” over the deaths at his Coronado mansion.

In a statement, Shacknai, , who owns Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp., said he has no reason not to believe that his 6-year-old son Max died from an accidental fall and his girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau, committed suicide by hanging.

Mary Zahau-Loehner, the sister of Rebecca Zahau, has previously said she is unconvinced by the findings of San Diego County sheriff’s investigatorsafter her sister was found dead July 13 in the historic Spreckels mansion.

Shacknai also claimed his family is being harmed by public speculation surrounding the deaths and believes a review would bolster confidence in law enforcement and bring closure to what he called “terrible tragedies.”

Attorney General Kamala Harris’ office would only confirm that it had received the request from Shacknai to review the investigation, but would not make any further comments.

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  1. fox mulder says:

    Well gee wiz, I wonder why the public ddoesn’t believe the story….two deaths in the same house….a girlfriend (not a stepmother) so upset because her boyfriends som falls down stepa and dies and then hangs herself (naked) with hands and feet tied. I never bought their theroy in the first place. the whole things really stinks.

  2. juldes says:

    not to mention- tape from her legs – never found. He gets a “TEXT that she dead & doesn’t even go to the house? who texts news like that? wouldnt you just call?
    new shoe prints found on balcony, of course there is so many holes in the story- & people want to know. You shouldnt get by with murder just because you have money- why such an elaborate measure if you are going to die? why such a cryptic message – so thought out from every detail this whole story needs professional eyes to investigate thoroughly….

  3. Hassan says:

    Robert McKechnie, San Diego State University says
    “Jonah Shacknai used to tell his ex-wife Dina all the time “I can choke and kill you and get away with it”. Since the death of his beloved girlfriend he has yet to say one “loving” thing about her. He has tried to send his lawyers after his girlfriend’s family just because they want the truth. Now Jonah Shacknai is asking California Attorney General Harris to REVIEW and certify this as a suicide. Jonah Shacknai is not asking the case be RE-OPENED, he is hiding something or someone. Only the killer of this woman would be acting like this. It has now been confirmed he was not at his son’s side as we were once told. His brother texted him his girlfriend hung herself and Jonah didn’t even call back. How much proof do you need? FBI please look at this case! Support me in fighting this for the sake of this woman, if you have a mother, sister, daughter, wife, or girlfriend then help fight this man who wants to use his money to get away with murder.”

  4. Miriam says:

    Justice msut be served for Rebecca and her family. This is not a suicide! Who trains the SDCSD?

  5. Guest says:

    From time
    “Yeah, color me skeptical. He probably had to do something, especially with word that he immediately deemed Rebecca’s death a suicide and that he was then happy with an investigation with so many loopholes and unanswered questions.

    In my opinion, Jonah never figured it would get this much media attention nor that the Zahau family would be able to muster the resources to mount any legal challenge. He thought it would just go away. I suspect this latest move is just for show more than anything. And, again, he hopes it will fade. I also suspect he has already talked with the SDSD about making this move to take heat off of all parties.”
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  6. Lynda says:

    But, according to Godwin’s examination, there was ANOTHER set under the supposed officer’s footprints: “It appears to me that the officer stepped on top of another print based on this photograph. This indicates that a second person was on the balcony with Rebecca,” Dr. Godwin says.

    The renowned expert has harsh criticism for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department’s handling of Rebecca’s investigation. “One of the major crime scene mistakes was to step on the balcony before completely photographing and video taping it. Also, the police did not scale Rebecca’s prints with a tape measure. No doubt the police should have been wearing booties,” Dr. Godwin asserts.

  7. Taken from Kathleen McKenna says:

    “It doesn’t add up from day one,” said Kathleen McKenna, who is writing a book on the case.

    She told 10News she does not believe Rebecca Zahau committed suicide either.

    “This case is so goofy,” said McKenna. “There are so many things that don’t add up.”

    McKenna said she had questions about blood, abrasions and more.

    “How did the balcony doors get closed? How did the music get turned off? How did her clothes get down in the guest house?” asked McKenna. show more show less

  8. William says:

    Why would Jonah wait over 4-1/2 hours from the time that dinner was supposed to have taken place to call Rebecca in the middle of the night and inform her of something he had known, most likely for almost 2 days? And why would he decide to break this news to her in a voicemail instead of coming to her personally and informing her?

    Another interesting revelation came out in KFMB’s report. At 10:41 pm the phone records show that Rebecca Zahau received a text message from Dina Shacknai’s twin sister, Nina Romano. Nina Romano claims she sent the text message asking Rebecca if she could come by the mansion, but Rebecca never responded. Why would Nina be wanting to stop by the mansion of her ex-brother-in-law, who is not even there, at almost 11 pm at night?

  9. Susan says:

    Taken from article by Valhall
    “Please keep in mind that her ankles were bound and her hands tied behind her back, so if she began to teeter either direction to the left or right in this picture she would have simply fell. If she had teetered forward, she would have struck the railing with her chest. There is no disturbed dust on the floor or the railing to indicate either happened.

    One last thing of interest I’d like to point out. The “boot print”, which is the only other print in the dust on the balcony floor other than the flat-footed, barefooted Rebecca set, and the tip-toed, barefooted Rebecca set…the “boot print” that the Sheriff’s office has stated belongs to a police officer and has been positively confirmed to be his boot, without releasing the name of that officer or showing comparative photographs to prove the confirmation….just happens to be almost directly behind the location where Rebecca’s body appears to have gone over the rail.”

  10. Lorna says:

    Since Science do not lie, why wasn’t the brother’s DNA found on the rope and on her t-shirt if he had cut her down as he said he did. For all purposes, he may have meant well to see if he can save her, but where is his DNA?

  11. Pauline says:

    ellejay says
    “World of Forensics: strangulation vs hanging…..”if petechial hemorrhages and facial congestion are present, it is a strong indication of asphyxia by strangulation as cause of death.”

    ..if the “petechiae” is consistant with strangulation—-i have no idea how deputy ME Jonathan Lukas could sign off on cause of death …hanging.”

    petechiae: tiny red or purple spots on various parts of body….sometimes in clusters.

    –petechiae certainly IS present in Zahau’s autopsy report.

  12. Valerie in NY says:

    Valerie in NY says
    This is the fathers admission. he is talking to God saying she said she tried to save the boy but was unable to and he blames her for that and now he is saying to God can you save her…..
    This is all going to be swept under the rug. he got away with it 🙁

  13. Guapi says:

    If only the walls could speak.

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